Practice Test

1) Hormones chemically are:

2) Hormonal diseases may be called:

3) Which of the following is a hormonal diseases?

4) A hormone is a molecule that:

5) Adrenaline is secreted by:

6) Corticoids are secreted by:

7) Islets of Langerhans secrete:

8) On the basis of chemical nature of hormones, they are divided into:

9) The trophic factors are made up of proteins containing:

10) Which one of the following is not synthesized in pituitary?

11) ACTH is secreted by:

12) ADH is produced by:

13) Which of the following substances is released in excess quantity during excitement?

14) Which of the following structures act as temporary ductless gland?

15) Which of the following secretory glands acts both as endocrine and exocrine?

16) Like muscles, hormones are antagonistic in their functioning. Mark the wrong one:

17) The hormone released from intermediate lobe of pituitary is:

18) Undersecretion of following hormones result in cretinism:

19) Vasopressin is related with:

20) Which of the following statements is false?

21) The target cells of a hormone always have:

22) The cells that produce glucagon in pancreas are:

23) Calcium ions are important in the body because they:

24) FSH is produced by:

25) Adrenal medullary hormones are produced when:

26) Estrogen is necessary for:

27) Vasopressin and oxytocin are actually secreted by:

28) Adrenal cortical cells are stimulated by:

29) Many hormones are initially synthesised as biologically inactive precursor molecules called:

30) Rate of hormones synthesis and secretion depend upon:

31) Thyrotrophic releasing hormone is:

32) Involvement of any hormone in the control of cellular function depends on a series of reactions involving:

33) Hormones regulating the morphogenetic effects are:

34) If ovaries of a lady are removed in the fourth month of pregnancy, the result will be:

35) A substance called ADH is:

36) Pancreas is a mixed gland in which:

37) Treatment with alloxan destroys:

38) Select the correct answeres to the followings. Which of the following techniques would be least likely to help elucidate the function of a hormone produced by an endocrine gland?

39) All the following commonly serve as signals stimulating hormone secretion except:

40) Hormones are known to cause all the following changes in target cells except:

41) An advantage of having the endocirne system as well as the nervous system involved in the "fight or flight" response in:

42) In case of hypersecretion of a parathormone, some cells of body become overactive. These cells are:

43) Hormones which helps in the implantation of embryo in uterus is:

44) In the areas of destruction in the bones, fibrous cysts develop however the parathyroid becomes overactive. This is the:

45) Anti-allergic hormone is:

46) Cretinism is due to:

47) Which of the following is not necessarily property of all hormones?

48) One of the following hormones is not produced by alimentary canal. Select?

49) The true proteinaceous hormones are secreted by:

50) What does the growth hormone do when growth period is over:

51) Strong emotional attachment to the young ones is due to:

52) Secretion of which one is under the control of nervous tissue?

53) Thymus gland develops from embryonic:

54) Accessory thyroid follicles are:

55) Parathyroid glands are mainly concerned with:

56) Hormone responsible for puberty in man is:

57) When a person suffers from a marked fall in blood pressure, it is helped to administer to him the following hormone:

58) Thyroid gland of vertebrates is considered to be homologous to which one of following parts of lower chordates?

59) Secretion of androgens by testes is regulated by:

60) Secretion of vasopressin is:

61) Precursor chemical for steriod hormones is:

62) Function of progesterone is:

63) A new menstrual cycle starts when:

64) Diabetes mellitus is caused by deficiency of:

65) The growth of facial and body hair is male is stimulated by:

66) The phenomenon of 'heat' or oestrus in females is due to the hormones secreted by:

67) Which of the pituitary hormones is responsible for the secretion of milk by the mammary glands in female?

68) Which one of the endocrine glands shrinks after the start of adolescence?

69) The hormone that regulates the growth of the skeleton and the body as a whole is:

70) Which one of the following has anti-insulin effect?

71) Which of the following hormones is proteinic in nature but may be secreted by an organ which normally secretes steroids under special condition is:

72) The Addison's disease is caused by the:

73) The defeminisation and masculinisation of female may be done by:

74) Select the odd one:

75) Progesterone is a / an:

76) Which hormone of the following endocrine glands lacks peptide, amines and sulphur?

77) Which endocrine gland stores its secretion in the extracellular space before discharging it into the blood?

78) According to the accepted concept of hormone action, if receptor molecules are removed from target organs:

79) Oxytocin is a:

80) The hormone which elevates blood calcium and phosphorus level is:

81) The hormone which stimulates milk production in mammals is known as:

82) Which of the following is not steroid?

83) Which of the following hormones stimulates conversion of proteins into amino acids particular during fasting or hibernation?

84) Growth hormone is secreted by:

85) The hormone in pineal gland is called:

86) The pineal gland:

87) Endocrinology term was proposed by:

88) Hormones are needed in:

89) Pheromones are:

90) The total no. of hormones produced by adernal cortex is 20 but they are grouped under:

91) Calcitonin, which reduces the excessive amount of calcium of the blood, is secreted by the:

92) The vesicles of the thyroid gland are lined by:

93) The moulting in insects is triggered off by:

94) The hormones secreted by hypothalamus are carried to the pituitary gland by:

95) A short individual, fairly well proportioned body, who is mentally and physically normal, developed due to the undersecretion of growth hormones. This stage is:

96) Hormones controlling expression of secondary sexual characters are secreted by which of these cells in the testis?

97) Thyrotoxicosis is the:

98) Virilism in the female is a tendency to develop male characters. Whereas feminism in the male, is a tendency to develop female characters. These are associated with:

99) Hyperadrenalism is called:

100) Cretinism in childern is caused by:

101) Mammalian thymus is mainly concerned with:

102) Insulin was extracted first by:

103) The effect of different hormones on the body can be best said to bring about:

104) Which hormone has the anti-insulin effect?

105) Hypoparathyroidism results due to:

106) The secretion from which of the following controls water balance in the body?

107) Insulin promotes:

108) Mark the gland in whose presence sex glands fail to develop:

109) The anterior lobe of pituitary affects:

110) Survival time can be minimized if we remove:

111) Testis secretes androgen, it is:

112) Which of the following causes ageing?

113) Breast development during pregnancy is induced by:

114) Which of the following is helpful for an asthma patient in exhaling the air?

115) Which of the following controls thirst?

116) Oxytocin is secreted by:

117) FSH is produced by:

118) Which of the following hormones is from parathyriod gland?

119) Thyroxine is produced through:

120) Which of the following is related to the production of lymphocytes and antibodies?

121) Addison's disease is dur to malfunctioning of:

122) The recently reported hormone, angiotensin is secreted by:

123) Thyroxine plays significant effect on:

124) Continued secretion of milk is maintained by

125) The over-secretion of which of the following pituitary hormones causes acromegaly (irregularly development of bones)?

126) Hormone responsible for the implantation of embryo in uterus and formation of placenta is:

127) The pituitaty gland's posterior lobe produces two hormones called:

128) According to recent knowledge, the pineal body is considered as:

129) Which hormone is responsible ofr the relaxation of the ligaments of the plevic gridles in females at the time of birth?

130) Who studied the effect of thyroxine on metamorphosis:

131) Correct hormonal sequence in the increase of menstruation is:

132) Hormone secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary is concerned with:

133) Hormone-secreting cells, called neurosecretary cells, are abundant in the:

134) Oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone reach the posterior pituitary by way of:

135) Oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone reach their target cells by way of:

136) The leuteinising hormone is secreted by:

137) Hypothalamic realsing hormones reach the anterior pituitary gland by way of:

138) Excessive production of growth hormone during adulthood can lead to:

139) In mammals, prolactin stimulates the production of:

140) Cushing's syndrome is associated with:

141) If a person is subjected to stress (like heat, cold, loud noise etc.) continuously, which organ will undergo hypertrophy:

142) Addison's disease is caused by:

143) The adrenal glands are located adjacent to the:

144) The fight-or-flight response is developed by hormones of the:

145) The main function of norepinephrine is to increase:

146) Epinephrine and norepinephrine function as both hormones and:

147) All the hormones of the adrenal cortex, are synthesized from:

148) Disease Osteitis fibrosa cystica is related with:

149) The part of the brain with greatest influence over the endocrine system is the:

150) Which of the following groups of arthropoda has well-developed endocrine system?

151) If adenohypophysectomy is done in adult, then which of the following is the correct statement:

152) The moult of an insect is triggered by:

153) The development of adult characteristics in a moulting insect is promoted by:

154) The retention of larval characteristics in moulting insect is promoted by:

155) A male moth finds a mate by means of:

156) Diabetes mellitus develops only when:

157) The target cells of a hormone always have:

158) The hormone which is related to the urine concentration in mammals:

159) Which of the following hormones is a steroid?

160) In a male heavy voice and growth of beard and moustache is due to oversecretion of:

161) Which of the following hormone is a modified amino acid?

162) Animal tissues that synthesize hormones are closely associated with, and sometimes resemble, cells of the:

163) Which one of the followings is not under direct control of pituitary gland?

164) If thyroidectomy of tadpole is performed, moulting will take place:

165) Spermatogenesis in mammalin testis is controlled by:

166) Vasopressin is related with:

167) The part of the brain with greatest influence over the endocrine system is the:

168) Metabolic rate in mammals is controlled by:

169) The cells of pancreas that produce glucagon are:

170) The first hormone to be isolated (in 1902) was:

171) The mammalian thyroid gland is located adjacent to the:

172) Thyroxine and triiodothyronine, produced by the thyroid are synthesized from iodine and:

173) The parathyroid glands are located adjacent to the:

174) Progesterone is secreted by:

175) A person wih diabetes mellitus does not secret enough:

176) The neurons of a person with diabetes mellitus do not produce sufficient:

177) The pineal gland is located:

178) Term pheromone was first given by:

179) Who first isolated and crystallized thyroxine?

180) Which of the following is an inhibitory hormone?

181) Progesterone is responsible for:

182) Cushing's disease is due to excessive stimulation of:

183) Hormones are characterised by:

184) Which of the following glands has both endocrine and exocrine functions?

185) The hormone measured in urine to test for pregnancy is:

186) Adrenal medullary hormones are:

187) Prostaglandins are:

188) Oxytocin is secreted by:

189) Undersecretion of thyroxine in children causes:

190) Hyposecretion of neurohypophysis causes:

191) Growth hormone promotes the growth of the animal by affecting:

192) Progesterone and relaxin are secreted by:

193) Release of milk from the mammary glands is under:

194) Precursor for steroid hormone is:

195) Hypothyroidism in adult causes:

196) Complete failure of adenohypophysis of pituitary in adult woman causes:

197) A steroid hormone typically alters the activity of its target cells by:

198) A peptide hormone typically alters activity of its target cells by:

199) Hypothalamo-hypophyseal system is derived from:

200) The most important component of the oral contraceptive pill is:

201) The hormone that stimulates the stomach to secrete gastric juice is:

202) Calcitonin is a thyroid hormone which:

203) The contraction of gall bladder is due to:

204) Gravidex test is a test for which of the following hormones:

205) Insulin is a poly:

206) Hormone, thyroxine, adrenaline and the pigment melanin are formed from:

207) A person had to undergo a surgery in which a major portion of his pancreas was removed. Which of the following food constituents will be found especially difficult to digest?

208) Which hormone is given during allergies:

209) which hormone is most important in gastro-intestinal tract?

210) Ca metabolism is regulated by:

211) Spermatogenesis in males is induced by:

212) Pancreas is stimulated by:

213) Heavy jaws, long face, long extremities are caused by:

214) Which one controls the secretion of estrogen?

215) Diabetes insipidus is under the control of:

216) FSH and LH hormones together are called?

217) Parathormone deficiency in man causes:

218) Growth hormone somatostatin is secreted by:

219) The antidiuretic hormone or vasopressin (ADH) causes:

220) One of the important function of insulin is it:

221) There are some examples of only endocrine glands:

222) Deficiecny of calciferol causes:

223) When is progesterone secreted?

224) Parathormone induces:

225) Progesterone is produced by:

226) Which of the following is a mineralocorticoid?

227) Pitressin is found in:

228) In endocrine gland:

229) Goitre is due to deficiency of:

230) If a person is subjected to stress (like heat, cold, loud noise etc.) continuously, which organ will undergo hypertrophy:

231) If Adenohypohysectomy is done in adult, then which of the followings is the correct statement:

232) Addison's disease is caused by:

233) Which of the following is the correct statement about adrenaline and nor-adrenaline?

234) Due to hypersecretion of somatotropic or growth hormone in adult human, develops:

235) The immediate cause of induction of ovulation in the human female is the large plasma surge of:

236) Hormones like testosterone, oestrogen, cortisol are examples of:

237) "Androgen" is referred to as:

238) Secretin is a:

239) Glucagon and insulin are:

240) The Luteinising hormone is secreted by:

241) In female, secondary sexual characters are due to:

242) Progesterone is secreted by:

243) What is the function of enterogastrone?

244) Body coordination is exhibited by:

245) Disease caused by deficiency of parathormone is:

246) Cretinism is due to less secretion of:

247) Cholecystokinin and enterocrinin are secreted by:

248) Hormone oxytocin controls:

249) Which one exclusively comprises endocrine glands?

250) Melatonin is produced by:

251) On seeing a Tiger, the heart beat and blood pressure increase due to release of hormone:

252) A person has producing eyes, tachycardia and higher body temperature. He is suffering from:

253) Hormone controlling metabolism in the body is:

254) The fight, flight, fright hormone is:

255) Myxoedema is due to:

256) Injection of glucagon will:

257) Goitre influences:

258) Pheromones are:

259) Which is not involved in endocrine secretion?

260) GH affects growth by controlling production of:

261) If receptor molecule is removed from target organ for hormone action, the target organ will:

262) Master endocrine gland is:

263) Insulin is secreted by pancreas in:

264) Diabetes insipidus occurs due to hyposecretion of:

265) Steroids are precursors of:

266) Thyrotropin - Releasing Factor (TRF) is produced by:

267) Tetany is caused by:

268) Mainly which type of hormones control the menstrual cycle in human beings:

269) When both ovaries are removed from rat then which hormone is decreased in blood?

270) Which one of the following pairs correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency?

271) Synthesis of testosterone by Leydig cells is stimulated by:

272) Which one of the following hormones is a modified amino acid?

273) Which one of the following pairs correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency?

274) Chemically the hormones are:

275) Which of the following hormones is not a secretion product of human placents?

276) Damage to thymus in a child may lead to:

277) Parkinson's disease (characterized by tremors and progressive rigidity of limbs) is caused by degeneration of brain neurons that are involved in movement control and make use of neurotransmitter:

278) FSH is secreted by:

279) Which one of the following four glands is correctly matched with the accompanying description?

280) The hormone that controls the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood is secreted by:

281) Which of the following disease is not related to thyroid gland?

282) Grave's disease is due to:

283) Hassall's bodies/corpuscles are found in:

284) Gorilla-like man with large finger and hands and protruding jaws, is produced due to:

285) A person has thick lips, slow heart rate, increased blood cholesterol level. These symptoms are due to:

286) Chronological age of a person is 20 years whereas his intelligence is not more than that of a child of 5 years age. It is due to:

287) Iodine is essential to remove the disease:

288) Autoimmune hypothyroidism is:

289) Which of the following is not paried correctly?

290) A patient of Diabetes mellitus excrete glucose in urine even when he is kept in a carbohydrate free diet. It is because:

291) Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary known as:

292) A steroid hormone which regulates glucose metabolism is:

293) Which one of the following is not a second messenger in hormone action?

294) Which one of the following statements is correct?

295) Which hormone causes dilation of blood vessels, increased oxygen consumption and glucogenesis?

296) Withdrawal of which of the following hormones is the immediate cause of menstruation?

297) Which is not a symptom of hypothyroiditis?

298) Hyposecretion of which of the following can cause diabetes insipidus?

299) The hormones that initiate ejection of milk, stimulate milk production and growth of ovarian follicles are respectively known as

300) Which one of the following endocrine gland functions as a biological clock and a neurosecretory transducer?

301) In the homeostatic control of blood sugar level, which organs function respectively as modulator and effector?

302) Which of the following hormones are produced in the hypothalamus and stored in the posterior pituitary?

303) Parathyroid:

304) Which part of ovary in mammals acts as an endocrine gland after ovulation?

305) A person is having problems with calcium and phosphorus metabolism in his body. Which one of the following glands may not be functioning property?

306) Feeling the tremors of an earthquake a scared resident of seventh floor of a multistoryed building starts climbing down the stairs rapidly. Which hormone initiated this action?

307) Which one of the following pairs of organs includes only the endocrine glands?

308) Which one of the following is an amine hormone?

309) The blood calcium level is lowered by the deficiency of:

310) In human adult females oxytocin:

311) Which of the following statement is correct?

312) The posterior pituitary:

313) Parathyroid hormone:

314) Steroid hormones:

315) Both adrenaline and cortisol are secreted in response to stress; which of the following statement is also true for both of these hormones?

316) Which of the following is not inhibitory hormone?

317) Melanocyte stimulating hormone is secreted by which cell type of pituitary gland?

318) Which of the following can cause release of oxytocin hormone in a lactating mother?

319) Which of the following hormone is not present in both sexes?

320) About a million islets of langerbans each with approximately 3000 cells comprise what percentage of pancreas?

321) Which of the following statement '' is Not '' correct?

322) Which of the following is a function of calcitonin?

323) Hypophysectomy results in diminution of all except one of the following hormones.

324) The glucocoticoids are mainly responsible for:

325) Insulin deficiency produces:

326) Hormones based on fatty acids are:

327) A hormone which helps in the implantation of embryo in uterus is:

328) Hypothyroidism in adults and hyperparathyroidism will respectively lead to:

329) A disease which is caused by the under-secretion of adrenal cortex is:

330) Find the correct pair of:
Source gland:Hormone:Function

331) Which of the following statements are correct?
(a) Endocrine control is integrated with neural control at the level of the hypothalamus.
(b) Thyroid hormones are required for normal prenatal brain development.
(c) Glucocorticoids are anabolic steroids.
(d) Adrenal medulla releases adrenaline and noradrenaline in a ratio of approximately 10:1:

332) Androgens regulates

333) Progesterone hormone is secreted by

334) Injury to adrenal cortex is not likely to affect the secretion of which one of the following?

335) Hormones are non-nutrient chemicals, which acts as…….. messengers and are produced in trace amount

336) Insulin receptors are

337) ‘GIP’ stimulates the release of

338) The thyroid gland is composed of …A… lobes which are located on either side of the …B… the lobes are
interconnected with a thin flap of connective tissue called …C…
Select the correct combination for A, B and C

339) Some hormone need the secondary messenger, because

340) Sex hormones can work without the help of

341) Estrogen

342) In human adults females, oxytocin

343) The hormone that increases the blood calcium level and decreases its excretion by kidney is

344) Gastrointestinal hormones are

345) I. Glucagon
II. Epinephrine
III. Steroid hormone
IV. Idothyronine
Among the given hormones which needs secondary messenger

346) The activity of formation of milk is regulated by the activity of …A… . While the ejection of milk is
controlled by …B… hormone
Here, A and B refers to

347) Feeling the tremors of an earthquake, a scared resident of seventh floor of a multistoreyed building starts
climbing down the stairs rapidly. Which hormone initiates this action?

348) Endocrine glands are

349) Pheromones are also called
I. ectohormones
II. sex attractants
III. semichemicals
The correct option is

350) Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as

351) Which of the following is gastrointestine hormone?

352) Islets of Langerhans is a normal human pancreas comprise only

353) Which is the function of norepinephrine?

354) Correct order of action of hydrophilic hormones
I. Hormones bind to plasma membrane
II. Physiological response
III. Biochemical response
IV. Generation of secondary messenger
Choose the correct option

355) To yield more milk, cow is injected with

356) FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) is produced by

357) Calcium level decreases in the blood due to hyposecretion of

358) I. Somatostatin inhibits intestinal absorption of glucose
II. Leydig’s cell secrete progesterone
III. Melatonin is secreted by pineal gland
IV. Myxoedema is a thyroid disorder
V. Neurohypophysis secreted ACTH
Select the correct statements and choose the option

359) Hypothyroidism causes

360) Which one of the following is not an endocrine gland?

361) Pituitary gland is derived from

362) ‘ANF’ is secretes by

363) Tyrosine is the precursor of

364) Which one of the following four glands is correctly matched with the accompanying description?

365) Generally the steroid hormones are derived from

366) Which hormone causes dilation of blood vessels, increased oxygen consumption and glycogenolysis?

367) In Cushing’s syndrome, there is

368) Thymus gland releases …… hormone

369) Endemic goitre is state of

370) The thymus gland is a lobular structure located on the …A… side of the …B… and aorta. The thymus plays a
significant role in the development …C… system Choose the correct combination of A, B and C

371) Resorption of water and electrolytes by distal tubules of kidney and thereby diuresis reducing the loss of
water through urine (diuresis) is done by

372) Which hormone produces calorigenic effect?

373) I. Hormones are non-nutrient chemicals
II. Hormones act as intracellular chemicals
III. Hormones are produced in moderate quantity
IV. Hormones may be proteins, steroids, glycoproteins or biogenic amines
Choose the option with written above correct statements

374) The thyroid gland is composed of

375) Which one of the following endocrine glands functions as a biological clock and a neurosecretory

376) An adenohypophysis hormone, which is regulated by feedback mechanism is

377) A person is having problems with calcium and phosphorus metabolism in his body. Which one of the
following glands may not be functioning properly?

378) Which gland is called 4S and 3F?

379) Secretion is under control of neurosecretory nerve axons in

380) Insulin is

381) Which one is not a placental hormone?

382) Largest endocrine gland is

383) GnRh (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone) stimulates the

384) Match the source of gland with its respective hormone as well as the function

385) Gigantism and dwarfism are the disease related to

386) The function of pineal body is to

387) The cause of cretinism is

388) Hyposecretion of growth hormone causes

389) The decline and disappearance of …… gland by the middle age is primary cause of ageing

390) Which of the following hormones are secreted by pancreas?

391) Father of Endocrinology is

392) Which of the following is correct

393) Which of the following hormones is not a secretary product of human placenta?

394) Molecule that bind the receptor and induces cell the post-receptor events is called …A… and molecule that
bind to the receptor and inhibit all the post-receptor events is called …B….

395) In males, the spermatogenesis is regulated by

396) Hormone is a/an

397) Chemically hormones are

398) MSH is produced by

399) The hormone oxytocin and vasopressin are secreted by

400) Androgens act on the …A… and influence the male sexual behavior called …B… . These hormones produce
…C… effect on protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Choose the correct combination of A, B and C

401) Which accessory genital gland occurs only in mammalian male?

402) Decrease in the calcium level in blood is caused by

403) Which of the following vitamins has some physiological effects similar to those of parathormone?

404) I. The adrenal cortex secretes many hormones called corticoids
II. Corticoids involved in carbohydrate metabolism are called glucocorticoids
III. Cortisol is main glucocorticoids
IV. Aldosterone is the main mineralocorticoids
Select the correct combination from the given options

405) Glucagon is secreted by

406) Which of the following is the function of adrenaline?

407) Pineal gland of human brain secretes melatonin concerned with

408) Islets of Langerhans are found in

409) I. Increase of heart beat
II. Increase of respiration rate
III. Stimulate breakdown of glycogen
IV. Stimulate breakdown of lipid and protein
Statement written above are the features of which hormone

410) In previous question B consists of which cells that secretes adrenaline and nor-adrenaline

411) Cretinism, mental retardation, low intelligence quotient, abnormal skin, deaf-mutism, etc. are the results of

412) Increase in bleeding time and delay in blood coagulation is due to the deficiency of which hormone?

413) LH and FSH are collectively called

414) Large number of hormones are secreted by

415) Sella turcica protects our

416) Vitamin that has similar action as the parathormone is

417) Hormone that promotes cell division, protein synthesis and bone growth is

418) Significant role of calcium balance in the body is maintained by

419) Lipid soluble hormone works by interacting with

420) In situation of fear, in blood there is increase of

421) Which hormone /gland acts in biological clocks?

422) The gland which performs both endocrine and exocrine function is

423) Mammalian prolactin is secreted by

424) …A… is essential for the normal rate of hormone synthesis in the thyroid. Deficiency of iodine in our diet
results in …B… and enlargement of the thyroid gland, commonly called …C…
Select the correct combination for A, B and C

425) Pineal gland secretes which hormones
I. Serotonin
V. Melatonin
The correct option is

426) I. Pancreas II. Testis
III. Liver IV. Thyroid gland
V. Adrenal gland VI. Pituitary gland
Which of the above given glands are endocrine glands?

427) Which one of the following hormone is a modified amino acid?

428) Inhibition of secretion of which of the following hormones is necessary for disintegration of corpus luteum?

429) The hyposecretion of which hormone leads to loss of sodium and water through urine, low blood pressure
and hypotension?

430) The pituitary gland is located in a bony cavity called …A… and is attached to …B… by a stalk.
Identify A and B to complete the given statement

431) The term hormone was given by

432) Which regulates cell division, protein synthesis and growth of the bone?

433) Which is not a symptom of exophthalmic goiter?

434) JGC (Juxtaglomerular cell) secretes

435) Which of the following hormones does not contain a polypeptide?

436) Diurnal rhythm of our body is maintained by

437) I. Non-nutrient
II. Intercellular messenger
III. Produced in trace amount
IV. Intracellular messenger
Select the correct properties of hormones from above list and then choose the option correct combination

438) Consider the following statements
I. Calcitonin is non-iodised
II. Calcitonin is secreted by parafollicular cells
III. Calcitonin regulates the calcium level in blood
IV. Calcitonin is also called as TCT (Thyrocalcitonin)
V. TCT is hyperglycemic agent (factor)
Select the option containing correct statements from the above given statements

439) ‘ANF’ is a hormone, which

440) Cretinism caused by

441) Acromegaly is caused by

442) Neurons of people suffering from diabetes insipidus do not secrete

443) ‘Myasthenia gravis’ is related to which hormone?

444) Gigantism and acromegaly are due to

445) Who is known as ‘father of Endocrinology’?

446) Adrenal gland is present at the

447) Thyroxine is secreted by

448) Islets of Langerhans have …A… cells which secrete …B… hormone. This hormone reduces the blood
glucose level by converting glucose into glycogen. Islets of Langerhans have …C… cells which secrete …D…
hormone. This hormone increase the blood glucose by converting glycogen to glucose
Choose the correct combination for A, B, C and D

449) According to accepted concept of hormone action, if receptor molecules are removed from target organs,
then the target organ will

450) Hormone responsible for the control of the development of secondary sexual characters in females is

451) Hassall’s bodies/corpuscles are present in

452) The Leydig cells or …A… cells which are present in …B… . Spaces produce a group of hormone called
androgens mainly …C…
Choose the correct option for A, B and C

453) I. Insulin II. Epinephrine
III. Oestradiol IV. Norepinephrine
V. Testosterone VI. Glucagon
Which of the above hormones are amino acid derivatives?

454) Oestrogen and testosterone are steroid hormones, and are the most likely bind to

455) Which one of the following pituitary hormones does not have a target organ to act upon?

456) CCK acts on

457) In females the …A... induces the ovulation of fully mature follicle called …B... and maintain the …C… formed
from remnants of the Graafian follicle after ovulation. Select the correct combination in reference to the
above given statement

458) Which of the following are heterocine glands
I. Thyroid II. Parathyroid
III. Ovary IV. Testis
V. Pituitary VI. Pancreas
Choose the correct option

459) Progesterone pill helps in preventing pregnancy by not allowing

460) Parathyroid hormone is a

461) How many Islets of Langerhans are present in normal human pancreas?

462) Depict the correct line of the hormone

463) Diabetes mellitus takes place only when

464) Major roles of thymus gland in humans is/are

465) The hydrophilic hormones interact with …A… . While the hydrophobic hormones interact with …B…
Choose the correct option for A and B

466) Melatonin is secreted by

467) ‘ANF’ is

468) The formation of egg and sperm is affected by

469) Pituitary gland is divided into

470) Pigmentation of skin in humans is maintained by

471) Storing and release of vasopressin and oxytocin is done by

472) Gluconeogenesis, lipolysis and proteolysis processes are stimulated by

473) Hypothalamus releases two types of hormones mainly

474) Pair of ovary located …… of female (human)

475) Hormone responsible for the secretion of milk after parturition is

476) Insulin and glucagon are transported to target organ by

477) The ‘amino acid derivative’ among the following hormone is

478) GIP (Gastric Inhibitory Peptide)

479) Absorption of water in DCT is controlled by

480) Which of the following given organs are influenced by activity of PTH?
The option containing all correct answers is
I. Kidney II. Bone
III. Muscle IV. Intestine
V. Brain

481) Select the incorrect option

482) Compared to a bull, a bullock is docile because of

483) Which of the following are identical?

484) Identify the four major hormones of GI tract. Out of the list given below
I. Gastrin
II. Secretin
III. Cholecystokinin
The correct option is

485) Which of the following is the largest gland in an adult man?

486) The posterior pituitary is under the

487) Pars intermedia is a part of

488) Which one of the following pair correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency?

489) The releasing hormones are produced by

490) Which gland atrophies in adult?

491) Identify which of the following are endocrine glands?
I. Liver
II. Gastric gland
III. Pituitary gland
IV. Thyroid
Choose the correct option

492) Prostaglandins are
I. fatty in nature
II. proteinaceous in nature
III. steroidal in nature
IV. glycoproteinaccous in nature
Choose the correct option

493) Which of the following is an accumulation and release centre of neurohormones?

494) Erythropoietin

495) Small amount of …A… steroids are also secreted by …B… . Cortex which play a role in the growth of axial
hair, pubic hair and facial hair during puberty.
Choose the correct combination for A and B

496) Oxytocin and vasopressin is stored and released by

497) Glucocorticoids are the corticoids which

498) Hormone receptors are present

499) Goiter can occur as a consequence of all the following except

500) ADH deficiency shows which of the following condition?

501) Which one affects liver, muscle and adipose tissue?

502) Hormones released by the neurosecretory cells in hypothalamus regulate the …A… gland. Mainly the
neurosecretory hormones are of B… type
Here A and B refers to

503) Which of the following statements is correct regarding hypothalamic control of pituitary function?

504) Diabetes is characterised by
I. Polyuria II. Polydipsia
III. Polyphagia IV. Hyperglycemia
V. Glycosuria VI. Ketosis
VII. Acidosis VII. Coma
The option with correct characters is

505) Which of the following two hormones are essential for induced breeding of fishes?

506) Which of the following statements are true/false
I. Calcitonin regulates the metabolism of calcium.
II. Oxytocin stimulates contraction of uterine muscles during birth.
III. Grave’s disease is caused by malfunctioning of adrenal gland.
IV. ADH stimulates absorption of water and increase the urine production.

507) Amino acid derivative hormone is

508) I. Sleep-wake cycle II. Body temperature
III. Pigmentation IV. Metabolism
V. Defence capability
All of the above written activities are influenced/regulated by

509) Which of the following diseases is not related to thyroid gland?

510) Which of the following is true for the effect of steroid hormone?

511) A person passes much urine and drinks much water but his blood glucose level is normal. This condition
may be the result of

512) Volume of urine is regulated by

513) The source of somatostain is same as that of

514) Cell division, protein synthesis, growth of muscle, growth of bones are regulated by

515) Which hormone is secreted in woman if pregnancy has occurred?

516) Disorder related with thyroid gland is

517) The hormone which regulates sleep-wake cycle in man is

518) Which of the following is not true for hormones?

519) Thymosin hormone is secreted by

520) Muscular tetany can be caused by deficiency of

521) Which of the following are the symptoms of hypersecretion of insulin?
I. Hypoglycemia II. Sweating
III. Irritability IV. Glycosuria
Option with correct combination is

522) Function of thyroxine hormone is

523) Identify from the following, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in both males and females but
functional only in females

524) Cortisol is involved in

525) Chemical disturbance in hormone secretion of thyroid gland causes

526) The smallest endocrine gland is

527) Which of the following is not paired correctly?

528) Acromegaly is due to hypersecretion of a hormone secreted from

529) Which one of the following is anti abortion hormone?

530) Which of the following hormones have the direct effect on BP (Blood Pressure)?
I. Thymosin II. PRL
III. MSH IV. Adrenaline
V. Non-adrenaline
Select the option containing the correct pair

531) A child with a weak immune system. Which of the following gland could be the cause of the problem?

532) Development of epididymis, vas deference, seminal vesicles, prostate glands and urethra is controlled by

533) The estrogen is synthesised and secreted mainly by growing …A… . After ovulation the ruptured follicle is
converted to a structure called …B… which secretes …C… . Choose the correct option for A, B and C

534) Chemicals which are synthesized by one organism and affect the behaviour of another member of the
same species, are called

535) PTH is a

536) I. Low metabolic rate
II. Increase in body weight
III. Tendency to retain water in tissue
Which of the following disease shows the above given symptoms?

537) I. Hypothyroidism causes irregularity of menstrual cycle
II. Hyperthyroidism adversely affects the body physiology
III. Hypothyroidism cause cretinism
IV. Hypothyroidism causes goitre
Which of the above statements are correct?
Choose the correct option

538) I. Increased alertness
II. Pupillary dilation
III. Raising of hairs
IV. Sweating
All of the above written physiological processes are regulated by

539) Pancreas acts as

540) Receptor hormone complex is formed when, the binding of

541) I. aldosterone
II. norephinephrine
III. Sexcorticoids
IV. Mineralocorticoids
V. Glucocorticoids
Among the given hormone those anti inflammatory effects are

542) Invertebrates possess very …A… endocrine systems with …B… hormones, whereas …C… number of
chemicals act as hormones and provide coordination in the vertebrates
Here A to C refers to

543) Gastrin acts on …A… gland and …B… the secretion of HCl and …C… . Choose the correct combination. Here
A, B and C refers to

544) The adrenal medulla secretes two hormones called adrenaline or …A… and noradrenaline or …B… . These
are commonly called as …C… . Adrenaline and noradrenaline are rapidly secreted in response to stress of
any kind and during …D… situations and are called emergency hormones or hormones of fight or flight.
Identify A to D and choose the correct option

545) Name the hormone that stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

546) Diabetic patients are successfully treated by

547) Conn’s syndrome happens due to

548) Prolonged hyperglycemia leads to

549) I. ACTH II. GH
V. LH VI. Oxytocin
Which of the above hormones are polypeptide or proteinaceous in nature?
Choose the correct option

550) Which is correct regarding the functions of posterior pituitary gland?

551) Spermatogenesis is under the regulatory influence of

552) Which statement is correct about the thyroid gland?

553) Each receptor is …A… to one hormone only and hence, receptors are …B… . Hormone receptor complex
formation leads to certain biochemical changes in the …C… . Choose the option containing correct
combination of A, B and C

554) Metamorphosis in frog is fastened by

555) The main mineralocorticoid in human is

556) Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?

557) Chromophil cells are found in

558) Which gland secretes the most kind of hormones?

559) Adrenals are located above

560) Diagram of previous question indicates the mechanism of

561) Previous questions diagram represents the mechanism of

562) A pair of testis are present in the …… of humans (male)

563) Immune response of old age person becomes weak due to the degeneration of ……. gland

564) Epinephrine, on basis of its chemical nature, is a/an

565) Secretion of PTH is regulated by the circulating levels of …… in blood

566) Hormones which interact with intracellular receptors are
I. Steroid hormones
IIII. Iodothyronines
Choose the option with correct combination

567) Polydipsia means …A…
Polyphagia means …B…
Glycosuria means …C…
Choose the correct option for A, B and C

568) Parathormone is secreted during

569) Vasopressin stimulates reabsorption of water and reduction of urine secretion. Hence, vasopressin is
otherwise called

570) During emergency which of the following hormone is secreted?

571) I. GH
VI. Oxytocin
Which of the above hormones are release by anterior lobe of pituitary?

572) Steroid hormones work as

573) Name the hormone that has no role in menstruation.

574) Number of parathyroid glands present on the back side of thyroid gland is

575) Aldosterone is secreted by

576) Rapid increase in the blood sugar level of a patient can be immediately reduced by

577) Due to this swelling around eyes, and large and popping eye balls are observed in an individual who has

578) In males, LH stimulates the synthesis and secretion of hormones called

579) Refer the following features.
I. Adenohypophysis produces gonadotropins.
II. Besides sex cells, hormones are also produced by testis and ovary.
III. Testosterone is produced by Leydig’s cells.
IV.Oestrogen is produced by ovary.
Which of the above factors influence secondary sexual characters?

580) BMR is controlled by

581) If ADH level of blood is less then

582) Congenital removal of thyroid will cause

583) Different colours of frog’s skin are controlled by

584) Find the correctly matched pair

585) Hormones produce their effect on target tissue by binding to specific proteins called as

586) Ovary produces

587) If the pituitary gland of an adult rat is surgically removed, which of the following endocrine glands will be
less affected?

588) Hormones provides coordination in

589) A ten year old child, in whom anterior pituitary function is deficient, is likely to

590) Moulting hormone is secreted by

591) Which of the following hormones of the human body regulate blood calcium and phosphate?

592) I. Regulation of BMR
II. Supports the process of RBC formation
III. Controls the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat
IV. Maintenance of water and electrolyte balance
V. Secretion of TCT hormone
Function written above belong to which of the following gland

593) Foetal ejection reflex in human female is induced by

594) Goitre disorder is due to the deficiency of

595) Intracellular receptors are mostly

596) The abbreviation TSH stands for

597) Parathormone is responsible for

598) Accumulation and release centre of pituitary gland hormones is

599) Gland responsible for calcium metabolism is

600) Which of the following is both exocrine and endocrine gland?

601) BMR of normal adult is

602) Proinsulin is a

603) The Leydig’s cells secrete

604) Hormone which is responsible for contraction of uterus is

605) Progesterone

606) Heterocrine glands are the glands, which

607) In humans, testis functions as

608) I. Rapid transmission of nerve impulse
II. Slower transmission and slow acting
III. Pathway is specific
IV. Pathway is not specific
From the given statements identify the statements belongs to endocrine system and choose the correct

609) Due to deficiency of which hormone, bones becomes weak in female?

610) Pineal gland secretes

611) Adrenaline and noradrenaline are hormones that act as

612) Pituitary gland is also called
I. smallest endocrine and gland
II. master endocrine gland
III. hypophysis
Choose the correct combination

613) The macromineral essential for the formation of insulin is

614) Addison’s disease results from

615) The chemical nature of hormones secreted by α and δ cells of pancreas is

616) Which of the following is discovered by Kendall?

617) ANF has exactly opposite function of which of hormone secreted

618) The hormones that initiates ejection of milk, stimulates milk production and growth of ovarian follicles are
respectively known as

619) Hormone which interact with membrane bound receptors normally

620) The condition in which the potassium level are increased is known as

621) Corticoids are the hormones, which are secreted by

622) Somatostatin from hypothalamus gland4

623) Pineal gland is located on the

624) Hormone prolactin is secreted by

625) Insufficient quantities of antidiuretic hormone in blood lead to

626) A hormone, secreted by the endocrinal cells of duodenal mucosa which influence the release of pancreatic
juice, is

627) Steroid hormones easily pass through the plasma membrane by simple diffusion because they

628) The hormone responsible for fight, fright and flight response is

629) Functions of oxytocin is/are

630) I. Autocrine hormones
II. Endocrine hormones
III. Paracrine hormones
Among them which one is/are local regulator and don’t travels through blood?

631) Select the iodinated form of tyrosine amino acid from given options

632) Somatostatin

633) Gastroinhibitory polypeptide is released/secreted by

634) Human chorionic gonadotrophin is secreted by

635) Toxic agents, present in food which interfere with thyroxine synthesis, lead to development of

636) Which one of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?

637) Cholecystokinin is secreted by

638) Steroid hormone is derived from

639) Hypothalamus contains several group of neurosecretory cells called

640) Androgens are secreted by

641) Glucagon is

642) Which hormone acts on the exocrine part of pancreas and stimulates secretion of water and bicarbonate

643) Corpus luteum secretes

644) Hormones originating in the hypothalamic neurons, pass through …A… and are released from their …B…
endings. These hormones reach the …C… gland through a …D… circulatory system and regulate the
functions of the …E… pituitary
Select the correct combination of A, B and C in reference to above paragraph

645) Hypothalamus is the

646) Endocrine glands are also called

647) Steroid hormones typically alters the activity of target cells by

648) ADH regulates the permeability of

649) Which one of the following is the hormone of adrenal medulla?

650) Statement 1: Diabetes insipidus is marked by excessive urination and too much thirst of water
Statement 2: ADH is secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary

651) Statement 1: Diabetes insipidus is marked by excessive urination and too much thirst of water.
Statement 2: Antidiuratic hormone (ADH) is secreted by the posterior lobe of pituitary.

652) Statement 1: Our body secretes adrenaline in intense cold.
Statement 2: Adrenaline raises metabolic rate