Practice Test

Q1) Level of organisation in living beings is regulated through Show Answer

Q2) The most important feature of living organism is Show Answer

Q3) Similarity between living and non-living beings is that Show Answer

Q4) Adaptation of animals is their Show Answer

Q5) Study of ageing is called Show Answer

Q6) A living system has a continuous inflow of chemical energy in the form of food and outflow in the term of removal of waste. Such a system is called Show Answer

Q7) Homeostasis is represented by Show Answer

Q8) Maximum life span of 200 years is found in Tortoises. Maximum life span of 1 day is found in Show Answer

Q9) Term biology was first used by Show Answer

Q10) Father of Microbiology is Show Answer

Q11) A : Death is essential for recycling of minerals.
R : Death keeps population under check. Show Answer

Q12) A : Nothing lives for ever, yet life continues.
R : Though older die yet new are produced due to reproduction. Show Answer

Q13) A : Short-term adaptations help organism in its survival
R : Long-term adaptations help organism in its survival. Show Answer

Q14) The animals which do not have a steady body temperature are Show Answer

Q15) What obviously becomes the defining property of living organisms ? Show Answer

Q16) The term Biology was coined by Show Answer

Q17) Physical basis of life is Show Answer

Q18) The most peculiar feature shown by all living organisms is Show Answer

Q19) The 'Protoplasm' term was given by Show Answer

Q20) The main difference between non-living and living is in Show Answer

Q21) Nutrition occurs in Show Answer

Q22) Body organisation may be uncontrolled in Show Answer

Q23) Mechanical movement is present in Show Answer

Q24) Metabolic activities shown by Show Answer

Q25) A definite shape and size is present in Show Answer

Q26) Waste products are excreted by Show Answer

Q27) Who said 'Protoplasm is physical basis of life' ? Show Answer

Q28) In which of the following body organisation is control ? Show Answer

Living beings exchange their energy with surroundings.
Living beings are example of open system. Show Answer

Study of internal structure is called anatomy.
it is useful for phylogenetic study. Show Answer

Q31) Who shows irritability ? Show Answer

Q32) Who is called the Father of Microbiology ? Show Answer