Practice Test

Q1) Co-repressor is a: Show Answer

Q2) Reverse transcription was discovered by: Show Answer

Q3) In the Operon concept, the regulator gene regulates chemical reactions in the cell by: Show Answer

Q4) Central dogma of cytogenetics is: Show Answer

Q5) In an E. coli according to Operon concept, an operator gene combines with: Show Answer

Q6) Exons and introns are parts of: Show Answer

Q7) Eukaryotes have: Show Answer

Q8) According to Operon concept, regulator gene form: Show Answer

Q9) Which virus has a double stranded RNA? Show Answer

Q10) In lysogenic cycle, the virus is: Show Answer

Q11) In bacteria, exchange of genetic material between two different cells is brought by the process of: Show Answer

Q12) Phage host represents: Show Answer

Q13) Regulated unit of genetic material is called: Show Answer

Q14) A retrovirus is: Show Answer

Q15) Bacteriophages are: Show Answer

Q16) Provirus differs from prophage with regard to: Show Answer

Q17) Which virus has a rod shaped structure? Show Answer

Q18) Oncogenic viruses are harmful in: Show Answer

Q19) Which of the following viruses have been extensively used to fuse cells in tissue culture: Show Answer

Q20) Thalessemia is an example of: Show Answer

Q21) Who found occurrence of sexuality in bacteria? Show Answer

Q22) Operon consists of following: Show Answer

Q23) Restriction enzymes are used in genetic engineering because: Show Answer

Q24) Wild type E.coli cells are growing in a normal medium with glucose. They are transferred to medium containing only lactose as the sugar. Which one of the following changes take place? Show Answer

Q25) An environmental agent that triggers transcription from an operon is a: Show Answer

Q26) The lac operon is an example of: Show Answer

Q27) In split genes, the coding sequences are called: Show Answer

Q28) In case of cyanobacteria: Show Answer

Q29) The sequence of structural genes of Lac operon is: Show Answer

Q30) Which virus has a single stranded DNA: Show Answer

Q31) Resistance to antibiotics is a genetic trait that spreads naturally from one type of bacterium to: Show Answer

Q32) Reverse transcriptase is: Show Answer

Q33) Transduction in bacteria is mediated by: Show Answer

Q34) The nuclease enzymes which begins its attack from a free end of a polynucleotide: Show Answer

Q35) Normally, DNA molecule has A-T, G-C pairing. However these bases can exist in alternative, valency consistent status, owing to rearrangement called: Show Answer

Q36) When DNA is exchanged between two bacteria via cytoplasmic bridges, the process is called: Show Answer

Q37) In general, bacterial genes are regulated at the time of: Show Answer

Q38) The activity of a repressor depends on whether: Show Answer

Q39) In gene therapy, DNA is inserted in a cell to compensate for: Show Answer

Q40) A gene carried by recombinant DNA is cloned when: Show Answer

Q41) A piece of nucleic acid used to find a gene, by forming a hybrid with it, is called as: Show Answer

Q42) Which of these viruses has DNA that occurs in both linear form and circular form? Show Answer

Q43) Palindromic sequence are recognized by enzymes: Show Answer

Q44) Which of the following is a palindromic sequence of nucleotides? Show Answer

Q45) Which is not an oncogenic virus? Show Answer

Q46) Restriction enzymes are nucleases and: Show Answer

Q47) Which is must for genetic engineering? Show Answer

Q48) Restriction endonuclease enzymes (RE) also called microscissors are widely used in genetic engineering. They cleave up foreign DNA at specific sites. These enzymes are synthesized by: Show Answer

Q49) Restriction endonuclease are enzymes discovered by Arber and Mathani (1962) and obtained from bacteria only. They are used as microscissors in genetic engineering. They recognise specific sequence of bases at a particular site, usually 4-6 base pairs and: Show Answer

Q50) Sticky ends of DNA strand are: Show Answer

Q51) Eli Lilly and Co. is famous for: Show Answer

Q52) Callus and cancer both are undifferentiated mass of cells formed by uncontrolled mitosis. They differ as: Show Answer

Q53) One important consequence of interference of gene expression by another gene may be: Show Answer

Q54) In the Tryptophan operon, Tryptophan acts as: Show Answer

Q55) Enzymes required at the time e.g., for respiration are called: Show Answer

Q56) Two scientists working in Pasteur Institute proposed a gene action model and got Nobel Prize in 1965. Names: Show Answer

Q57) The gene which increases the frequency of mutation in other genes is called: Show Answer

Q58) There is no masking in expression of genes in Neurospora, because it: Show Answer

Q59) Human growth hormone is now produced in large quantities by recombinant DNA technology. The previous source of this hormone, for treating pituitary dwarf, was: Show Answer

Q60) How does gene expression occur in prokaryotes? Show Answer

Q61) A community of similar individuals living a circumscribed area at a given time and capable of interbreeding is called: Show Answer

Q62) A split gene is: Show Answer

Q63) Gene expression in eukaryotes at a time never exceeds: Show Answer

Q64) Retroviruses are implicated as a cause for cancer in humans because they: Show Answer

Q65) When lactose is present: Show Answer

Q66) Introns occurs in: Show Answer

Q67) According to 1991 figures, about how many human genes have been mapped? Show Answer

Q68) Lac, operon of E. coli contains in continuity: Show Answer

Q69) Bacterial resistance to antibiotic is a genetic trait carried in the bacterial: Show Answer

Q70) In a tryptophan operon model, formation of tryptophan is restricted by: Show Answer

Q71) How many types of the genes the Lac operon model includes: Show Answer

Q72) In a lac-operon model, the addition of lactose induces the synthesis of: Show Answer

Q73) A collection of clones (genetically similar cells/organisms) having recombinant DNA is called: Show Answer

Q74) Hybrids are often superior to either parents due to: Show Answer

Q75) Dr. Hargobind Khorana has been awarded Nobels prize for research on: Show Answer

Q76) Two strains of bacterial suspensions are separated from one another with the help of bacteria proof glass filters, which of the following process would not occur? Show Answer

Q77) Each codon present on m-RNA and anticodon present in t-RNA is composed of: Show Answer

Q78) Which of the following unit is unrelated to DNA or gene? Show Answer

Q79) The basis for DNA finger printing is: Show Answer

Q80) The Nobel prize of physiology and medicine in 1989 was awarded to: Show Answer

Q81) The recent techinque used for separating fragments of DNA is: Show Answer

Q82) Genes that are involved in turning on or off the transcription on a set of genes are called: Show Answer

Q83) Why is recombinant DNA technology called genetic engineering? Show Answer

Q84) Another popular name of recombinant technology is: Show Answer

Q85) Enzyme which acts like a scissor in genetic engineering is: Show Answer

Q86) A vector is used to carry foreign DNA in genetic engineering. Which one of the following is used as vector? Show Answer

Q87) The most novel vector having 2 sites for RE enzymes are: Show Answer

Q88) Restriction enzymes have been found in: Show Answer

Q89) Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched? Show Answer

Q90) A restriction enzymes breaks bonds between the: Show Answer

Q91) The sub branch of genetic engineering through which disorders are treated is called Gene Therapy. The father of biochemical disorder is: Show Answer

Q92) The Eco-RI enzymes is obtained from: Show Answer

Q93) The DNA whose genes are to be transferred is multiplied through bacterial DNA (vectro or vehicle or carrier to DNA) in genetic engineering. This DNA is called: Show Answer

Q94) Gene which is responsible for synthesis of polypeptide chain is called: Show Answer

Q95) An envelope surrounds the virus in: Show Answer

Q96) During lytic cycle, viral DNA is not affected by nucleases produced by it as: Show Answer

Q97) Restriction endonucleases ECO RI cleaves palindrome site of DNA duplex at: Show Answer

Q98) Which of the following organelles is associated with genetic engineering? Show Answer

Q99) Plants that receive the foreign genes through genetic engineering are called: Show Answer

Q100) A cell coded protein that is formed in response to infection with most animal viruses is called: Show Answer

Q101) Which of the following pairs is correctly matched? Show Answer

Q102) Viruses like herpes virus, Epstein-Barr virus, AIDS, HIV resemble each in being: Show Answer

Q103) AIDS is characterised by: Show Answer

Q104) A sequential expression of a set of human genes occurs, when a steroid molecule binds to the: Show Answer

Q105) During transcription, RNA polymerase holoenzyme binds to a gene promoter and assumes a saddle like structure. What is it's DNA binding sequence? Show Answer

Q106) How do the proto-oncogenes changed to oncogenes? Show Answer

Q107) Which is the initial step in m-RNA maturation process? Show Answer

Q108) The central dogma of protein synthesis in teminism is: Show Answer

Q109) Which of the following correctly defines a transgenic animal: Show Answer

Q110) There are special proteins that help to open up DNA double helix infront of the replication fork. These proteins are: Show Answer

Q111) Exonucleases cleaving nucleotides one at a time from the end of the polynucleotide chain are: Show Answer

Q112) Complete transduction is: Show Answer

Q113) Genetic engineering is possible because: Show Answer

Q114) Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are: Show Answer

Q115) At the time of organogenesis genes regulate the process at different levels and a different time due to: Show Answer

Q116) In Negative operon: Show Answer

Q117) Restriction enzymes: Show Answer

Q118) Process of introduction of foreign gene far improving genotype is called: Show Answer

Q119) Which one of the following makes use of RNA as a template to synthesize DNA? Show Answer

Q120) In E. coli, during lactose metabolism repressor binds to: Show Answer

Q121) The genes are responsible for the growth and differentiation in living organisms through the regulation of: Show Answer

Q122) Which of the following is specifically used in genetic engineering? Show Answer

Q123) Restriction endonucleases: Show Answer

Q124) DNA finger printing refers to: Show Answer

Q125) What kind of evidence suggested that man is more closely related with chimpanzee than with other hominoid apes? Show Answer

Q126) In transgenics, expression of transgene in target tissue is determined by: Show Answer

Q127) The Ti plasmid, is often used for making transgenic plants. This plasmid is found in: Show Answer

Q128) The most likely reason for the development of resistance against pesticides in insect damaging a crop is: Show Answer

Q129) Supercoiled DNA can be traced in: Show Answer

Q130) Phosphorus is present in: Show Answer

Q131) In a given DNA segment ATG, ACC, AGG, ACC, CCA, ACA, the first base gets mutated. The effects of this on coding by this DNA segment will result in: Show Answer

Q132) Okazaki fragments are joined in a correct sequence by: Show Answer

Q133) In the lac operon, the structural genes are switched off when: Show Answer

Q134) In lac operon structural gene 'z' is responsible for the synthesis of the enzyme: Show Answer

Q135) When lactose is added to the culture of E. coli, a few of its molecules get into the cells with the help of: Show Answer

Q136) In the lac operon model, lactose molecules function a is: Show Answer

Q137) Protein synthesis in an animal cell occurs: Show Answer

Q138) E. coli cells with a mutated z gene of the lac operon cannot grow in medium containing only lactose as the source of energy because: Show Answer

Q139) Intron transcripts in heterogenous nuclear RNA (hn-RNA) are removed and exon transcripts are joined together under the direction of protein complexes. These complexes are: Show Answer

Q140) In regulation of gene expression in prokarytoes:
(a) Lactose acts as the suppressor for gene expression
(b) Tryptophan acts as the inducer for gene expression
(c) Regulator gene is the one that produces the repressor molecule Show Answer

Q141) Which of the following acts as genetic material in retro viruses? Show Answer

Q142) The term genome is used for: Show Answer

Q143) Select correct one: Show Answer

Q144) Regulation of gene activity is carried out by: Show Answer

Q145) In lac operon model, the correct sequence of genes is: Show Answer

Q146) The phenomenon by which the phage DNA exists as part of the host DNA is called: Show Answer

Q147) In operon model, regulator gene functions as: Show Answer

Q148) Genes involved in turning on and off of structural genes are: Show Answer

Q149) Lac operon is related to: Show Answer

Q150) According to the operon concept, the regulator gene regulates chemical reactions in the cell by: Show Answer

Q151) The modern concept of gene is that it is: Show Answer

Q152) Identify the true statements -
I. Pullorum disease of poultry is caused by virus.
II. Drones are produced by parthenogenesis.
III. Heterosis or hybrid vigour is the phenotypic superiority of the hybrid over either of its parents in one or more traits.
IV. A clone contains and expresses genetically engineered gene known as transgene.
V. Cross breeding is practised to develop homozygous pureline. Show Answer