Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following Mendel's law has not been proved to be true in all the cases? Show Answer

Q2) The three important laws of heredity proposed by Mendel related to: Show Answer

Q3) Which one of the following statement is true of Mendel's theory but not of Darwin's theory of natural selection? Show Answer

Q4) Lethal genes are those which cause: Show Answer

Q5) There is resemblance between parents and offspring but not the exact alikeness. This is because of: Show Answer

Q6) When one gene pair hides the effect of other pair, this phenomenon is referred to as: Show Answer

Q7) An exception to Mendel's law is: Show Answer

Q8) Complementary genes show a ratio of: Show Answer

Q9) If a dihybrid for character is crossed to a Homozygous recessive individual for the same character, the phenotypic ratio of the progeny would be: Show Answer

Q10) Gene which have similar phenotypic effect when present separately but interact to produce a new phenotype when present together are known as: Show Answer

Q11) In wheat, when a green plant was self-fertilized, the progeny has 20 green seedlings and 14 white seedlings. The above result indicated that the parents were: Show Answer

Q12) If the genotype of an individual is AA Bb CC, it is a: Show Answer

Q13) If two hybrids for the same quantitative character are crossed the phenotypic ratio of progeny would be: Show Answer

Q14) An individual with genotype Aa Bb Cc will produce: Show Answer

Q15) Mendel was successful in formulating the laws of inheritance whereas his predecessor were not because: Show Answer

Q16) A test cross: Show Answer

Q17) Mendel formulated the laws of heredity considering seven pairs of characters in the pea plant. If he had studied an eighth pair, the law which would have been altered as: Show Answer

Q18) The segregation of paired hereditary factors that Mendel postulated occurs during: Show Answer

Q19) The independent assortment of two pairs of genes located on non-homologous chromosomes, occur as a result of the random orientation of chromosome during: Show Answer

Q20) Mendelian recombinations are due to: Show Answer

Q21) Which one of the following character in man is controlled by a recessive gene? Show Answer

Q22) The constriction on chromosomes where the spindle fibres attach during cell division are: Show Answer

Q23) As a result of linkage and crossing over: Show Answer

Q24) Gene P and Q are necessary for normal hearing. A deaf man marries a deaf woman and all their childern have normal hearing. The genotype of the parents are: Show Answer

Q25) "The father of genetic" G.J. Mendel is famous for propounding: Show Answer

Q26) The frequency of mutant gene in a population is expected to increase if the gene is: Show Answer

Q27) Mendel studied seven contrasting characters for his breeding experiments; which of the following character he did not study? Show Answer

Q28) Why were pea plants more suitable than dogs for Mendel's experiments? Show Answer

Q29) Suppose pea plant's tallness is dominant over dwarfness, to determine whether a tall pea plant is homozygous or heterozygous, it should be crossed with: Show Answer

Q30) The term gene was given by: Show Answer

Q31) The term back cross refers to: Show Answer

Q32) A cross between unlike organisms is called as: Show Answer

Q33) If Mendel has, by chance, chosen to study two traits determined by linked genes, he would have not been able to derive the: Show Answer

Q34) In a monohybrid cross, 2 heterozygous individuals were crossed, phenotype ratio comes to be 2 : 1. It is due to: Show Answer

Q35) Theory of inheritanace of acquired characters has not been approved by modern experimental biologist because: Show Answer

Q36) Which one of the following is best illustrated by a cross of two bell-shaped Squash plants producing offsprings that are 25% round, 25% long and 50% bell shaped? Show Answer

Q37) Monogenic traits give rise to: Show Answer

Q38) Due to incomplete dominance, a cross between blue and white Andalusian Fowls results into: Show Answer

Q39) A cross is made between the two organisms both of which have a genetic make up of Bb for a particular trait, and two offsprings are produced. The first offspring exhibit the dominant trait. What is the probability that the second offspring will exhibit the recessive trait? Show Answer

Q40) Why did the test cross progeny of yellow vs. black mice gave 25% more offsprings that resulting from yellow vs. yellow mice: Show Answer

Q41) The genes controlling seven traits in pea studied by Mendel were later found to be located on the following number of chromosomes: Show Answer

Q42) One of Mendel's pure strains of pea plants had green peas. How many different kinds of eggs could such a plant produce with regard to pea colour? Show Answer

Q43) If the frequency of a recessive phenotype in stable population is 25% the frequency of the dominant allele in that population: Show Answer

Q44) Coat colour in rabbit is an example of: Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following forms represent a pair of contrasting character? Show Answer

Q46) The alleles for coloured seed coat is dominant over that of white seed coat when flowers of a plant with white seed coat (ss) are pollinated with coloured seed coat (Ss), the colour of seed coat in developing seed would be: Show Answer

Q47) Which one of the following is test cross? Show Answer

Q48) Gene for red colour is completely dominant. A plant with genotype Rr is selfed, then the genotype of offspring would be: Show Answer

Q49) An organism with two copies of the same allele is: Show Answer

Q50) How many different kinds of gametes can an organism of genotype Xx, Yy, Zz produce? Show Answer

Q51) A man receives his X chromosomes from: Show Answer

Q52) In Mendel's dihybrid crosses, two pairs of factor (T/t) and (R/r) are located in: Show Answer

Q53) When two genetic loci produce identical phenotypes in cis as well as trans position, they are considered to be: Show Answer

Q54) The phenomenon in which an allele of one gene suppresses the activity of an allele of another gene is known as: Show Answer

Q55) Gamete contains which of the following: Show Answer

Q56) Human skin colour and blood groups are controlled by: Show Answer

Q57) Sickle cell anaemia is an example of: Show Answer

Q58) Which condition of zygote is lethal: Show Answer

Q59) Blood group 'O' has: Show Answer

Q60) According to Mendel there are: Show Answer

Q61) Botanical name of Snapdragon is: Show Answer

Q62) A blood group is due to: Show Answer

Q63) Assume cross between red and white flowered plants which produce pink: Show Answer

Q64) Allele is called: Show Answer

Q65) Autosomes are: Show Answer

Q66) Back cross is: Show Answer

Q67) A heterzygous individual carrying a recessive sex-linked gene is called: Show Answer

Q68) Pioneer of modern genetics is: Show Answer

Q69) Mendel selected pea plant for his experiments because it has: Show Answer

Q70) Process of transmission of characters from one generation to another is called: Show Answer

Q71) Genetics deals with: Show Answer

Q72) Dihybrid plant is: Show Answer

Q73) When one member of a pair of allelic genes expressed itself as a whole, it is a case of: Show Answer

Q74) The first generation of a given cross is known as: Show Answer

Q75) Gamete is: Show Answer

Q76) Genotype of individual is: Show Answer

Q77) The genetic ratio is termed as: Show Answer

Q78) The term gene refers to: Show Answer

Q79) Who connected cytology with genetics: Show Answer

Q80) The sum total of genes in a population is known as: Show Answer

Q81) Which is wholly genetic trait? Show Answer

Q82) A couple with blood types A and B may have childern with which of the blood types: Show Answer

Q83) Mendel's work was republished in Flora in the year: Show Answer

Q84) The scientist who worked on Garden Pea before Mendel was: Show Answer

Q85) A pair of contrasting characters is called: Show Answer

Q86) Which organisms are used for experimental genetics? Show Answer

Q87) One of the following ratios represents a test cross: Show Answer

Q88) If a plant is heterozygous and is designated Bb. The probability of b gamete fertilizing either B of b is: Show Answer

Q89) When two individuals are similar in external appearance but different in their genetic make up, they are called as: Show Answer

Q90) Individual with Aa or AA may not express dominant phenotypes due to: Show Answer

Q91) Sex linked traits can be found out through: Show Answer

Q92) In a 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 dihybrid phenotypic ratio, the number of hybrid dominant as both ratios: Show Answer

Q93) How can you determine whether the phenotype of an individual is pure homozygous or 'impure' heterozygous? Show Answer

Q94) In Lathyrus the purple colour of flower is controlled by two dominant non-allelic genes-C and P which are not able to express themselves alone. It is an example of: Show Answer

Q95) Ratio 9 : 7 is obtained for a dihybrid cross involving: Show Answer

Q96) Gametes of Aa Bb individual can be: Show Answer

Q97) The chequer-board method to work out the Mendelian crosses was introduced by: Show Answer

Q98) Human skin colour is determined by quantitative genes. The theory was put forward by: Show Answer

Q99) Polygenic inheritance was first studied by: Show Answer

Q100) Which one is a hereditary disease? Show Answer

Q101) A modified dihybrid Mendelian ratio of 9 : 3 : 4 shows: Show Answer

Q102) Sex is a trait which: Show Answer

Q103) RR (red) Antirrhinum is crossed with white (WW). Offspring RW are pink. This is an example of: Show Answer

Q104) Which genotype characterises an organism that is heterozygous for two genes? Show Answer

Q105) With respect to the ABO group there are found major blood types because this blood group is determined by: Show Answer

Q106) Cuneot crossed two yellow coloured mice which never bred true and received a ratio of 2 : 1 (yellow, brown). It is due to: Show Answer

Q107) Which of the following scientists is not associated with rediscovery of Mendelism? Show Answer

Q108) Who among the followings demonstrated and got first experimental proof of polygenic inheritance? Show Answer

Q109) If a dihybrid for quantitaitve character is crossed to a dominant homozygous for the same character, the pehnotypic ratio of the progeny would be: Show Answer

Q110) Genotype-phenotype concept was formulated by: Show Answer

Q111) Recessive characters are expressed: Show Answer

Q112) Which of the following shows codominance? Show Answer

Q113) In summer squash, a cross between two pure spherical, fruit types may yield a progeny having disc-shaped fruits due to: Show Answer

Q114) Haploids are able to express both recessive and dominant alleles/mutations because there are: Show Answer

Q115) A single recessive trait which can express its effect should occur on: Show Answer

Q116) RrYy yield gamete types: Show Answer

Q117) When one pair of genes can completely mask the expression of another pair of genes, the effect is referred to as: Show Answer

Q118) Normal hearing and speech in man is due to: Show Answer

Q119) If a negro marries a white skin female, the mulattoes are born. If such mulattoes intermarry, progeny will show a gradual gradation of skin colour in ratio of: Show Answer

Q120) Wheat kernel colour and skin colour inheritance in man are examples of: Show Answer

Q121) When reproduction takes place by the fusion of gametes of different parents the resulting offspring would be: Show Answer

Q122) How could Mendel demonstrate that hybrids have equal contribution from both the parents? Show Answer

Q123) In Rice, green colour of leaf can develop either in the presence of recessive allele p or another gene I. The latter gene is: Show Answer

Q124) Epistasis was first studied by: Show Answer

Q125) Validity of Mendel's laws is only when: Show Answer

Q126) If a character is always transmitted directly from father to all his sons and from them to all their sons, then which chromosome carry gene for this character: Show Answer

Q127) The genetic basis of haemophilia, so common within European royal families was revealed by studies of: Show Answer

Q128) Different mutations referrable to the same locus of a chromosome give rise to: Show Answer

Q129) In summer squash, the fruit colour can be white, yellow and green. The appearance of white colour is due to a dominant gene W. The latter is: Show Answer

Q130) Onion bulb shows white colouration instead of red-yellow pigmentation when allele of another gene is present. It is an example of: Show Answer

Q131) Agouti, Chinchilla, Himalayan and albino coat colour in rabbits are controlled by: Show Answer

Q132) When two alleles are brought together in a hybrid, one of them expresses itself completely at the expense of the second it is due to Mendel's: Show Answer

Q133) If two opposite alleles (e.g., red and white) comes closer together, one of the two (red) finds morphological expression, masking other in the body of the organism, this fact is described as: Show Answer

Q134) The term genotype was given by: Show Answer

Q135) Lethal genes are defined as: Show Answer

Q136) Segregation of genes takes place during: Show Answer

Q137) Acetabularia has been used as an experiment material to prove that: Show Answer

Q138) Which law would have been violated if Mendel had chosen eighth character in garden pea? Show Answer

Q139) Complementary genes were discovered by: Show Answer

Q140) A cross between two white flowered varities of sweet pea yields purple flowered plants due to: Show Answer

Q141) Usually the recessive character is expressed only when present in a double recessive condition. However, single recessive gene can express itself in human beings when the gene is present on: Show Answer

Q142) In an experiment on pea plants round yellow seeds were crossed with plants producing wrinkled green seeds. What will be the phenotypic ratio of the progeny? Show Answer

Q143) An offspring of two homozygous parents differing from one another by alleles at one gene locus is known as: Show Answer

Q144) If an allele is dominant, indicate the genotype in which the dominance becomes expressed? Show Answer

Q145) Polymorphism is mainly due to: Show Answer

Q146) Continuous genetic variations are produced by: Show Answer

Q147) The alleles that produce independent effects in heterozygous condition are called: Show Answer

Q148) Correct statement about failure of hybrid formation is: Show Answer

Q149) Sickle cell anaemia is caused due to: Show Answer

Q150) If Mendel has studied the 7 traits using a plant with 12 chromosomes instead of 14, in what way would his interpretation have been different? Show Answer

Q151) How many different types of genetically different gametes will be produced by a heterozygous plant having the genotype: AA Bb Cc? Show Answer

Q152) Gametes are never hybrid? It is a statement of law of: Show Answer

Q153) Which is correct about traits chosen by Mendel? Show Answer

Q154) In a certain plant, red fruit ( R ) is dominant over yellow fruit ( r ) and tallness (T) is dominant over shortness (t). If a plant with RRTt genotype is crossed with a plant rrtt genotype, what will be the percentage of tall plants with red fruits in the progeny? Show Answer

Q155) Mendel obtained wrinkled seeds in pea due to deposition of sugars instead of starch. It was due to which enzyme? Show Answer

Q156) Ratio of complementary genes is: Show Answer

Q157) When dominant and recessive allele express itself together, it is called: Show Answer

Q158) What is correct for Blood group 'O'? Show Answer

Q159) Sickle cell anaemia induce to: Show Answer

Q160) Independent assortment of genes does not take place when: Show Answer

Q161) Two non-allelic genes produce the new phenotype when present together but fail to do so independently, then it is called: Show Answer

Q162) Two individuals with similar external appearance but different genetic make up have the similar: Show Answer

Q163) Two crosses between the same pair of genotype or phenotype in which the sources of the gametes are reversed in one cross, is known as: Show Answer

Q164) The gene controlling the seven pea characters studied by Mendel are now known to be located on how many different chromosomes? Show Answer

Q165) Which one of the following traits of garden pea studied by Mendel was a recessive feature? Show Answer

Q166) Alleles represent: Show Answer

Q167) If a cross between two plants give 50% tall and 50% dwarf progeny, then the parents genotype are: Show Answer

Q168) A person with blood group A has: Show Answer

Q169) Genetic counsellors can identify heterozygous individuals by: Show Answer

Q170) If a homozygous red flowered plant is crossed with a homozygous white flowered plant, the offsprings would be: Show Answer

Q171) Which of the following term represents a pair of contrasting character? Show Answer

Q172) The genetic ratio of 9 : 3 : 3 : 1 is due to: Show Answer

Q173) When cross is made between two species of the same genus, then the cross is known as: Show Answer

Q174) Epistasis is the: Show Answer

Q175) When one gene hides the effects of another gene, the interaction factor is known as: Show Answer

Q176) A genetically dwarf plant made tall by use of Gibberellin was crossed with a plant purely tall. Then the progenies would be: Show Answer

Q177) Which of the following is considered as a recessive character of Mendel? Show Answer

Q178) Which of the following characters chosen by Mendel are recessive? Show Answer

Q179) Which is functional unit of inheritance? Show Answer

Q180) Heterosis requires: Show Answer

Q181) The phenotype ratio obtained in quantitative inheritance of a dihybrid cross is: Show Answer

Q182) Mating between two individuals differing in genotype to produce genetic variation is called: Show Answer

Q183) Primary source of allelic variation is: Show Answer

Q184) In order to find out the different types of gametes proudced by a pea plant having the genotype AaBb, it should be crossed to a plant with the genotype: Show Answer

Q185) Test cross involves: Show Answer

Q186) How many different kinds of gametes will be produced by a plant having the genotype AABbCC? Show Answer

Q187) Which one of the following is an example of polygenic inheritance? Show Answer

Q188) A common test to find the genotype of a hybrid is by: Show Answer

Q189) Inheritance of skin colour in humans is an example of: Show Answer

Q190) A human male produces sperms with the genotypes AB, Ab, aB, and ab pertaining to two diallelic characters in equal proportions. What is the corresponding genotype of this person? Show Answer

Q191) Indicate, the inheritance of which of the following is controlled by multiple alleles: Show Answer

Q192) Which of the following is related to heamophilia? Show Answer

Q193) In a green pod of pea the seed-coat colour changed from grey to white. This is an example of: Show Answer

Q194) The ratio of recessive epistasis: Show Answer

Q195) Epistasis was discovered by: Show Answer

Q196) When an individual possesses both alleles of its phenotypically dissimilar parent, it is called: Show Answer

Q197) In a pig dominant allele B produces black colour and its recessive allele b produces white. What would be the probable genotype of the offspring when a cross is made between individuals heterozygous for colour? Show Answer

Q198) A dominant lethal gene is that which: Show Answer

Q199) If the cell of an organism heterozygous for two pairs of genes represented by Aa, Bb undergoes meiosis, then the possible genotypic combination of gametes will be: Show Answer

Q200) In cucurbita, W is epistatic over Y and y gene normally responsible for yellow and green coloured fruits. It produces white flowers. What is ratio of fruits in progeny of a cross WwYy + wwYy Show Answer

Q201) Two tall pea plants were crossed. If is produces 9 tall and 3 dwarf plants, what would then be the genotype of tall plants? Show Answer

Q202) Polymorphic variations are due to: Show Answer

Q203) In human an example of sex-linked trait is: Show Answer

Q204) Wife is PTC non-taster and husband is PTC taster. Their son is taster but daughters are non-tasters. This is not a sex linked trait. Which pedigree is correct? Show Answer

Q205) A tall red flowered pea plant after crossing with a dwarf white-flowered plant yields only tall red-flowered plants. A test cross shall give a ratio of Show Answer

Q206) Mendel did not propose the theory of - Show Answer

Q207) Pleiotropic gene has - Show Answer

Q208) An organism with two identical alleles is said to be - Show Answer

Q209) Who is considered as father of genetics ? Show Answer

Q210) A cross between hybrid and recessive parent is Show Answer

Q211) Inheritance of skin colour in human beings is an example of - Show Answer

Q212) Which of the following proved an exception to Mendel's principles ? Show Answer

Q213) When a gene pair hides the effect of another, the phenomenon is called - Show Answer

Q214) An allele is dominant, if it is expressed in - Show Answer

Q215) The ratio 9 : 7 is produced due to - Show Answer

Q216) How many contrasting characters were selected by Mendel ? Show Answer

Q217) Mendel's monohybid ratio is - Show Answer

Q218) The different forms of a gene are called - Show Answer

Q219) Mendel's dihybrid ratio is Show Answer

Q220) Two dominant independently assorting genes react with each other. They are Show Answer

Q221) A child with mother of A group and father of AB group, will not have the following blood group - Show Answer

Q222) A cross between parents with AaBB and aaBB genotype will form - Show Answer

Q223) How many types of gametes will be produced by individuals of AABbcc genotype ? Show Answer

Q224) Crossing over in diploid organisms is responsible for Show Answer

Q225) ABO blood groups is determined by Show Answer

Q226) A test cross enables one to Show Answer

Q227) In keeping with the law of independent assortment what is actually assorted ? Show Answer

Q228) In Mendel's experiments the alleles were Show Answer

Q229) In the AB blood group the two genes are Show Answer

Q230) In sweet pea, the epistatic interaction between the genes for purple and white colour produced the two colours in the ratio - Show Answer

Q231) Human skin colour is controlled by Show Answer

Q232) Polygenes are Show Answer

Q233) Multiple alleles control the character of Show Answer

Q234) Gene located on the same locus but having different expressions are Show Answer

Q235) Which one of the following is a sex-linked disease? Show Answer

Q236) Linkage was discovered by Show Answer

Q237) A family of five daughters only is expecting sixth issue. The chance of its being son is Show Answer

Q238) Haemophilia is more common in males because it is a - Show Answer

Q239) Chiasma represents the site of Show Answer

Q240) A woman with one gene for haemophilia and a gene for colour blindness on one of X chromosomes marries a normal man. How will the progeny be ? Show Answer

Q241) Substitution of a purine nucleotide by pyrimidine nucleotide is called Show Answer

Q242) Mutations used in agriculture are commonly - Show Answer

Q243) Harmful mutations does not get eliminated from gene pool because Show Answer

Q244) In a dihybrid cross between two heterozygotes AaBb X AaBb, if we get 3 : 1 ratio among the offsprings, the reason for this may be Show Answer

Q245) Trisomy has a chromosome complement of - Show Answer

Q246) Which one of the following would represent allotetraploid ? Show Answer

Q247) The meaning of syndrome is related to Show Answer

Q248) The Klinefelter's syndrome has chromosomal constituent - Show Answer

Q249) What will be the number of linkage groups in a cell having 2n = 20 ? Show Answer

Q250) In which stage crossing over takes place ? Show Answer

Q251) Which of the following truly represents a heterozygous organism ? Show Answer

Q252) Which one of the following is sex-linked disease ? Show Answer

Q253) The exposure of X-rays enhance the frequency of Show Answer

Q254) Which one of the following is the genotypic ratio in monohybrid cross ? Show Answer

Q255) The combined form of coupling and repulsion is - Show Answer

Q256) How many pairs of autosomes are found in human ? Show Answer

Q257) Which of the following statements is true about Mendel ? Show Answer

Q258) Imagine that in a maize plant, the factors for controlling seed coat and seed shape are present on the same chromosome very close together. Performing dihybrid experiments with these characters, Mendel would not have been able to arrive at the idea of- Show Answer

Q259) If Mendel had studied the 7 traits using a plant with 12 chromosomes instead of 14, in what way his interpretation would have been different ? Show Answer

Q260) In mice, Y is the dominant allele for yellow fur and y is the recessive allele for grey fur. Since Y is lethal when homozygous, the result of cross Yy x Yy will be Show Answer

Q261) In mice, black coat colour (allele B) is dominant to brown coat colour (allele b). The offspring of a cross between a black mouse (BB) and a brown mouse were allowed to interbreed. What percentage of the progeny would have black coats ? Show Answer

Q262) In a certain plant, yellow fruit colour (Y) is dominant to green (y) and round shape ( R ) is dominant to oval ( r). The two genes involved are located on different chromosomes.
Which of the above will result when plant YyRr is self-pollinated ?
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Q263) In a certain plant, yellow fruit colour (Y) is dominant to green (y) and round shape ( R) is dominant to oval ( r). The two genes involved are located on different chromosomes.
Which of the above will result when plant YyRr is backcrossed (testcrossed) with the double recessive parent ?
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Q264) In a certain species of sweet pea plant, flowers are either purple or white. Colour is determined by two unlinked genes. The alleles of the first gene are X and x; those of the second gene are Y and y.
In order to bear purple flowers, a plant must possess at least one X and one Y allele. Those genotypes which fail to do so, result in the formation of white flowers.
If two purple-flowered plants of genotype XxYy are crossed then the expected phenotypic ratio of offspring would be
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Q265) Linkage is Show Answer

Q266) X and Y chromosomes are Show Answer

Q267) Observe the sex determination in the following.
(I) Human males = XY
(II) Female hen = ZW
(III) Male Drosophlla = XY
(IV) Male grasshopper = XO
(V) Male birds = ZZ
Male heterogamety = A
Female heterogamety = B
Male homogamety = C
Which of the following combination is correct -
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Q268) Idenify the steps in cross in pea.
A. Removal of anthers, B. Transfer ofPollen,
C. Raising the next generation
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Q269) Wife is PTC nontaster and husband is PTC taster. Their son is taster but daughters are nontasters. This is not a sex linked trait. Which pedigree is correct ?
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Q270) Which of the following male animals is NOT heterogametic ?
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Q271) A sex-linked allele NEVER passes from a
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Q272) The question refers to eye colour in fruit fly. In this sex-linked trait, the allele for red eye is dominant to that for white eye.
If a red-eyed male is crossed with a white-eyed female, their offsprings will occur in the ratio
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Q273) This question refers to eye colour in the fruit fly. In this sex-linked trait, the allele for red eye is dominant to that for white eye.
If a heterozygous red-eyed female is crossed with a white-eyed male, what percentage of the female offsprings will be white-eyed ?
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Q274) Haemophilia is a condition in which blood fails to clot or clots only very slowly. Studies of this human sex-linked trait show that
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Q275) Which of the following offspring could be produced by a normal homozygous female and a haemophiliac male ?
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Q276) A human female will definitely be a colour blind if
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Q277) A mutation is a
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Q278) Which of the following statements is NOT correct ?
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Q279) A comparison of the karyotypes of a normal human male and a male sufferer of Down's syndrome shows the latter to possess
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Q280) Klinefelter's syndrome results from the fusion of

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Q281) A species of plant is known to have a diploid chromosome number of 14 in each of its cells. Which of the following would be the number of chromosomes found in each cell of one of its polyploid relatives ?
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Q282) Linkage was discovered by -
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Q283) Bateson used the terms coupling and repulsion for linkage and crossing over. Name the correct parental or coupling type along with its cross over or repulsion :
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Q284) Which of the following is suitable for experiments on linkage ?
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Q285) Linkage reduces the frequency of -
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Q286) A and B genes are linked. What shall be genotype of progeny in a cross between AB/ab and ab/ab?
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Q287) Two genes situated very close on the chromosome show -
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Q288) Given are the statements regarding linkages of genes :
(I) The strength of the linkage is determined by the distance between the 2 genes in question.
(II) The strength of the linkage is directly proportional to the distance between the two genes.
(III) The two genes re said to be linked when they fail to show independent assortment.
Out of these statements :
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Q289) Which of the following statements about mutations is false ?
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Q290) Two organisms that are true-breeding for a certain genetic characteristic are mated and their offsprings analyzed. Which of the following statements about this situation is true ?
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Q291) A pea plant that is heterozygous for the flower gene makes gametes. What is the probability that one of its gametes contains the recessive white allele for flower colour ?
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Q292) Consider a gene that has two alleles and shows complete dominance. When two heterozygotes for this gene breed, they have a 25 percent chance of producing a homozygous recessive offsprings. The next time they breed, what are the chances that they will once again have a homozygous recessive progeny ?
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Q293) In a particular plant, two genes control leaf shape and colour. Round leaves ( R ) are dominant to jagged leaves ( r ). Yellow fruits (Y) are dominant to white fruits (y). A true-breeding round-leaved, yellow-fruited plant is mated with a jagged-leaved, white fruited plant. What are the genotypes of the plants involved in this cross ?
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Q294) The phenomenon is which the genes have two or more alleles that are common in the population is known as
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Q295) If an inheritable mutation is observed in a population at high frequency, it is referred as
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Q296) Which of the following is not a dominant trait ?
(A) Colour blindness, (B) Rh factor, ( C ) Albinism, (D) Haemophilia
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Q297) Mendel proposed -
(A) dominance, (B) segregation, ( C) incomplete dominance, (D) independent assortment
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Q298) Which contributed to the success of Mendel ?
(A) Selection of pea plant, (B) His knowledge of biology, ( C) Consideration of one character at one time, (D) He had knowledge of linkage
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Q299) What is not true of law of independent assortment ?
(A) Applicable to all the dominant alleles
(B) Applicable to all genes on the same chromosome
( C) Not applicable to genes present on the same chromosome
(D) Applicable to all recessive alleles
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Q300) Alleles represent
(A) different forms of a gene
(B) same loci on homologous chromosomes
( C) two or more forms
(D) none of these
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Q301) Genes for colour blindness in humans are carried by
(A) abnormal sex, (B) father, ( C) mother, (D) none of the above
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Q302) Which of the following is a mutagen ?
(A) lonizing radiations, (B) Gamma rays,
(C) UV rays,
(D) Nitrous acid
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Q303) Chromosomal aberration occurs due to
(A) deletion,
(B) duplication,
(C) inversion,
(D) translocation
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Q304) Which is genetically-transmitted diseases ?
(A) Colour blindness, (B) Haemophilia,
(C) Musculardystrophy,
(D) None of these
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Q305) Which is the example of chromosomal disorder ?
(A) Turner's syndrome, (B) Down's syndrome, (C) Klinefelter's syndrome,
(D) None of the above
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Q306) (A) sutton united the knowledge of chromosomal segregation with Mendelian principles and called it the chromosomal theory of inheritance.
(B) Genes are the units of inheritance
( C) There are 6 different alleles which determine ABO blood types.
(D) The phenotypic ratio of Mendelian monohybrid cross is 3 :1.
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Q307) Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) is a suitable for genetical studies because
(A) It can be grown on simple synthetic medium in the laboratory
(B) Lifecycle is short (about 2 weeks)
( C) A single mating produces large number of progenies.
(D) Visible sexual dimorphisms and many types of genetical variations can be easily observed.
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Q308) (A) genetic maps are extensively used as starting point in the sequencing of whole genome as was done in case of the Human genome sequencing project.
(B) UV-rays can cause mutation in organisms
( C) Deletion and insertions of base pairs of DNA cause frame-shift mutations.
(D) Mendelian disorders may be dominant or recessive.
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Q309) (A) Mytonic dystrophy is an autosomal dominant trait.
(B) Sickle cell anemia is an autosomal recessive trait.
( C) Cystic fibrosis is a Mendlian disorder.
(D) Failure of segregation of chromatids during cell division cycle results in the gain or loss of a chromosome(s) called aneuploidy.
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Q310) 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 ratio of progenies can be obtained if the plants for crossing are :
(B) TtRr X ttrr
(C ) TtRR X ttrr
(D) Ttrr X ttRr
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Q311) Which one / ones is/ are correct about the gametes produced by TtRr ? It is not the case of linkage
(A) 4 types of gametes will be formed
(B) The percentage of each gamete is 25
(C ) Each gamete is diploid
(D) Out of 4 gametes 2 gametes have all dominant genes
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Q312) If a man of blood group A marries a woman of blood group B, their children can be of the blood group
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Q313) (A) Linkage prevents segregation of genes present on the same chromosomes
(B) XY sex chromosomes were discovered by Nettie Stevens
( C ) Complete linkage has been reported in male Drosophila
(D) Term linkage was given by Correns
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Q314) Crossing over involves
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Q315) If Tt Pea plant mates with Tt Pea plant what will be characteristic / character of offsprings ?
(A) 75% plants tall
(B) 25% plants dwarf
( C) 50% plants are homozygous
(D) 50% plants are heterozygous
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Q316) In case of Mirabilis Tt Rr (pink) plant is self crossed, what will be the characteristic / characteristics of the result ?
(A) 75% plants are tall
(B) 25% plants will have Red flower
( C) 25% plants will have white flower
(D) 50% plants will have pink flower
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Q317) In 1900 Mendelism was rediscovered by
(A) Morgan
(B) de Vries
( C) Correns
(D) Tschemak
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Q318) Patterns of sex linked inheritance conform to
(A) Mendel's concept of dominance & recessive
(B) Mendel's law of segregation
( C) Mendel's law of parental equivalence
(D) None
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Q319) The recombination frequency
(A) between two genes cannot exceed 50%
(B) is directly proportional to the distance between linked genes
(C ) helps to determine the relative order of genes and distances between them on a chromosome
(D) is equal to map unit
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Q320) In a family pedigree :
(A) Circles represent males
(B) Squares represent females
(C ) A solid / blackened symbol represents the individual with a recessive trait always
(D) Mating is shown by a horizontal line connecting a male and a female symbol
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Q321) Polyploidy
(A) is the occurrence of more than 2 sets of chromosomes or genome
(B) is resulted due to non-formation od spindle fibres
(c ) is resulted due to failure of cytokinesis
(D) is more common in plants
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Q322) Test cross in Drosophila that is cross between Red eyed hybrid female and white eyed male showed
(A) red eyed female = 25%
(B) White eyed female = 25%
(C ) Red eyed male = 25%
(D) White eyed male = 25%
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Q323) Mendel's laws were able to predict accurately the pattern of inheritance for situations in which Show Answer

Q324) Which of the following statements summarizes an observation Gregor Mendel made in refutation of the blending theory of inheritance ? Show Answer

Q325) Which of the following statements is a basic summary of Mendel's laws ? Show Answer

Q326) Which of the following expresses Mendel's law of equal segregation ? Show Answer

Q327) Which of the following statements is true ? Show Answer

Q328) Which of the following pair of words can be used correctly to describe alleles ? Show Answer

Q329) If T = tall and t = short, the genotype of an animal with the 'short' phenotype must be Show Answer

Q330) If a person has one copy of each of two different alleles for a given gene, the person is __ for the trait. Show Answer

Q331) Which of the following symbols correctly represents a person who has a homozygous genotype ? Show Answer

Q332) Which of the following symbols represents a potential genotype of a standard (nongamete) body cell ? Show Answer

Q333) Which of the following symbols represents a recessive allele ? Show Answer

Q334) Which of the following statements is generally true ? Show Answer

Q335) Which of the following symbols represents the parental generation of a cross ? Show Answer

Q336) A punnett square is used to Show Answer

Q337) If the P allele is incompletely dominant over the p allele, what percentage of the resulting offspring will have the dominant phenotype when Pp and Pp individuals mate ? Show Answer

Q338) If the D allele is completely dominant over the d allele, what percentage of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype when Dd and Dd individuals mate ? Show Answer

Q339) Your mother decides she would like some of the pink flowered roses. Which cross would give you the most pink flowered plants? Show Answer

Q340) A plant with the genotype ss mates with itself and produces all ss offspring. The parental plant is Show Answer

Q341) Most human genetic characters are Show Answer

Q342) The best way to get accurate results from a probability exercise is to Show Answer

Q343) Which of the following statements is true? Show Answer

Q344) A population has a 1 : 1 ratio of alleles for a given gene (the dominant and recessive alleles are present in equal numbers). Are more individuals affected if the alleles is lethal when present in the dominant condition or in the recessive condition ? Show Answer

Q345) Is it possible for two organisms with the same genotype to have different phenotypes in same environment ? Show Answer

Q346) What is the meaning of 'dominant' and 'recessive' relative to alleles for a given gene ? Show Answer

Q347) Mutation may be harmful, beneficial or have little impact. WHich of the following choices states one reason that a mutation might have little impact ? Show Answer

Q348) Which of the following choices represents the genotype of an individual organism ? Show Answer

Q349) Which of the following represents the gametes that can be formed by an individual with the genetic makeup: FfGgHH Show Answer

Q350) Which of the following statements is not true ? Show Answer

Q351) __ represent(s) an example of how applied genetics is becoming an increasingly important area of biology. Show Answer

Q352) Mendel's primary contribution to our understanding of genetic inheritance was Show Answer

Q353) In Mendel's model of particulate inheritance, what he called 'particles' we now refer to as Show Answer

Q354) Being able to use a Punnett square to track the pattern of inheritance in a two-characteristic cross (e.g., pea seed colour and seed shape) demonstrates Mendel's idea of Show Answer

Q355) A chestnut-colored horse is mated with a cremello-colored horse. Over a 10 year period, all of their offsprings are palominos. This pattern of inheritance is best explained by Show Answer

Q356) The above figure shows Show Answer

Q357) Mutation can be induced with Show Answer

Q358) Which one of the following conditions correctly describes the manner of determining the sex in the given example ? Show Answer

Q359) A person with unknown blood group under ABO system, has suffered much blood loss in an accident and needs immediate blood transfusion. His one friend who has a valid certificate of his own blood type offers for blood donation without delay. What would have been the type of blood group of the donor friend ? Show Answer

Q360) To study the natural phenomenon of inheritance, Mendel selected the pea plants. Which of the following properties were suitable for his studies ?
(I) Plants were easily grown in garden soil with a considerably shorter generation time.
(II) Plants would easily self pollinate or cross pollinate in nature.
(III) Many parts of the plant such as pod, seed, flower and cotyledons showed distinct phenotypes.
(IV) Pea plants do not require the true-breeding lines for hybridization experiments. Show Answer

Q361) In sickle cell anemia, substitution occurs in between Show Answer

Q362) If Mendel has studies10 traits using a plantwith 14 chromosomes, he would have Show Answer

Q363) Study the two cases carefully.
The correct interpretation of the 2 cases is Show Answer

Q364) Person I (P-I) --- Shows tall stature with feminised character (Gynacomastia)
Person II (P-II) --- Shows short stature, Sterility underdeveloped feminine characters, webbed neck
Person III (P-III) --- Shows short staturd, small head, furrowed tounge, creased broad palm, retarded physical psychomotor and mental development.
Identify the syndromes: Show Answer

Q365) (I) Enborn error of metabolism
(II) Homozygous recessive autosomal alleles chromosome12 cause absence of specific enzyme
(III) A specific amino acid does not change into tyrosine
(IV) Accumulation of phenylpyruvic acid and other derivatives leading to mental retardation.
The above facts refer to Show Answer

Q366) Incomplete dominance occurs when Show Answer

Q367) Find out the wrong option : Show Answer

Q368) Choose the correct incorrect option : Show Answer

Q369) Which of the following options is wrong ? Show Answer

Q370) Select the odd one out w.r.t. chromosomal theory of inheritance. Show Answer

Q371) Morgan and drosophila as experimental materialbecause Show Answer

Q372) Find the one one out w.r.t. complete linkage Show Answer

Q373) Find the correct statement w.r.t chromosomal mapping Show Answer

Q374) Select the incorrect statement w.r.t pedigree analysis Show Answer

Q375) Starch grain size in garden pea, flower colour in 4'O clock plant and heterozygous individual for sickle cell aneamia are the examples of Show Answer

Q376) Morgan carried out several dihybrid crosses in fruit fly and found that Show Answer

Q377) Mr Siddharth is suffering from hypertrichosis and phenylketonuria. His father is heterozygous for phenylketonuria. The probability of Siddharth's sperm having one recessive autosomal allele and holandric gene is Show Answer

Q378) Consider the following statements (A-D) each with one or two blanks.
(A) __(I)__ are commonly observed in cancer cells.
(B) During __(II)__ purine is replaced by another purine.
(C) Failure of __(III)__ after telophase stage of cell division results in an increased in whole set of chromosome in an organism and this phenomenon is known as __(IV)__.
(D) In Down's syndrome, the affected individual is short statured wiith __(V)__ round head and partially open mouth.
Which one of the following options gives the correctly fill sum of the respective blank numbers from (I) to (V) in the statements ? Show Answer

Q379) Test cross in plants or in Drosophila involves crossing Show Answer

Q380) Mendel studied which type of inheritance Show Answer

Q381) Mendelian genetics applies on Show Answer

Q382) A test cross is carried out to Show Answer

Q383) The idea of mutations was brought forth by : Show Answer

Q384) Represented below is the inheritance pattern of a certain type of trait in humans. Which one of the following conditions could be an example of this pattern ? Show Answer

Q385) When both alleles of a pair are fully expressed in a heterozygote, they are called Show Answer

Q386) Which is correct for Turner's syndrome ? Show Answer

Q387) Some of the dominant traits studied by Mendel were Show Answer

Q388) The colour based contrasting traits in seven contrasting pairs, studied by Mendel in pea plant were Show Answer

Q389) A mechanism that can cause a gene to move from linkage group to another is Show Answer

Q390) A normal visioned man whose father was colour blind, marries a woman whose father was also colour blind. They have their first child as a daughter, what are the chances that this child would be colour blind? Show Answer

Q391) Theoretically, the modified allele could be responsible for the production of
I. the normal/less efficient enzyme
II. a non-functional enzyme
III. no enzyme at all Show Answer

Q392) Go through the following statements in respect of pea.
I. A single gene product may produce more than one effect.
II. BB produces round seed with large sized starch grain.
III. Bb produces wrinkled seed with small sized grain.
IV. Bb produces round seeds with larged grain.
V. Heterozygote Bb produces round seed with intermediate sized starch grain.
VI. Allele B is dominant over allele b in respect of seed shape but their relation is incomplete dominance in respect of starch grain size.
How many of the above statements are correct? Show Answer

Q393) A gene may have many alleles, but each individual has only two alleles because Show Answer

Q394) Mendel's laws are explained by Show Answer

Q395) A limitation of pedigree analysis of human trait is Show Answer

Q396) The ___________ rule of probability is useful in calculating the risk that certain individuals will inherit a particular genotype. Show Answer

Q397) A ratio of 12 : 3 : 1 is most characteristic of a cross involving __________ . Show Answer

Q398) A mother who is blood type AB has a child who is also AB. A potential father is blood type O. A well informed geneticist concludes that ____________ . Show Answer

Q399) Why didn't Mendel find linkage? Show Answer

Q400) Genes A and B are farther apart than are genes A and C, and all three are linked. What CANNOT be concluded? Show Answer

Q401) The incorrect statement with regard to Haemophilia is Show Answer

Q402) If both parents are carriers for thalassemia, which is an autosomal recessive disorder, what are the chances of pregnancy resulting in an affected child? Show Answer

Q403) Which of the following statements is not true of two genes that show 50% recombination frequency? Show Answer

Q404) If two persons with 'AB' blood group marry and have sufficient large number of children, these children could be calssified as 'A' blood group. 'AB' blood group : 'B' blood group in 1 : 2 : 1 ratio. Modern technique of protein electroporesis reveals presence of both 'A' and 'B' type proteins 'AB' blood group individuals. This is an example of Show Answer

Q405) Both husband and wife have normalvision though their fathers were colour blind and mother without any allele for colour blindness. The probability of their daughters becoming colour blind is Show Answer

Q406) For finding the different types of gametes produced by genotype AaBb. It should be crossed with genotype Show Answer

Q407) Anish is having colour blindness and married to Sheela, who is not colour blind. What is the chance that their son will have the disease? Show Answer

Q408) A man whose father was colour blind marries a woman who had a colour blind mother and normal father. What percentage of male children of this couple will be colour blind? Show Answer

Q409) Fruit colour in squash is an example of Show Answer

Q410) A human female with Turner's syndrome Show Answer

Q411) The frequency of crossing over occurring between two genes located on the same chromosome depends on Show Answer

Q412) In order to lessen the suffering of phenylketonurics their diet should have Show Answer

Q413) Which of the following sets of syndromes show 47 chromosomes in their genetic make up? Show Answer

Q414) Genetic disorder haemophilia is characterized by excessive loss of blood. Which of the following statement is not true in relation to this disease? Show Answer

Q415) Phenotype of an individual is reflected by the contribution of each allele, i.e., the effect of each allele is additive in/for Show Answer

Q416) How many of the given traits of garden pea can express itself in heterozygous condition?
Green seed, inflated pod, Axial flower position, Dwarf plant height, Yellow pod colour, Round seed shape. Show Answer

Q417) In the first step of monohybrid cross experiment, Mendel selected pea plants which were Show Answer

Q418) Epicanthal skin fold and simian crease are characteristics of Show Answer

Q419) A woman with blood group 'O' has a child with blood group 'O'. If she claims a friend of hers with blood group 'A' as father of the child, the genotype of the father should be Show Answer

Q420) Distance between the genes and percentage of recombination show Show Answer

Q421) Three copies chromosome - 21 in a child with Downs syndrome have been analysed using molecular biology technology to detect any possible DNA polymorphism with reference to different alleles located on chromosome - 21. Results showed that out of 3 copies 2 of the chromosomes of the child contain the same alleles as one of the mothers alleles. Based on this when did the non-disjunction event most likely occur? Show Answer

Q422) Which one of the following statements is relevant to sex linked characters? Show Answer

Q423) Which of the following is/are correct the inheritance of genes involved in human 'ABO' blood grouping?
I. It is inherited by complete dominant allele.
II. It is inherited by complete recessive allele.
III. It is inherited by co-dominant allele.
IV. It is inherited by single gene with more than two alleles. Show Answer

Q424) A point mutation that changes a codon specifying an amino acid into a stop codon is called a Show Answer

Q425) What is the minimum number of base substitutions required to change the nucleotide sequence of the HbA (normal) allele to the HbS (sickle cell) allele? Show Answer

Q426) How many pairs of contrasting characters in pea plants were studied by Mendel in his experiments? Show Answer

Q427) Multiple alleles are present Show Answer

Q428) The movement of a gene from one linkage group to another is called Show Answer

Q429) Alleles are Show Answer

Q430) An abnormal human baby with 'XXX' sex chromosomes was born due to Show Answer

Q431) The term "linkage" was coined by Show Answer

Q432) A gene showing codominance has Show Answer

Q433) In his classic experiments on pea plants, Mendel did not use Show Answer

Q434) A pleiotropic gene Show Answer

Q435) How many of the following are Medelian disorders?
Haemophilia, Cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, colour blindness, phenyl ketonuira, Thalesemia. Show Answer

Q436) Mendelian disorders are mainly determined by Show Answer

Q437) In which of the following organism, genes are found in original arrangement, no recombination. Show Answer

Q438) In a completely linked trihybrid test cross, phenotypic ratio will be Show Answer

Q439) In Lathyrus odoratus gene A and B are essential in dominant form to produce purple colour then which of the following cross produce only coloured offspring.
I. Aa Bb x aa bb
II. aa BB x AA bb
III. AA BB x aa bb
IV. aa BB x aa Bb Show Answer

Q440) Genes A and B are necessary for normal hearing, what is the possible genotype of normal child of deaf mother and deaf father Show Answer

Q441) Absence of one sex-chromosome causes Show Answer

Q442) First husband of Asha has ABO blood type A and their child has type O. She remarried and her husband has ABO blood type B and their child has type AB. What is the ABO genotype of Asha and also name her blood type. Show Answer

Q443) Mendel found that the reciprocal crosses fielded identical results from that he concluded that Show Answer

Q444) Haemophilia is a Show Answer

Q445) A diseased man marries a normal woman. They get three daughter and five sons. All the daughters were diseased and sons were normal. The gene of this disease is? Show Answer

Q446) Which of the following most appropriately describes haemophilia? Show Answer

Q447) Pcik out the correct statements:
(a) Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessie disease
(b) Down's syndorme is due to aneuploidy
(c) Phenylketonuria is an autosomal recessive gene disorder.
(d) Sickle cell anaemia is a X-linked recessive gene disorder. Show Answer

Q448) Which one is sex-linked disease in man? Show Answer

Q449) Marriage between persons having AB blood groups would produce Show Answer

Q450) When a colour blind female offspring is born? Show Answer

Q451) The gene for ABO blood group is located on Show Answer

Q452) Down syndrome is one of the most common chromosome abnormalities in humans. It occurs Show Answer

Q453) A haemophilic woman marries a normal man, then Show Answer

Q454) Disorder inherited as Mendel’s law of inheritance called Show Answer

Q455) Chromosome is made up of Show Answer

Q456) Select the incorrect statemant from the following. Show Answer

Q457) A pure tall and a pure dwarf plant were crossed to produced offsprings. Offsprings were self crossed, then
find out the ratio between true breeding tall to true breeding dwarf? Show Answer

Q458) A self-fertilizing trihybrid plant forms Show Answer

Q459) Genotype is the
Show Answer

Q460) Failure of cytokinesis after …A… stage of cell division results in an increase in a whole set of chromosomes
in an organism called …B…
Show Answer

Q461) In previous question find out total seeds (plants) having round seed texture Show Answer

Q462) The ratio 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 is obtained from a cross between the parents Show Answer

Q463) Which of the following terms represent a pair of contrasting characters? Show Answer

Q464) Harmful mutation does not get eliminated from the gene pool because they are mainly Show Answer

Q465) Incomplete linkage is …A… . Complete linkage is …B… . Choose correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q466) In gynandromorphs, Show Answer

Q467) Example of interagenic gene interaction is/are Show Answer

Q468) If a cross between two individuals produces offspringe with 50% dominant character (A) and 50%
recessive character (a),then the genotypes of parents are Show Answer

Q469) Which is correct about traits choosen by Mendel for his experiment on pea plant? Show Answer

Q470) Codominance is found in Show Answer

Q471) During Mendel’s investigation, it was first time that …A… and …B… were applied in biology. Here A and B
refers to Show Answer

Q472) The chromosomal denotation for heterogametic female and homogametic male are Show Answer

Q473) The best method to determine the homozygosity and heterozygosity of an individual is Show Answer

Q474) A medical technician, while observing a human blood smear under the microscope notes the presence of a
Barr body close to the nuclear membrane in the WBC. This indicates that the person under investigation is
a Show Answer

Q475) In Turner’s syndrome Show Answer

Q476) The most likely reason for the development of resistance against pesticides in insect damaging a crop is
Show Answer

Q477) Examples of dissimilar sex chromosomes are given below
I. XX – XY ⇒ I
II. XX – XO ⇒ II
I and II in the above statement can be Show Answer

Q478) Mutations, which alter nucleotide sequence within a gene are Show Answer

Q479) Mendel’s law were true for situation in which Show Answer

Q480) Blood group-O has Show Answer

Q481) When one sex chromosome is lacking in female and males are homogametic, in that condition, the sex
chromosomal representation is Show Answer

Q482) Some individuals with blood group –A may inherit the genes for blonde hair, while other individuals with
blood group – A may the gene for brown hair. This can be best explained by the principle of Show Answer

Q483) In bugs and cockroaches, the sex determination takes place by Show Answer

Q484) The two …A… separate and pass into two daughter nuclei and cells during mitosis. Similarly, each …B…
replicates, with one pair passing into each daughter cell during mitosis. This maintains the similar …C… of
all the cells.
Find out correct option for A, B and C
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Q485) The shape of chromosome is determined by Show Answer

Q486) Mendel was a
Show Answer

Q487) Who clearly proved and define linkage? Show Answer

Q488) Improvement of human race through hereditary qualities is called Show Answer

Q489) Colour blindness is Show Answer

Q490) A condition, where a certain gene is present in only a single copy in a diploid cell, is called Show Answer

Q491) If the blood group of a child is A and of mother is B, then the genotype of mother and father may be Show Answer

Q492) Which amino acids are present in histones? Show Answer

Q493) Which is a sex-influenced disease? Show Answer

Q494) Thalassaemia is Show Answer

Q495) Mutation is phenomena which results in alternation of Show Answer

Q496) A man with normal vision whose father was colourblind marries with women whose father was also
colourblind. Suppose their first child is daughter then what are the chances of this child to be colourblind? Show Answer

Q497) Gamete mother cells of the chromosome 44 + XY suffers from non-disjunction at first meiotic division.
Which of the following set of gametes would result? Show Answer

Q498) Law of Mendel, which is not completely applicable is? Show Answer

Q499) Low pitched voice, beared and moustaches, belong to the
Show Answer

Q500) Multiple allele can be manifested only when there is the study of Show Answer

Q501) Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome occur in human beings due to
Show Answer

Q502) What are all the chances of colourblind daughters of a normal man marrying normal women whose father
was colourblind? Show Answer

Q503) In males, pattern baldness is related to both autosomal genes as well as excessive secretion of Show Answer

Q504) Which of these is not a Mendelian disorder? Show Answer

Q505) Which of the following is not true of haemophilia? Show Answer

Q506) If heterozygous dominant (tT) crossed with homozygous dwarf plant, then the percentage of progeny
having dwarf character is Show Answer

Q507) Mutations are generally induced by means of Show Answer

Q508) A hereditary, disease, which is never passed on from father to son is
Show Answer

Q509) A person having 45 chromosomes and Y-chromosome absent. Is suffering from Show Answer

Q510) Linkage and crossing over are Show Answer

Q511) The modern concept of gene is Show Answer

Q512) Females in haplodiploidy sex determination are
Show Answer

Q513) Using imprints from a plate with complete medium and carrying bacterial colonies, you can select
streptomycin resistant mutants and prove that such mutations do not originate as adaptation. These
imprints need to be used
Show Answer

Q514) Phenylketonuria, Huntington’s disease and sickle cell anaemia are caused respectively due to disorders
associated with Show Answer

Q515) Which of the following matches correctly? Show Answer

Q516) The longest chromosomes is seen in Show Answer

Q517) Mendel observed that ….. generation shows always phenotype of dominant parent Show Answer

Q518) Allelic sequence variations where more than one variant (allele) at a locus in a human population with a
frequency greater than 0.01 is refered to as Show Answer

Q519) The possibility of a female becoming a haemophilia is …A… rare because mother of such a female has to be
at least …B… and the father should be …C…
Choose the correct option for A, B and C Show Answer

Q520) The most popularly known blood grouping is the ABO grouping. It is named ABO and not ABC, because ‘O’
in it refers to having
Show Answer

Q521) Genotypic and phenotypic ratios remains the same in Show Answer

Q522) Mendelian disorder may be of Show Answer

Q523) Sickle –cell anaemia has not been eliminated from the African population because it Show Answer

Q524) A condition characterized by not having an exact number of chromosomes in a multiple of haploid set is called
Show Answer

Q525) Chromosomes are made up of Show Answer

Q526) In pedigree analysis, the square, blackened and horizontal lines represents
Show Answer

Q527) In which one of the following, complementary gene interaction rato of 9 : 7 is observed? Show Answer

Q528) Starch synthesis gene in pea plant is the example of Show Answer

Q529) In Drosophila , the sex is determined by Show Answer

Q530) Sexual reproducation leads to Show Answer

Q531) Husband has blood group-A and wife has blood group-B. What is the blood group of children? Show Answer

Q532) Haemophilia, a X-linked recessive disease is caused due to deficiency of Show Answer

Q533) All of this obeys Mendel’s laws except Show Answer

Q534) Who was fly men of genetics? Show Answer

Q535) Mendel’s contribution for genetic inheritance was Show Answer

Q536) Baldness is more common in men than in woman. It could be explained on the basis that Show Answer

Q537) How many pairs of contrasting characters in pea pod were chosen by Mendel? Show Answer

Q538) Both chromosome and gene (Mendelian factors) whether dominant or recessive are transmitted from
generation to generation in which form Show Answer

Q539) Pedigree analysis is very important in human beings because Show Answer

Q540) Genes when present in homozygous condition results in non – viable progeny, the factor responsible for
such conditions are Show Answer

Q541) Turner’s syndrome caused due to the absence of Show Answer

Q542) The recessive genes located on X-chromosome in humans are always Show Answer

Q543) Strength of the linkage between the two genes is Show Answer

Q544) Fruitfly is excellent model for genetics because of
I. Small life cycle (two week)
II. Can be feed on simple synthesis medium
III. Single mating produce large number of progeny
IV. Clear differentiation of sexes
V. Many heredity variation can be seen with low power microscopes
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q545) When both parents are of blood type AB, they can have children with Show Answer

Q546) Test cross is Show Answer

Q547) The phenomenon of a single gene regulating several phenotypes is called Show Answer

Q548) If two pea plants having red (dominant) coloured flowers with unknown genotypes are crossed, 75% of
the flowers with unknown genotypes are crossed, 75% of the flowers are red and 25% are white. The genotypic constitution of the parents having red coloured flowers will be Show Answer

Q549) Who argued that pairing and separation of chromosomes would lead to the segregation of a pair of factor
they carried? Show Answer

Q550) Sex chromosomes of male are Show Answer

Q551) Trisomy of which chromosome is involved in Down’s syndrome? Show Answer

Q552) Which of the following symbols are used for representing chromosome of birds? Show Answer

Q553) Sudden and heritable change in a character of an organism is called Show Answer

Q554) Heterozygous purple flower is crossed with recessive white flower. The progeny has the ratio
Show Answer

Q555) The Mendel crossed true breeding tall and dwarf plant varieties in his experiment. The tall character was
dominant and recessive character was dwarf. The recessive character was appeared in Show Answer

Q556) Night blindness can be corrected by giving vitamin- …A… but colour blindness can’t be cured because it is
…B… disease.
Choose the correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q557) Heredity is Show Answer

Q558) Centromere is required for Show Answer

Q559) Which of the following condition in humans is correctly matched with its chromosomal
abnormality/linkage? Show Answer

Q560) A hereditary disease which is never passed on form father to son is Show Answer

Q561) A man with blood group-B marries a woman with blood-A and their first child is having blood group-B.
What is the genotype of child? Show Answer

Q562) Linked gene are present on Show Answer

Q563) The structure that become double in synthesis phase of cell division is/are Show Answer

Q564) Genetics is the branch of biology which deals with Show Answer

Q565) Giant chromosomes are found inside Show Answer

Q566) Who is known as father of physiological genetics or father of biochemical genetics? Show Answer

Q567) The graphical representation to calculate the probability of all possible genotypes of offspring in a genetic
cross, is called Show Answer

Q568) Rh factor can produce disease Show Answer

Q569) To determine heterozygousity of a cross, one has to perform Show Answer

Q570) Which of the following type of mutation involves the reverse order of genes in a chromosome?
Show Answer

Q571) The chromosomal number in the meiocytes of housefly is Show Answer

Q572) The alternate forms of a gene is called Show Answer

Q573) Haemophilia is related to Show Answer

Q574) Identify a Mendelian disorder from the following.
Show Answer

Q575) The term ‘Genetics’ was proposed by
Show Answer

Q576) Sex chromosomes are also known as Show Answer

Q577) In a family father had a trait but mother did not. All their sons and daughter had this trait. The same trait
was found in some grand daughters, through daughter were married to the normal persons.
Choose the correct pedigree chart for the condition Show Answer

Q578) If genes of an allelic pair are not-same. This condition is called Show Answer

Q579) Which type of pollination method was adopted by Mendel in his experiment?
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Q580) Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to dihybrid cross. Show Answer

Q581) Chromosomal abbreviation commonly found in the Show Answer

Q582) In short horned cattle, genes for red( R) and white( r) coat colour occur. Cross between red (RR) and
white (rr) produced (Rr) roan. This is an example of Show Answer

Q583) Female is haemophilic definitely if Show Answer

Q584) Polyploidy leads to rapid formation of new species because of Show Answer

Q585) Law of segregation is also called law of Show Answer

Q586) Test cross is a cross between Show Answer

Q587) XX and XY chromosomal sex determination, females are Show Answer

Q588) Heterogametic male condition does not occur in Show Answer

Q589) The genotype of a plant showing the dominant phenotype can by Show Answer

Q590) Broadly the genetic disorders may be classified in …A… group Mendelian disorder and …B… disorders.
Mendelian disorder are mainly determined by …C… in single gene.
Choose the correct option for A, B and C Show Answer

Q591) …A… individual show …B… phenotype but they are the …C… of the disease as there is 50% probability of
transmission of mutant gene to its progeny
Choose the correct option for A, B and C Show Answer

Q592) If male is TT and female is tt than they contribute pollen and egg respectively with Show Answer

Q593) Number of linkage group in Pisum sativum is Show Answer

Q594) BB = for black colour alleles
bb = for brown colour alleles
Offspring of a cross between a black mouse and brown mouse allowed to interbreed than find out the
percentage of black coat in them Show Answer

Q595) The mutant haemoglobin molecule undergoes polymerization under low oxygen tension causing the
change in the shape of RBC from biconcave to elongated structure. This property of RBC is found in Show Answer

Q596) XO type of sex determination is seen in Show Answer

Q597) Chimera is produced due to Show Answer

Q598) How many pairs of true breeding varieties were selected by Mendel for his experiment on pea plant Show Answer

Q599) Syndrome stands for Show Answer

Q600) Parents with blood group-A and AB will not produce offspring with blood group
Show Answer

Q601) The genetic deficiency of ADH-receptor leads to Show Answer

Q602) TtRr represents (heterozygous tall, heterozygous pink). If this plant is self crossed then
(T-dominant, t-recessive, R-dominant, r-recessive)
I. 25% plant have red flower
II. 25% plant have white flower
III. 50% plant have pink flower
IV. 50% plant are tall
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q603) Which of the following observation made Mendel in refutation of the blending theory of inheritance? Show Answer

Q604) Mutations are generally
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Q605) The ‘Cri-du-chat’ syndrome is caused by the change in chromosome structure involving
Show Answer

Q606) Pedigree analysis indicated that Mendel’s principal are also applicable to …A… genetics with some
modifications find out like …B… inheritance, sex linked inheritance and others.
Choose the correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q607) Genes for cytoplasmic male sterility in plants are generally located in Show Answer

Q608) A distinct mechanism that usually involves a short segment of DNA with remarkable capacity to move
from one location in a chromosome to another is called Show Answer

Q609) A person is suffering from disease phenylketonuria, which is an autosomal recessive disease. Which of
these is lacking in the person?
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Q610) Haemophilia in man is due to Show Answer

Q611) When a dihybrid cross is fit into a Punnett square with 16 boxes, the maximum number of different
phenotypes available, are Show Answer

Q612) A man and a woman, who do not show any apparent sign of a certain inherited disease, have seven
children (two daughter and five sons). Three of the sons suffer from the given disease but none of the
daughters are affected. Which of the following mode of inheritance do you suggest for this disease? Show Answer

Q613) Colourblindness is caused due to Show Answer

Q614) Which principle/law has been called the 2nd law of inheritance? Show Answer

Q615) Mendel’s experiment were based on hybridization between two plants differing in Show Answer

Q616) Alleles can be similar as in the case of …A… like ...B… or can be dissimilar as in the case of …C… like …D…
Choose the correct option for A,B,C and D Show Answer

Q617) If a colourblind woman marries a normal visioned man, their sons will be Show Answer

Q618) Analysis of traits of several generation of a family in the form of diagram is called Show Answer

Q619) Among the following which one is the mutagenic agent? Show Answer

Q620) Frameshift mutation and base pair substitution changes the Show Answer

Q621) A women with blood-O has a child with blood group-O. She claims that a man with blood group-A is the
father of her child. What would be the genotype of the father, if her claim is right? Show Answer

Q622) The terminal end of chromosomes is called Show Answer

Q623) Mendel conducted experiments for Show Answer

Q624) Cross between unrelated group of organisms, is called Show Answer

Q625) If AAbb × aaBB, then phenotypic ratio of its progeny will be Show Answer

Q626) I. Short statured with small round head
II. Furrowed tongue and partially opened mouth
III. Palm is broad with characteristic palm crease
IV. Slow physical, psycomotor and mental development
These are the characters of Show Answer

Q627) Which of the following statements are false?
I. A Dominant allele determines the phenotype when paired with a recessive allele
II. A recessive allele is weaker than a dominant allele
III. A recessive allele do not shows its effects when paired with a dominant allele
IV. A dominant allele is always better for an organism Show Answer

Q628) Phenotype of an organism is the result of Show Answer

Q629) Which of the following is not a hereditary disease? Show Answer

Q630) Gynaecomastia is a common feature seen in Show Answer

Q631) Linked gene is related to …A… and unlinked gene is related to …B…
Choose correct option for A and B
Show Answer

Q632) In man, which of the following genotypes and phenotypes may be the correct result of aneuploidy in sex
chromosomes? Show Answer

Q633) Experimental evidence of chromosomal theory of inheritance was given by Show Answer

Q634) Theoretically in incomplete dominance one allele function as normal, while another allele may function as Show Answer

Q635) In a family, man have blood group-A and women have blood group-B. Blood group of their children will be Show Answer

Q636) Principle or laws of inheritance were enunciated by
Show Answer

Q637) Mendel’s law was explained by Show Answer

Q638) Which statement about Mendel is true?
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Q639) The loss of chromosomal segment is due to
Show Answer

Q640) The chromosomal condition in Turner’s syndrome is Show Answer

Q641) If a child is of O blood group and his father is of B blood group, the genotype of father is Show Answer

Q642) Work of Beadle and Tatum on Neurospora crassa proved that Show Answer

Q643) Cytoplasmic inheritance always shows Show Answer

Q644) Type of gamete participating in selfing of members in monohybrid cross are of Show Answer

Q645) In sickle-cell anaemia, GAG is replaced by Show Answer

Q646) Genes, when close together on a chromosome, are known as Show Answer

Q647) Hugo de Vries is famous for Show Answer

Q648) Jumping genes in maize were discovered by Show Answer

Q649) Chromosomal theory of inheritance was proposed by Show Answer

Q650) In sex linkage, the speciality is Show Answer

Q651) Mother = A blood group
Father = AB blood group
The child will not have Show Answer

Q652) The chromosome constitution 2n-2 of an organism represents
Show Answer

Q653) Phenylalanine does not changed to tyrosine. This condition is seen in
Show Answer

Q654) When the chromosome number of a given organism has one additional chromosome in one of the
homologous pairs, the addition is known as Show Answer

Q655) What type of gametes will form by genotype rr Yy? Show Answer

Q656) The term ‘genetics’ was introduced in Show Answer

Q657) Mutant genes that give slightly modified phenotypes are Show Answer

Q658) Which of the following is an example of sex-linked disease?
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Q659) Mutations can be induced with Show Answer

Q660) Which of the following is an inherited disorder? Show Answer

Q661) The title of Mendel’s paper, while presenting at Brunn Natural History Society in 1865 was
Show Answer

Q662) XO chromosomal abnormality in humans causes Show Answer

Q663) Milk secretion and baldness, both the traits belongs to Show Answer

Q664) The daughter born to haemophilic father and normal mother could be Show Answer

Q665) Blood grouping is the example of Show Answer

Q666) …A… is sex linked recessive disease. Which shows its transmission from …B… female to …C… progeny.
Choose the correct option for A, B and C Show Answer

Q667) Crossing over is advantageous because it brings about Show Answer

Q668) Father of ‘genetics’ is Show Answer

Q669) The recessive gene that always produces its effect, is Show Answer

Q670) When different alleles of the same gene are present on an individual, the individual is a Show Answer

Q671) Sex linked traits are the traits determined by Show Answer

Q672) Number of Barr body in XXXY is Show Answer

Q673) 21 trisomy in humans causes Show Answer

Q674) Paternal baldness, moustaches and beard in human males are example of Show Answer

Q675) A normal women whose father was colourblind, is married to a normal man. The sons would be Show Answer

Q676) The female children of haemophilic father and carrier mother are Show Answer

Q677) How many conditions exhibit in dissimilar sex chromosomes? Show Answer

Q678) Number of chromosomes in Down’s syndrome are Show Answer

Q679) Which phenomena leads to the variation in DNA
Show Answer

Q680) External morphology or appearance or descriptive term of an genotype is called Show Answer

Q681) In which of the following, there is no defect in the sex chromosome? Show Answer

Q682) The traits which are not expressed due to a particular gene but are expressed by products of sex hormones
are Show Answer

Q683) Choose the correct option for the chromosomal disorders
I. Colour blindness
II. Down’s syndrome
III. Phenylketoria
IV. Turner’s syndrome
V. Thalassaemia Show Answer

Q684) Who postulated the mutation theory?
Show Answer

Q685) Choose the chemical used in artificial polyploidy Show Answer

Q686) Linkage groups are always present on the Show Answer

Q687) Emasculation is the removal of Show Answer

Q688) The genes, which remain confined to differential region of Y-chromosome, are Show Answer

Q689) First time who used the term frequency of recombination? Show Answer

Q690) Mutation cannot change Show Answer

Q691) Mendel does not get linkage due to Show Answer

Q692) Frameshift mutation arises due to Show Answer

Q693) Genes A, B and C are linked. Genes A and B are more close than A and C. Find out the correct option for the
given statements
I. A might be before B and C
II. B might be between A and C
III. C might be between A and B
IV. More crosses has occurred between A and C than A and B Show Answer

Q694) In previous question find out the ratio between round and wrinkled seed texture Show Answer

Q695) Which of the following blood groups’ person can not donate blood to other? Show Answer

Q696) Which of the following is not related to sex chromosome X or Y?
Show Answer

Q697) Inheritance of characters not located in the gene but the young one resembling only the female part is due
to Show Answer

Q698) Which of the following pairs of features is a good example of polygenic inheritance?
Show Answer

Q699) Incomplete dominance is shown by Show Answer

Q700) Which of the following genes show the hetertozygous condition? Show Answer

Q701) Rrrr (progeny): Red (dominant) flowers (heterozygous) were crossed with white flower. The result will
be Show Answer

Q702) Which of the following has the least number of chromosomes? Show Answer

Q703) The chemical nature of chromatin is as follows
Show Answer

Q704) Mendel observed that certain character did not assort independently. Later, scientist found that this is due
to Show Answer

Q705) Mendel investigated characters in garden pea plant that were manifested in two ….. trait Show Answer

Q706) Phenylketonuria disease is a Show Answer

Q707) The literal meaning of chromosome is Show Answer

Q708) The offspring produced from a marriage have only O or A blood groups. Which of the following genotypes
would be, the possible genotypes of the parents? Show Answer

Q709) Identify the wrong statement. Show Answer

Q710) Which of these is a dominant factor? Show Answer

Q711) In thalassaemia, the affected chain of a haemoglobin is Show Answer

Q712) Sex chromosomes in male of silkworm is Show Answer

Q713) During …A… both members of chromosome pair as well as …B… separate and pass to different gametes.
Choose the correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q714) Genetic map is one that Show Answer

Q715) Human females have Show Answer

Q716) The progenies are found to be male sterile after crossing two plants. This is due to some genes, which are
present in
Show Answer

Q717) Mutation may results in the Show Answer

Q718) A cross in which parents differ in a single pair of contrasting character is callled Show Answer

Q719) Calvin bridges demonstrated sex determining factor is the ratio of number of Show Answer

Q720) Ratio observed in dihybrid cross (phenotypically) Show Answer

Q721) A couple whose sons are colourblind with AB blood group, identify the parents from the following Show Answer

Q722) Which of the following chromosomal mutation are most likely to take place when homologous
chromosomes are undergoing synapsis?
Show Answer

Q723) Mendel could not find out linkage because
I. some genes are linked but they are too far apart for crossing over to be distinguished from independent
II. linked genes, were never tested for the same time in same cross
III. all seven genes, were present on the same chromosomes
IV. all seven genes were present on 4 chromosome but they were present far apart
Find out the correct option Show Answer

Q724) Haemophilia is also called Show Answer

Q725) The genes located in the same chromosome do not separate and are inherited together over its
generations due to the phenomenon of Show Answer

Q726) Universal donor is Show Answer

Q727) Persons with Klinefelter’s syndrome have chromosomes Show Answer

Q728) Sex- limited and sex- linked genes are located on Show Answer

Q729) Point mutation involves Show Answer

Q730) A person with type A blood group may safely receive a transfusion of Show Answer

Q731) In which cross will you get most pink flowers? Show Answer

Q732) Which one of the following characters studied by Mendel in garden pea was found to be dominant? Show Answer

Q733) Mendel’s experimental material was Show Answer

Q734) Which of the following is not considered as mutagen? Show Answer

Q735) The physical expression or appearance of a character is called as Show Answer

Q736) Carrier organism refers to an individual, which carries a Show Answer

Q737) In amniocentesis of a pregnant woman, it is found that the embryo contains both, Barr body and F-body.
The syndrome likely to be associated with the embryo is Show Answer

Q738) In the previous question, find out the chances of fifth child to be albino Show Answer

Q739) Three children in a family have blood types O, AB and B respectively. What are the genotypes of their
parents? Show Answer

Q740) The chromosomal arrangement results in Show Answer

Q741) The specific pair of chromosomes which determine the sex of the individual called Show Answer

Q742) During his experiments, Mendel used the term factor for Show Answer

Q743) Albinism is caused by the deficiency of Show Answer

Q744) The ABO blood grouping in human beings is an example for
II.Incomplete dominance
IV.Multiple alleles Show Answer

Q745) Diploid cells have Show Answer

Q746) Single gene can produce more than one effect. Like starch synthesis in pea plant. It has two alleles (B and
b) for starch synthesis the phenotypes of which are also given below
B B, b b, B b
I. BB – round seed, large starch synthesis
II. bb – wrinkle seed, less starch synthesis
III. Bb – intermediate size seed, intermediate less starch synthesis
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q747) After examining the blood groups of husband and wife, the doctor advised them not to have more than one
child, the blood group of the couple are likely to be Show Answer

Q748) Which of the following is not a correct match? Show Answer

Q749) In law of independent assortment. How many factors are involved? (for a dihybrid cross) Show Answer

Q750) Mother B homozygous, father A unknown, therefore, possible blood group in progeny is Show Answer

Q751) When released from ovary, human egg contain Show Answer

Q752) The tendency of offsprings to differ from their parents is called Show Answer

Q753) The gene, which controls many characters, is called Show Answer

Q754) Which of the following statement is/are correct regarding law of segregation? Show Answer

Q755) Which of the following discoveries resulted in a Nobel Prize? Show Answer

Q756) When alleles of two contrasting characters are present together, one of the character expresses itself
during the cross while the other remains hidden. This is the Show Answer

Q757) In which phase of meiosis-I the two chromosome can align at the metaphase plate independently of each
other Show Answer

Q758) When a mutation is limited to the substitution of one nucleotide for another, it is called Show Answer

Q759) Types of genotype observed in a dihybrid cross are Show Answer

Q760) Which cross was used to study the independent assortment?
Show Answer

Q761) Which of the following statements about mutation are true?
I. Mutations are the source of new alleles for genes
II. Organisms are able to create mutations to meat their specific needs
III. Mutations are random events and can happen in any cell at any time
IV. Most mutations tend to be harmful or have no effect on an organisms Show Answer

Q762) Centromere is also called Show Answer

Q763) Which of the following statements are false?
I. Specific mutations are acquired because they are needed
II. Recessive alleles follows different laws of inheritance than dominant alleles do
III. Offspring get two copies of each gene from each parent
IV. Gametes fuses without regard to which alleles they carry Show Answer

Q764) In XX and XO chromosomal sex determination there is absence of one chromosome in Show Answer

Q765) A child of blood group-O cannot have parents of blood groups Show Answer

Q766) Rh factor is present in Show Answer

Q767) A man of blood group–A marries woman of blood group-AB, which type of progeny would indicate that
man is heterozygous? Show Answer

Q768) The children of a haemophilic man and a normal women are
Show Answer

Q769) In man, four phenotypes of blood groups are due to the presence of antigen-A and antigen-B on the RBC.
The chromosome that has the gene to control these antigens is Show Answer

Q770) More men suffer from colourblindness than women because Show Answer

Q771) ‘Cri-du–chat’ syndrome in humans is caused by the Show Answer

Q772) Which of the following symbols and its representation, used in human pedigree analysis is correct?
Show Answer

Q773) Ischihara chart is used to detect Show Answer

Q774) Genes exibiting multiple effects are known as
Show Answer

Q775) A person with blood group –AB has Show Answer

Q776) Excessive growth of hair on the pinna is a feature found only in males because Show Answer

Q777) Incomplete dominance is different from complete dominance in having Show Answer

Q778) A true breeding plant producing red flowers is crossed with a pure plant producing white flowers. Allele
for red colour of flower is dominant. After selfing the plants of first filial generation, the proportion of
plants producing white flowers in the progeny would be Show Answer

Q779) Studies of human sex-linked trait shows that Show Answer

Q780) If a cross between two individuals produces offspringe with 50% dominant character (A) and 50%
recessive character (a),then the genotypes of parents are Show Answer

Q781) Mendel choose the garden pea plant for his experiment and his findings were based on Show Answer

Q782) One of the following is not the type of blood groups or blood factors. Show Answer

Q783) Is it possible that same genotype have different phenotype? Show Answer

Q784) In a cross between individuals with genotypes Tt Rr, if the resulting number of offsprings is 16, then
identify the number of genotypes with TtRr and TtRR amongst them.
Show Answer

Q785) Which of the following genotypes does not produce any sugar polymer on the surface of the RBC? Show Answer

Q786) The diagrammatic representation of the chromosomes of an individual is called Show Answer

Q787) In Mirabilis, a hybrid for red (RR) and white (rr) flower produces pink (Rr) flower. A plant with pink
flower is crossed with white flower, the expected phenotypic ratio is Show Answer

Q788) A marriage between normal visioned man and colourblind woman will produce, which of the following
types of offsprings? Show Answer

Q789) I. Myotonic dystrophy is an autosomal dominant trait
II. Sickle-cell anaemia is an autosomal recessive trait
III. Failure of segregation of alleles results in chromosomal loss
IV. Failure of segregation of allele result in chromosomal gain
V. Cystic fibrosis is a Mendelian disorder
Correct statements are Show Answer

Q790) Haemophilia is more commonly seen in human males than in human females because Show Answer

Q791) Which one of the following was the rediscoverer of Mendel’s work? Show Answer

Q792) Which of the following abnormalities, results from an unnatural presence of a Barr body? Show Answer

Q793) When normal and mutant alleles are present on opposite chromosomes of homologous pair, the
heterozygotes are called as
Show Answer

Q794) The types of gametes produced by a heterozygous allelic pair is/are Show Answer

Q795) Prokaryotic genetic system has
Show Answer

Q796) A chromosome in which the centromere is situated close to its end so that one arm is very short and the
other very long is Show Answer

Q797) Write the genotype of the previous questions Show Answer

Q798) Sickle cell anaemia is Show Answer

Q799) Improvement of human race through hereditary qualities is called Show Answer

Q800) …A… gene produces all gametes that are similar, while a ….B… produces two kinds of gametes each having
one allele with equal proportion
Choose the correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q801) When the number of recombinant progeny is usually less than the number expected in independent
assortment it is called Show Answer

Q802) Gene is
Show Answer

Q803) The telomeres of eukaryotic chromosomes consist of short sequences of Show Answer

Q804) In Mendelian dihybrid cross when heterozygous Round Yellow are self crossed. Round Green offsprings
are represented by the genotype Show Answer

Q805) Mendel’s principle of segregation means that the germ cells always receive Show Answer

Q806) In Melandrium, the sex determination type is
Show Answer

Q807) The effect of todays radioactive fall out will probably be more harmful to children of future generation
than to children now living because Show Answer

Q808) Select the statement which is not correct.

Show Answer

Q809) Linkage was first suggested by
Show Answer

Q810) X-linked recessive gene is Show Answer

Q811) Gene for colour blindness is located on Show Answer

Q812) The ABO blood group are controlled by
Show Answer

Q813) When an animal has both the characters of male and female, it is called Show Answer

Q814) Point mutation arises due to change in Show Answer

Q815) colour blindness is more observed in …….humans
Show Answer

Q816) Genetic or chromosomal symbol used for the person who is having sickle-cell anaemia is
Show Answer

Q817) Which of the following is true regarding human genetics? Show Answer

Q818) Foetal sex is determined by examining cells from amniotic fluid looking for Show Answer

Q819) What is genotypic ratio in a dihybrid cross? Show Answer

Q820) The law of segregation of characters is also called the law of purity of gametes because Show Answer

Q821) Four children belonging to the same parents have the following blood groups A, A, AB and O. Hence, the
genotypes of the parents are Show Answer

Q822) Mendel work later formulated into laws of
I. Linkage
II. Segregation
III. Incomplete dominance
IV. Independent assortment
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q823) Barr body is associated with Show Answer

Q824) A man can inherit his X-chromosome from his Show Answer

Q825) The types of gametes formed by the genotype Rr Yy are Show Answer

Q826) Mating of an organism to a double recessive in order to determine whether it is homozygous or
heterozygous for a character under consideration, is called Show Answer

Q827) Polyploidy means occurrence of Show Answer

Q828) L –shaped chromosomes are also called Show Answer

Q829) A polygenic trait is controlled by 3 genes A, B and C. In a cross AaBbCc× AaBbCc, the phenotypic ratio of
the offsprings was observed as 1 : 6 : x : 20 : x : 6 : 1.
What is the possible value of x? Show Answer

Q830) Chromosomal mutations occurs due to
I. Deletion II. Duplication
III. Translocation IV. Inversion
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q831) The allele which expresses itself in both homozygous and heterozygous condition is called Show Answer

Q832) Equatorial division and reductional division takes place in which types of cell division Show Answer

Q833) Monohybrid test cross ratio is Show Answer

Q834) Who gave the term ‘genetics’?
Show Answer

Q835) In which of the following disorders, blood has a defective haemoglobin? Show Answer

Q836) In sickle cell anaemia, the glutamic acid is replaced by Show Answer

Q837) Which of the following cannot be explained on the basis of Mendel’s Law of Dominance? Show Answer

Q838) Find out the percentage of dominant phenotype in cross between Pp and Pp. P-dominant, p-recessive Show Answer

Q839) Gametes produced by a homozygous individual is/are of …. types Show Answer

Q840) What will be the gametic chromosomes number of a cell, if somatic cell have 40 chromosomes? Show Answer

Q841) Human female possesses 44+XX chromosomes. The secondary oocyte shall have Show Answer

Q842) Select the correct statement from the ones given below with respect to dihybrid cross.
Show Answer

Q843) Test cross is when Show Answer

Q844) Euploidy is best explained by Show Answer

Q845) In which year Mendel’s work rediscovered Show Answer

Q846) Which of the following diseases is governed by pleiotropic genes? Show Answer

Q847) Which have great importance in genetics? Show Answer

Q848) Number of Barr bodies in XXXXY is Show Answer

Q849) Dihybrid ratio of the linked gene is Show Answer

Q850) Polyploidy can be induced by the application of Show Answer

Q851) Which of the following, can be used to describe the alleles correctly? Show Answer

Q852) Which of the following animals is mostly used in genetics experiments? Show Answer

Q853) Which of the following diseases results from the genetic inability to synthesize a single enzyme? Show Answer

Q854) Balbiani rings are the structural features of Show Answer

Q855) Sometimes, there are more than two alleles for a given chromosome locus. In this case, a trait is controlled
by Show Answer

Q856) In haplodiploidy determination of sex, males is Show Answer

Q857) When mutation is confined to only one substitution, it is called Show Answer

Q858) Letter symbol refers to the dominant factors give a …A… or upper case latter of the alphabet. A
corresponding …B… or lower case letter is used for recessive factor. Here A and B refers to Show Answer

Q859) In a gene pool, along with beneficial mutations those mutations also exists which are damaging to an
individual. It has been found that these mutations are irreversible because
I. they have survival value
II. they are acquired
III. they are recessive and carried by heterozygous individuals only
IV. they show genetic drift
Choose the incorrect option for given statement Show Answer

Q860) In a medicolegal case of accidental interchange between two babies in a hospital, the baby of the blood
group-A could not be rightly given to a couple with
Show Answer

Q861) The person famous for experimental genetics Show Answer

Q862) Morgan worked with tiny fruit fly names as Show Answer

Q863) Linkage group is Show Answer

Q864) Some individuals with blood group –A may inherit the genes for blonde hair, while other individuals with
blood group – A may the gene for brown hair. This can be best explained by the principle of Show Answer

Q865) Experimental verification of the chromosomal theory of inheritance was given by Show Answer

Q866) A gene that masks another gane’s expression, is called Show Answer

Q867) Transposons are Show Answer

Q868) Which of the following law was discovered first by Mendel? Show Answer

Q869) Unit of inheritance that required to express a particular trait of organism is called
Show Answer

Q870) Sex limited traits are the Show Answer

Q871) Variation stands for differences in traits of progenies from
Show Answer

Q872) In which mode of inheritance, do you expect more maternal influence among the offsprings? Show Answer

Q873) Mutagens are Show Answer

Q874) Which is incorrect for Mendelism? Show Answer

Q875) In heterozygous condition, the individual expression of both the alleles in the phenotype is exemplified by Show Answer

Q876) Polyploid derived from two different species is called Show Answer

Q877) Walter Sutton is famous for his contribution to
Show Answer

Q878) Punnett square was developed by Show Answer

Q879) Female is heteromorphic and male is homomorphic in Show Answer

Q880) The important things to remember are that chromosomes as well as genes occur in …A… . The two alleles
of a gene pair are located on homologous sites on …B… chromosomes
Choose the correct choice for A and B Show Answer

Q881) Who proposed chromosomal theory of linkage? Show Answer

Q882) Which factor expresses itself in homozygous and even in heterozygous condition? Show Answer

Q883) Number of autosomes in human are Show Answer

Q884) A tall plant was grown in nutrient deficient soil and remained dwarf. When it is crossed with dwarf plant
then Show Answer

Q885) A man of blood group-A, marries a woman of blood group-B, both of them are heterozygous for blood
group, chances of their first child having blood group AB will be Show Answer

Q886) Mendel’s laws of inheritance are applicable only for Show Answer

Q887) The factors which expresses only in homozygous condition is Show Answer

Q888) Human skin colour is the example of
I. multiple gene inheritance
II. three separate genes controlling this trait
III. single gene controlling this trait
IV. two gene controlling this trait
V. environment plays a significant role in this trait
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q889) In haemophilia, a single protein that is a part of cascade of protein involved in …A… of …B… is affected.
Single cut will result in …C… bleeding.
Choose the correct option for A, B and C Show Answer

Q890) In a mutational event, when adenine is replaced by guanine, it is the case of
Show Answer

Q891) In cross between yellow round (YYRR) and green wrinkled (yyrr) find out the ratio between seeds having
yellow and green seed colour Show Answer

Q892) I. Haemophilia
II. Cystic fibrosis
III. Sickle-cell anaemia
IV. Colour blindness
V. Cancer
VI. Plague
VII. Phenylketonuria
VIII. Thalassaemia
Choose the correct options for Mendelian disorders Show Answer

Q893) The first hybrid progenies obtained by Mendel were called Show Answer

Q894) What type of gametes will form by genotype RrYy? Show Answer

Q895) A condition, where a certain gene is present in only a single copy in a diploid cell, is called
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Q896) Frequency of crossing over is …A… in linked gene …B… in unlinked gene.
Choose correct combination for A and B Show Answer

Q897) Which one of the following is necessary to start clotting of blood? Show Answer

Q898) The organism chosen by Mendel to explain the law of inheritance is Show Answer

Q899) A woman is married for the second time. Her first husband was ABO blood type A, and her child by that
marriage was type O. Her new husband is type B and their child is type AB.
What is the women’s ABO genotype and blood type? Show Answer

Q900) A couple has 6 children-5 are girls and 1 is boy. The percentage of having a girl on next time is Show Answer

Q901) On selfing RrTt, we produce 400 plants, find out number of plants with genotype RrTt. Show Answer

Q902) In the ABO system of blood groups, if both antigens are present but no antibody, the blood group of the
individual would be Show Answer

Q903) Barr body in mammals represents Show Answer

Q904) In Barr body (sex-chromatin) of a normal female Show Answer

Q905) In certain plant species, red flower colour is incompletely dominant to white flower colour (the
heterozygote is pink) and tall stems are completely dominant to dwarf stem. If a tall pink plant (TtRr) is
crossed with a tall white plant (TTrr), which one of the following type of plants would be produced in the
offsprings? Show Answer

Q906) Which is true about meiotic cell division?
I. Meosis only occurs in diploid organism without any exception
II. RNA is replicated during S-phase
III. Chromatids of a chromosome separate during anaphase-I
IV. Only sperms are produce by this process Show Answer

Q907) Which of the following pairs of chromosomal mutation are most likely to occur when homologous
chromosomes are under going synapsis? Show Answer

Q908) Down’s syndrome is an example of Show Answer

Q909) Mendel’s works were read out the
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Q910) Genes of which of the following disorder are present exclusively on the X-chromosome in humans or
concerned with Show Answer

Q911) In a given plant, red colour ( R ) of fruit is dominant over white fruit ( r); and tallness ( T ) is dominant
over dwarfness ( t ). If a plant with genotype RRTt is crossed with a plant of genotype rrtt, what will be the
percentage of tall plants with red fruits in the next generation? Show Answer

Q912) Pick out the correct statements.
I.Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive disease
II.Down’s syndrome is due to aneuploidy
III.Phenylketonuria is an autosomal dominant gene disorder
IV.Phenylketonuria is an autosomal recessive gene disorder
V.Sickle cell anaemia is an X-linked recessive gene disorder Show Answer

Q913) Sex chromosomes of a female bird are represented by
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Q914) How many types of gametes may be produced by genotype D/d : E/e : F/f? Show Answer

Q915) If a colourblind women marries a normal visioned man their sones will be Show Answer

Q916) Genic balance theory of sex determination, stated by C B Bridges, is related to Show Answer

Q917) In human beings, 45 chromosomes/single X/XO abnormality causes Show Answer

Q918) When a cluster of genes show linkage behaviour they
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Q919) Colour blindness is a failure to discriminate between Show Answer

Q920) Linkage group in E .coli is/are Show Answer

Q921) The tendency of offsprings to resemble their parents is called Show Answer

Q922) The major reason for the success of Mendelian experiments was Show Answer

Q923) Which of the following is best suited for codominance? Show Answer

Q924) ABO blood group system is given by Show Answer

Q925) Genetic recombination is due to Show Answer

Q926) Linkage gene do not shows
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Q927) Haploids are more suitable for mutation studies than the diploids. This is because Show Answer

Q928) Mendel’s work remain unrecognized for long time due to
I. Communication was not easy
II. Concept of factors which did not blend was not accepted
III. Use of mathematics to explain biological problem was unacceptable
IV. He could not provide any physical proof for the existence of factors
Choose the right combination Show Answer

Q929) Ratio of progeny, when a red coloured heterozygote is crossed with a white coloured plant in which red
colour is dominant to white colour Show Answer

Q930) The possibility of erythroblastosis foetalis occurring during the second pregnancy is when Show Answer

Q931) I. Enborn error of metabolism
II. Homozygous recessive autosomal alleles on chromosomes 12 causes absence of the specific enzyme
III. A specific amino acid do not changes into tyrosine
IV. Accumulation of phenylpyruvic acid and other derivatives leading to mental retardation
The above facts refer to Show Answer

Q932) How many phenotype and genotypes are possible in ABO blood group systems? Show Answer

Q933) Mendel was successful in discovering the principles of inheritance as Show Answer

Q934) The common point of attachment of all the arms of polytene chromosome, is known as Show Answer

Q935) Choose the correct option for allotetraploid
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Q936) Mutation is more common when it is present in Show Answer

Q937) Allelism refers to
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Q938) Which one pair of parents is most likely get a child, who would suffer from haemolytic disease of new
born? Show Answer

Q939) Mendel performed test cross to know the Show Answer

Q940) Change in single base pair Show Answer

Q941) Find out the correct statement. Show Answer

Q942) In phenylketonuria, the phenylalanine gets converted to
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Q943) Which one of the following is a genetically transmitted character? Show Answer

Q944) Multiple phenotype seen in Show Answer

Q945) After a mutation at a genetic locus character of an organism changes due to the change in Show Answer

Q946) In XX and XY type of sex determination, the males are Show Answer

Q947) Dihybrid ratio of test cross 1 : 1 : 1 :1 proves that Show Answer

Q948) Mendel’s findings were rediscovered by Show Answer

Q949) The salivary gland chromosomes in the dipteran larvae are useful in gene mapping because Show Answer

Q950) Percentage of recessive phenotype in a cross between PP and Pp, when P is dominant, p recessive Show Answer

Q951) Genes are made up of Show Answer

Q952) Type of substitution takes place in sickle-cell anaemia is Show Answer

Q953) Persons who are colourblind can not distinguish Show Answer

Q954) Haploid-diploid mechanism of sex determination (haplodiploidy) takes place in
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Q955) Sickle-cell anaemia happens due to …A… mutation in which …B… of haemoglobin is affected.
Fill the correct option for A and B Show Answer

Q956) The gene of sickle cell anaemia is inherited by
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Q957) A character, which is expressed in a hybrid is called Show Answer

Q958) If the genotype of an individual consists of only one type of genes at same locus. It is called Show Answer

Q959) The nucleoprotein structures that occur at the ends of the chromosomes are Show Answer

Q960) In polytene chromosomes dark bands are visible. These bands are formed by the position of Show Answer

Q961) Chances of segregation of alleles in gametes are Show Answer

Q962) Hypertrichosis is an example of which inheritance? Show Answer

Q963) The mutagenic agent among following is Show Answer

Q964) The most important example of point mutation is found in a disease called Show Answer

Q965) When tall and dwarf plants are crossed, from which cross 1 : 1 ratio is obtained? Show Answer

Q966) Failure of segregation of chromatid during cell division cycle results in the gain or loss of chromosome
which as called Show Answer

Q967) Genes are present on Show Answer

Q968) Out of 7 contrasting trait pairs selected by Mendel how many traits were dominant and recessive? Show Answer

Q969) Dominant allele are expressed in Show Answer

Q970) If the ratio between X-chromosomes and complete set of autosome is 0.5. Then the individual will be Show Answer

Q971) A boy has a normal brother and a colourblind sister. What is true about his parents? Show Answer

Q972) Extranuclear inheritance is a consequence of presence of genes in Show Answer

Q973) Leaf colour in Mirabilis jalapa is an example of Show Answer

Q974) I. Trisomy of sex (X) chromosome
II. XXY+44
III. 21st trisomy
IV. Sterile male
V. Gynaecomastia
Choose the correct option for Klinefelter’s syndrome Show Answer

Q975) Consider the following statement regarding ABO blood group in human
I. It is controlled by multiple allele
II. It shows codominance
III. Codominance can be manifested phenotypically in human
IV. It follows the Mendel law of inheritance
Which of the following statements (s) are correct? Show Answer

Q976) Brachydactyly is due to
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Q977) When there are more than two allele controlling the same character. These are called Show Answer

Q978) Monohybrid cross deals with Show Answer

Q979) X-chromosomes of female, in a case of sex-linked inheritance, can be passed on to Show Answer

Q980) The similar and dissimilar sex chromosomes of females and males are described as Show Answer

Q981) Starch synthesis gene in pea plant in heterozygous condition produces starch grain of intermediate size.
This shows Show Answer

Q982) Select the correct bases of DNA, RNA and amino acid of beta chain resulting in sickle cell anaemia. Show Answer

Q983) Statement 1: An organism with lethal mutation may not even develop beyond the zygote stage.
Statement 2: All types of gene mutations are lethal.
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Q984) Statement 1: Phenylketonuria is a recessive hereditary disease caused by body’s failure to oxidise an
amino acid phenylalanine to tyrosine, because of defective enzyme.
Statement 2: It results in the presence of phenylalanine acid in urine. Show Answer

Q985) Statement 1: Polytene chromosomes have a high amount of DNA.
Statement 2: Polytene chromosomes are formed by repeated replication of chromosomal DNA without
separation of chromatids. Show Answer

Q986) Statement 1: In humans, the gamete contributed by the male determines whether the child produced
will be male or female.
Statement 2: Sex in humans is a polygenic trait depending upon a cumulative effect of some genes on
X-chromosome and some on Y-chromosomes. Show Answer

Q987) Statement 1: Persons suffering from haemophilia fail to produce blood clotting factor-VIII.
Statement 2: Prothrombin producing platelets in such persons are found in very low concentration. Show Answer