Practice Test

Q1) When A is placed on b and A is also placed between B, C and D. Show Answer

Q2) When B is placed over D and A touching B and D and C touching A only. Show Answer

Q3) When B, C, D not touching each other, A touching B, C and D and A over C. Show Answer

Q4) When B over C and D and C over A only. Show Answer

Q5) When B over C and D, C over A and D and B touching C only. Show Answer

Q6) When H is between E and F, G stands on ground and F touches H only. Show Answer

Q7) When G is on ground only, E touching H only and E is between F and G. Show Answer

Q8) When F is touching E only, E between F and G only and H is touching G only. Show Answer

Q9) When only E is touching ground, G is between E and F and H is touching F only. Show Answer

Q10) G between F and H, E touching G and H and F touching G only. Also H touching E and G. Show Answer

Q11) When M is between N and P, P is touching O only and N is on ground. Show Answer

Q12) When N is between P and O, M is touching P only and N is over O. Show Answer

Q13) When N is between P and O, M is over N and M is touching O only. Show Answer

Q14) When P is touching O only, N is touching O only and M touching O only. Show Answer

Q15) When N is touching P only, M is on ground and O is between N and M. Show Answer

Q16) Chair, Furniture, Wood Show Answer

Q17) Father, Mother, Family Show Answer

Q18) Word, Paragraph, Page Show Answer

Q19) Friend, Relative, Teacher Show Answer

Q20) Lime, Cement, Brick Show Answer