Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following is a biodegradable pollutant? Show Answer

Q2) Atmosphere of big/metropolitan cities is polluted most by Show Answer

Q3) Photochemical smog is formed in Show Answer

Q4) Which of the following is a sink for CO? Show Answer

Q5) Ozone hole refers to Show Answer

Q6) Fish die in water bodies polluted by sewage due to Show Answer

Q7) Addition of phosphate fertilizers into water leads to Show Answer

Q8) By green chemistry we mean Show Answer

Q9) Negative soil pollution is Show Answer

Q10) Poisonous gas present in the exhaust fumes of car is Show Answer

Q11) The green house effect is caused by Show Answer

Q12) Surface water contains Show Answer

Q13) Ozone is formed in the upper atmosphere from oxygen by the action of Show Answer

Q14) Which one of the following regions of atmosphere contains ozone? Show Answer

Q15) Increased asthmatic attacks in certain seasons are related to Show Answer

Q16) Cyclone collector is used for minimizing Show Answer

Q17) Which of the following statement is false? Show Answer

Q18) Eutrophication causes reduction in Show Answer

Q19) Ozone hole is maximum over Show Answer

Q20) The region which is greatly affected by air pollution is Show Answer

Q21) Which of the statement is false? Show Answer

Q22) Which of the following is not regarded as a pollutant? Show Answer

Q23) The brown, hazy fumes of photochemical smog are due to Show Answer

Q24) Which of the following statement is false? Show Answer

Q25) BOD is connected with Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following is not a part of green chemistry? Show Answer

Q27) Carbon monoxide is harmful to human beings as it Show Answer

Q28) Which of the following is responsible for depletion of the ozone layer in the upper strata of the atmosphere? Show Answer

Q29) In Antarctica, ozone depletion is due to the formation of following compound? Show Answer

Q30) Ozone in stratosphere is depleted by Show Answer

Q31) Photochemical smog is caused by Show Answer

Q32) DDT is Show Answer

Q33) The major air pollutant is Show Answer

Q34) The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need is known as _____________. Show Answer

Q35) Which of the following is Ï’-isomer of BHC? Show Answer

Q36) The prefix 'nano' comes from ____________. Show Answer

Q37) Which of the following information is given by the FTIR technique? Show Answer

Q38) The concept of green chemistry was coined by ________. Show Answer