Practice Test

Q1) Who has been appointed as the new vigilance commissioner in the central vigilance commission? Show Answer

Q2) Which IIT has launched India's largest drone pilot training facility? Show Answer

Q3) Who has become the first Indian bowler to take hundred wickets against England in test cricket? Show Answer

Q4) Formal speaker of lok sabha Manohar Joshi passed away, he was also the format chief minister of which state? Show Answer

Q5) Where will the three day international Geeta mahotsav be organised? Show Answer

Q6) Which is the first spacecraft built by intuitive machines to land on the lunar surface? Show Answer

Q7) Recently, Election commission has assigned with symbol to the nationalist Congress party? Show Answer

Q8) Cabinet committee on security has cleared deals worth how much crore for high-power radars? Show Answer

Q9) 8th Asia economic dialogue will be held in which city? Show Answer

Q10) IRCTC has collaborated with which food company to offer pre ordered meals to train passengers? Show Answer