Practice Test

Q1) If z is a complex number, then |3z -1| =3 | z -2| represent Show Answer

Q2) If the area of the triangle on the complex plane formed by the points z, z + i z and i z is 200 , then the value of | 3 z | must be equal to Show Answer

Q3) If the complex number i z , z and z + i z represent the three vertices of a triangle, then the area of the triangle is Show Answer

Q4) The least value of a is Show Answer

Q5) The least value of b is Show Answer

Q6) The least value of c is Show Answer

Q7) Which one of the following statement is true ? Show Answer

Q8) The product of cube roots of -1 is equal to Show Answer

Q9) The quadratic equation in x such that the arithmetic mean of its roots is 5 and geometric mean of the roots is 4, is given by Show Answer

Q10) Which of the following is correct? Show Answer

Q11) The points representing cube roots of unity Show Answer

Q12) Let the two numbers have arithmetic mean 9 and geometric mean 4. Then, these numbers are the roots of the quadratic equation Show Answer

Q13) The number which exceeds its positive square roots by 12, is Show Answer

Q14) The number of quadratic equations which are unchanged by squaring their roots is Show Answer