Practice Test

Q1) Which part of the brain has centres of controlling respiration, cardiovascular reflexes and gastric secretions ? Show Answer

Q2) A major coordinating centre for sensory and motor signaling that is wrapped by the cerebrum is Show Answer

Q3) Depolarisation of neural membranes is caused due to Show Answer

Q4) A chemical synapse is formed by Show Answer

Q5) Choose the membrane from the options given below which separates scala media and scala tympani of the cochlea. Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following statements is incorrect w.r.t. knee reflex ? Show Answer

Q7) Equal stimulation of all three types of cones will result in sensation of Show Answer

Q8) Select the incorrectly matched pair w.r.t. structure of ear and its function / feature. Show Answer

Q9) The eye receives retinal blood vessels at the Show Answer

Q10) An essential part of human ear which has no role in hearing is Show Answer

Q11) During the resting state of a nerve fibre, the axonal membrane is Show Answer

Q12) The part of human brain which has neuro secretory cells and controls the body temperature along with urge for eating and drinking is Show Answer

Q13) Branched fibrous structures projecting out of the cell body that show presence of Nissl's granules are called Show Answer

Q14) Which among the following has the simplest neural network ? Show Answer

Q15) Hypothalamus does not primarily work as centre for regulation of Show Answer

Q16) "The two hemispheres are connected by a track of nerve fibres called corpus callosum". This is true for Show Answer

Q17) Somatic neural system relays impulses from Show Answer

Q18) 'Neurons are excitable cells'. This statement is best illustrated as Show Answer

Q19) The structures of the CNS that develop from the embryological component Rhombencephalon are Show Answer

Q20) Which lobe of cerebral hemisphere registers feeling of hot, cold, touch and pain ? Show Answer

Q21) Bulges present between the adjacent grooves of cerebrum are called Show Answer

Q22) Which part/s of brain commands "how and when to move the body parts" ? Show Answer

Q23) If we accidentally focus on intense light sources such as sun, it will damage which part of eye ? Show Answer

Q24) Tension on which region of eye determines the shape of the lens suitable for focussing distant objects ? Show Answer

Q25) Select the incorrect statement. Show Answer

Q26) Which neurotransmitter is used by sympathetic postanglionic neuron that terminates on sweat glands ? Show Answer

Q27) Speed of propagation of an action potential can be determined by which of the following factors ? Show Answer

Q28) Which of the following is not under control of human parasympathetic nervous system ? Show Answer

Q29) The receptor cells for both hearing and balancing are Show Answer

Q30) Vestibular apparatus consists of Show Answer

Q31) Which receptor perceives low temperature stimulus ? Show Answer

Q32) Which hormone of adrenal cortex works in a manner nearly opposite to that of insulin ? Show Answer

Q33) Primary function of which gland is related to biological rhythms associated with reproduction ? Show Answer

Q34) In which phylum, neural organisation is observed for the first time ? Show Answer

Q35) Autonomic neural system relays impulses from Show Answer

Q36) Out of the following which neuron's cell body has a single process and usually found in embryonic stage ? Show Answer

Q37) Choose the key communication link between the senses and the cortex that receives majority of incoming signals, evaluate their importance before passing them to the cerebrum ? Show Answer

Q38) Which part of brain plays important role in emotional behaviour such as aggression, rage and remembering fear ? Show Answer

Q39) During accommodation for near vision Show Answer

Q40) The major advantage of chemical synapse as compared to electrical synapse is that the Show Answer

Q41) Where is the sensory information for smell finally interpreted ? Show Answer

Q42) Which of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q43) Which of the following receptors are specifically responsible for maintenance of balance of body and posture ? Show Answer

Q44) Which part of the brain is responsible for thermoregulation ? Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following statements is correct ? Show Answer

Q46) Which of the following structures or regions is incorrectly paired with its functions ? Show Answer

Q47) The transparent lens in the human eye is held in its place by Show Answer

Q48) Myelin sheath is produced by Show Answer

Q49) Receptors sites for neurotransmitters are present on Show Answer

Q50) Good vision depends on adequate intake of carotene rich food. Select the best option from the following statements :
(a) Vitamin A derivatives are formed from carotene.
(b) The photopigments are embedded in the membrane discs of the inner segment.
(c) Retinal is a derivative of vitamin A.
(d) Retinal is a light absorbing part of all the visual photopigments. Show Answer

Q51) Choose the correct statements : Show Answer

Q52) Photosensitive compound in human eye is made up of Show Answer

Q53) In mammalian eye, the 'fovea' is the center of the visual field, where Show Answer

Q54) Destruction of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord would result in loss of Show Answer

Q55) A gymnast is able to balance his body upside down even in the total darkness because of Show Answer

Q56) Which of the following regions of the brain is incorrectly paired with its function ? Show Answer

Q57) Injury localized to the hypothalamus would most likely disrupt Show Answer

Q58) Which one of the following statements is not correct ? Show Answer

Q59) The human hind brain comprises three parts, one of which is Show Answer

Q60) Which part of the human ear plays no role in hearing as such but is otherwise very much required ? Show Answer

Q61) A person entering an empty room suddenly finds a snake right in front on opening the door. Which one of the following is likely to happen in his neurohormonal control system ? Show Answer

Q62) The purplish red pigment rhodopsin contained in the rods type of photoreceptor cells of the human eye, is a derivate of Show Answer

Q63) When a neuron is in resting state i.e. not conducting any impulse, the axonal membrane is Show Answer

Q64) The nerve centres which control the body temperature and the urge for eating are contained in Show Answer

Q65) Which part of human brain is concerned with the regulation of body temperature ? Show Answer

Q66) During the propagation of a nerve impulse, the action potential results from the movement of Show Answer

Q67) Which one of the following pairs of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other types of cell ? Show Answer

Q68) During the transmission of nerve impulse through a nerve fibre, the potential on the inner side of the plasma membrane has which type of electric charge ? Show Answer

Q69) Which one of the following is an example of negative feed back loop in humans ? Show Answer

Q70) Bowman's glands are located in the Show Answer

Q71) Which one of the following statements is correct ? Show Answer

Q72) Which one of the following not act as a neurotransmitter ? Show Answer

Q73) Bowman's glands are found in Show Answer

Q74) In a man, abducens nerve is injured. Which one of the following functions will be affected ? Show Answer

Q75) One of the examples of the action of the autonomous nervous system is Show Answer

Q76) Parkinson's disease (characterized by tremors and progressive rigidity of limbs) is caused by degeneration of brain neurons that are involved in movement control and make use of neurotransmitter Show Answer

Q77) In the resting state of the neural membrane, diffusion due to concentration gradients, if allowed, would drive Show Answer

Q78) Alzheimer's disease in humans is associated with the deficiency of Show Answer

Q79) Which cranial nerve has the highest number of branches ? Show Answer

Q80) Injury to vagus nerve in humans is not likely to affect Show Answer

Q81) The sympathetic nerves, in mammals, arise from Show Answer

Q82) Sympathetic nervous system induces Show Answer

Q83) Post ganglionic fibre of sympathetic nervous system connected with sweat gland secrete Show Answer

Q84) Which of following is not the action of sympathetic nervous system ? Show Answer

Q85) Which of the following is not the action of sympathetic nervous system ? Show Answer

Q86) Rate of conduction of impulse will be faster in case of Show Answer

Q87) If the ligament directly below the kneecap is struck lightly by the edge of the hand or by a doctor's rubber hammer, knee jerk reflex occurs. This stretch reflex is Show Answer

Q88) Which of the following is not a part of knee jerk reflex ? Show Answer

Q89) Pacinian corpuscles which occur in the skin are Show Answer

Q90) Which of the following is located in deeper parts of skin and is sensitive to pressure ? Show Answer

Q91) Highly vascular and closely inverting protective coat around brain is known as Show Answer

Q92) The ability to hear often decreases with age because Show Answer

Q93) Helicotrema connects Show Answer

Q94) Which of the following part in ear is filled with endolymph ? Show Answer

Q95) At the time of flight, the pain in the ear is due to Show Answer

Q96) The membrane that gives us the ability to discriminate different pitches of sound is the Show Answer

Q97) Cornea transplant in humans is almost never rejected. This is because Show Answer

Q98) In the chemistry of vision in mammals, the photosensitive substance is called Show Answer

Q99) Which food should be eaten in case of deficiency of rhodopsin in eyes ? Show Answer

Q100) When we migrate from dark to light, we fail to see for sometime but after a time, visibility becomes normal. It is example of Show Answer

Q101) Human eye is adjusted for distant objects more than 6 m away. For seeing the near objects which of the following would not occur ? Show Answer

Q102) Ora serrata is Show Answer

Q103) The cornea is very important component of the human eye. The main function of it is to Show Answer

Q104) What will happen if amygdala of a person is damaged ? Show Answer

Q105) Bowman's glands are present in Show Answer

Q106) In a resting membrane, potassium diffuses from Show Answer

Q107) Cells of nervous system which restrict the movement of substances between blood and interstitial fluid of the CNS are Show Answer

Q108) Alzheimer's disease is due to Show Answer

Q109) The point in retina where the visual acuity or resolution is greatest is Show Answer

Q110) The change in membrane potential from -70 mV to -80 mV is represented as Show Answer

Q111) Where do axons in olfactory tracts terminate to decode the message they carry ? Show Answer

Q112) Which gland / muscle is innervated by cholinergic sympathetic post ganglionic neurons ? Show Answer

Q113) Vestibular apparatus does not include Show Answer

Q114) Which cranial nerve is linked to both movement of the eyeball and power of accommodation ? Show Answer

Q115) Part of the human brain which contains centres which control respiration, cardiovascular reflexes and gastric secretions is Show Answer

Q116) Which of the following best describes the state of a neuron at rest ? Show Answer

Q117) Choose the incorrect statement. Show Answer

Q118) Part of cerebral lobe which is responsible for vision is Show Answer

Q119) Hypothalamus present at the base of the thalamus is involved in all of the following functions, except Show Answer

Q120) Structure or region incorrectly paired with its function is Show Answer

Q121) The cranial nerve involved in controlling facial expressions is Show Answer

Q122) Cluster of cell bodies of neurons in CNS is called Show Answer

Q123) Major part of peripheral nervous system is somatic neural system which relays impulses from CNS to Show Answer

Q124) Sensations of touch, pain, pressure get decoded at ___ of CNS. Show Answer

Q125) Paralysis of jaw muscles is due to loss of function of which cranial nerve ? Show Answer

Q126) Cranial nerves in man which is both sensory and motor is Show Answer

Q127) Cranial nerves linked with taste buds are Show Answer

Q128) Smallest cranial nerve of the body is Show Answer

Q129) The eighth cranial nerve of man is Show Answer

Q130) The number of spinal nerves in man is Show Answer

Q131) Pseudounipolar neurons occur in Show Answer

Q132) Factor responsible for the depolarisation of the neuron is Show Answer

Q133) If the inside of the membrane becomes more negative than the resting membrane potential it leads to Show Answer

Q134) Suppose the terminal ends of an axon are in contact with dendrites of four adjacent neurons, the nerve impulse of the axon will Show Answer

Q135) Axon endings release from its synaptic vesicles, a neurotransmitter known as Show Answer

Q136) Which part of brain is involved in movement of head to locate and detect the source of a sound ? Show Answer

Q137) Which part of the brain is like a defense castle controlling moods and plays an important role in emotional behaviour, such as aggression and remembering fear ? Show Answer

Q138) The link between paracoel and diocoel is through Show Answer

Q139) The function of choroid plexus is produce Show Answer

Q140) Branched tree like structure present in cerebellum is Show Answer

Q141) The gatekeeper of consciousness is Show Answer

Q142) End of spinal cord is Show Answer

Q143) The activity of which cranial nerve can protect us by warning about harmful chemicals in the air ? Show Answer

Q144) The corpuscles lying deep in dermis and responsible for deep pressure are known as Show Answer

Q145) A molecule cannot be tasted or smelled until it has been Show Answer

Q146) Total number of taste buds in the human tongue is approximately Show Answer

Q147) When the object is at a distance of more than 6 meters, at that time Show Answer

Q148) In old age, the vision of eye usually becomes dim due to Show Answer

Q149) In hypermetropia, the image is formed Show Answer

Q150) In presbyopia Show Answer

Q151) In myopia, light rays from far off objects converge Show Answer

Q152) Overproduction of aqueous humour results in Show Answer

Q153) Short sightedness or myopic vision is corrected by wearing Show Answer

Q154) Parkinson's disease occurs due to deficiency of Show Answer