Practice Test

Q1) The recently inaugurated India's first elevated 8 Lane Expressway connect Delhi to which state? Show Answer

Q2) Who has won the best actor awarded the Academy Awards 2024 (Oscars)? Show Answer

Q3) Recently, who has taken oath as the 14th President of Pakistan? Show Answer

Q4) Union Minister Narayan Rane recently led the foundation stone of MSME technology center in which state? Show Answer

Q5) In which state of India has the world's longest twin the internal inaugurated? Show Answer

Q6) Who was recently honored with the 'Miss World Humanitarian Award'? Show Answer

Q7) President Droupadi Murmur has inaugurated the 'global spirituality mohatsav' in which city? Show Answer

Q8) In March 2024, PM Modi has unveiled 125 foot statue of whom in Assam? Show Answer

Q9) Arun Goyal has recently resigned from which post of Election Commission? Show Answer

Q10) Recently come up Prime Minister Modi has launched 'Mhatari Vandan Yojana' in which state? Show Answer