Practice Test

Q1) Pundalik K. Badiger, recipient of the best ____ award presented by the Karnataka Union of working journalists (KUWJ) Show Answer

Q2) Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day 2024 has been observed on which day of February 2024? Show Answer

Q3) Which country has been chosen to host ICC Annual general meeting in July 2024? Show Answer

Q4) Which company has joined Argentine time footballer association to promote food brands? Show Answer

Q5) Justice PS Dinesh Kumar has been recently appointed as chief justice of which high court? Show Answer

Q6) Which company has been recognised as world's most sustainable aluminium producer? Show Answer

Q7) Indian Air force will conduct mega exercise vayu Shakti 2024 in which city? Show Answer

Q8) Where will the Railway protection force (RPF) host the 67 all India police duty meet (AIPDM)? Show Answer

Q9) According to WHO, by which year new cancer case will soar to 77%? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been selected as torch bearer for 2024 Paris Olympics? Show Answer