Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following pairs contains equal number of atoms ? Show Answer

Q2) Which of the following is an example of covalent solid ? Show Answer

Q3) The temperature and pressure at which ice, liquid water and water vapour can exist together are very nearly at Show Answer

Q4) The number of water molecules present in a drop of water (volume 0.0018 ml) at room temperature is Show Answer

Q5) Which of the following halogen can be purified by sublimation ? Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following pairs fully illustrates the Law of multiple proportions ? Show Answer

Q7) What is the weight of oxygen required for the complete combustion of 2.8 kg of ethylene ? Show Answer

Q8) The number of water molecules in 1 litre of water is Show Answer

Q9) A compound contains atoms of three elements in A, B and C. if the oxidation number of A is +2, B is +5 and that of C is -2, the possible formula of the compound is Show Answer

Q10) Which property of an element is always a whole number ? Show Answer

Q11) An endothermic reaction is allowed to take place rapidly in air. The temperature of the surrounding air Show Answer

Q12) For which of the following process will energy be absorbed ? Show Answer

Q13) In which of the following neutralization reaction, will the heat of neutralization be highest ? Show Answer

Q14) A well stoppered thermos flask contains some ice cubes. This is an example of a/an Show Answer

Q15) When water is added to quick lime, the reaction is Show Answer

Q16) Mechanical work is specially important in systems that comprise Show Answer

Q17) What would happen if a thin slice of sugar beet is placed in a concentrated solution of NaCl ? Show Answer

Q18) Which of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q19) The ionic product of water changes when Show Answer

Q20) Phosphorus has the oxidation state of +3 in Show Answer

Q21) Which of he following is a redox reaction ? Show Answer

Q22) Which of the following is not a reducing reagent ? Show Answer

Q23) Oxidation number of sodium in sodium amalgam is Show Answer

Q24) Which of the following acts both as an oxidising as well a reducing agent ? Show Answer

Q25) The violent reaction between sodium and water is an example of Show Answer

Q26) Neutral refractory material used in furnace is Show Answer

Q27) The process of converting hydrated alumina into anhydrous alumina is called Show Answer

Q28) Auto reduction process is used in the extraction of Show Answer

Q29) Asbestos is Show Answer

Q30) Refractory materials used in furnaces Show Answer

Q31) Cupellation process is used in the metallurgy of Show Answer

Q32) Choose the correct statement : Show Answer

Q33) Hydrogen acts as an oxidising agent in the reaction with Show Answer

Q34) An ionic compound is dissolved simultaneously in heavy water and simple water. its solubility will be Show Answer

Q35) Deionized water is obtained by passing hard water through Show Answer

Q36) The alum used for purifying water is Show Answer

Q37) Which amongest the following has the largest dipole moment ? Show Answer

Q38) Who discovered that oxygen and hydrogen react to form water ? Show Answer

Q39) Hydrogen behaves as a metal Show Answer

Q40) Pure water can be obtained from sea water by Show Answer

Q41) Water is oxidised to oxygen by Show Answer

Q42) Which of the following could act as a propellant for rockets ? Show Answer

Q43) The paramagnetic species is Show Answer

Q44) Excess of Na + ions in human system causes Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following is a pearl ash ? Show Answer

Q46) Blanc fire used in paints is Show Answer

Q47) Mg is an important component of the biomolecule (occuring extensively in living world) Show Answer

Q48) Which of the following is not present in asbestos ? Show Answer

Q49) Initial setting of cement is mainly due to Show Answer

Q50) Which of the following is the component of most of the kidney stones ? Show Answer

Q51) The rate of setting of plaster of paris increases due to the presence of Show Answer

Q52) White enamel of our teeth is Show Answer

Q53) The nitride ion in lithium nitride is composed of Show Answer

Q54) One of the oxidants used with liquid propellants is Show Answer

Q55) The substance used in smoke screens is Show Answer

Q56) Bones glow in dark because Show Answer

Q57) "Vortex rings" is the Show Answer

Q58) "Thomas slag" which is used as a fertilizer is composed of Show Answer

Q59) Oxygen exhibits positive oxidation state in Show Answer

Q60) Which would quickly absorb oxygen Show Answer

Q61) Peroxomonosulphuric acid is commonly known as Show Answer

Q62) Sodium thiosulphate is prepared by Show Answer

Q63) Which of the following is not an acid salt ? Show Answer

Q64) Nitrogen atom has an atomic number of 7 and oxygen has an atomic number 8. The total number of electrons in a nitrate ion will be Show Answer

Q65) Pearl white is Show Answer

Q66) Flowers of phosphorus are Show Answer

Q67) The hydride showing maximum tendency to release a proton in aqueous solution is Show Answer

Q68) Which one of the following is a correct relationship between mass and energy ? Show Answer

Q69) Which of the following law deals with mass of reactants and products during a chemical reaction ? Show Answer

Q70) Chemical equation is balanced according to the law of Show Answer

Q71) If 2.0 g of the hydrogen reacts with 16.0 g of oxygen to form 18.0 g of water, which of the following laws is applicable ? Show Answer

Q72) Law of conservation of mass is not correct for Show Answer

Q73) Radioactive change follows the law of Show Answer

Q74) The law of constant proportion was proposed by Show Answer

Q75) The ratio in weight by which carbon and oxygen combine in a molecule of carbon monoxide is Show Answer

Q76) Different proportions of oxygen in the various oxides of nitrogen prove the law of Show Answer

Q77) Two different oxides of a metal contain 20% and 27% oxygen by weight. This is an accordance with the law of Show Answer

Q78) Two samples of lead oxide were separately reduced to metallic lead by heating in a current of hydrogen. The weight of lead from one oxide was half the weight of lead obtained from the other oxide. The data illustrate Show Answer

Q79) Which of the following compound do not confirm to the law of multiple proportion ? Show Answer

Q80) The law of multiple proportions is not illustrated by which pair of compounds Show Answer

Q81) Which of the following compounds confirm the law of multiple proportion ? Show Answer

Q82) The law of multiple proportions was proposed by Show Answer

Q83) Which one of the following pairs of compounds illustrate the law of multiple proportion ? Show Answer

Q84) One part of an element A combines with two parts of another element B. Six parts of the element C combines with four parts of the element B. if A and C combined together the ratio of their weights will be governed by Show Answer

Q85) Consider the following laws :
(I) Law of conservation of mass.
(II) Law of definite proportions.
(III) Law of multiple proportions.
Which of these govern(s) the quantitative aspects of chemical changes ? Show Answer

Q86) 8 g of oxygen combine with 1 g of hydrogen and 29 g of calcium therefore, when calcium combines with hydrogen it must combine in the ratio of 20 : 1. This statement confirms to the law of Show Answer

Q87) Equal masses of oxygen, hydrogen and methane are kept under identical conditions. The ratio of the volumes of gases will be Show Answer

Q88) Law of combining volumes was given by Show Answer

Q89) Real gas will approach the behaviour of ideal gas at Show Answer

Q90) Equal volumes of all gases under same temperature and pressure contain equal number of molecules according to Show Answer

Q91) A pressure cooker works on the principle of Show Answer

Q92) Pressure of a gas increases due to increase of its temperature because at higher temperature Show Answer

Q93) Calcium carbonate is naturally available as limestone and can also be synthesised from quick lime. It is seen that the composition of the elements in both the natural and synthetic calcium carbonate are same. The validity of which one among the following laws is confirmed by this observation ? Show Answer

Q94) Which of the following is the best example of the law of conservation of mass ? Show Answer

Q95) According to which one of the following laws it is indicated that when two or more gases react with one another, their volume bear a simple ratio ? Show Answer

Q96) Which of the following statements are true about the fertilizers ?
(I) They are nutrient specific.
(II) They do not provide any humus to the soil.
(III) They are absorbed slowly by the plants as they are not much soluble in water. Show Answer

Q97) The common elements present in artificial fertilizers are Show Answer

Q98) Which one of the following cannot be used as a nitrogenous fertilizer ? Show Answer

Q99) Which one has the highest percentage of nitrogen ? Show Answer

Q100) At high temperature, nitrogen combines with calcium carbide to give Show Answer

Q101) Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to Show Answer

Q102) Percentage of nitrogen in urea is Show Answer

Q103) The nitrogen in urea is present in the form of Show Answer

Q104) Urea on hydrolysis gives Show Answer

Q105) Calcium ammonium nitrate is known as Show Answer

Q106) Which of the following are nitrogen fertilizers ?
(I) Calcium cyanamide
(III) Bone ash
(IV) Ammonium sulphate
Select the correct answer using the code given below : Show Answer

Q107) The correct sequence in decreasing order of the percentage of nitrogen in the given compounds is Show Answer

Q108) Which of the following nitrogenous fertilizers is not very effective in acidic soil ? Show Answer

Q109) Which of the following is used to make urea ?
(I) Urea acid
(II) Ammonia
(III) Carbon monoxide
(IV) Carbon dioxide Show Answer

Q110) Which of the following is a single fertilizer ? Show Answer

Q111) Triple phosphate is a Show Answer

Q112) Calcium superphosphate is a Show Answer

Q113) Superphosphate of lime is obtained from the reaction of Show Answer

Q114) Which of the following substances is used as a fertilizers ? Show Answer

Q115) Potash fertilizers are evaluated as Show Answer

Q116) Which of the following is needed for flowering of plants ? Show Answer

Q117) NPK is also called as Show Answer

Q118) Which of the following is a mixed fertilizer ? Show Answer

Q119) Nodules with nitrogen fixing bacteria are present in Show Answer

Q120) Application of nitrogenous manure to a plant causes Show Answer

Q121) Which of the following is a balanced fertilizer for plants ? Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following refers to a "green manure" ? Show Answer

The growth of rice plant is better when it is cultivated along with a blue green algae.
Blue green algae increases, soil fertility through nitrogen fixation. Show Answer

Pure potash is a good farm manure.
Potash minerals are vital to plants, assisting starch formation. Show Answer

Legumes revive the soil fertility.
Microbes in the root nodules of leguminous plant fix the atmospheric nitrogen. Show Answer

Ammonium sulphate and lime should not be added together in a fertilizer mixture.
Reactive basic materials like lime react with ammonium sulphate liberting ammonia which is lost from the fertilizer mixture. Show Answer

Q127) Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) is a popular nitrogen fertilizer because it is Show Answer

Q128) Which one among the following nitrogen compounds has the least percentage of nitrogen by mass ? Show Answer

Q129) The metal atom, which is present in superphosphate, is Show Answer

Q130) Which one of the following is not a nitrogenous fertilizer ? Show Answer

Q131) Which one of the following contains maximum percentage of nitrogen by mass ? Show Answer

Q132) What is the composition of nitrolim - a chemical fertilizer ? Show Answer