Practice Test

Chapter NameAvailable Questions
The Living world 30/588
Kingdom Animalia 30/1138
Reproduction in Angiosperms 30/782
Structural Organisation in Animals 30/1331
Morophology Of Flowering Plants 30/997
Anatomy of flowering plants 30/477
Plant Kingdom 30/677
Biomolecules 30/540
Organization Of Cell 30/915
Cell Division 30/386
Transport in Plants 30/562
Mineral Nutrition in Plants 30/425
Photosynthesis in higher plants 30/654
Respiration in Plants 30/342
Plant Growth 30/524
Body Fluids and Circulation 30/310
Digestion & Absorption 30/271
Human Nutrition 30/197
Breathing and Exchange Gases 30/223
Osmoregulation and Excretion in Animals 30/529
Locomotion and Movement 30/284
Neutral Control & Coordination 30/707
Endocrine System 30/682
Reproduction in Organisms 30/698
Pollination 30/116
Human Reproduction 30/875
Reproduction Health, Growth, Repair, Regeneration, Ageing and Death 30/410
Elements of Heredity and Variations 30/1367
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance (Genes and Chromosomes) 30/867
Nature of Gene (Genetic Material : Structure and Function) 30/353
Gene Expression and Gene Regulation 30/209
Origin of Life 30/155
Evidences of Evolution (Relationship among Organisms) 30/902
Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection 30/427
Evolution of Man 30/126
Human Health and Common Human Diseases (Understanding Diseases and Immune System) 30/1091
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production-Animal Sources (Domestication of Animals) 30/466
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production-Plant Sources (Domestication of Plants) 30/312
Microbes in Human Welfare and Biofertilizers and Bioenergy 30/607
Principles and Processes of Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering, Cloning and Genomics) 30/576
Biotechnology and its Applications and Plant Tissue Culture 30/735
Organims and Environment, Species and Population 30/728
Growth of Human Populations 30/166
Genetic Improvement and Disease Control 30/131
Population, Biotic Community and Succession 30/169
Ecosystem 30/860
Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Wild Life, Forest and Their Conservation 30/316
Environmental Pollution and Global Environmental Issues 30/709
Biological Classification 30/726