Practice Test

Q1) Instrumentation of aircraft was developed by Show Answer

Q2) Which of the following is not an alkali metal? Show Answer

Q3) Rubidium is placed in the _______ period of the periodic table. Show Answer

Q4) Which of the following does not belong to alkaline earth metals family? Show Answer

Q5) The common oxidation state for alkaline earth metals is Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following s-block element ranks fifth abundance in the earth crust? Show Answer

Q7) Which of the following s-block element ranks sixth abundance in the earth crust? Show Answer

Q8) The main ore of Barium is Show Answer

Q9) Amongst alkali metal cations, _______ has the smallest size. Show Answer

Q10) Amongst the following alkali metals, which is the strongest reducing agent? Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following alkali hydrides is the most stable? Show Answer

Q12) Covalent character of lithium compounds is higher, which is responsible for their______ in organic solvents Show Answer

Q13) Atomic radius of Li is Show Answer

Q14) Atomic radius of Cs is Show Answer

Q15) Alkali metals do not exist in free state in nature because they are Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following is the most electropositive element? Show Answer

Q17) The hydrides of alkali metals have high Show Answer

Q18) Sodium reacts with oxygen to form Show Answer

Q19) Alkali metals react with water to form corresponding hydroxides with the evolution of Show Answer

Q20) Which of the following hydrides is most stable? Show Answer

Q21) Oxides of alkali metals combines with water to form Show Answer

Q22) Sodium burns in air to give Show Answer

Q23) The reaction of water with sodium is Show Answer

Q24) Which of the following cannot form peroxide? Show Answer

Q25) Solvay process is also known as Show Answer

Q26) ______ is useful in purification of bauxite Show Answer

Q27) In the preparation of sodium hydroxide by electrolysis of sodium chloride in castner-Kellner cell, ______ gas is evolved at the anode Show Answer

Q28) ______ is also known as baking soda Show Answer

Q29) In Castner's process for extraction of sodium _____ acts as cathode Show Answer

Q30) Most abundant salt of sodium is its Show Answer

Q31) The most abundant alkali metal is Show Answer

Q32) ______ alloy is used for aircraft construction Show Answer

Q33) _______ is used as coolant in fast breeder nuclear reactors Show Answer

Q34) ______ is used as a source of oxygen in submarine, space shuttles and in emergency breathing apparatus. Show Answer

Q35) ______ is used in medicines as a sedative Show Answer

Q36) ______ plays an important role in Wurtz synthesis Show Answer

Q37) A typical 70 kg man contains about _______ of K. Show Answer

Q38) _____ is a major cation in cytoplasm (inside the cells) Show Answer

Q39) Excess of sodium result in Show Answer

Q40) Beryllium shows diagonal relationship with Show Answer

Q41) Atomic size of alkaline earth metal are______ than alkali metals Show Answer

Q42) ______ ionisation enthalpies of alkaline earth metals are smaller than those of the alkaline metals Show Answer

Q43) The first ionisation enthalpies of alkaline earth metals are higher than alkali metals due to their Show Answer

Q44) Identify the element whose compounds are partly ionic and partly ionic and partly covalent Show Answer

Q45) With pure oxygen Ba, Sr and Ra form Show Answer

Q46) Oxides and hydroxides of beryllium are ______ in nature Show Answer

Q47) Alkaline earth metals (except Beryllium) can have a coordination number of Show Answer

Q48) Which metal of group- 2 has highest m.p. and b. p.? Show Answer

Q49) Suspension of slaked lime in water is called Show Answer

Q50) Quick lime is Show Answer

Q51) Slaking of lime reaction is Show Answer

Q52) Deficiency of calcium causes Show Answer

Q53) A typical 70 kg man contains about _______ of Na Show Answer

Q54) Li combines with nitrogen to form Show Answer

Q55) Ionization enthalpy of lithium is Show Answer

Q56) Outermost shell of an alkali metal has electronic configuration Show Answer

Q57) The complex hydride of sodium is Show Answer

Q58) Sodium is usually kept under Show Answer

Q59) Baking soda is Show Answer

Q60) _____ is an important reagent used in qualitative & quantitative analysis Show Answer

Q61) The compound which is not present as impurity in NaCl is Show Answer

Q62) ______ is used to lower down temperature of ice. Show Answer

Q63) Sodium and potassium ions are used to maintain constant __________ on either side of the cell wall Show Answer

Q64) The correct order of reactivity of alkaline earth metals with water is Show Answer

Q65) Which of the folllowing hydrides in covalent? Show Answer

Q66) Which of the following compound is used to scan the X-ray of the human digestive system? Show Answer

Q67) Beryllium hydroxide dissolves in excess of alkali to give. Show Answer

Q68) Slaked lime reacts with chlorine to give Show Answer

Q69) Quick lime is Show Answer

Q70) ______ has wide application in purification of sugar Show Answer

Q71) _____ is used as mild abrasive in tooth paste. Show Answer

Q72) Alkali metals form amides of the general formula Show Answer

Q73) Density of potassium is Show Answer