Practice Test

1) The adult human skeleton consists of about _____ bones

2) What are the two parts of skeleton?

3) In which body cavity does RBC production take place?

4) What is the main function of skeleton?

5) Bones act as store house of

6) Which two parts form human endoskeleton?

7) How many bones are present in human axial skeleton?

8) How many bones are present in human skull?

9) Human skull is

10) Which important organ is protected by skull?

11) Which is the movable bone of skull?

12) _____ bone helps in opening and closing of the mouth.

13) Human vertebral column shows how many curvatures?

14) How many vertebrae are there in cervical region?

15) How many vertebrae are present in thoracic region?

16) Vertebral column is also called

17) Human vertebral column consists of a chain of ______ vertebrae.

18) Thoracic cage of man consists of

19) The last two pair of ribs are called

20) Sternum is divided into the following three parts

21) Appendicular skeleton consists of ______ bones

22) Human hand is made up of

23) Number of bones in forelimb and hind limb is the same. It is

24) Find the non - matching pair

25) Number of ribs present in man is

26) Total number of bones in your right arm is

27) Os- innominate or os-coxal is formed by the fusion of

28) In human, coccyx is formed by the fusion of _____ vertebrae

29) Dagger shaped bone present in the human skeleton is

30) Xiphoid process occurs in

31) In man the coccygeal bone is found in the

32) Sella turcica is the

33) In mammals, the lower jaw is made of

34) Half of pelvic girdle is known as

35) Number of bones present in human cranium is

36) Human vertebral column shows

37) In mammals, lower jaw is made of

38) Thoracic region of mammals has______ vertebrae

39) Intervertebral disc is made up of

40) Locomotion refers to the

41) Locomotion in man is

42) Movement from one place to another place is called as

43) By which movement does food move in the intestine?

44) Contraction and relaxation of heart is controlled by

45) Movement in amoeba is performed by

46) Which of the following movements in man are directly concerned with locomotion?

47) Study of structure and function of various joints is called

48) During parturition, which joint allow a smooth movement of foetus?

49) Joints between the bones of skull are called

50) Which of the following joints does not provide any movement?

51) Pubic symphysis is

52) Fibrous joints are

53) Syndesmosis is a

54) The line of fusion at joint in skull is called

55) In newborn, rooffing bones of skull leave six gapes called

56) Suture joint are present between

57) Fibrous joints are present between

58) Peg and socket joint is

59) _____ is /are examples of fibrous joints

60) Suture joint are present between frotal bone and parietal bones is called

61) Suture present between two parietal suture is called

62) Suture present between parietal and occipital bones is called

63) Which suture is present between temporal and parietal bones?

64) Suture are

65) Immovable joints are also called

66) Joints between human skull bones are

67) Gomphosis joints are found

68) Mammalian teeth are

69) The joint of pubic symphysis is an example of

70) The joint between sternum and ribs is

71) Which joint protects spinal cord from mechanical injury?

72) Tendons connect

73) In the ball and socket joint, the friction of two bones is reduced by

74) Syndesmosis connect two bones, e.g

75) Slightly movable joints are also called

76) Inter - phalangeal joints are also called

77) Saddle joint occurs in the region of

78) Pubic symphysis is a/ an ______ joint

79) The epiphysis and diaphysis joints of long bones are called

80) Synchondrosis is

81) Cartilaginous joints

82) _______ joints are also called synarthroses

83) The movable joints in human body are known as

84) What is the function of the synovial fluid?

85) Synovial fluid is present in

86) Which is the largest synovial joint?

87) Synovial joint are functioally called

88) A multiaxial joint is

89) Ball and socket joint is found in

90) When the head of humerus fits into glenoid cavity, then it is

91) Ball and socket joint moves in

92) The joint prone to sprain and dislocation is

93) In the ball and socket joint, the friction of the two bones is reduced by

94) Which of the following type of joint is present in the knee?

95) Which of the following is an example of hinge joint?

96) The type of wrist joint human is

97) Gliding joints are found

98) In synovial joints, the articular surface of bones are covered with

99) A synovial cavity is found in the

100) Condyloid joint occurs between

101) The functional role of synovial fluid is chiefly

102) An example of gliding joint is

103) Which type of joint is an elbow joint?

104) In synovial joints, the ends of bone are covered with

105) Knee joint is

106) The function of synovial fluid includes

107) _____ joint allow uniaxial movement

108) The joint between atlas and axis is

109) Inter- articulated discs are found in

110) Joint which permit free movement of bones are called

111) A bone is connected to another bone by

112) _____ joint allow non - axial movement

113) Which joint has evolutionary significance in human evolution?

114) Joints between carpals are

115) Saddle joint is present between the

116) Saddle joint allows ______ movement

117) Saddle joint resembles the ______ joint

118) Synchondrosis is located between

119) The joint in radius - ulna differ from that in tibia - fibula in

120) The pivot joint allows

121) Joint between atlas and axis is

122) The process that is over second cervical vertebra is termed as

123) Atlanto - occipital joint is between

124) The joint between 1st vertebra and 2nd vertebra is called

125) Head can be turned from side to side because of

126) Total number of muscles in human body are

127) Sarcomere is the distance between

128) Strongest muscle human body is found in

129) Which muscles do not get fatigued?

130) The functional unit of contractile system of a striated muscle is

131) Striated muscles are also called

132) Muscles used in straightening and bending limbs are called as ______ respectively.

133) Antagonistic muscles are

134) The biceps and triceps muscles are found in

135) When a muscle bend one part upon another, it is called

136) Bone formed by the ossification of tendons is called

137) Which part of the mammalian brain controls muscular coordination?

138) Origin of triceps is

139) Involuntary muscle movement brings about

140) Muscles causing movement of food in stomach are

141) Sudden, explosive and sustained contraction is possible in the case of

142) During inspiration what happens to the diaphragm?

143) Muscle that brings the limb towards midline is called

144) A part of muscle attached to the bone which does not move when the muscle contracts is called

145) Biceps are attached with

146) Striated muscles are connected to the bone by

147) The voluntary movement and locomotion depend upon the contraction power of

148) The function of the tendons is

149) A muscle that moves body part towards the body axis is known as

150) Biceps muscle connects humerus with

151) Triceps muscle joins ulna with

152) End of muscle attached to the moving bone of a joint is

153) _____ is also called a flexor muscle

154) To which muscles are flexors antagonistic?

155) During bending of an elbow, _____ contract and triceps relax.

156) Inflammation of joint is called

157) Which of the following is a muscle destroying diease?

158) Inflammation of synovial membrane is seen in

159) In gouty arthritis, which acid get deposited in the joints?

160) Osteoporosis is characterized by

161) Painful inflamed joints due to lack of synovial fluid result in

162) In old age, stiffness of joint is due to the

163) In women after menopause, lack of which hormone causes osteoporosis?

164) The study of bone is called

165) Which is not the function of skeleton?

166) Study of motion of human body is called

167) During locomotion, bones in the skeletal system act as

168) What is the function of fontanelles?

169) Which of the following is an example of fibrous joint?

170) Ellipsoidal joint is found between

171) Type of joint between the human skull bones is

172) The example of synarthrosis is

173) Which of the following joint is present between the pubic bones?

174) Which of the following muscles are under conscious control?

175) Peristalsis along the alimentary canal is due to the activity of

176) When we lift a heavy object

177) During muscle contraction

178) Abductors are antagonistic of

179) The rotation of the arm turning the palm upwards is called

180) Muscle, which brings about the movement of forelimb is

181) The scientific study of muscle is called

182) Cramp occurs due to

183) displacement of intervertebral disc result in

184) Hinge joint are found in

185) Substance that accumulates in a fatigued muscle is