Practice Test

1) The population of Homo sapiens was 453 millions in:

2) The average annual birth rate per 1000 individuals in developing conuntries is:

3) Causes of uneven distribution of world's population in various regions may be due to:

4) Major area of population concentration in the world are:

5) Density of a population in a given country is obtained by:

6) The population density of Netherland is higher than that of India because of:

7) High population concentration of India is due to the:

8) Very dense population of Indo-Gangetic plains is due to the:

9) Some densely populated cities like Durgapur and Bhilai came up recently as a result of:

10) Most of the world's largest cities are found at the coastal locations primarily due to the:

11) Demography is the study of:

12) The term biotic potential means:

13) Basic cause of continued urban growth is due to the:

14) Increasing urbanization causes:

15) The biosphere consists of interaction ecological functional units called:

16) Agriculture and urbanization are two examples of man's capacity to create new:

17) Middle phase of population growth curve is a phase of:

18) A population can growth exponentially:

19) The best way to decrease population of a country is:

20) The main factor for the growth of human population in India is:

21) The prenatal diagnostic technique is known as:

22) At the current rate of growth, human population is doubling itself every:

23) The carrying capacity is represented by:

24) What is popular name of IVF?

25) Most thickly populated country of the world is:

26) Most thinly populated country of the world is:

27) Most thickly populated state of India is:

28) The environmental resistance means:

29) Fertilization of ovum may be prevented by:

30) Which of biologically responsible for the sex of the child?

31) A contraceptive pill contains:

32) According to 1991 census human population was:

33) A contraceptive pill prevents ovulation by:

34) Which mechanical device to control child birth is fitted on the cervix?

35) Laparoscopy means:

36) Mothers nurse the foetus in womb for:

37) According to 1991 census, urban population of India is about:

38) At present world population is increasing at the rate of:

39) Rapid decline in a population due to high mortality rate is:

40) Growth of population of an area depends upon:

41) The physiological capacity of a species of animals to produce that progeny in the absence of natural enemies, disease or other inhibiting factors is:

42) The concept that "population tends to increase geometrically while food supply increase arithmetically" was put forward by:

43) In India, human population is heavily weighed towards the younger age groups as a result of:

44) Which mechanical means is used to cover the penis before coital activity?

45) The best way to control population is:

46) An IUCD is:

47) Surgical removal of testes of males to control the population is:

48) A permanent method of birth control is:

49) Saheli, a female antifertility pill is used:

50) Which of the following is 100% effective method of birth control?

51) In the past, to control population, Family Planning Department has been advocating:

52) Government-sponsored "Family Planning Programme" started in:

53) Chemical method of birth control involves the use of:

54) A contraceptive can be:

55) Which of the following is a mechanical device of birth control?

56) A sterilization technique is:

57) In 1991, India population was:

58) The 1991 census of population in India indicates:

59) In India, marriageable age for females is:

60) Which of the following is involved in test-tube baby production?

61) Amniocentesis can reveal foetus's:

62) In amniocentesis:

63) Which of the following is pre-natal diagnostic technique?

64) Test-tube baby is the one:

65) Pre-natal defects in the foetus can be detected by:

66) In India there is decline in female population as compared to males. This is because of:

67) Which of the following causes the storage of fat in the liver?

68) Depression in the activities of central nervous system may be caused by:

69) Which of the follwing is not a derivative of opium?

70) Which of the following is not obtained from Cannabis indica?

71) The drug extracted from Ergot fungus is:

72) Which of the following drugs is responsible for production of an abnormal foetus?

73) Consumption of alcohol causes:

74) LSD is obtained from:

75) Morphine is obtained from:

76) Barbiturates and Valium are:

77) Which of the following is most harmful derivative of opium?

78) Tobacco smoke contains:

79) Neuritis is an inflammation of:

80) Mental health is influenced by:

81) Barbitrurates are extensively used as:

82) The most important organ damaged by alcohol is:

83) A severe type of mental illness in which patients lose touch with reality is known as:

84) Bhang, charas, marijuana and hashish are obtained from:

85) The continuous and excessive intake of alcohol causes:

86) Which of the following diseases are included under global immunisation programme launched by WHO?

87) Which of the following compounds can alter a person's thoughts, feelings and perceptions?

88) Seizure is condition of:

89) Paralysis agitans was discovered by:

90) ECT is:

91) Mental diseases can be treated by:

92) The universal immunisation programme was launched in:

93) Global Immunisation Programme was started in:

94) Project Pulse Polio is concerned with:

95) Any drug which is taken intravenously is called:

96) Select the vitamin deficiency reported in an alcoholic:

97) Ciliotoxin present in tobacco smoke is:

98) Most serious form of mental illness is:

99) Nicotine derived from tobacco plant is:

100) Any chemical which causes loss of sensation is:

101) Tobacco smoke causes inflammation of lung alveoli and causes:

102) In an alcoholic, urine is generally:

103) Which of the following chemicals is derived from urea melonic acid and used in inducing sleep?

104) Select the correct statement from the ones gives below:

105) Which of the following does not directly affect biotic potential?

106) Woman plays a greater role in procreaction than man (woman is biologically superior to man) because she:

107) "Brown sugar is the commonly used name for":

108) The source of morphine is:

109) BCG vaccine is against:

110) Parkinsonism is due to defective neurotransmitter in brain:

111) Which one of the following is correct match:

112) GIFT is:

113) Drug thalidomide result in:

114) LSD is:

115) THC is associated with:

116) Marijuana is extracted from:

117) In the production of test tube babies:

118) Two opposite foreces operate in the growth and development of every population. One of them relates to the ability to reproduce at a given rate. The force opposing it is called:

119) Which one of the following matching part of a drug and its category?

120) Test tube baby means a baby born when:

121) July 11 is observed as:

122) The first case of IVF-ET technique success, was reported by:

123) Loss of forests, urbanization and increasing pollution are due to:

124) Ability of produce maximum offsprings is:

125) One of the following is also called 'Sewall Wright' effect:

126) Which of the following is a mechanical barrier used in birth control:

127) Certain characteristic demographic features of developing countries are:

128) Which one of the following depresses brain activity and produces feelings of calmness, relaxation and drowsiness?

129) Who stated that human population grows geometrically?

130) In 2003 population of India is expected to cross:

131) Female infanticide is commonly reported from:

132) In a population, the condition at which the rate of addition of new members is more than the rate of individuals lost indicates:

133) Ratio between mortality and natality is:

134) Which of the following is a technique of direct introduction of gametes into the oviduct?

135) Zero growth means:

136) The physiological capacity to produce offsprings is called:

137) Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

138) Which one of the following is a matching pair of a drug and its category?

139) Aspirin is a / an:

140) A young drug addict used to show symptoms of depressed brain activity, feeling of calmness, relaxation and drowsiness. Possibly he was taking:

141) Natality is the characteristic of a population which means:

142) If birth rate is 100, death rate is 10 and number of individual in populataion group is 1000, then what will be the percentage of natural growth rate?

143) In which of the following disorder, person will become hypersensitive about one's look?

144) Neurasthenia refers to:

145) Diacetyl morphine is commonly known as:

146) Homo sapiens sapiens appeared around fifty thousand years ago from archaic Homo sapiens that existed between:

147) What was approximate human population in 1700 AD?

148) The maximum population size that can be supported by environment is called maximum carrying capacity. It depends upon:

149) The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is termed sustainable development. It encourages:

150) Average annual growth rate (in per cent) is calculated as:

151) What is the current rate of growth for India?

152) Which of the following is most populous country?

153) The difference between the number of birth and that of death is the:

154) First human population explosion took place due to:

155) Complications of pregnancy, child birth and unsafe abortions are the major causes of death of women between the age of:

156) Adolescence is marked by:

157) Adolescents, especially late developers, often suffer from anxiety and a psychosomatic disorder called:

158) Which of the following is a psychological disorder?

159) Schizophrenia is characterised by:

160) Interaction of alcohol and aspirin if consumed together is:

161) Opiate narcotics are used for:

162) Drug which induce to dreamy state of consciousness is:

163) Our growth rate has increased dramatically, which is most appropriate explanation?

164) Which of the following is most well known synthetic teratogen?