Practice Test

Q1) India's first indigenous green hydrogen inline waterways ship was launched in which state? Show Answer

Q2) Which Indian was awarded honorary King would by Britain's King Charles III ? Show Answer

Q3) Who has Lucknow super giants appointed as its vice captain before IPL 2024? Show Answer

Q4) How many crores of rupees have been approved for 'PM Surya Ghar muft Bijli Yojana'? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as the chairman and independent director of payu payments private Limited? Show Answer

Q6) What will be the capacity of world's largest grains storage scheme launched recently? Show Answer

Q7) By which year the coal ministry has set a target of producing 1.5 billion tonnes under the coal logistics scheme? Show Answer

Q8) The recently launched "basics structure and republic" has been authored by whom? Show Answer

Q9) Oil India Limited is hosting its first ever global partner road show in which city? Show Answer

Q10) Zero discrimination day 2024 has been observed on which day of March 2024? Show Answer