Practice Test

Q1) Number of water molecules in one litre water is Show Answer

Q2) A substance which cannot be broken further is called Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following gas contains the same number of molecules as 16 grams of oxygen ? Show Answer

Q4) Which of the following has the smallest number of molecules ? Show Answer

Q5) 1 mole of oxygen gas has the same mass as Show Answer

Q6) Crude petroleum is refined by Show Answer

Q7) The law of constant composition was discovered by Show Answer

Q8) A vogardo number (in terms of atomic weight) of helium is Show Answer

Q9) The specific heat of an element of atomic weight 32 is Show Answer

Q10) 2 g atoms of oxygen weighs Show Answer

Q11) The number of molecules present in 8 g of oxygen gas is Show Answer

Q12) The relative atomic masses of many elements are not whole numbers because Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following has least weight ? Show Answer

Q14) Vapour density of pure ozone is Show Answer

Q15) 0.5 M solution of NaOH will contain how many grams of NaOH dissolved in 250 ml of solution ? Show Answer

Q16) The largest number of molecules is in Show Answer

Q17) Two elements A and B having the atomic weights 14 g and 40 g respectively combine to form a new substance Y. If three moles of B combine with 1 mole of A, then weight of Y will be Show Answer

Q18) 46 g of sodium metal reacts with methyl alcohol to give Show Answer

Q19) Which of the following has the maximum number of atoms ? Show Answer

Q20) A metallic oxide contains 60% of the metal. The equivalent weight of the metal is Show Answer

Q21) The specific heat of a metal is 0.11 and its equivalent weight is 18.61 g. Its exact atomic weight is Show Answer

Q22) 3 g of an oxide of a metal is converted into chloride completely and it yielded 5 g of chloride. The equivalent weight of the metal is Show Answer

Q23) The number of atoms in 1 g atom of Helium is Show Answer

Q24) 2 moles of H-atoms at STP occupies a volume of Show Answer

Q25) The number of atoms contained in one mole of sulphuric acid is Show Answer

Q26) The mass of nitrogen atom is Show Answer

Q27) Avogadro's law finds application in the determination of Show Answer

Q28) 2 g of hydrogen will have the same number of molecules as present in Show Answer

Q29) If M is the molecular weight of a dibasic acid then what will be the equivalent weight of the acid ? Show Answer

Q30) The percentage of oxygen in NaOH is Show Answer

Q31) 24 g of metal reacts with an acid to liberate 22.4 litres of hydrogen at STP. The equivalent weight of the metal is Show Answer

Q32) Two different oxides of a metal contain 20% and 25% oxygen by weight. This is in accordance with law of Show Answer

Q33) Active mass of 8% solution of compound A is 2. Molecular weight of A will be Show Answer

Q34) 1 mole of methane contains Show Answer

Q35) Which of the following has maximum number of atoms ? Show Answer

Q36) Number of atoms present in a molecule is called Show Answer

Q37) 2 g of oxygen contain number of atoms equal to that contained in Show Answer

Q38) Which of the following has largest number of atoms ? Show Answer