Practice Test

Q1) Dental formula of adult man is Show Answer

Q2) The cells of the epithelial lining in the vertebrate stomach are not damaged by HCl because of - Show Answer

Q3) The structure which prevents entry of food into wind pipe during swallowing in mammals is - Show Answer

Q4) Which of the following is a common passage in swallowing food and breathing - Show Answer

Q5) The hardest constituent of the tooth is - Show Answer

Q6) Types of teeth in human - Show Answer

Q7) Posterior part of soft palate, hangs down in pharynx, called- Show Answer

Q8) Nasal chambers and buccal cavity are seperated by - Show Answer

Q9) Cheek teeth are - Show Answer

Q10) Presence of water amount in enamel cell is - Show Answer

Q11) Peyer's patches produce - Show Answer

Q12) Duodenum has characteristic Brunner's glands which secrete - Show Answer

Q13) Brunner's glands are found in which of the following layers : Show Answer

Q14) The crypts of lieberkuhn secret : Show Answer

Q15) Brunner's glands are located in : Show Answer

Q16) ASSERTION (A) : Thick layers of muscles are present in the wall of alimentary canal.
REASON (R) : These muscles help in the mixing of food materials with the enzymes coming from different glands in the alimentary canal. Show Answer

Q17) Ptyalin is secreted by ___ and work in ___ medium. Show Answer

Q18) In pancreas, pancreatic juice and hormone are secreted by - Show Answer

Q19) largest gland of body - Show Answer

Q20) Insulin is secreted by pancreatic cells - Show Answer

Q21) Which substance of saliva destroy the harmful bacteria - Show Answer

Q22) Which of the following is not a function of liver - Show Answer

Q23) The glucose is converted into glycogen in liver and stored in : Show Answer

Q24) The major site of protein breakdown to form free amino acids, is in the Show Answer

Q25) Bilirubin and bilividrin are found in - Show Answer

Q26) Casien present in milk, which is - Show Answer

Q27) Amylase enzyme acts on the - Show Answer

Q28) The digestion of cellulose in rabbit and other herbivorous mammals takes place in - Show Answer

Q29) Peristaltic movements found in different parts of alimentary canal in which one of these there is least peristalsis - Show Answer

Q30) Milk protein is curdled into calcium paracaesinate by - Show Answer

Q31) The enzyme invertase hydrolase - Show Answer

Q32) Trypsin is secreted by - Show Answer

Q33) Proteins are broken down into amino acids in - Show Answer

Q34) Herbivorous animals can digest cellulose because Show Answer

Q35) Ptyalin cannot work in stomach, because it becomes - Show Answer

Q36) What is the important function of bile - Show Answer

Q37) Some proteolytic enzymes are - Show Answer

Q38) Bacteria entering with contaminated food are killed in stomach by - Show Answer

Q39) Chymotrypsin is - Show Answer

Q40) Emulsification of fats by bile takes place in - Show Answer

Q41) Absorption of digested food chiefly occurs in - Show Answer

Q42) Excess amino acids are deaminated & converted into urea in - Show Answer

Q43) ___ is the instant source of energy Show Answer

Q44) Fats are absorbed in ____ Show Answer

Q45) Removal of waste from body in the form of undigested food is called Show Answer

Q46) Kwashiorkar disease is due to deficiency of : Show Answer

Q47) Continued consumption of a diet rich in butter, red meat and eggs for a long period may lead to : Show Answer

Q48) Marasmus disease is caused due to : Show Answer

Q49) Food is one of the basic requirement of all living organisms. The major component of our food are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Food provides energy and organic materials for growth and repair of tissues. Deficiency of food will lead to protein energy malnutrition (PEM).
Which of the following disease is characterized by PEM ?
(a) Marasmus with changes in hair
(b) Kwashoorkar with wasted muscles
(c) Marasmus with old man's face
(d) Marasmus with oedema. Show Answer

Q50) Balanced diet is diet rich in carbohydrates, mild in protein and low fats with essential vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of proteins in diet of a children between age group of 1 to 3 will not lead of following symptoms. Show Answer

Q51) Vitamin necessary for blood clotting - Show Answer

Q52) Ascorbic acid is the - Show Answer

Q53) Vit A from carotene is synthesized in - Show Answer

Q54) Vitamin promoting wound healing is - Show Answer

Q55) Dental formula of adolescent human being before seventeen year : Show Answer

Q56) How many teeth in man grows twice in life : Show Answer

Q57) In human teeth, which help in cutting Show Answer

Q58) Carnasial teeth are modified for : Show Answer

Q59) Pulp cavity of teeth is lined by : Show Answer

Q60) The longitudinal muscular folds of inner wall of stomach are called : Show Answer

Q61) Glisson's capsule is associated with : Show Answer

Q62) Identify the false statement : Show Answer

Q63) Identify the false statement : Show Answer

Q64) In mammals the teeth are (a) of different types
(b) embedded in the cuplike socket in the jaw bones
(c) only two sets, present throughout life
The condition are referred as : Show Answer

Q65) Gall bladder is found : Show Answer

Q66) bile can be prevented to release into the duodenum by : Show Answer

Q67) It is a correct dental formula for the child falling under age group 5-6 years : Show Answer

Q68) Enzyme present in saliva is : Show Answer

Q69) maximum digestion of food take place in - Show Answer

Q70) Absent of which of these in bile will make fat digestion difficult - Show Answer

Q71) Pancreatic juice is released into - Show Answer

Q72) The three secretions meeting the food in small intestine are - Show Answer

Q73) Which one of the following hormone inhibits the secretion of gastric juice - Show Answer

Q74) The enzyme that catalyse the changing of emulsified oils to fatty acids and glycerol is - Show Answer

Q75) Point out the odd one - Show Answer

Q76) Which one is not an enzyme of digestive system Show Answer

Q77) Secretin stimulates the production of Show Answer

Q78) The cells in the wall of intestine are stimulated to produce secretin by - Show Answer

Q79) Pancreatic lipase acts upon - Show Answer

Q80) Amount of fat increases in the body due to excess intake of - Show Answer

Q81) Bile is formed in - Show Answer

Q82) Cholecystokinin is secretion of Show Answer

Q83) Enzyme trypsinogen is changed to trypsin by - Show Answer

Q84) Castle's intrinsic factor is connected with internal absorption of Show Answer

Q85) Aminopeptidase, a digestive enzyme produces - Show Answer

Q86) Highest BMW occurs in - Show Answer

Q87) Maximum number of enzymes occur in - Show Answer

Q88) Cholesterol is synthesized in - Show Answer

Q89) Excessive intake of alcohol caused - Show Answer

Q90) Rennin acts on - Show Answer

Q91) Inhibition of gastric and stimulation of gastric, pancreatic and bile secretion are controlled by - Show Answer

Q92) Muscular contraction of Alimentary canal are - Show Answer

Q93) Human is unable to digest dietary - Show Answer

Q94) Pepsinogen is converted to pepsin by - Show Answer

Q95) Mucus is secreted by the - Show Answer

Q96) Cephalic phase of gastric secretion is mediated by Show Answer

Q97) Lactose composed of : Show Answer

Q98) Which of the following stimulates the secretion of gastric juice ? Show Answer

Q99) If for some reason the parietal cells of the gut epithelium become partially non-functional, what is likely to happen ? Show Answer

Q100) In stomach after physical and chemical digestion food is called : Show Answer

Q101) In mammals milk is digested by action of - Show Answer

Q102) Hydrolytic enzymes which does not act on low pH are called as : Show Answer

Q103) A rabbit eats a lot of gram. Then its digestion starts in - Show Answer

Q104) Which of the following is a dissacharide : Show Answer

Q105) Hydrolysis of lipid yields - Show Answer

Q106) Glucose and galactose unite to form Show Answer

Q107) Injury to vagus nerve in humans is not likely to affect - Show Answer

Q108) Gastric enzyme pepsin reacts only in acidic medium with in a limited pH concentration. It varies: Show Answer

Q109) Stomach in vertebrates is the main site for digestion of : Show Answer

Q110) The chief function of bile is to : Show Answer

Q111) The toxic substance are detoxicated in the human body by - Show Answer

Q112) Function of HCl in stomach is to- Show Answer

Q113) In rabbit, the digestion of cellulose takes place in Show Answer

Q114) The muscular contraction in the alimentary canal is known as : Show Answer

Q115) End products of protein hydrolysis are : Show Answer

Q116) Ptyalin is an enzyme of Show Answer

Q117) The hormone 'secretin' stimulates secretion of Show Answer

Q118) This gastrointestinal hormone stimulates insulin secretion Show Answer

Q119) Enterogastrone is present in : Show Answer

Q120) Secretion of gastric juice is controlled by Show Answer

Q121) Succus entericus is also called : Show Answer

Q122) Just as hydrochloric acid is for pepsinogen, so is the Show Answer

Q123) What is the function of globlet cells : Show Answer

Q124) Where the lysozymes are found : Show Answer

Q125) The hormone which lowers the secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric juice is : Show Answer

Q126) Which of the following is different from others : Show Answer

Q127) Trypsin differs from pepsin because it digests : Show Answer

Q128) Pancreatic juice is Show Answer

Q129) Bilirubin and Biliverdin are present in : Show Answer

Q130) The amount of gastric juice secreted per day from man's stomach is about : Show Answer

Q131) The function of enterogasterone hormone is : Show Answer

Q132) What is the common passage for bile and pancreatic juices Show Answer

Q133) Pepsinogen is secreted from : Show Answer

Q134) Cells of pancreas is not digested by their own enzymes because : Show Answer

Q135) Secretin : Show Answer

Q136) In horses, rabbits, hares, the cellulose get digested in :- Show Answer

Q137) Bile salts help in :- Show Answer

Q138) Digestion of protein is completed in : Show Answer

Q139) Enterogastrone is : Show Answer

Q140) Part of bile juice useuful in digestion is : Show Answer

Q141) Bile secretion is proportional to the concentration of : Show Answer

Q142) Secretion of pancreatic is stimulated by : Show Answer

Q143) from which of the following pespin is secreted : Show Answer

Q144) Secretin hormone stimulates : Show Answer

Q145) PH of gastric juice is : Show Answer

Q146) Which of the following hormone helps in secretion of HCL from stomach ? Show Answer

Q147) pancreatic juice contain bicarbonate which is secreted by : Show Answer

Q148) Which of the following hormones help in contraction of gall bladder ? Show Answer

Q149) Which part of body secretes the hormone secretin ? Show Answer

Q150) Carbohydrate digestion occurs first in which structure ? Show Answer

Q151) Enzyme pepsin acts in : Show Answer

Q152) Bile secretion is propotional to the concentration of : Show Answer

Q153) Secretion of pancreatic juice is stimulated by : Show Answer

Q154) Digestive enzymes are : Show Answer

Q155) Pepsinogen is secreted by - Show Answer

Q156) Prorenin is secreted by : Show Answer

Q157) Find out the correctly matched pair : Show Answer

Q158) Among mammals, a significant role in the digestion of milk is played by : Show Answer

Q159) Secretin and cholecystokinin are digestive hormones. They are secreted in : Show Answer

Q160) What will happen if the secretion of parietal cells of gastric glands is blocked with an inhibitor : Show Answer

Q161) Medium in which pepsin active is - Show Answer

Q162) Which part of our body secretes the hormone secretin ? Show Answer

Q163) Which one of the following enzymes carries out the initial step in the digestion of milk in humans ? Show Answer

Q164) Another substance of the category of glucose, sucrose and maltose is - Show Answer

Q165) Glycogen is stored in - Show Answer

Q166) Lacteals take part - Show Answer

Q167) Fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed by - Show Answer

Q168) Which of the following is absorbed in ileum - Show Answer

Q169) Which food substance is absorbed during digestion - Show Answer

Q170) Water absorption is mainly occur in - Show Answer

Q171) Which of the following is absorbed in proximal intestine - Show Answer

Q172) Substances which are not related with hepaticportal circulation - Show Answer

Q173) The organ in human body where glycogenolysis takes place ? Show Answer

Q174) Protein are mainly required in the body for Show Answer

Q175) In mammals carbohydrate are stored in the form of - Show Answer

Q176) Jaundice is a disorder of : Show Answer

Q177) Protein deficiency leads to : Show Answer

Q178) A patient is generally advised to specially, consume more meat, lentils, milk and eggs in diet only when he suffers from : Show Answer

Q179) Fluoride pollution mainly affects : Show Answer

Q180) Which of the following is a fat-soluble vitamin and its related deficiency disease ? Show Answer

Q181) The deficiency of which vitamin causes keratomalacia ? Show Answer

Q182) Which of the following is not a source of vitamin A? Show Answer

Q183) Deficiency of it causes loss of appetite, mental confusion, fatigue and muscle deprection : Show Answer

Q184) Consider the following statements : A. the antipellagra vitamin is nicotinamide present in milk, yeast, meat and leafy vegetables
B. crypts, of lieberkuhn are present in the liver
C. Steapsin is the pancreatic amylase Show Answer

Q185) Cod and shark liver oil is source of : Show Answer

Q186) A person deficient in Rhodopsin (visual pigment) should take- Show Answer

Q187) Rickets is caused by the deficiency of - Show Answer

Q188) Which vitamins are water soluble- Show Answer

Q189) Which is the source of Vit C- Show Answer

Q190) Which disease is caused due to prolonged deficiency of Nicotinic Acid - Show Answer

Q191) Pernicious anaemia is caused by deficiency of vitamin - Show Answer

Q192) A person with bleeding gums should daily take- Show Answer

Q193) Rickets is disease of which category - Show Answer

Q194) Thiamine is another name for - Show Answer

Q195) Vit D is also called- Show Answer

Q196) The mineral element whose deficiency in human body may lead to goitre is- Show Answer

Q197) Deficiency of Vit E brings about- Show Answer

Q198) Which pairing is not correct- Show Answer

Q199) Bow - shaped legs in children are due to deficiency of Vitamin- Show Answer

Q200) Beri-Beri, Scurvy and Rickets are respectively caused by deficiency of- Show Answer

Q201) Vit K is a required for- Show Answer

Q202) Which of the following pair is characterised by swollen lips, thick pigmented skin of hands and legs and irritability- Show Answer

Q203) Dermatitis, diarrhoea and dementia are seen in deficiency of :- Show Answer

Q204) Which of the following vitamin is an main antioxidant Show Answer

Q205) The vitamin that is useful in cancer is vitamin :- Show Answer

Q206) Vitamin which includes maturation of R.B.C.:- Show Answer

Q207) Pantothenic acid & Biotin associated with : Show Answer

Q208) Which one is wrong pair ? Show Answer

Q209) Which one correctly matched ? Show Answer

Q210) Continuous bleeding from an injured part of body is due to deficiency of : Show Answer

Q211) Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? Show Answer

Q212) Vitamin C is - Show Answer

Q213) Which one of the following is the correct matching of a vitamin, its nature and its deficiency disease : Show Answer

Q214) Scurvy disease is due to the - Show Answer

Q215) The chemical name of vitamin D is : Show Answer

Q216) Which of the following vitamin synthesised in animal body by bacteria Show Answer

Q217) Vitamin C is mainly helpful in : Show Answer

Q218) Which of the following does not belong to vitamin B group : Show Answer

Q219) Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness ? Show Answer

Q220) Certain B vitamins are : Show Answer

Q221) Deficiency of thiamine causes : Show Answer

Q222) Vitamin C is helpful in the : Show Answer

Q223) Larger and fragile RBC with less haemoglobin is due to the deficiency of : Show Answer

Q224) Permicious ansemia is : Show Answer

Q225) Which one is correctly matched : Show Answer

Q226) Vitamins produced by symblotic intestinal bacterial include : Show Answer

Q227) Liver is able to manufacture vitamin - Show Answer

Q228) Which of the following is a water soluble vitamin ? Show Answer

Q229) Which one of the following is the correct matching of the site of acion on the given substrate, the enzyme acting upon it and the end product : Show Answer