Practice Test

Q1) An employer recruits experienced (x) and fresh (y) workmen for his firm. If he cannot afford to employ more than 9 people, then Show Answer

Q2) On an average, an experienced person does 5 units of work while a new recruit does only 3 units of work daily. If their employer has to maintain an output of at least 30 units of work per day, then, with usual notations, Show Answer

Q3) If the worker's union demands that an employer should not hire more than 5 experienced hands to 1 fresh one, then Show Answer

Q4) If the union forbids an employer to hire less than 2 experienced persons to each fresh person, then Show Answer

Q5) A solution of the inequality 3x-2y>3 is Show Answer

Q6) If -2 < x < 7 and 3 < y < 5, then which of the following is true?
Show Answer

Q7) If x and y are two unequal positive numbers, then which of the following is definitely true? Show Answer

Q8) If x and y are integers, then the equation 5 x + 19 y = 64 has Show Answer

Q9) x > 2, y > - 1 then which of the following holds good? Show Answer