Practice Test

Q1) What is a clone? Show Answer

Q2) The carnivorous fish Gambusia, introduced in the lakes, ponds etc. control a deadly disease in India, feeds on the larvae of Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following plants are used as green manure in crop fields and in sandy soils?
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Q4) Honey is Show Answer

Q5) If excess fertilizer is applied to a plant without water, the plant Show Answer

Q6) Energy crops are source of Show Answer

Q7) The substance most commonly used as a food preservative is Show Answer

Q8) Which of the following is considered a cash crop in India? Show Answer

Q9) The leading producer of cotton is Show Answer

Q10) Black soil is best suited for Show Answer

Q11) Which one among the following is not a good source of nutritional calcium ? Show Answer

Q12) The largest producer of saffron in India is Show Answer

Q13) Process of growing plants without soil is called Show Answer

Q14) Which one of the following material can be used to make the acidic soil suitable for agriculture?
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Q15) Which Indian breed of buffalo produces maximum fat percentage in milk ? Show Answer

Q16) Which state produces the bulk of natural rubber produced in India?
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Q17) Which is the most important item of India export among marine products? Show Answer

Q18) Which crop is generally sown to restore and maintain soil fertility? Show Answer

Q19) The hybrid between horse and donkey is called Show Answer

Q20) Which one of the following is not an oil seed crop?
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Q21) Which one of the following is not a marine fish? Show Answer

Q22) Ranikhet, a poultry disease is caused by Show Answer

Q23) The drones in honey bee are Show Answer

Q24) Which of the following constituent of honey act as preservative? Show Answer

Q25) A breed of cow is mated with closely related breed. It was found that production of milk has reduced subsequently and the animals are not keeping good health. Which of following methods of animal breeding can overcome this problem? Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following methods of breeding increases the chance of homozygosity ? Show Answer

Q27) Which of the following is the conventional method of plant breeding for disease resistance ? Show Answer

Q28) Multiple ovulation embryo transfer technology (MOET) induces Show Answer

Q29) Pure line breeds refers to Show Answer

Q30) Which one of the following is an improved variety of chicken? Show Answer

Q31) Germplasm also preserve rate genotype for Show Answer

Q32) Autopolyploidy can be induced artificially by Show Answer

Q33) Central Sugareane breeding research institute is situated at Show Answer

Q34) Crosses between two plants by the same variety are called Show Answer

Q35) Which one of the following nutrients is not available in fertilizers? Show Answer

Q36) Sterilization means Show Answer

Q37) The substance used for solidification of nutrient medium is Show Answer

Q38) The enzyme used for isolation of single cells from explant is Show Answer

Q39) In order to obtain disease-free plants through tissue culture techniques , the best method is Show Answer

Q40) IPGRI is abbreviation of Show Answer

Q41) Pure line variety of wheat is Show Answer

Q42) A collection of plants and seeds having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop is called Show Answer

Q43) "Jaya" and "Ratna" developed for green revolution in India are the varieties of Show Answer

Q44) which one of the following is a leguminous green fodder commonly available in winter? Show Answer

Q45) Which one of the following is micro-nutrient? Show Answer

Q46) The cheapest high energy fruit crop of India is Show Answer

Q47) Resin and turpentine is obtained from Show Answer

Q48) Silk contains a protein known as Show Answer

Q49) Cod liver oil is a rich source of Show Answer

Q50) Which stage of silkworm secrets silk? Show Answer

Q51) Which of the following statements are correct?
1) Hybridization means crossing between genetically dissimilar plants.
2) Cross between two varieties is called as interspecific hybridisation.
3) Introducing genes of desired character into a plant gives genetically modified crop.
4) Cross between plants of two species is called as inter varietal hybridisation. Show Answer

Q52) Which of the following statements are correct about manure?
1) Manure contains large quantities of organic matter and small quantities of nutrients.
2) It increases the water holding capacity of sandy soil.
3) It helps in draining out of excess of water from clayey soil.
4) Its excessive use pollutes environment because it is made of animal excretory waste. Show Answer

Q53) Cattle husbandry is done for
1) milk production
2) agriculture work
3) meat production
4) egg production Show Answer

Q54) Which of the following are Indian cattle?
1) Bos indicus
2) Bos domestica
3) Bos bubalis
4) Bos vulgaris
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Q55) Which of following are exotic breeds?
1) Brown
2) Jersy
3) Brown Swiss
4) Jesry Swiss Show Answer

Q56) Poultry farming is undertaken to raise
1) egg production
2) feather production
3) chicken meat
4) milk production Show Answer

Q57) Animal husbandry is the scientific management of
1) animal breeding
2) culture of animals
3) animal livestock
4) rearing of animals Show Answer

Q58) Kranti, Pusa Agarni and Pusa Bold are improved varities of
1) urad bean
2) sunflower
3) chick Pea
4) mustard Show Answer

Q59) Consider the following statements:
1) Fish may be obtained from marine resources as well as inland resources.
2) To increase production of fish, they can be cultured in marine and inland ecosystem.
Which of these statement(s) is/are correct?
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Q60) Consider the following statements:
1) Rabi crops are growing in rainy season.
2) Kharif crops are growing in winter season.
Which of these statement(s) is/are correct? Show Answer

Q61) Consider the following statements:
1) Most fish production in inland water body is capture fishing.
2) Bird flu is a bacterial disease.
3) Mullets are marine fish farmed in sea water.
Which of these statement(s) is/are correct? Show Answer

Q62) Which of the following procedures are followed in dairy farm managements?
1) Regular inspections and visits by veterinary doctors.
2) Usage of manure to increase crop yields.
3) Adequate environmental condition is provided.
4) Weeding away unproductive and harmful plants from the brood house. Show Answer

Q63) Which of the following disease(s) is/are poultry disease?
1) Aspergillosis
2) Ranikhet disease
3) Gill rot
4) Black rot
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Q64) Which of the following points should be kept into consideration for successful bee keeping?
1) Selection of suitable location for keeping the beehives.
2) Light management according to the habits of honey bees.
3) Knowledge of the behavior of honey bees.
4) Handling and collection of honey and bee wax. Show Answer

Q65) Which of the following is/are advantage(s) of micro-propagation?
1) It helps in rapid multiplication of plants.
2) It helps in production of somaclones.
3) It is an easy, safe and economical method for plant propagation. Show Answer

Q66) Exotic breeds are
1) used for cross breeding.
2) to be provided specific environment.
3) resistant to local and pathogens
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Q67) Cryopreservation is
1) preservation at ultra low temperature.
2) preservation in liquid nitrogen.
3) preservation through exposure to gamma rays.
4) preservation of semen Show Answer

Q68) Which of the following are sources of single cell protein?
1) Nostoc
2) Spirulina
3) Chlorella
4) Scenedesmus Show Answer

Q69) Which of the following statements are correct?
1) The maintenance of hives of honeybees for the production is called apiculture.
2) A group of animals related by decent and similar in most characters are called a breed.
3) The agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock is called animal husbandry.
4) The ability of plant cells to regenerate into complete plant is called somaclonal variation. Show Answer

Q70) Which of the following are rich sources of vitamin A?
1) Carrot
2) Spinach
3) Lemon
4) Beans
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Q71) Which of the following statements are correct?
1) Pullorum disease of poultry is caused by virus.
2) Drones are produced by parthenogenesis.
3) Heterosis or hybrid is the phenotypic superiority of the hybrid vigour over either of its parents in one or more traits.
4) A clone contains and expresses genetically engineered gene known as transgene. Show Answer

Q72) Which of the following statements are false?
1) One of the objective of plant breeding is to develop disease, insect and pest resistant varieties.
2) Plant breeding is both art and science.
3) Catla and Rohu are the most eaten marine fishes in out country.
4) South Indian sugarcane variety Saccharum offcinarum has thinner stem and lower sugar content that the North Indian one.
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Q73) Assertion : Cattle breeds can be improved by supervulation and embryo transplantation
Reason: Supervulanation in high milk-yielding cows is induced by hormonal injection.
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Q74) Assertion : Intercropping checks the population of insects.
Reason : Plant pests can be controlled biologically by their natural parasites are pathogens. Show Answer

Q75) Assertion: In case of vegetative propagated crops, pure-line selection is not required .
Reason : Hybrid vigour is mostly used in vegetatively propagated plants.
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Q76) Assertion: Fish meal is a rich source of protein for cattle and poultry.
Reason : Fish meal is produced from non-edible parts of fishes like fins, tail etc
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Q77) Assertion: Use of pesticides disturb the predator prey population
Reason : Use of pesticides may give rise to resistant varieties of pests.
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Q78) Assertion: Compost is formed after decay of vegetable matter and organic refuse.
Reason : Green manure is prepared by ploughing back any green plants into soil.
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Q79) Consider the following statements
1) Green tea contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline.
2) The stimulating agent present in cocoa is theobromine and small quantities of caffeine.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q80) Consider the following statements
1) Pungent taste in ginger is due to presence of a non-volatile oleoresin gingerin.
2) Carb\damom is also called queen of spices.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q81) Assertion (A) Pencillin is obtained from Penicillium griseofulvum.
Reason (R) Ergot is obtained from Penicillium notatum.
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Q82) Protein content in hen's egg is Show Answer

Q83) Percentage composition of fibroin and sericin in silk is Show Answer

Q84) In poultry industry, production of hatching eggs is more expensive than the production of market eggs because Show Answer

Q85) Which of the following statements is in-correct with reference to Seed Act ? Show Answer

Q86) Which of the following statements is/are correct among the given ?
1) A seed coat of a seed is a pericarp
2) Cotyledon or scutellum is ap art of endosperm
3) Root apical meristem and shoot apical meristem is responsible for given out root an shoot respectively
4) Apical meristem tissues are only the tisues which contain disease free young cells Show Answer

Which one of the following plants is used for green manuring in India ? Show Answer

Q88) Canola refers to special type of oil seed mustard varieties bred for human consumption. The main characteristic of these varieties is that the Show Answer

Q89) Which of the following statement is are correct among the give ?
1) Only one major crop is grown on the same piece of land year after year which is responsible for maximising the problematic soils is known as monoculture
2) The cropping system in which two or more crops are grown either in succession in association is multiple cropping system
3) Multiple cropping includes parallel as well as sequential multiple cropping which increase the fertility as well as productivity of the soil
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Q90) Study the following statement
1) True fruits are developed from ovary.
2) Apple is an example of false fruit
3) Coconut and mango grouped under the kind of fruit drupe.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q91) Following given is the fact regarding the milling of dal. Arrange the given in the right order as they are carried out when the dal is milled before it is out in the market for consumption. Show Answer

Q92) Which of the following statement is/are correct among the given ?
1) The rapid removal of field heart from the freshly harvested commodities before shipment, storage and processing is known as pre-cooling
2) Hydro-cooling may be carried out with the help of water or ice.
3) The sweet corn is pre-cooler with the help of batch-type hydro-cooler where the crons are stacked three pallet high Show Answer

Q93) Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant role in protein synthesis ? Show Answer

Q94) Assertion (A) If somebody stops talking green vegetable he will suffer from night blindness.
Reason (R) He will suffer from vitamin-A deficiency Show Answer

Q95) Consider the following statements. Enzyme and protein can be correlated with each other in following ways
1) All proteins are enzyme.
2) All enzymes are proteins
3) All enzymes are not proteins
4) All protein are not enzyme
Which of the statements given above are correct ? Show Answer

Q96) Consider the following statememts
1) Oil from Jatropha curcas seeds is used for maikng biodiesel fuel.
2) The stems of Jatropha are used for basket making
3) jatropha also contains some toxic compounds
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct about jatropha ? Show Answer

Q97) Study the following statements
1) White wines like the famous champagne are made from white as well as dark grapes
2) Grape varieties used in wine-making fail in two main categories of which Vitis Labrusca produces the finest wines.
3) Table grapes dont make good wine.
4) A little over 30% world production of grapes comes from the USA.
Which of these statements are correct ? Show Answer

Q98) The ripening of fruits can be accelerated by Show Answer

Q99) The nutrient acts as the macro nutrient in the crops science. This nutrient is if in the deficiency causes huge losses as it is responsible for both, the catabolic as well as anabolic reactions in the plant. The nutrient deficiency causes the stunting disease in the crop plant. Which among the following is/are the nutrients which are mostly requires by the crop to grow ? Show Answer

Why does a piece of bread when chewed tastes sweet ? Show Answer

Q101) A male child is born to parents only when Show Answer

Q102) Consider the following statements given below
1) The liming material like hydrated lime can be incorporated into the soil
2) The basic fertilizers like basic slag can be incorporated into the soil
3) The acid tolerant crops be grown on the acidic soils
4) Potato, sweet potato, oat and castor are the acid tolerant crops, which can resist the higher concentration of acid
Which of the following statements given above is/are correct ? Show Answer

Q103) Assertion (A) All the proteins in our food are digested in small intestine only.
Reason (R) The protein digesting enzyme from pancreas are released into small intestine Show Answer

Q104) Which of the following proteins is found in milk ? Show Answer

Q105) Which is the main vitamin found in Papaya? Show Answer

Q106) Which one of the following is not a natural source of Vitamin A ? Show Answer

Q107) Alpha-keratin is a protein, present in : Show Answer

Q108) Which one of the following contains more vitamin A content ? Show Answer

Q109) Assertion (A) : If somebody stops taking green vegetables
he will suffer from night blindness.
Reason (R) : He will suffer from Vitamin A deficiency.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Show Answer

Q110) Which of the following vitamins contain Cobalt Show Answer

Q111) Cyanocobalamin is : Show Answer

Q112) Thiamin is : Show Answer

Q113) Water soluble vitamin is Show Answer

Q114) The highest protein content is found in : Show Answer

Q115) Which of the foodgrains is richest in protein? Show Answer

Q116) Which one of the following is the richest source of protein? Show Answer

Q117) A rich source of both protein and fat is Show Answer

Q118) The Major food fuel during exercise of long duration is Show Answer

Q119) The element that maintains balance between acidity and alkalinity in our body is Show Answer

Q120) Among the following which fruit is a rich source of iron ? Show Answer

Q121) Which of the minerals given above is/are required by human body for the contraction of muscles? Show Answer

Q122) Which one of the following is a rich source of iron? Show Answer

Q123) Iron content is found maximum in : Show Answer

Q124) Among the following, presence of which brings sweetness in milk? Show Answer

Q125) Which of the following converts milk into curd ? Show Answer

Q126) Cow’s milk is slightly yellow in colour due to the presence of : Show Answer

Q127) What is the average fat content of buffalo milk ? Show Answer

Q128) White colour of milk is due to the presence of Show Answer

Q129) The Vitamin which is found in citrus fruits and is necessary for maintaining healthy skin is Show Answer

Q130) The main source of Vitamin ‘C’ is Show Answer

Q131) The best source of Vitamin C is : Show Answer

Q132) Which of the following has the highest content of Vitamin C ? Show Answer

Q133) The chemical name of Vitamin C is- Show Answer

Q134) The richest source of Vitamin ‘C’ is Show Answer

Q135) Which one of the following vitamins is responsible for blood clotting ? Show Answer

Q136) Which of the following vitamin is effective in blood clothing ? Show Answer

Q137) The Vitamin available from Sun rays is Show Answer

Q138) Deficiency of Vitamin D causes the disease : Show Answer

Q139) Which of the following is found in the composition of Vitamin 'D'? Show Answer

Q140) Deficiency of which vitamin can cause night blindness? Show Answer

Q141) In human body vitamin A is stored in : Show Answer

Q142) Which one of the following statements regarding starch and cellulose is not correct ? Show Answer

Q143) Which of the following is found in the composition of vitamin D : Show Answer

Q144) Which one of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q145) Which one of the following is not a protein ? Show Answer

Q146) Which gland secretes the milk ejection hormone ocytosine? Show Answer

Q147) ‘Kuttu’ flour is obtained from Show Answer