Practice Test

Chapter NameAvailable Questions
Diversity In Organisms 5/415
Kingdom Plantae 5/142
Biochemistry Of Cell 5/248
Cell Division 195
Morophology Of Flowering Plants 412
Transport in Plants 216
Plant Growth 232
Kingdom Animalia 359
Organization Of Cell 446
Structural Organisation in Animals 708
Human Nutrition 199
Human Respiration 222
Human skeleton and Locomotion 185
Osmoregulation and Excretion in Animals 244
Nervous System 253
Endocrine System 338
Circulation in Animals 330
Photosynthesis and Translocation of Oragnic Solutes 244
Respiration in Plants 131
Reproduction in Angiosperms 421
Pollination 117
Human Reproduction 368
Basic Features of Development (Reproduction) 288
Reproduction Health, Growth, Repair, Regeneration, Ageing and Death 261
Elements of Heredity and Variations 681
Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance (Genes and Chromosomes) 869
Nature of Gene (Genetic Material : Structure and Function) 354
Gene Expression and Gene Regulation 209
Origin of Life 160
Evidences of Evolution (Relationship among Organisms) 381
Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection 444
Evolution of Man 126
Growth of Human Populations 166
Human Health and Common Human Diseases (Understanding Diseases and Immune System) 550
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production-Animal Sources (Domestication of Animals) 184
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production-Plant Sources (Domestication of Plants) 314
Microbes in Human Welfare and Biofertilizers and Bioenergy 252
Genetic Improvement and Disease Control 131
Principles and Processes of Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering, Cloning and Genomics) 379
Biotechnology and its Applications and Plant Tissue Culture 330
Organims and Environment, Species and Population 430
Population, Biotic Community and Succession 169
Ecosystem 518
Biodiversity, Natural Resources, Wild Life, Forest and Their Conservation 316
Environmental Pollution and Global Environmental Issues 370
Biological Classification 116
Anatomy of flowering plants 252
Mineral Nutrition in Plants 190