Practice Test

Q1) Pigment involved in photoreception in flowering is Show Answer

Q2) Plant hormone concerned primarily with cell division Show Answer

Q3) Gibberellic acid has been successfully employed to induce flowering Show Answer

Q4) The presence of auxins in a solution could be tested by Show Answer

Q5) A plant hormone used for including morphogenesis in tissue culture is Show Answer

Q6) Leaf fall starts when the amount of Show Answer

Q7) A pigment which absorbs red and far red light is Show Answer

Q8) Cytokinins are known to Show Answer

Q9) The pigment responsible for photomorphogenic responses is Show Answer

Q10) ABA is involved in Show Answer

Q11) 2, 4-D is involved in Show Answer

Q12) Hormone which reduces transpiration is Show Answer

Q13) Pollen grains of entomophilous flowers are : Show Answer

Q14) Egg apparatus in plants consists of Show Answer

Q15) The production of seedless fruit is called Show Answer

Q16) The point where funicle joins with ovule is known as Show Answer

Q17) Among the following which one is not a method of vegetative propagation Show Answer

Q18) Syngamy is Show Answer

Q19) Seeds are called products of sexual reproduction because they Show Answer

Q20) Which one of the following events in a botanical garden is never directly influenced by light ? Show Answer

Q21) Development of plant from egg without fertilization is Show Answer

Q22) Ornithophily is pollination by Show Answer

Q23) Milky water of green coconut is Show Answer

Q24) Hypanthodium refers to a special type of Show Answer

Q25) The embryo in sunflower has Show Answer

Q26) Bignonia is pollinated by Show Answer

Q27) Double fertilization is found in Show Answer

Q28) Secretion of Leyding's cell is Show Answer

Q29) When released from ovary, human egg contains Show Answer

Q30) Which one is a primary sex organ ? Show Answer

Q31) Somatic chromosome number is 40. What shall be the chromosome number in the cells of seminiferous tubules ? Show Answer

Q32) Estrous cycle is characteristic of Show Answer

Q33) Corpus luteum secretes Show Answer

Q34) Which of the following cells present in the mammalian tests help to nourish sperms ? Show Answer

Q35) Middle piece of a mammalian sperm contains Show Answer

Q36) Which of the following reduces plant growth and induces dormancy ? Show Answer

Q37) The empty Graffian follicle develops in it Show Answer

Q38) Human female reaches menopause around the age of Show Answer

Q39) Corpus callosum is found in Show Answer

Q40) Human placenta is Show Answer

Q41) An accertionary growth is due to Show Answer

Q42) 'Nothing lives for ever, but life continues' . What does it mean ? Show Answer

Q43) Auxetic growth is an : Show Answer

Q44) According to immunity theory, ageing is due to Show Answer

Q45) In ageing there is : Show Answer

Q46) Decreased defence against pathogen causes ageing. It is due to the disappearance of : Show Answer

Q47) If Hydra bears many buds simultaneously, then : Show Answer

Q48) Apical dominance in higher plants is due to Show Answer

Q49) What will happen if terminal buds are removed from a plant ? Show Answer