Practice Test

1) At present there are about _________ animal phyla.

2) Out of the total animal phyla, the number of major phyla are

3) Out of the total animal phyla, the number of minor phyla are

4) Animals with vertebral column are called

5) How many of the non chordate phyla are triploblastic ?

6) Kingdom animalia has been divided into ________ subkingdoms.

7) There are about __________ animal species.

8) Which of the following is a non chordate character ?

9) Which of the following is the characteristic of a non chordate nerve cord ?

10) Which of the following is always absent in an adult chordate animal ?

11) A new animal was discovered. It had two pairs of limbs and a heart. It is most likely to be classified under the phylum

12) Diploblastic animals differ from triploblastic animals in the

13) Diploblastic animals has

14) Which of the following is absent in the germinal layers of diploblastic organisms ?

15) The diploblastic phylum is

16) The phylum Cnidaria contain organisms which are

17) The first animal phylum to show three germ layers is

18) The animal body plan showing aggregation of cells without division of labour is

19) The animal body plan which the food is ingested and egested from the same opening is

20) The animal body plan having a complete digestive system is

21) The animal body plan having an incomplete digestive system is

22) The members of which phylum have a single digestive opening ?

23) The animal body plan having two distinct digestive opening is

24) The first phylum to have a tube type of body plan is

25) How many animal phyla have a tube in a tube type of body plan ?

26) Absence of nervous co-ordination occurs between cells of an animal having ______ type of body plan.

27) In phylum _____ the cells do not form tissues or organs.

28) Mouth is formed before anus in

29) Anus is formed before mouth in

30) Symmetry means similarity in shape, size and number of parts on the opposite sides of a

31) Symmetry seen in many planes is

32) Symmetry seen in single plane is

33) Hydra shows

34) Fish, frog and humans show

35) Sponges and snails are

36) Starfish is

37) Which of the following pairs is mismatched ?

38) Body cavity or coelom is produced by the splitting of

39) The space between body wall and alimentary canal is filled with parenchymatous tissue in

40) Members of the phylum Platyhelminthes

41) The space between body wall and alimentry canal is lined by patches of mesodermal cells in

42) The cavity between body wall and alimentary canal is filled with coelomic fluid in

43) Coelomates are

44) In coelomates the body wall and alimentary canal both are lined by the layers of

45) When the coelom is filled with blood it is known as

46) Members of which phylum among the following have a false body cavity ?

47) Members of which phylum among the following have a true body cavity ?

48) Haemocoel is seen in the body of

49) The organisms having the following body pattern are known as

50) In metamerism,

51) Classical example showing metamerism is

52) Animal showing pseudometamerism is

53) How many phyla are included under non chordates ?

54) Phylum Porifera belongs to the sub-kingdom

55) The animal body plan of Porifera is

56) The simplest of all multicellular organisms belong to the phylum

57) Spot the CORRECT statement.

58) According to the type of body cavity, Poriferans are

59) Most sponges are

60) Which of the following statement about poriferans is NOT TRUE ?

61) Which of the following characters is UNTRUE for all Poriferans ?

62) The water inlet opening present on the body of Poriferans is

63) The openings present on the body of Poriferans, which act as an outlet of water are

64) The openings on the body of sponges analogous to anus are

65) The poriferan openings analogous to mouth are

66) The small openings on the sponge body are

67) The large opening on the body surface of poriferous is

68) In sponge nutrition, excretion and respiration depends upon __________ system.

69) The cavity present in the body of sponge is

70) The digestive cells in a sponge which help in intra-cellular digestion are

71) The synonym for choanocytes is

72) Endo-skeleton of poriferans are made up of spicules of

73) The gemmules of sponges

74) The term coelenterata was given because these animals have

75) The word 'enteron' in coelenterata means

76) The lifestyle of coelenterates is

77) Hydra and Jelly fish belongs to

78) Coelenterates are

79) The habitat of coelenterates is

80) The first phylum to show tissue level organization is

81) Most of the coelenterates are

82) Coelenterates are

83) The central cavity called coelenterons in coelenterates helps in

84) which of the following are ABSENT in coelenterates ?

85) The body plan of Aurelia is

86) The body wall of Hydra is formed of

87) The cells of protection, offense and defense present in Hydra are

88) The cells of coelenterates which inject hypnotoxin into prey and paralyse it are

89) Phylum Coelenterata is also known as Cnidaria due to the presence of

90) Hydra is

91) In terms of nutrition, coelenterates are

92) Digestion in members of phylum Cnidaria is

93) The body form of coelenterates is

94) ___________ corals are used as precious jewellery.

95) Which one is a fresh water polyp ?

96) Coelenterates have

97) The word 'helminthes' in Platyhelminthes means

98) Which of the following is matched correctly for the coelenterate body form ?

99) Which of the following statements regarding Cnidarians is INCORRECT ?

100) Which of the following is INCORRECT about corals ?

101) Which of the following statements about platyhelminthes is FALSE ?

102) Which of the following is NOT TRUE for platyhelminthes ?

103) Which of the following belong to Phylum Platyhelminthes ?

104) Which of the following is not a parasitic adaption in Platyhelminthes ?

105) Which of the following is not present in the nervous system in Platyhelminthes ?

106) Which of the following is TRUE in Platyhelminthes ?

107) The digestive system in platyhelminthes

108) Most of the platyhelminthes are

109) Which of the following is a characteristic of the body of platyhelminthes ?

110) The property of the platyhelminthes body that enables it to occupy very little space within the body of the host is

111) Most of platyhelminthes

112) In platyhelminthes ,

113) Tapeworms are unaffected by the digestive juices of the host's digestive system due to

114) The word 'nema' in phylum Nemathelminthes means

115) Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of flatworms and round worms ?

116) Which of the following is a common characteristic of flatworms and round worms ?

117) Body wall Nemathelminthes is made up of

118) The phylum having a false body cavity is

119) In the examination of a stool sample, an Ascaris with a curved posterior end is seen. It is

120) In the examination of a stool sample, a long Ascaris with a straight posterior end is seen. It is

121) Organisms belonging to Nemathelminthes are also called

122) Annelida comes from the word 'annulus' which means

123) Annelids are the first

124) Which one is the mismatched pair ?

125) The body of annelids is made up of segments called

126) Annelids are the first animal to

127) Which one of the following statements is CORRECT about the circulatory system in Annelids ?

128) In leeches, their

129) Which of the following annelids are used in medicine to remove rotten blood ?

130) Annelids undergo locomotion with the help of

131) Which of the following Annelids has a closed circulatory system but no heart ?

132) Which of the following about Annelids is TRUE ?

133) Which one of the following is TRUE about the nervous system in Annelida ?

134) In the word arthropada, 'arthros' means

135) The largest and most successful phylum of animal kingdom is

136) Parasitic arthropods are

137) The exoskeleton in arthropods is made up of

138) Lower animals like cockroach have

139) Ecdysis in arthropods is a process of

140) Moulting occurs in arthropods because

141) The body of arthropods is divided into

142) Which of the following about arthropods is FALSE ?

143) Arthropods feed on

144) In arthropods blood flows through

145) The respiratory organ/s in arthropods is/are

146) Excretion in arthropods takes place by

147) Nervous system in arthropods has a ________, ______ ganglionated nerve cord.

148) Which of the following is not present in the nervous system of arthropods ?

149) Most of the arthropods are oviparous except

150) The process where young ones of an animal are produced directly from eggs without fertilization is called

151) parthenogenesis is seen in

152) Honey bees are used for commercial production of

153) Some arthropods transmit disease from one person to another. They are called

154) Dentalium is an animal included under phylum

155) Due to torsion, molluscs have

156) Mantle encloses

157) A hard calcareous shell in molluscs is secreted by

158) Shell in molluscs is

159) Ventral muscular foot in molluscs is modified for

160) Buccal cavity in molluscs have rasping organs called

161) Respiratory organs in molluscs are

162) Circulatory system in molluscs is

163) Molluscs having closed circulatory system is

164) The respiratory pigment in the blood of molluscs is ___________ coloured.

165) The respiratory pigment in the molluscan blood contains

166) The molluscan blood pigment is known as

167) Nervous system in molluscs is formed by _________ ganglia.

168) Ganglia in molluscs are absent in

169) Excretion in molluscs is by

170) Organ of Bojanus in molluscs is the other name for

171) The special sense organs in molluscs for testing purity of water is

172) The habitat of Echinoderms are exclusively marine and living in _________ layers.

173) Echinoderms are

174) Which of the following is absent in echinoderms ?

175) Echinoderms are

176) Echinoderms shows __________ symmetry.

177) The Echinoderm body is covered by a spiny exoskeleton which is made up of calcareous plates also known as

178) Which of the following about echinoderms is NOT TRUE ?

179) In Echinoderms, water enters through

180) Echinoderms are

181) Echinoderms mainly feed on

182) Respiration in echinoderms is through

183) Movement in echinoderms takes place through

184) Circulatory system in Starfish is

185) Nervous system in echinoderms contains

186) Echinoderms shows the following character except

187) The members of phylum Hemichordata are also known as

188) Hemichordates are free living organisms. Which of the following is sedentary ?

189) The habitat of hemichordates is

190) The body of hemichordate can be divided into the following parts except

191) Notochord in hemichordates is

192) Proboscis in hemichordates helps in

193) Which of the following is TRUE about the alimentary canal in Hemichordates ?

194) Respiration in hemichordates occurs by

195) Respiratiory gills in hemichordates are arranged in

196) Respiratory gills in hemichordates is present in

197) Circulatory system in hemichordates is

198) Nervous tissue in hemichordates is

199) Nervous tissue in hemichordates is present on

200) The connecting link between chordates and non-chordates is

201) Chordates show the presence of a cartilagenous notochord

202) The connecting link between invertebrates and chordates are

203) Invertebrate Chordates include

204) Phylum Chordata is divided into ________ subphyla

205) Urochordates are also called

206) Cephalochordates are also called

207) Animals belonging to _________ are small fish like and rarely exceed 5 cm in length.

208) Test is present in

209) In Urochordates,

210) Notochord is present only in the tail of larva in

211) In Cephalochordates,

212) In Cephalochordates, notochord is present in

213) Which of the following is not a subphylum of Chordata ?

214) Find the odd one out.

215) Which of the following has notochord present in the tail region ?

216) Herdmania and Amphioxus

217) Subphylum Vertebrata is divided into two divisions based on the

218) Division Agnatha includes

219) The class present in Agnatha is

220) Notochord persists throughout the life in

221) The skin of Myxine (Hag fish) shows the following characters except

222) Petramyzon has

223) Digestive system of cyclostomes has the following characteristics except

224) Respiration in cyclostomes takes place by _________ gill slits.

225) Heart in cyclostomes is _______ chambered.

226) Which of the following is TRUE about cyclostomes ?

227) Poikilothermic animals are the one in which

228) The animals under superclass Pisces feed upon

229) The heart of fishes is of __________ chambers.

230) Super-class Pisces is divided into two class is based on the nature of

231) Male copulatory organs are present in

232) Organisms belonging to Pisces are

233) Chondrichthyes are the fishes which have

234) Chondrichthyes have

235) Chondrichthyes are

236) Which of the following is matched correctly ?

237) Osteichthyes are

238) Osteichthyes have

239) Presence of ventral mouth is a characteristic of

240) Osteichthyes are the fishes which have

241) A fish having a single dorsal fin and homocercal symmetrical fin is most likely belonging to class

242) Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes differ in all the following except

243) Which of the following is not matched correctly ?

244) Labeo has

245) Find out the odd character with respect to class osteicthyes.

246) Find the odd one out.

247) Electric ray and Sting ray belong to class

248) Scientific name of Lung fish is

249) Find the odd one out.

250) Hippocampus is

251) Flying fish is

252) Which of the following has claspers ?

253) Bombay duck belongs to class

254) Fishes sense the movements in water by

255) Super - class tetrapoda includes

256) Snakes are included in class

257) Amphibians are

258) Amphibians are

259) Amphibians have

260) Tympanic membrane in amphibian is present on __________ sides of head.

261) Amphibians have

262) Reptiles have

263) Reptiles have an incompletely four chambered heart. Their _________ are incompletely portitioned

264) Most of the reptiles are oviparous except

265) Aves are basically _________ in feeding habit.

266) Aves have wings which are modified

267) Bird having webs between their toes is

268) pneumatic bones are the characteristics of

269) Which of the following organs is ABSENT in birds ?

270) The animal in class Mammalia are

271) Presence of external ear or pinna is a distinguishing feature in

272) Most of the Mammals are viviparous except

273) incisors, canines, premolars and molars are different types of teeth seen in

274) Mammals show the following feature except

275) Which of the following is a modified sudoriferous gland ?

276) Which of the following classes has homeothermic animals ?

277) What is sebaceous gland ?

278) What are mammary glands ?

279) Biconave and anucleated RBCs are seen in

280) Mammals having nucleated RBCs are

281) Presence of corpus callosum in cerebrum is a characteristic feature of

282) Better developed optic lobes compared to olfactory lobes in the brain is seen in

283) Marsupials are

284) A place where wild animals are kept in specially created environment is known as

285) Which of the following is FALSE about a Zoological park ?

286) A zoological garden has all of the following characteristics except ?

287) The Governing authority of all zoos in India is

288) The National zoological Park is in

289) Which of the following zoological parks is/are located in Maharashtra ?

290) Which of the following zoological parks is/are located in West Bengal ?

291) Which of the following zoological parks is/are located in Uttar Pradesh ?

292) Nandankanan Zoo is in

293) Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is in

294) Chatt Bir Zoo is in

295) Vandalur Zoo is in

296) Parassinikkadavu Park is located in

297) The Zoological garden present in Junagadh, Gujarat is

298) The Zoological Park located at Katraj near Pune is

299) MCBT in Chennai is a zoo for

300) Parassinikkadavu Park in Kerala is a zoo for

301) Endangered animals like Snow leopards, Red pandas, Gorals (mountain goats) and Siberian tigers are kept in

302) Rajiv Gandhi Zoo has the following parts except

303) White Asiatic Tiger and Asiatic Lions are housed in

304) Which of the following is matched INCORRECTLY ?

305) Royal Bengal Tiger is housed in

306) Hippopotamus is displayed in

307) Gibbons, Great Pied Hornbill, Black Bear are housed in

308) Langoors, Hyena, Ostrich and Crane are housed in

309) Which of the following is matched INCORRECTLY ?

310) Animal specimens for reference and study are kept in

311) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a zoological museum ?

312) The Indian Zoological Museum is located at

313) Shri Bhawani Zoological Museum is located at

314) The Zoological Museum located inside the campus of L.L.R.M. Medical College is

315) The first true terrestrial vertebrates were

316) Respiration takes place through gills in

317) Which of the following is nit a class of animal Kingdom ?

318) RBCs are biconvex and nucleated in the following except

319) The following show double circulation except

320) Mouth devoid of teeth are seen in

321) Which of the following classes has most of the organisms that are viviparous ?

322) Fertilization is external in

323) Fertilization is internal in

324) Exoskeleton is made of dermal scales in

325) Exoskeleton is made of epidermal scales in

326) Exoskeleton is absent in

327) The softest and the lightest exoskeleton is seen in

328) Scales are present only in the hind limb of

329) Dry non-glandular skin is seen in

330) Skin, lungs and bucco-pharynx are respiratory organs in

331) Lungs are the only respiratory organs in

332) Closed circulatory system is seen in

333) All vertebrates have closed circulatory system except

334) Two chambered heart is present in

335) Three chambered heart is present in

336) Incompletely four chambered heart is present in

337) Completely four chambered heart is present in

338) Two auricles are seen in the heart of

339) Which of the following is/are poikilothermic animals ?

340) Shelled eggs with yolk and albumin are seen in

341) Shelled eggs are seen in

342) Embryonic development in water showing metamorphosis is a characteristic feature of

343) Presence of diaphragm separating thoracic and abdominal cavity is a distinguishing feature of

344) An animal with crop, gizzard and a perfectly four chambered heart is most likely to be classified in

345) Find the odd on out.

346) Select the CORRECT match.

347) Digestive system in arthropods is divided into

348) The symmetry in molluscs is

349) The molluscan body shows ____________ type of body plan.

350) Molluscan body can be divided into

351) Mantle is

352) Mollucs have

353) Which of the following is most likely to be seen in the same fish ?

354) Birds show the presence of

355) Glandular skin is seen in

356) The unique characteristic of class mammalia is

357) The point by which Annelida advanced over Nematoda is

358) A transverse section of Pheretima taken through the 10th segment is observed in microscope. Which of the
following structures can be observed in the section?

359) Sycon belongs to a group of animals which are best described as

360) In which one of the following the genus name, its two characters and its class/phylum are correctly

361) In forg’s heart, there are muscular ridges which consist of fibers called

362) Which is not a feature of annelids?

363) Which one of the following kinds of animal are triploblastic?

364) Organ system level of organisation is observed in

365) Find the odd example.

366) The snake eating snake is

367) Book lungs are respiratory organs in

368) In Pheretima, the lateral hearts that connect the supra oesophageal blood vessel with ventral blood vessel
are located in which segments?

369) Sea anemone belongs to phylum

370) Trochophore is the larva of

371) Hydroskeleton is not found in

372) Aschelminthes are usually

373) Development of Mollusca is

374) Which character is not same in Aves and mammals?

375) Study the following features of a fish
I. It is a crossopterygian fish
II. It is found in the river Chalumnae
III. It does not exhibit aestivation
IV. It is an urecotelic animal
Which of the above are true to 'Neoceratodus'

376) In Pheretima, septa are absent between which segments?

377) In frogs, oviduct is formed by

378) The life span of honey bee drone is

379) A group of animals having marsupium is

380) What will you look for to identity the sex of the following?

381) The excretory cells, that are found in Platyhelminthes are

382) Ommatidia serve the purpose of photoreception in

383) Periplaneta has no respiratory pigment in its blood because

384) Wuchereria bancrofti is a common filarial worm. It belongs to phylum

385) In earthworm, the characteristic internal median fold of dorsal wall of the intestine called typhlosole is
present in

386) Which of the following phyla are schizocoela?

387) Columella auris is found in

388) Which one of the following is not a bird?

389) Which of the following blood vessels in the circulatory system of frog has more oxygenated blood?

390) Which one of the following feature is common to leech, cockroach and scorpion?

391) Which of the following cell types is capable of giving rise to other cell types in sponges?

392) Necturus is commonly known as

393) Which of the following display retrogressive metamorphosis?

394) Which of the following is true of Aves?

395) Which one of the following has a biradial symmetry?

396) Mouth part of housefly are

397) Zoological name of common Indian krait is

398) Which of the following animals have a single opening to the outside that serves both as mouth as well as

399) Cellulose digesting zooflagellate found in wood cockroaches is

400) Spiracles found in cockroach are

401) The phylum-Mollusca lack, which one of the following

402) Down feathers are

403) The number of abdominal segments in male and female cockroach is

404) Petromyzon and myxine belong to class

405) All mammals without any exception are characterized by

406) Which of the following is true about phylum-Platyhelminthes?

407) Submaxillary glands of rabbit pour their secretions through

408) Which one of the following animals belongs to Cyclostomata?

409) Reproduction in Ctenoplana takes place by

410) Note the following words.
II. Pedical
IV. Flagellum
VI. Mentum
VIII. Cardo
Which of the above found in the first pair of maxillae in case of cockroach?

411) Ornithorhynchus is an example of

412) The presence of the tube feet is a characteristic feature of the phylum

413) Choose the non-poisonous snake from the given options

414) Syndactyly, prehensile tail and long protrusible tongue are the unique features of

415) Ichthyophis belongs to class

416) The character of birds without exception is

417) The cavity in the region of diencephalon in the brain of rabbit is called

418) Which one of the following is not a characteristic of phylum-Annelida?

419) Ammocoetes is

420) Which one of the following is the true description about an animal concerned?

421) How many hearts are found in earthworm?

422) Which of the following belong to phylum-Annelida?

423) Which of the following is not a larval form of Mollusca?

424) In Leucosolenia, gametes develop from

425) The main nitrogenous waste of Hydra, is

426) Nematoblasts are formed by

427) Which of the following is an insect?

428) The phylum-Annelida is named so because of

429) Ecdysone is produced by

430) The feeding organ in phylum-Mollusca is

431) Coelom is important because

432) Ascaris is characterized by

433) The first phylum to have a complete alimentary canal is

434) Exoskeleton of which phylum consists of a chitinous cuticle?

435) “Triploblastic, unsegmented, acoelomate exhibiting bilateral symmetry and reproducing both asexually
and sexuality, with some parasitic forms”.
The above description is the characteristic of phylum

436) Which animals have all developed echolocation system like that of bats?

437) The characteristic larva of phylum-Coelenterata is

438) What is common between parrot, Platypus and kangaroo?

439) The ‘bilateral symmetry’ refers

440) In which of the following animals, respiration occurs without any respiratory organ?

441) The highly degraded organic matter rich in nitrogen and potassium in particular resulting from the activity
of earthworms, is called

442) Which one of the following abnormalities in the host is associated to Wuchereria, Plasmodium and
Fasciola respectively?
I. Parasitic castration
II. Hyperplasia
III. Febrile paroxysm
IV. Peritonitis
V. Lymphangitis

443) Trichocyst and nematocysts are meant for

444) Water vascular system is found in

445) In which of the following, there is syncytial epidermis and longitudinal muscle cells in four bands?

446) Phylum-Chordata is divided into sub-phyla namely

447) Platyhelminthes are

448) In Arthropoda, head and thorax are often fused to form cephalothorax, but in which one of the following
classes, the body is divided into head, thorax and abdomen?

449) Mouth part of mosquito is

450) Which one of the following mammals is not an odd-toed ungulate?

451) The excretory organs in prawn are

452) The dorsal plate of skeleton found on the abdomen of cockroach is called

453) Which of the following does not make a nest of its own?

454) Which of the following statements are true (T) and which are false (F)? Choose the correct option
I. Amphibians have metanephric kidneys
II. The skull of mammals is dicondylic
III. Aves copulate by cloacal apposition
IV. Voice is produced in Aves by a syrinx
V. Lepus is gregarious in nature

455) During its life cycle, Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) infects its intermediate host and primary host at the
following larval stages, respectively

456) From the following fishes, identify the one with a aglomerular kidney

457) The scientific name of Asian tiger mosquito is

458) The response to external stimulus is quicker and more precise in which of the following symmetry?

459) Unique features of phylum-Ctenophora is

460) Three types of body cavity are

461) Which of the following is a crustacean?

462) In earthworm, self-fertilization cannot occur due to

463) Which one of the following pairs is mismatched?

464) Types of salivary glands present in rabbit are

465) Lateral line sense organs occur in

466) Dental formula of rabbit is

467) Amphids are cuticular elevations on ventrolateral lips of Ascaris. These are

468) Poison gland in snake is located in

469) Bioluminescence is seen in phylum

470) Which one is the real product of honey bee?

471) Which one of the following is a matching set of phylum and its three examples?

472) Rhabditiform is the larva of

473) Which of the following statements are true/false?
I. Poikilothermic animals are also called ectothermic animals
II. Sharks are ovoviviparous animals
III. Coxal glands are excretory organs present in arachnids
IV. Copper containing respiratory pigment is called haemocyanin, it is present in Pila

474) Which of the following statements are true/false?
I.In torpedo, the electric organs are capable of generating strong electric shock to paralyze the prey
II.Bony fishes use pectoral, pelvic, dorsal, anal and caudal fins in swimming
III.Amphibian skin is moist and has thick scales IV.Birds are poikilothermous animals
V.The most unique mammalian characteristic is the presence of milk producing mammary glands by which
the young ones are nourished

475) Nematoblasts of Hydra are

476) Ascaris has

477) Ampullae of Lorenzini are present in

478) Which of the following is colourless Hydra?

479) In which of the following organisms testes descend into scrotum in breeding season but in non-breeding
season goes up?

480) Correct sequenct in embryonic development of frog is

481) Larva of Sycon is

482) Sea horse is

483) Feeding type of animals belonging to phylum-Porifera is

484) Which worm may go very deep in soil up to 60-90 cm and form vertical and complicated burrows for their

485) Which of the following animal is called a living fossil?

486) Which of the following group will be amniotes?

487) The character that differentiates chordate from non-chordate is

488) Cavity of coelenterates is called

489) Which one of the following pairs of animal comprises ‘jawless fishes’?

490) Consider the following four statements (I-IV) about certain desert animals such as kangaroo rat.
I.They have dark colour and high rate of reproduction and excrete solid urine.
II.They do not drink water, breathe at a slow rate to conserve water and have their body covered with
thick hairs.
III.They feed on dry seeds and do not require drinking water.
IV.They excrete very concenntated urine and do not use water to regulate body temperature.
Which two of the above statements for such animals are true?

491) Which of the following nephridia does not found in earthworm?

492) Some of the statements are given below
I. Porifera to Echinodermata lack a notochord
II. Platyhelminthes display tissue level organisation
III. Mesoglea is present in coelenterates during development
IV. Aschelminthes are coelomates
Choose the correct options

493) Butterfly belongs to

494) Which of the following shows polymorphism?

495) Which one of the following animal has both exoskeletal and endoskeletal structures?

496) Which of the following are also known as collar cells?

497) Which of the following does not belong to phylum-Platyhelminthes?

498) True segmentation is also called

499) Two common characters found in centipede, cockroach and crab are

500) A four chambered heart is not found in

501) The function of typhlosole in earthworm

502) Which is the smallest known bird?

503) Bidder’s canal is found in

504) Which sound producing organ is found in bird?

505) Nidology is the study of

506) The number of segments on the anal cerci of cockroach is

507) The organs that assists in sound production in mosquito, is

508) Mollusca is

509) Tube feet is the locomotory organ in

510) Solenocytes are associated with

511) Among the following which one lay eggs and does not produce young ones directly?

512) Egg of cockroach gives rise to

513) Choose the correct option

514) The animals belonging to phylum-Annelida use the following in locomotion

515) Choanocyte in an ascon type of canal system, is lined by

516) The zoological name of North Indian hare is

517) Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of sponges?

518) Undifferentiated totipotent cells of sponges, are

519) Air bladder occurs in

520) The secondary host of Taenia saginata is

521) In echolocation, the animal that produces high frequency sounds is

522) Common feature in earthworm and cockroach is

523) Secondary radial symmetry is found in

524) When the body is externally and internally divided into segments, it is called

525) Abdominal ganglia in cockroach are found in segments

526) Siphonophora is the order in

527) Which of the following is observed in amphibians?

528) The excretory organ in cockroach is

529) Which of the following is correctly states as it happens in the common cockroach?

530) Connecting link between chordates and non chordates is

531) Canal system is present in phylum

532) Which of the following is not an insect?

533) Which of the following phyla has no freshwater forms?

534) One of the characteristic of Hydra is

535) Which animals belong to sub-phylum Urochordata?

536) In which of the following organisms, self-fertilization is seen?

537) Metachrosis is an animal’s

538) Which one of the following is correctly matched regarding earthworm?

539) Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its one characteristic and the taxon?
Animal -Characteristic -Taxon

540) Torsion of visceral mass is seen in animals belonging to class

541) Which one is not correct?

542) Which of the following animals can successfully reproduce without utilizing the process of mitosis?

543) Alteration of generation is also called

544) Which of the following is the generic name of an extinct ancient lizard bird?

545) Choose the correct option with regards to Chondrichthyes

546) Members of phylum-Porifera are

547) The anterior V-spot in microfilaria of Wuchereria represents

548) The animal that has 19 body segments, 6 pairs of appendages and respires through the trachea is

549) In the heart of rabbit, the mitral valve is attached to the papillary muscles by

550) Body forms present in Cnidarians are

551) The adhesive pads (soft-pads) present in the legs of cockroach are

552) Regeneration in Hydra will be faster, if it is cut off from

553) Which of the following statements are true/false?
I. In higher phyla cellular level of organisation is seen
II. Phylum-Platyhelminthes have cellular level of organisation
III. Cellular level of organisation is seen when the cells are not arranged as loose cell aggregates
IV. Molluscs exhibit tissue level of organisation
Choose the correct option of the following

554) Solenocytes and nephridia are respectively found in

555) Select the correct order of classification of Rana tigrina upto genus.

556) An animal without anus is

557) Aves are divided into the following sub-classes

558) Cnidarias are divided into the following classes

559) Which of the following is properly matched?

560) Correctly matched set of phylum, class and example is

561) Which one is harmful insect among the following?

562) Blood vascular system of earthworm is

563) Polyp phase is absent in

564) Platyhelminthes are also called

565) Cilia of gills of bivalve molluscs help in

566) In rabbit, placenta is formed by

567) Choose the correct statement associated with ovoviviparous condition

568) A sponge harmful to oyster industry is

569) The arthropods exoskeleton is composed of

570) Nephridia of earthworm are performing same functions as

571) Choose the correct option

572) If Hydra is cut transversely in three equal parts, then

573) The centrum of VIII vertebra of frog is

574) The cells that help in excretion in Fasciola are called

575) Food storage in Leucosolenia occurs by

576) Sperms in Ascaris are characterized by one unusual feature, i.e.,

577) Male Anopheles does not transmit malarial parasite because

578) Characteristic feature of phylum-Echinodermata is

579) In housefly, pseudotracheae is found in

580) A sagittal section

581) Insects are different from spiders in which of the following features

582) The movement or locomotion in Aschelminthes is due to

583) Which of the following insect is not of any economic benefit?

584) Age of fishes is also known as

585) The skeleton of animals belonging to phylum-Porifera are made up of

586) In Pheretima, the red coloured round bodies in 4th, 5th and 6th segment above the alimentary canal are
believed to be involved in

587) Scales are found in

588) Body cavity of adult Ascaris is

589) If a snake is identified to be having large hexagonal vertebral and the dorsal surface and bluish with
narrow white streaks, it is

590) In coelomates, the problem of diffusion of food from gut to tissues is solved by

591) The generic name of tusk shell is

592) Which statement is incorrect about members of phylum-Porifera?

593) Which of the following features are present in chordates?

594) Which of the following assists in the locomotion of the organism stated?

595) The dorsal diverticulum of urethra in male rabbit is

596) Fertilized eggs of Periplanata Americana are encased in

597) In the life cycle of mosquito, comma-shaped stage is

598) Hemicyclops belongs to the class

599) Nephridia in Pheretima are formed from

600) Leech secretes, which of the following anticoagulants?

601) Which character is found only in mammals?

602) Organ of mastication in cockroach is

603) Which of the following blood vessels is the largest in earthworm and possess valves?

604) The dioecious animal is

605) Metameric segmentation is the characteristic of

606) The taste receptors of cockroach are

607) Which of the following groups includes only arthropods?

608) Chitin is a

609) Pheromone is

610) The velocity of conduction of nerve impulse in frog is

611) Mark what is incorrect regarding to the phylum-Arthropoda

612) Choose a limbless amphibian from the list given below

613) Which structure is not related to respiration in frog?

614) Which of the following sets of characters are applicable in metamorphosis of tadpole larva of frog and

615) Study the following in Pheretima.
I.Dorso intestinal blood vessels
II.External intestinal plexus
III.Internal intestinal plexus
IV.Ventro intestinal blood vessel
Arrange the blood vessels in correct sequence of blood flow from ventral blood vessel to dorsal blood
The correct sequence is

616) The peculiar pungent smell of cockroach is produced by the secretion of

617) Metamorphosis in cockroach is regulated by

618) Which of the following is a flightless bird?

619) Gill is monopectinate in

620) Bioluminescence is well marked in

621) Identify the correct pair of birds with a raft-like keel and lacking preen gland and syrinyx

622) Sponges are

623) An acoelomate animal with bilateral symmetry, is

624) All chordates have the following characteristics

625) In Rattus rattus, internally cerebral hemisphere are connected by

626) A triploblastic, pseudocoelomate, bilaterally symmetrical human parasite, which is oviparous and the
transmission is by contact. It is

627) Ascaris is found in

628) Common characteristic of mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches are

629) About how many times does the nymph of the Periplaneta americana undergo moulting before becoming
an adult?

630) Jacobson’s organs which are additional olfactory organs are present in

631) Stink gland is found in

632) In the 4th , 5th and 6th segments of earthworm, lying above pharyngeal mass and connected with
pharyngeal glands are found small, red coloured follicular bodies called

633) Different colours of frog skin are controlled by

634) Which of the following is not true regarding phylum-Coelenterata?

635) Hydra captures the victim by injecting the chemical

636) In Ascaris, the coelom is

637) The feet with toes forming cloven hoof is seen in

638) Petromyzon belongs to

639) The second largest aquatic vertebrate is

640) In insects which feed on nectar, the proboscis is formed by

641) In Hydra, the beaded processes of sensory cells make synapsis with the process of

642) In which of the following phyla, while the adult shows radial symmetry, the larva shows bilateral

643) Which one of the following is not the characteristic feature of frog?

644) Trygon has

645) The larva of Bombyx mori is known as

646) Mollusc, which does not have ink gland is

647) The intermediate host of Schistosoma is

648) One very special feature in the earthworm Pheretima is that

649) What is left when bath-sponges dries up?

650) Which of the following can regenerate entire alimentary canal?

651) In rabbit, end of a long bone is connected with another by

652) The long bones are hollow and connected by air passage. These are characteristic of

653) Choanocytes form the lining of paragastral cavity in

654) In Ophiuroidea, branched arms are seen in

655) Characteristic of coelenterate is occurrence of

656) Mammals evolved from therapsid reptiles in Triassic period. The type of skull in these reptiles is

657) The level of organisation in Platyhelminthes is

658) If a live earthworm is pricked with a needle on its outer surface without damaging its gut, the fluid that
comes out is

659) The animal with bilateral symmetry in young stage, and radial pentamerous symmetry in the adult stage
belongs to the phylum

660) Which of the following snake is non-poisonous?

661) Excretory organ in phylum-Hemichordata is

662) Classification of sponges is primarily based on the

663) Select the statement that explain neoteny

664) Which of the following is incorrect for Aves?

665) Select the phylum that is the largest of the kingdom-Animalia

666) What distinguishes an insect from a crustacean?

667) Biramous appendages are present in

668) Which one of the following does not have an excretory system?

669) Which one of the following groups of three animals each is correctly matched with their one characteristic
morphological feature?

670) Metameric segmentation is the main feature of

671) Which among the following is an Indian monkey?

672) Vivipary is found in

673) The number of gills present in osteichthyes is

674) Reptiles are different from amphibians in

675) The pseudocoelomate among these is

676) Select which of the following is not an insect?

677) Which one is not found in testis of frog?

678) Asymmetrical animals are

679) Body cavity lined by mesoderm is called

680) Animals of class-Mammalia have

681) Order-primata contains

682) Which one of the following has an open circulatory system?

683) Collar cells are characteristic of

684) Which of the following groups of animals have the following feature?
I. Diploblastic
II. Acoelomate
III. Radial symmetry

685) Which one of the following animals is correctly matched with its particular named taxonomic category?

686) Radial symmetry is seen in

687) A detritivorous animal of economic importance is

688) The female genital pores of Pheretima posthuma located upon the segment

689) Which statement is incorrect about Pleurobrachia ?

690) Maximum diversity is found in which of the following phylum?

691) Biradial symmetry and lack of cnidoblasts are the characteristics of

692) Which parasite is present in seminal vesicle of earthworm?

693) In Pheretima, locomotion occurs with the help of

694) In Mollusca, eye is present over a stalk, called

695) Choose the correctly matched characters of the phylum

696) Mollusc are usually

697) Third moulting in Ascaris larva takes place in

698) Which of the following statements are true/false?
I. Cell aggregate body plan is found in phylum-Platyhelminthes
II. Radial symmetry is the most common symmetry found in animals
III. Pseudocoelom is only found in phylum-Aschelminthes
IV. All triploblastic animals have a true coelom
V. Haemocoel is sometimes observed in animals belonging to phylum-Platyhelminthes

699) Book lungs and look gills are found in which of the following animals, respectively?

700) In rabbit, foliate papillae are

701) Scientific name of starfish is

702) The second layer of epidermis in rat integument is

703) Diploblastic animals belong to the phylum

704) Differentiated embryonic layers are called
I. ectoderm II. Endoderm
III. Mesoderm III. Mesoglea

705) The pair of amphibians found in Indian peninsula is

706) Which set includes pathogenic arthropods?

707) In which of the following reptiles four chambered heart is present?

708) Which of the parts in cockroach are fundamentally similar in structure?

709) The respiratory pigment present in cockroach is

710) Which of the following animal phyla does not possess a coelom?

711) Which of the following hormones regulates growth and metamorphosis in insect?

712) Juvenile hormone is secreted by

713) Among the following, colonial insects are

714) Animals are classified on the basis of their symmetry into….. groups

715) Correct order of ear ossicles in rabbit is

716) In rabbit, the two fibro-elastic strands of the larynx extend between the

717) Which of the following are true to the prototherians?
I.Pectoral girdle is associated with T-shaped interclavicle.
II.Mammary glands are modified as sebaceous glands.
III.Pelvic girdle possesses epipubic bones.
IV.Vertebrae are with epiphyses.

718) Branch of zoology dealing with the study of fishes is known as

719) Chloragogen cells are present in Pheretima. These are specialized for performing function of

720) Radial symmetry is found in

721) Which one of the following is the most effective in Ascaris infection?

722) Bilateral symmetry, metameric segmentation, coelom and open circulatory system are the features of

723) The functional kidney of frog tadpole is

724) In Pheretima, the number of ring vessels per segment in 12th and 13th segments is

725) Excretory organs in echinoderm is

726) Accessory gland associated with the genital organs in female rats are
I.Vestibular bartholin
II.Cowper’s gland
III.Ampullary gland
IV.Vesicular gland

727) In rabbit, head of epididymis present at the head of the testis is called

728) Phylum of Taenia solium is

729) ‘Water-vascular’ system is found in

730) Nucleated RBC is present in

731) Fertilization in earthworm occurs in

732) Protandry refers to the

733) Which of the following orders lack canine teeth?

734) Animals active at night are

735) Which type of kidneys are found in amphibians?

736) A coelom is a

737) Starfish belongs to phylum

738) In cockroach, the first pair of wings are known as

739) Number of segments found in abdomen of cockroach are

740) Bone marrow is absent in

741) In cockroach, larval and nymphal characters are maintained by

742) Chondrichthyes is characterized by

743) Taxonomically, which of the following set belongs to Arthropoda?

744) Which one of the following is not a characteristic feature of the sub-phylum-Vertebrata?

745) The post anal tail is present in

746) Natural pearl is

747) In frog, chromosome number is reduced to half

748) The excretory material of bony fish is

749) Which of the following is present in phylum-Porifera?

750) The worker honey bee normally lives for about

751) The glands present in the skin of frog are

752) Cysticercus stage is found in

753) The substance or structure found in the eyes of birds is

754) Radula is found in

755) In which animal, diapharagm has no role in respiration?

756) Which one of the following phyla is correctly matched with its two general characteristics?

757) The class name-Reptilia refers to

758) ‘Turbellarians’ are free living

759) Which of the following belongs to the class-Amphineura?

760) The male cockroach can be identified by the presence of

761) Which of the following is a catadromous fish?

762) What is the scientific name of pinworm of man?

763) Fasciola hepatica is a digenetic parasite. Sheep and snail are two hosts. Snail is

764) The number of trigeminal nerve in frog is

765) Animals are classified on the basis of which of the following features?
I. Coelomic cavity II. Level of organisation
III. Notochord IV. Skeletal structure

766) Pylangium in frog is found in

767) Select the group of animals that have a protostomous plan

768) Hydra possesses

769) Which one of the following is an exotic carp species?

770) A temporary, ectoparasitic, nocturnal insect with piercing and sucking type of mouth parts is

771) The unique character of animals belonging to class-Mammalia is

772) Select the prosimians from the given options

773) Hormone responsible for metamorphosis in tadpole is

774) Which of the following animals has a true coelom?

775) Right aortic arch is present in

776) The type of asexual reproduction found in Hydra is

777) Neopallium is found in the brain of

778) Insects have

779) Which is not in pair in rabbit?

780) The golden age of reptiles was

781) Schistosoma is a parasite found in

782) Which of the following characters are present in class-Crustacea?

783) Pseudocoelom is not found in

784) The skull of frog is

785) Earthworms have no skeleton, but during burrowing the anterior end becomes turgid and acts as a
Hydraulic skeleton. It is due to

786) Dugesia belongs to which class

787) What is true for Wuchereria bancrofti?

788) Identify the group, which includes animals all of which give birth to young ones directly.

789) Skeletal system in phylum-Arthropoda is

790) Coxal glands are excretory organs in

791) Which of the following requires an invertebrate intermediate host?
I. Dugesia
II. Schistosoma
III. Echinococcus
IV. Ancylostoma
V. Wuchereria

792) Each male genital opening of Pheretima has separate openings of

793) Which insect is useful for us?

794) To which taxonomic group does whale belong to?

795) Flame cells are excretory organ of

796) Which of the following is true about hookworms?

797) Acoustic spots in frog are present in

798) Venom of viper affects

799) What is common among silver fish, scorpion, crab and honey bee?

800) The function of clitellum in Pheretima is

801) Select the phylum that is neither bilaterally symmetrical nor radially symmetrical nor radially symmetrical

802) Hydra recognizes its prey by

803) Which one has no intermediate host?

804) Shell of molluscs is derived from

805) Rabbit is

806) Choose the animals that belong to phylum-Echinodermata from the options

807) The animal’s body belonging to phylum-Mollusca is divided into

808) Wriggler is the larva of

809) Addition of which element in water speed up the metamorphosis in frog tadpole larva?

810) Phylum that exhibit radial or radial like symmetry are

811) Characteristic symptom of ancylostomiasis is

812) Characteristic cells of Hydra are

813) The nitrogeneous metabolic waste in Hydra is mostly

814) The echinoderms are

815) List the phyla in the correct order of their placement in classification
I. Chordata II. Annelida
III. Arthropoda IV. Platyhelminthes
V. Ctenophora VI. Aschelminthes

816) Superposition image formation takes place in cockroach during

817) Which of the following has enterocoelomate invertebrate?

818) Which one is correct?

819) Mammal’s heart is

820) Which of the following organs in earthworm neutralizes human acid present in humus?

821) Which one of the following is a matching pair of a body feature and the animal possessing it?

822) Notochord is

823) Some vertebrae in birds fuse to form

824) Tube-within-tube body plan is found in which animal?

825) WBCs of frog are

826) Animals having a built in thermostat to maintain constant body temperature are known as

827) Which of the following is not a characteristic of snakes?

828) Sea fan belongs to

829) Choanocyte is the characteristic feature of

830) Features common to the animals belonging to class-Amphibia and class-Reptilia are

831) Two-chambered heart is a feature of

832) Choose the cartilaginous fishes from the following

833) Which of the following is not correctly matched?

834) Which of the following vertebrates show the formation of middle ear (eustachian recess) for the first time?

835) The most powerful poison produced by vertebrates is

836) What is true about class-Insecta?

837) Asymmetry in Gastropoda is due to

838) Choose the respiratory organ that are not present in phylum-Arthropoda

839) The jawless vertebrate is

840) A list of animals is given below. Identify the animals with open circulatory system and choose the correct

841) The integument of the frog is always kept moist because

842) What is true about Mollusc?

843) Higher phylum like echinoderms are

844) From the following statements select the wrong one

845) The skeleton of corals is composed of

846) The type of symmetry belongs to animals is

847) Scientific name of king cobra is

848) Symmetry in Cnidaria is

849) Frog’s tadpole is

850) Sub-class-Prototheria is related with egg laying mammal such as

851) Which of these is referred to as ‘Venus flower basket’?

852) Identify the aquatic mammal(s) from the following

853) Which of the following is a viviparous fish?

854) Members of this phylum exhibit adaptations to widely varied environmental conditions. Identify the

855) What is true about Nereis, scorpion, cockroach and silver fish?

856) Salamandra belongs to sub-class

857) Chloragogen cells of earthworms are analogous to vertebrate

858) Which of the following characters is present essentially in chordates?

859) Which of the following is not absent in Mollusca?

860) In Echinodermata, tube feet are related with

861) The mantle in the phylum-Mollusca is a

862) Select the correct statement

863) Which stage in the life cycle of Taenia solium infects the intermediate host?

864) Choose the false option

865) Blood of earthworm is

866) Which bird travels the longest distance each year?

867) Which is not correct?

868) Rostellum and hooks are absent in the scolex of

869) Ink glands are found in

870) Which of the following is a monogenetic parasite?

871) Choose the correct option with reference to Ascaris

872) Which type of cells absent in sponges?

873) Which one of the following statements about all the four of Spongilla, leech, dolphin and penguin is

874) In Pheretima, gizzard, buccal cavity, pharynx, oesophagus, pharyngeal nephridia receive the blood from
which of the following blood vessel?

875) Bat belongs to order

876) The Indian salamander is

877) Earthworms are

878) The notochord is derived from which of the following layers?

879) Book lungs are respiratory organs in

880) Which of the following is a harmful social insect?

881) Which type of respiratory organs are present in spiders and scorpions?

882) Spermathecae in Pheretima is located in the segments

883) In bony ventebrates, the laying down of none is often preceded by the presence of

884) The nerve net of Hydra lacks

885) Spider web is formed by a fluid secreted by its

886) Choose the group of parasitic animal

887) Pneumatic bones are expected to be found in

888) Maximum life span of dog in year is

889) The group of anamniota includes

890) Osteichthyes and Chondrichthyes are similar in which of the following features?

891) Medusa is the reproductive organ of

892) Teeth of rabbit are

893) Which one of the following pairs of items correctly belongs to the category of organs mentioned against it?

894) Which one of the following groups of animals is bilaterally symmetrical and triploblastic?

895) Ovoviviparity is seen in this caecilian

896) The cloaca in frog is a common chamber for the urinary tract, reproductive tract and

897) Pecten, a comb-like structure is found in the eye of

898) Food of Hydra is

899) Dry skin with scales or scutes without gland is a characteristic of

900) Metagenesis in seen in

901) Sea mouse belongs to phylum

902) Arms are absent in

903) Integumentary nephridia are also called

904) Which of the following is wrongly matched?

905) Scorpion belongs to a class to which one of the following also belong?

906) Which is common between earthworm, leech and centipede?

907) Haemocoel is found in

908) Which one of the following is not a mammalian character?

909) The flightless bird among the following is

910) Phylum-Aschelminthes is different from phylum-Platyhelminthes in

911) Which of the following statements is true?

912) In phylum-Porifera opening through which water leaves the spongocoel is called

913) If an earthworm is left in 40% KOH solution for a long time, which part would be left undissolved?

914) Select the false statement

915) Which of the following belongs to class-Insecta?

916) Male and female cockroach are differ due to presence or absence of

917) The internal buds of freshwater sponges are otherwise called

918) In honey bee, the drones are

919) Excretory organ of spider is

920) In nemathelminthes, the coelom not lined by peritoneum is called

921) Which of the following are not members of sub class-Anura?

922) Spermathecae in earthworm is

923) Which of the following is not a feature of Protopterus ?

924) All mammals without any exception are characterized by

925) Which one of the following is a flightless bird?

926) The sclerite, covers the top to the head and the space between the two compound eyes in Periplaneta, is

927) Cross fertilisation is favoured by

928) Complete metamorphosis is found in

929) The herbivorous insect that has piercing and sucking type of mouth parts is

930) Ctenophora shows affinities with

931) A gradual decrease in the size of the tail during metamorphosis in the life cycle of frog is a good example

932) Ecdysone is secreted from

933) The animal that never performs locomotion is

934) Salamander can regenerate

935) Which is a condition that in connected in the both external and internal structures and it is first found in
which phylum of the animal kingdom

936) In the pectoral girdle of frog, there is a cup like cavity on each side called

937) In mammals, the secondary palate is formed by the union of

938) Salivary gland in earthworm is found in

939) Which of the following is absent in the mouth part of housefly?

940) Roundworms are different from Platyhelminthes in the following features

941) Changes that allow the conversion of larva into adult, is called

942) In earthworm, the dorsal wall of the intestine from the 26th segment to 95th segment forms a median
internal fold called

943) Eggs of cockroach are

944) 3-segmented club shaped maxillary palp is present in

945) The radial symmetry is observed in

946) Which of the following does not belong to the class-Hexactinellida?

947) All flatworms differ from all roundworms in having

948) Which brain structure in rabbit is directly related to vision?

949) Which of the following statements are true?

950) Class-crustacea differs from Insecta in having

951) Pearls are produced by the animals of phylum

952) Which of the following animals is sanguivorous?

953) Spiders belong to class

954) Temperature changes in the environment affect most of the animals which are

955) Part of the right lung of rat which is not distinguishable due to passage of post caval through it is

956) In Mollusca, the osphradium has function of

957) Which is not correct for birds?

958) From Ascaris egg, first larva hatches out in the

959) Choose the correct option for Wuchereria ?
I. Triploblastic with the presence of an excretory pore
II. Presence of a muscular pharynx
III. Males longer than females
IV. Cellular level of organisation

960) Engulfing of food either in solid or liquid is called

961) When the circulatory system lacks arteries, veins and capillaries, it is called as

962) Which one of the following exhibits concentric ‘tube within tube’ plan?

963) The part of spermatheca of earthworm that acts as store house of spermatozoa is

964) Absence of circulatory system in Hydra is compensated by

965) Which one of the following is a matching pair of an animal and a certain phenomenon it exhibits?

966) Periplaneta Americana has themoreceptor sensillae on

967) Mark the false statement for the phylum-Annelida

968) In tissue level of organisation the

969) Phylum-Ctenophora is divided into following classes

970) Medusa is the reproductive structure of

971) The limbless amphibian is

972) A single opening of the digestive system is found in

973) Aquatic reptiles are

974) In earthworm, gizzard is found, in which of the following segments?

975) Phallomerase in male Periplaneta arise from

976) Animal undergoes inactive stage during winter known as

977) Conglobate gland is found in

978) Pearl is produced in the bivalve belonging to the genus

979) Select the correct set of animals of class-Mammalia

980) Which is the first class among the tetrapods to shows completely 4-chambered heart?

981) Choose the kind of erythrocyte found in Reptiles

982) Gonads of Obelia occur

983) Cerebral hemispheres of rat are connected by

984) Sub classes for class-Mammalia are

985) Dermatobiasis in cattle is caused by

986) In frog’s heart which of the following is considered as pace-maker?

987) Proboscis gland in Balanoglossus is associated with

988) Which of the following is common in Annelida and Arthropoda?

989) The poisonous fluid present in nematocyst of Hydra is

990) Asexual reproduction in sponges takes place by

991) Which animal shows coprophagy?

992) Which one of the following statements about certain given animals is correct?

993) The location of lymph glands in Pheretima is

994) The young one of cockroach is called

995) Which of following has discoidal placenta?

996) Body cavity of Hydra is called

997) Which one of the following features is common in silverfish, scorpion, dragon fly and prawn?

998) Which of the following is present in the integument of frog but not in mammals?

999) The canal system is characteristic feature of

1000) Which one of the following parasites shows alternation of generation and alternation of host in its life

1001) Pancreas is absent in which group of vertebrates?

1002) The nematocysts inject …… in its prey

1003) Tubular heart of cockroach has how many chambers?

1004) Non-chordates show

1005) In earthworms, setae are present in all segments, expect the

1006) Canal system in Porifera is not concerned with

1007) Preen glands occur on

1008) Fossil representatives of phylum-Arthropods are called

1009) Study the following features of a fish.
I. It is a crossopterygian fish.
II. It is found in the river Chalumnae.
III. It does not exhibit aestivation.
IV. It is an urecotelic animal.
V. Which of the above are true to ‘Neoceratodus’

1010) Which of the these statements are wrong?
I.Parapodia are lateral appendages in arthropods used for swimming.
II.Radula in molluscs are structures involved in excretion.
III.Aschelminthes are dioecious.
IV.Echinoderm adults show radial symmetry.
V.Ctenophorans are diploblastic.

1011) The Mediterranean type of popular fowls are called

1012) In which of the following animals, post anal tail is found?

1013) In earthworm, neurons are

1014) Pseudocoelomate animals belong to the phylum

1015) Cells that are peculiar to the phylum-Porifera

1016) The number of heart chambers found in cockroach is

1017) Study the following sentences.
I.It is a terrestrial arthropod.
II.The prosoma bears a pair of chelicerae, a pair of the pedipalps and four pairs of walking legs.
III.The metasoma ends in a telson.
IV.First pair of walking legs are modified as poisonous claws.
Which of the above are true for Heterometrus?

1018) What is common among Planaria and Hydra ?

1019) Changes that allow the conversion of larva into adult, are called

1020) Which of the following features is not found in Aves

1021) The cockroach of genus-Blatta is also called

1022) Which animal of the following belongs to class-Crustacea?

1023) In which segment, the clitellum is present in earthworm?

1024) Tissue level of organisation is seen in

1025) Which of the following animals sows discontinuous distribution?

1026) Excretion in phylum-Porifera is

1027) Body of earthworm is divided into how many similar segments, which are called metameres or somites?

1028) Arthropods are characterized by

1029) Which of the following respires through gills?

1030) Annelids have a central nerve cord that is

1031) Animals that do not belong to class-Crustacea include

1032) Urochordate animals have

1033) Thigmotaxis is not shown by

1034) In a copulating pair of earthworm, which two processes take place?

1035) The second largest number of species containing phylum in the animal kingdom is

1036) Which of the following statements is false?

1037) Limbless amphibians are called

1038) Salient feature of Arthropoda is

1039) Which of the following are absent in snakes?

1040) Which of the following is not a Porifera

1041) Tube-feet are the locomotory organs of

1042) Which one of the following characters is not typical of the class-Mammalia?

1043) In cockroach, which of the following is the principal motor centre?

1044) Excretory organs in Taenia are

1045) How many eggs are found in egg chamber of female cockroach?

1046) A dorsal horn is present on the………. of mulberry silk worm (caterpillar).

1047) In Hydra, reproduction occurs in favourable conditions by

1048) Skeletal system in echinoderms is

1049) Which one of the following animals possesses high regeneration capacity?

1050) Veliger larva occurs in phylum

1051) Tadpole’s tail is a/an

1052) The largest phylum in respect of number of species is

1053) Read the following paragraph.
An insect whose mouthparts are biting and chewing type in the larval condition, while they are siphoning
type in the adult and this insect gives an economically important substance during yet another stage of its
The insect is

1054) Which of the following statements are true/false?
I. Mollusca possess cellular level of organisation
II. Arthropoda are true coelomates
III. Platyhelminths are pseudocoelomates
IV. Ctenophora have bilateral symmetry
Choose the correct option

1055) Which of the following is not a defence evolved by a prey to avoid predators?

1056) The correct sequence of arrangements of segments in the leg of cockroach is

1057) The function of iris in the eyes of frog is to

1058) Which of the following pairs is correct?

1059) Which one of the following groups of animals is correctly matched with its one characteristic feature
without even a single exception?

1060) Chitin as exoskeleton is found in

1061) In Pheretima, the glands that help in binding the worms during copulation are

1062) Which one of the following animals lay eggs yet the female secretes milk?

1063) Taenia solium derives its energy from the breakdown of

1064) Which statement is incorrect for animals belonging to class of Chondrichthyes?

1065) Pouched mammals are

1066) Ascaris is

1067) Which one of the following match is incorrect?

1068) The colour of the body in earthworm is brown due to

1069) Class-Crustacea have the following features

1070) Budding is found in

1071) Which one of the following is not used in organic farming?

1072) Highest degree of polymorphism is found in

1073) Botryoidal tissue is found in

1074) The sea snakes have

1075) Which one of the following correctly describes the location of some body parts in the earthworm

1076) Tachyglossus is a connecting link between

1077) Which of the following phylum or class exhibit the presence of a notochord?

1078) Which of the following is correctly matched?

1079) In contrast to annelids, the Platyhelminthes show

1080) In Pheretima, the anterior loops carry blood from

1081) The enteronephric nephridia in Pheretima consists which of the following parts given below?
I. A nephrostome
II. Terminal nephridial duct
III. Septal excretory canal
IV. Supra intestinal excretory canal
V. Long thick walled excretory canal

1082) Blastula of frog has

1083) Which of the following is not found in Hydra?

1084) An egg laying mammal is

1085) Which of the following is correct for the circulatory system of cockroach?

1086) Which one is absent in frog?

1087) ‘Portuguese man of war’ is

1088) Super position images are formed in the nocturnal insects.
The retinulae lie immediately below the vitrellae and crystalline cone. These are
surrounded by retinal sheath, which absorb the light rays, hence super position images
are formed in nocturnal insects.

1089) Statement 1: Arthropoda are the most successful of all the known animal groups.
Statement 2: Arthropoda exhibits the greatest adaptive radiation and have adapted to diverse habitats.

1090) Statement 1: Aves must feed more often than Reptiles
Statement 2: Birds fly and this consumes more energy than reptiles that creep

1091) Statement 1: The honeybee queen copulates only once in her life time.
Statement 2: The honeybee queen can lay fertilized as well as unfertilized eggs.

1092) Statement 1: Arthropods are able to survive in adverse conditions
Statement 2: Arthropods have well developed sense organs, compound eyes and taste receptors

1093) Statement 1: Amphibians cannot survive in sea water
Statement 2: Amphibians have lungs for breathing on land these would collapse under the water
pressure of the sea

1094) Statement 1: All metatherians are placental mammals.
Statement 2: All placental mammals have menstrual cycle

1095) Statement 1: Radial symmetry in animals is advantageous in detecting food and danger
Statement 2: It allows the animal to be able to respond to stimulus from any direction

1096) Statement 1: Duck-bill platypus is a false mammal because it lays eggs
Statement 2: True mammals are all viviparous hence duck-bill platypus are false mammals

1097) Statement 1: The duck-billed platypus and the spiny ant-eater both are the egg-laying animals yet they
grouped under mammals.
Statement 2: Both of them have seven cervical vertebrae and 12 pairs of cranial nerves

1098) Statement 1: All birds, except the ones like koel (cuckoo) build nests for retiring and taking rest during
night time (day time for nocturnal).
Statement 2: Koel lays its eggs in the nests of tailor bird.

1099) Statement 1: Tapeworm, roundworm and pin worm are endoparasites of human intestine.
Statement 2: Improperly cooked food is the source of intestinal infections.

1100) Statement 1: In many gastropods, the anus and the mantle cavity are placed anteriorly above the head.
Statement 2: During embryonic development in many gastropods, one side of the visceral mass grows
faster than the other side. This uneven growth rotates the visceral organs up to 180o in
many gastropods.

1101) Statement 1: Animals that have an exoskeleton, lacks an endoskeleton
Statement 2: Skeleton cells in the embryonic stage migrate to either stage and produce exoskeleton or
endoskeleton but never both