Practice Test

Q1) India's first automobile in-plant railway siding project was inaugurated in which state? Show Answer

Q2) Which Union Minister launched the credit assistance program for Jan Aushadhi Kendra's? Show Answer

Q3) With whom has sbi partnered for its transaction banking platform? Show Answer

Q4) India recently signed an agreement with which country to establish a joint economic and Trade Committee? Show Answer

Q5) Where did PM Modi lay the foundation stone of India's first commercial semiconductor fabrication service? Show Answer

Q6) Recently inaugurated the regional airline service fly 91 connects with islands of Lakshadweep to Goa? Show Answer

Q7) Where is the largest mass burial of plague victims ever found in Europe discovered? Show Answer

Q8) Which state government has announced an extra 10 days of casual leave per year for women government employees? Show Answer

Q9) What is the name of the newly discovers scorpions species that has eight eyes and 8 legs, found in Thailand? Show Answer

Q10) According to SIPRI, report which country is The world's top arms importer between year 2019 and 23? Show Answer