Practice Test

Q1) How many players including Mohammed Shami award did the Arjuna Award? Show Answer

Q2) Elizabeth Bourne was the prime minister of which country who has recently resigned? Show Answer

Q3) In which city is a two day regional conference on e-governance being organised? Show Answer

Q4) In which state 'college Phagthansi mission' was started recently? Show Answer

Q5) When has the "Pravasi Bhartiya Divas" celebrated recently? Show Answer

Q6) "Chandubi mahotsav" has recently celebrated in which state? Show Answer

Q7) Which country will share the UNESCO World Heritage committee in July this year? Show Answer

Q8) Which bank has raised 250 million dollar through green bonds? Show Answer

Q9) Who has recently assumed role of secretary of Railway board? Show Answer

Q10) "Yogyasree" scheme for CS/St students has been launched in which state? Show Answer