Practice Test

Q1) Neutralization of an acid with a base, invariably results in the production of Show Answer

Q2) Ostwald's dilution law is applicable to Show Answer

Q3) Which one is not an acid salt? Show Answer

Q4) Of the given anions, the strongest Bronsted base is Show Answer

Q5) Which of the following is only acidic in nature ? Show Answer

Q6) Which one of the following is an acid salt ? Show Answer

Q7) According to Lewis concept acid is Show Answer

Q8) Which one of the following is the strongest acid ? Show Answer

Q9) Among the following, the weakest base is Show Answer

Q10) Bases do not have property of Show Answer

Q11) According to Lewis concept a base is Show Answer

Q12) Which one of the following oxides is amphoteric ? Show Answer

Q13) Water is Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following is not a Lewis acid ? Show Answer

Q15) Ammonium ion is Show Answer

Q16) Which one of the following can be classified as a Bronsted base? Show Answer

Q17) Which of the following will give maximum ions in solution ? Show Answer

Q18) Which one of the following substances has highest proton affinity ? Show Answer

Q19) The strongest conjugate base is Show Answer

Q20) Sulphanilic acid is a / an Show Answer

Q21) Species acting both as Bronsted acid and base is Show Answer

Q22) At infinite dilution, the percentage ionisation for both strong and weak electrolytes is Show Answer

Q23) The strongest base of the following species is Show Answer

Q24) Which is a Lewis base ? Show Answer

Q25) Which of the following would be an acidic solution? Show Answer

Q26) pH of a solution is defined by the expression Show Answer

Q27) The term pH comes from Show Answer

Q28) 40 mg of pure sodium hydroxide is dissolved in 10 litre of distilled water. The pH of the solution is Show Answer

Q29) Out of the following, the compound whose water solution has the highest pH is Show Answer

Q30) A pH of 7 signifies Show Answer

Q31) When the pH of a solution is 2, the hydrogen ion concentration in moles per litre is Show Answer

Q32) 50 ml of 0.1 M HCl and 50 ml of 0.2 M NaOH are mixed. The pH of resulting solution is Show Answer

Q33) Assuming complete dissociation, the pH of a 0.01 M NaOH solution is equal to Show Answer

Q34) For a solution at 298 K, the sum of pH and pOH will be equal to Show Answer

Q35) The gastric juice in our stomach contains enough HCl to make the hydrogen ion concentration about 0.01 mole / litre. The pH of gastric juice is Show Answer

Q36) Which one of the following has highest pH? Show Answer

Q37) A soda water bottle has pH Show Answer

Q38) The pH of decinormal solution of KOH is Show Answer

Q39) The pH of solution formed by mixing 40 ml of 0.10 m HCl with 10 ml of 0.45 M of NaOH is Show Answer

Q40) 20 ml of 0.1 N HCl is mixed with 20 ml of 0.1 N KOH, the pH of the solution would be Show Answer

Q41) An acid solution of pH = 6 is diluted hundred times. The pH of solution becomes approximately. Show Answer

Q42) An aqueous solution whose pH =1.2 is Show Answer

Q43) A solution of NaCl in contact with atmosphere has a pH of about Show Answer

Q44) A certain sample of beer has a pH of 10. The concentration of hydrogen ion in the beer is Show Answer

Q45) The hydroxyl ion concentration in a solution having pH value 3 will be Show Answer

Q46) The pH of solutions A, B, C and D are respectively 9.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 5.5. The most acidic solution is Show Answer

Q47) pH of water is Show Answer

Q48) The pH of a solution of hydrochloric acid is 4. The molarity of this solution is Show Answer

Q49) Highest pH = 14 is shown by Show Answer

Q50) pH of a solution produced when an aqueous solution of pH = 6 is mixed with an equal volume of an aqueous solution of pH = 3 is about Show Answer

Q51) The pH of a solution is 5. Its hydrogen ion concentration is decreased 100 times, the solution will then be Show Answer

Q52) The pH of blood is Show Answer

Q53) Which one of the following statements is not true ? Show Answer

Q54) If 0.1 M of a weak monobasic acid is taken and its percentage degree of ionisation is 1.34 %, then calculate its ionisation constant. Show Answer

Q55) Which of the following salts when dissolved in water hydrolyses ? Show Answer

Q56) Which of the following salt undergoes hydrolysis ? Show Answer

Q57) Aqueous solution of sodium acetic is Show Answer

Q58) 0.1 M solution of which of the substances will behave as basic ? Show Answer

Q59) An aqueous solution of ammonium acetate is Show Answer

Q60) An aqueous solution of aluminium sulphate would show Show Answer

Q61) The aqueous solution of aluminium chloride is acidic due to Show Answer

Q62) The ionic product of water will increase if Show Answer

Q63) A white salt is readily soluble in water and gives a colourless solutions with a pH of about 9. The salt would be Show Answer

Q64) A monoprotic acid in a 0.1 M solution ionized to 0.001 %. Its ionisation constant is Show Answer

Q65) The value of ionic product of water at 393 K is Show Answer

Q66) Hydrogen ion concentration in mol / L in solution of pH = 5.4 will be Show Answer

Q67) Which of the following salts undergoes anionic hydrolysis ? Show Answer

Q68) The compound whose 0.1 M solution is basic is Show Answer

Q69) Which of the following mixture solution has pH= 1.0 ? Show Answer

Q70) The pH of 0.1 M solution of following increase in the order Show Answer

Q71) The solubility of AgCl will be minimum in Show Answer

Q72) which of the following solutions can not act as a buffer ? Show Answer

Q73) Two solution containing equimolar mixture of sodium acetate and acetic acid , some more amount of sodium acetate solution is added. The pH of mixture solution Show Answer

Q74) The number of moles of acid and base required by 1 litre of buffer to alter its pH by one unit is called Show Answer

Q75) What is incorrect about buffer solution ? Show Answer

Q76) which buffer solution out of the following will have pH > 7 ? Show Answer

Q77) The product of ionic concentration in saturated solution of an electrolyte at the given temperature is constant and is known as Show Answer

Q78) when HCl gas is passed through a saturated solution of common salt, pure NaCl is precipitated because Show Answer

Q79) Which of the following is most soluble? Show Answer

Q80) A mixture of a weak acid (say acetic acid) and its salt with a strong base ( say sodium acetate) is a buffer solution . which other pair of substance from the following may have a similar property? Show Answer

Q81) Buffer solution can be obtained by mixing aqueous solution of Show Answer

Q82) Which one of the following is the buffer solution of strong acidic nature ? Show Answer

Q83) A buffer solution of pH = 9 can be prepared by mixing Show Answer

Q84) The solubility of AgI in NaI solution is less than that in pure water because Show Answer

Q85) Which one of the following is not a buffer solution ? Show Answer

Q86) Why are strong acids generally used as standard solutions in acid - base titrations ? Show Answer

Q87) Addition of 0.05 mole of NaOH to one litre of a buffer solution changes pH from 5.7 to 5.85. The buffer capacity is Show Answer

Q88) The pH indicators are Show Answer

Q89) 1 M NaCl and 1 M HCI are present in an aqueous solution. The solution is Show Answer

Q90) An acidic buffer solution can be prepared by mixing solution of Show Answer

Q91) An acidic buffer solution can be prepared by mixing equimolar amounts of Show Answer

Q92) Precipitation takes place when the ionic product Show Answer

Q93) Which of the following cannot act as a Lewis acid or Bronsted acid ? Show Answer

Q94) Which of the following is a Bronsted acid as well as a Bronsted base ? Show Answer

Q95) Which of the following bases is the weakest ? Show Answer

Q96) An aqueous solution of sodium carbonate has a pH greater than 7 beause Show Answer

Q97) Species acting both as Bronsted acid and base is Show Answer

Q98) The pH at the equivalence point of a titration may differ from 7.0 because of Show Answer

Q99) The pH of a solution obtained by mixing 50 ml of 0.4 M HCl with 50 ml of 0.2 M NaOH is Show Answer

Q100) The pH of a 0.1 M aqueous solution of a weak acid (HA) is 3. Its degree of dissociation is Show Answer