Practice Test

Q1) Where was India's first green hydrogen plant established in the stainless steel sector? Show Answer

Q2) Where is the Asian river rafting championship being organised? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, who has taken as the 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan? Show Answer

Q4) "Risa" is a tribal costume of which state, which was recently granted GI tag? Show Answer

Q5) Who has been appointed as the new Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra? Show Answer

Q6) Recently, Brajesh Mehrotra has been appointed as new chief secretary of which state? Show Answer

Q7) A 5-day exchange program for the faculties of foreign service academies of the BIMSTEC members began in which city? Show Answer

Q8) Who has won the elections for Senior Deputy Mayor of Chandigarh? Show Answer

Q9) Maharashtra government has extended the tenure of DGP Rashmi Shukla for how many years? Show Answer

Q10) Which team has won Pro Kabaddi League season 10? Show Answer