Practice Test

Q1) Growth is defined as Show Answer

Q2) In unicellular organism growth is shown by Show Answer

Q3) In living organisms, growth is Show Answer

Q4) During germination due to water, ________ enzymes become active. Show Answer

Q5) In hypogeal germination, due to the elongation of _______ plumule comes out of the ground. Show Answer

Q6) On the basis of the type of seed germination identify the ODD one. Show Answer

Q7) Germination takes place when the Show Answer

Q8) First visible sign of germination is Show Answer

Q9) Oxygen is essential for seed germination because Show Answer

Q10) Plant growth is Show Answer

Q11) Changes due to growth is Show Answer

Q12) Meristematic cells have the capacity Show Answer

Q13) The meristem which is present from embryonic condition is called Show Answer

Q14) Development in organisms involves Show Answer

Q15) Growth is maximum in the zone of Show Answer

Q16) In a growing plant, the very first phase during the process of growth is Show Answer

Q17) Formation phase is Show Answer

Q18) In lag phase, growth is Show Answer

Q19) Maximum rate of growth occurs in Show Answer

Q20) Growing plants in dark that causes bending and reduction in size is Show Answer

Q21) In root,the region of fastest growth is Show Answer

Q22) The growth of a plant in log phase is Show Answer

Q23) The phenomenon of growth is immediately followed by Show Answer

Q24) Growth period of plant between seed germination to flower formation is called Show Answer

Q25) In the apical region of a young angiospermic stem, log phase of growth can be seen in the region of Show Answer

Q26) In the apical region of a young angiospermic root, the growth changes which occur during cell differentiation and maturation correspond with the Show Answer

Q27) Highest auxin concentration occurs Show Answer

Q28) Among the following synthetic auxin is Show Answer

Q29) Which of the following plant functions is not controlled by auxins ? Show Answer

Q30) Growth hormone responsible for apical dominance is Show Answer

Q31) I.A.A. stands for Show Answer

Q32) Which of the following effects of auxins on plants is used for commercial application ? Show Answer

Q33) Avena curvature test was done by Show Answer

Q34) Which of the following is used as a weedicide ? Show Answer

Q35) Naturally occurring auxin is Show Answer

Q36) Substances formed at the stem tip and controlling growth elsewhere are Show Answer

Q37) Auxin suppresses the growth of Show Answer

Q38) Movement of auxin is Show Answer

Q39) Auxin synthesis occurs in Show Answer

Q40) Auxin takes part primarily in Show Answer

Q41) What is false about auxin ? Show Answer

Q42) Natural auxins are synthesized from Show Answer

Q43) Abscission layer is formed when the concentration of Show Answer

Q44) Which of the following hormone is translocated to other parts of the plant and exibit a polar movement ? Show Answer

Q45) Auxin which is highly efficient in the induction of roots on stem cutting in the Show Answer

Q46) Commercial use of auxin is Show Answer

Q47) 2, 4-D causes Show Answer

Q48) Removal of apical bud result in the Show Answer

Q49) Fruit drop is prevented by spraying Show Answer

Q50) First chemical identification of auxin. indole 3-acetic acid, was carried out by Show Answer

Q51) Which of the following is used in root formation on stem cuttings ? Show Answer

Q52) Growth curve in plant is Show Answer

Q53) Apical dominance is Show Answer

Q54) Apical dominance includes the Show Answer

Q55) Auxins differ from other regulating compunds in plants because auxins Show Answer

Q56) Which of the following stimulates cell division ? Show Answer

Q57) Some early experiments on phototropic curvature in glasses led to the discovery of Show Answer

Q58) An important finding in Went's experiment was Show Answer

Q59) Parthenocarpy can be achieved by Show Answer

Q60) Avena coleoptile auxin is Show Answer

Q61) Prunning of plants promotes branching due to sensitization of axillary buds by Show Answer

Q62) What is the role of auxin ? Show Answer

Q63) Apical dominance is caused by Show Answer

Q64) More auxins than cytokinins initiates Show Answer

Q65) Which of the following hormone is concerned chiefly with root initiation ? Show Answer

Q66) For rooting on stem cuttings or on leaves of Bryophyllum the growth regulator used is Show Answer

Q67) Apical dominance in higher plants is due to Show Answer

Q68) The pineapple, which under natural conditions is difficult to blossom has been made to produce fruits throughout the year by the application of Show Answer

Q69) Internodal elongation is stimulated by Show Answer

Q70) Bakanae disease of rice is due to Show Answer

Q71) Which of the following physiological effects is caused in plants by gibberellic acid ? Show Answer

Q72) Gibberellin was first extracted from Show Answer

Q73) Gibberella fujikuroi is a/an Show Answer

Q74) Gibberellin was first discovered by Show Answer

Q75) Gibberellins induce Show Answer

Q76) Dwarfness can be controlled by treating the plant with Show Answer

Q77) Gibberellins bring about Show Answer

Q78) Gibberellins promote Show Answer

Q79) Size of grapes are increased by the application of Show Answer

Q80) Gibberrellic acid includes flowering Show Answer

Q81) Mobilization of stored food in germinating seeds is triggered by Show Answer

Q82) Seed dormancy can be broken by the spray of Show Answer

Q83) Cut or excised leaves remain green for long, if dipped in Show Answer

Q84) Cytokinin Show Answer

Q85) For plant tissue culture, which among the following is required ? Show Answer

Q86) The hormone produced during adverse environmental condition is Show Answer

Q87) Senescence is the Show Answer

Q88) What is true about ethylene ? Show Answer

Q89) Out of following which one is known as a secondary hormone ? Show Answer

Q90) The effect of ethylene is inhibited due to Show Answer

Q91) Which of the following acts as the precursor for the biosynthesis of ethylene in plants ? Show Answer

Q92) Ethylene is Show Answer

Q93) Which one produces more ethylene ? Show Answer

Q94) Hormone capable of replacing the requirement of long photoperiods for flowering is Show Answer

Q95) Fruit ripening is accelerated by Show Answer

Q96) Growth of lateral branches is promoted by Show Answer

Q97) When seedling tip cut off, growth and light induced bending stops because it inhibits Show Answer

Q98) The chemical nature of kinetin is Show Answer

Q99) Abscissic acid (ABA) promotes Show Answer

Q100) Hormone discovered through tissue culture technique is Show Answer

Q101) Hormone primarily related to cell division is Show Answer

Q102) Apical dominance is due to Show Answer

Q103) Which hormone is called stress hormone ? Show Answer

Q104) Artificial ripening of fruits is accomplished by Show Answer

Q105) Ethylene gas Show Answer

Q106) Development of shoot and root is determined by Show Answer

Q107) The regulator which delays the onset of senescence in plant is Show Answer

Q108) First natural cytokinin was discovered by Show Answer

Q109) Hormone that promotes growth of lateral buds has negative effect on apical dominance is Show Answer

Q110) The name 'zeatin' was coined by Show Answer

Q111) Which of the following is a cytokinin ? Show Answer

Q112) Hormone found in liquid endosperm of coconut is Show Answer

Q113) A plant hormone that induces morphogenesis in plant tissue culture is Show Answer

Q114) Bioassay of IAA is Show Answer

Q115) Induction of cell division and delay in senescene are due to Show Answer

Q116) Cytokinins Show Answer

Q117) Flowering of Chrysanthemum is inhibited by Show Answer

Q118) Abscissic acid, the stress related hormone, also Show Answer

Q119) Stress hormone produced during adverse environmental condition is Show Answer

Q120) Abscissic acid controls Show Answer

Q121) Which of the following induces flowering in short-day plants ? Show Answer

Q122) During drought, plants develop hormone Show Answer

Q123) Plant hormone causing abscission of leaves, senescence, bud dormancy and inhibition of cell division is Show Answer

Q124) Abscissic acid causes Show Answer

Q125) The hormone which promotes flowering in long day conditions and controls sex expression is Show Answer

Q126) Seedless tomatoes are produced by Show Answer

Q127) In autumn, leaf fall occurs because Show Answer

Q128) Stomatal closure under stress condition is due to Show Answer

Q129) Abscissic acid causes Show Answer

Q130) A plant hormone used for inducing morphogenesis in plant tissue culture is Show Answer

Q131) What will happen if apical bud is removed in a flowering plant ? Show Answer

Q132) Hormone responsible for senescence is Show Answer

Q133) The length of the plant can be increased by Show Answer

Q134) Agening of plants is related to which of the following hormone ? Show Answer

Q135) Deterioration process in plants, that naturally terminates their functional life is called Show Answer

Q136) Flowering in pineapple can be induced by the application of Show Answer

Q137) In horticulture, an important root inducing chemical is Show Answer

Q138) Physiological function not influenced by ABA is Show Answer

Q139) High auxin and low cytokinin concentration produce Show Answer

Q140) ________ hormone enhances the shelf life of leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and vase-life of flowers. Show Answer

Q141) Identify the precursor substance among the following used in the biosynthesis of gibberellins in plants. Show Answer

Q142) Genetically, dwarf pea plant can become phenotypically tall if treated with Show Answer

Q143) Inhibition of seed germination can be done by Show Answer

Q144) Hormone responsible for plant and seed dormancy during drought is Show Answer

Q145) Growth movements in response to light and dark period are called Show Answer

Q146) In general the length (duration) in hours of a critical photoperiod is comparatively Show Answer

Q147) When the dark period of short day plants is interrupted by a brief exposure of light, the plant Show Answer

Q148) Which one is not affected by light ? Show Answer

Q149) In many plants the change from vegetative to reproductive phase takes place in response to Show Answer

Q150) Which event does not take place in short day plants ? Show Answer

Q151) In short day plants, flowering is induced by Show Answer

Q152) Effect of the day length duration on plant development and flowering is Show Answer

Q153) A long day plant is Show Answer

Q154) A chemical believed to be involved in flowering is Show Answer

Q155) Flowering is influenced by Show Answer

Q156) Photoperiodic stimulus is perceived by Show Answer

Q157) Photoperiodism is probably due to the synthesis of Show Answer

Q158) Pigment taking part in photo-perception of flowering is Show Answer

Q159) Photoperiodism was discovered in a variety of ____ plant. Show Answer

Q160) Synthesis and action site of florigen is Show Answer

Q161) Which is plant SDP ? Show Answer

Q162) Which plant is LDP ? Show Answer

Q163) Photoperiodism was first characterised in Show Answer

Q164) Photoperiodic induction can be produced Show Answer

Q165) Which of the following is a long day plant ? Show Answer

Q166) Vernalization is Show Answer

Q167) Find the ODD one out. Show Answer

Q168) Suitable temperature range for vernalization is Show Answer

Q169) The reversal effect of vernalization is called Show Answer

Q170) Which hormone is produced due to vernalization Show Answer

Q171) By which process can biennials can be converted to annuals ? Show Answer

Q172) In which plant does the seed germinate while it is still attached to the main plant ? Show Answer

Q173) Germination seen in groundnut is Show Answer

Q174) Growth in numbers is maximum in the zone of Show Answer

Q175) Choose the correct sequence of stages of growth curve in bacteria. Show Answer

Q176) The sigmoid curve has the shape of English letter Show Answer

Q177) Dwarfness of plant is controlled by treating it with Show Answer

Q178) Which of the following is a natural growth inhibitor ? Show Answer

Q179) In unisexual plants, sex can be changed by the application of Show Answer

Q180) Plant material used in tissue culture is Show Answer

Q181) Exogenous GA induces the formation of male flowers on genetically female plants of Show Answer

Q182) Who amongst the following is a discoverer of auxin ? Show Answer

Q183) Abscission is characterized by Show Answer

Q184) Which hormone can induce flowering in long day plants ? Show Answer

Q185) Plant growth hormones extracted from a fungus and a fish are respectively Show Answer

Q186) When mature green bananas are put in a sealed plastic bag, they remain green for many days. However, if they are sealed with a ripe orange, the bananas turn yellow within a few days. The reason is Show Answer

Q187) Common inhibitor of germination is Show Answer

Q188) Which is not a natural plant hormone ? Show Answer

Q189) Which one prevents premature fall of fruit ? Show Answer

Q190) Hormone produced during leaf fall is Show Answer

Q191) Identify the ODD one from the following . Show Answer

Q192) Which of the following is an antigibberellin ? Show Answer

Q193) Bioassay of auxins is Show Answer

Q194) Chrysanthemum flowers in winter because Show Answer

Q195) Which is short day plant ? Show Answer

Q196) If a tree flowers thrice in a year in october, january and july in northern India, the plant is Show Answer

Q197) 'Vernalization' term was coined by Show Answer

Q198) Total time required for the completion of three phases of growth is called Show Answer

Q199) The rate of growth gradually slows down during Show Answer

Q200) Went isolated auxin from Show Answer

Q201) Rapid and dramatic increase in shoot length is called Show Answer

Q202) Environment heterophylly is seen in Show Answer

Q203) Genetically dwarf plants can be induced to grow tall by using Show Answer

Q204) Increased growth per unit time is termed as Show Answer

Q205) Which plant hormone promotes seed dormancy, bud dormancy and causes stomatal closure? Show Answer

Q206) A plant have 13 hours critical day light under which condition it will flower
Duration of light period & Duration of dark
period Show Answer

Q207) The shedding of leaves, flowers or fruits due to change in the hormonal balance in plants, is referred as Show Answer

Q208) The phytohormone that induces cell elongation is known to be produced by a fungus. The asexual stage of
this fungus is called Show Answer

Q209) Cytokinins are mostly Show Answer

Q210) Geotropic response is perceived by Show Answer

Q211) Natural cytokinins are synthesized in tissue that are Show Answer

Q212) Growth at cellular level is the increase in the amount of Show Answer

Q213) Which one of the following is a natural growth inhibitor? Show Answer

Q214) I. Antagonist to GA
II. Promoted bud dormancy
III. Promoted stomatal closure
IV. Promoted abscission layer
Identify the hormone/s which promote/s all these events in plants and choose the correct option Show Answer

Q215) In coleoptile tissue, auxin is Show Answer

Q216) Which of the following induces flowering in long day plants? Show Answer

Q217) Fruits can be left on the tree longer, so as to increase the market period. This is due to the function of Show Answer

Q218) For cryopreservation, plant materials are frozen at Show Answer

Q219) Maximum elongation takes place in Show Answer

Q220) One hormone helps in ripening of fruits, while the other stimulates closure of stomata. These are
respectively Show Answer

Q221) Micropropagation is done by Show Answer

Q222) The cut flowers and vegetables can be kept fresh for a long period by this plant hormone Show Answer

Q223) Photoperiodism was first characterized in Show Answer

Q224) Hydroponics is a system of growing plants in Show Answer

Q225) If a plant need 10 hours darkness than identify the condition under which it will flower
I. 14 hours day period
II. 10 hours dark period
III. 9 1/2 hours dark period
IV. 9 hours dark period
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q226) The stress hormone that helps plant to respond drought is Show Answer

Q227) Auxins promote Show Answer

Q228) Respiratory climacteric is related with Show Answer

Q229) I. Increased vacuolation
II. Cell enlargement
III. New cell wall deposition
Which of the above are the characteristics of phase of elongation?
Choose the correct option accordingly Show Answer

Q230) Coiling of garden pea tendrils around any support is an example of Show Answer

Q231) Internodal elongation just prior to flowering in beet, cabbage and in many plants with rosette habit is
called Show Answer

Q232) Member of auxin, which is widely used to kill the dicotyledonous weed is Show Answer

Q233) Identify to which plant hormone, the given function belongs
I. Initiates flowering in pineapples
II. Induces flowering in mango
III. Root growth and root hair promotion
Show Answer

Q234) Growth period of plant is generally divided into Show Answer

Q235) Difference between kinetin and zeatin is Show Answer

Q236) Auxin was isolated by Show Answer

Q237) The most common auxin is Show Answer

Q238) Which plant hormone is found in gaseous form? Show Answer

Q239) Auxin in plant means for Show Answer

Q240) Grand place of growth is an another name of Show Answer

Q241) Which of the following movements in plants is due to the increased concentration of auxin? Show Answer

Q242) Primary growth of plants is contributed by Show Answer

Q243) Growth of the plant is open because of Show Answer

Q244) Senescence as an active developmental cellular process in the growth and functioning of a flowering plant,
is indicated in Show Answer

Q245) Phytohormone commonly called stress hormone is Show Answer

Q246) Which one of the following is not a effect of gibberellin? Show Answer

Q247) Study the following question
I. Who was the first to confirm the release of volatile?
Substance from ripened organs of plants?
II. Who discovered kinetin from herring sperm?
III. Who discovered GA?
Which of the following option correctly answer the given questions? Show Answer

Q248) Which of the following is essential for plant growth? Show Answer

Q249) Choose the correct statement
I. Cytokinin – Delay of leaf senescene
II. Auxin – Apical dominance
III. Ethylene – Seed germination
IV. Gibberellins – Immature falling of leaves Show Answer

Q250) In geometrical growth, log phase is represented by Show Answer

Q251) The pigment involved in photomorphogenetic movement is Show Answer

Q252) Growth in plants is measured by the increase in
I. fresh weight
II. dry weight
III. length, area and volume
IV. cell number
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q253) To make stored food available for germination, with which hormone seed should be treated? Show Answer

Q254) Most widely used compound as a source of ethylene is Show Answer

Q255) The site of perception of light is Show Answer

Q256) Natural cytokinins are synthesised in which regions of plants? Show Answer

Q257) The rosette habit of cabbage can be changed by application of Show Answer

Q258) Which is used as weedicide? Show Answer

Q259) The living differentiated cells, regain capacity of division under certain condition which called Show Answer

Q260) Photoperiodism was first studied by Show Answer

Q261) A phytohormone, which increases the production of starch hydrolyzing enzymes during the germination
of maize seeds, is employed for the following Show Answer

Q262) Treatment of seed at low temperature under moist conditions to break its dormancy, is called Show Answer

Q263) The Plant Growth Regulator (PGR), ethylene comes under the category of Show Answer

Q264) Plants requiring low light intensity for optimum photosynthesis are called Show Answer

Q265) Large amount of ethylene is synthesised by Show Answer

Q266) In geometrical growth, lag phase is represented by Show Answer

Q267) Natural and synthetic-auxin (IAA, NAA, IBA, 2-4-D) have been used extensively in Show Answer

Q268) Water is required in plant growth for Show Answer

Q269) IAA is derived from or which of the following is involved in the synthesis of a plant IAA and vasoconstrides
cerotonin? Show Answer

Q270) During differentiation, the cells undergo few to major structural changes in their Show Answer

Q271) Study the following statement
I. Cytokinins are formed primarily in roots
II. Auxin and cytokinin are antagonistic in apical dominance
III. Kinetin (a modified DNA purine) was discovered from herring sperm
IV. Zeatin is auxin
V. Zeatin was firstly extracted from herring
Choose the incorrect one Show Answer

Q272) SDP also called Show Answer

Q273) Arithmetic growth is linear because Show Answer

Q274) In S-shaped curve, the growth is highest in which phase? Show Answer

Q275) Canary grass experiment for phototropism was firstly conducted by Show Answer

Q276) Which hormone is called the dormancy hormone? Show Answer

Q277) Plant growth regulators are also described as Show Answer

Q278) Name of a gaseous plant hormone is Show Answer

Q279) Exponential growth can’t be sustained for much time due to
I. limited space and nutrient
II. accumulation of toxic agent
III. unlimited space and nutrient
IV. accumulation of nutrient agent
Choose the correct combination of options Show Answer

Q280) The following statements are given about plant growth hormones:
I. Kinetin is a degradative substance from DNA molecule.
II. ABA is present, in all the plants.
III. Low ratio of cytokinins to auxins favours root formation only.
IV. ABA is synthesized catabolically through mevalonate pathway.
The correct combination is Show Answer

Q281) Opening of floral buds into flowers, is a type of Show Answer

Q282) The type of growth where new cells are always being added to plant body by the activity of meristem is
called Show Answer

Q283) Which one of the following acids is a derivative of carotenoids? Show Answer

Q284) Growth plotted against time gives a Show Answer

Q285) The final structure at maturity of a cell/tissue is determined by Show Answer

Q286) Charles Darwin and Francis Darwin are related with Show Answer

Q287) Vernalisation can be reversed by Show Answer

Q288) Constantly dividing cells, both at the root apex and shoot apex represents Show Answer

Q289) In most of the higher plants, the growing …A… bud inhibits the growth of …B… bud, a phenomenon called
apical dominance. Removal of the shoot tips usually results in growth of …C… buds.
Complete the given statement with the correct combination of options given in the codes below Show Answer

Q290) How many gibberellins are reported from widely different organism such as plant and fungi? Show Answer

Q291) Abscisic acid is primarily synthesized in Show Answer

Q292) Cytokinins are formed in Show Answer

Q293) Which hormone (PGR) encounters the apical dominance induced by auxin? Show Answer

Q294) Which of the following is an anti-gibberellin? Show Answer

Q295) Which hormone is responsible for apical growth? Show Answer

Q296) Increase in the girth of plant (organ) takes place by Show Answer

Q297) Effect of photoperiod on growth and development of plants especially on flowering is called Show Answer

Q298) Vernalisation was found by Show Answer

Q299) The phytohormone that helps in germination of seed, is Show Answer

Q300) Gibberellic acid induces flowering Show Answer

Q301) Development includes (plants)
I. Differentiation
II. Redifferentiation
III. Dedifferentiation
Select the right combination from the given option Show Answer

Q302) ‘Bakane’ disease is related to (hormone and plant)
Show Answer

Q303) One set of a plant was grown at 12 hours day 12 hours night period cycles and it flowered, while in the
other set night phase was interrupted by flash of light and it did not produce flower. Under which one of
the following categories will you place this plant? Show Answer

Q304) Which of the following hormones does not naturally occur in plants? Show Answer

Q305) Abscission and dormancy are caused by Show Answer

Q306) Process of vernalization can be induced by Show Answer

Q307) Growth of an organism is characterised by Show Answer

Q308) The hormone involved in metabolism of food material in cereal grains during germination is Show Answer

Q309) A hormone delaying senescence is Show Answer

Q310) Cytokinin helps in delaying the leaf falling/senescences mainly by Show Answer

Q311) ABA was discovered during Show Answer

Q312) Parthenocarpy in tomatoes is induced by Show Answer

Q313) Growth promoting hormone is Show Answer

Q314) The study of different aspects or appearance of plants in different seasons of the year is called Show Answer

Q315) Flowering of plants by exposure to low temperature is called Show Answer

Q316) Which of the following movement in plants is not related to change in auxin level? Show Answer

Q317) I. Leaf abscission is …A… by auxin in younger leaves and fruits
II. Apical dominance is …B… by auxin
Complete the given statement by choosing appropriate options for the given blanks Show Answer

Q318) Study the following statements of plants growth
I. One single maize root apical meristem can give rise to more than 17500 new cells per hour
II. A cell in watermelon can increase its size up to 3,50,000 times
III. Growth of pollen tube is measured in the terms of its length
IV. Growth in dorsiventral leaf is measured in terms of an increase in its surface area
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q319) Ethephon Show Answer

Q320) The chemical nature of gibberellins is Show Answer

Q321) Which hormone was first isolated from human urine? Show Answer

Q322) Which of the following is the effect of a plant hormone, which is synthesized more in the absence of light? Show Answer

Q323) Vernalisation helps in Show Answer

Q324) Day neutral plant relates to Show Answer

Q325) Opening of flower is an example of Show Answer

Q326) Which of the following movements is induced by injury? Show Answer

Q327) Substance related with phototropism in shoot, is Show Answer

Q328) Which pigment involves in photoperiodic change in plants? Show Answer

Q329) Initially, the ABA was identified as Show Answer

Q330) Florigen is produced in the region of Show Answer

Q331) I. Cell elongation
II. Cell division
III. Cell differentiation
Among the above mentioned, what is/are the function(s) of auxin? Show Answer

Q332) In some plants, sleep movement of leaves is due to Show Answer

Q333) Hormone inducing fruit ripening is Show Answer

Q334) Phase of maturation is characterised by
I. Cells attaining their maximal size
II. Proper wall thickening and protoplasmic modification
III. Rapid cell division
Select the correct option Show Answer

Q335) The following statements are given about plant growth hormones:
I.Cytokinins suppress the synthesis of chlorophyll.
II.Auxins control apical dominance.
III.Gibberellins promote shoot elongation.
IV.Abscisic acid enabling seeds to withstand desiccation.
Which of the above statements are correct? Show Answer

Q336) Growing season is the season of plants in which there is Show Answer

Q337) The problem of necrosis and gradual senescence, while performing tissue culture can be overcome by Show Answer

Q338) Opening and closing of flowers represent a kind of Show Answer

Q339) During differentiation of tracheary elements, Show Answer

Q340) Leaf abscission, fruit fall, and bud dormancy occurs by which phytohormone? Show Answer

Q341) The response of different organisms to environment rhythms of light and darkness, is called Show Answer

Q342) Growth of the plant is Show Answer

Q343) Plant growth Regulators (PGR) or plant hormones are generally Show Answer

Q344) Which of the following functions is/are not the function/s of cytokinin?
I. New leaves formation
II. Chloroplast formation in leaves
III. Lateral shoot formation
IV. Adventitious shoot formation
V. Rooting on stem cuttings
Choose the correct option Show Answer

Q345) Differentiation in plants is open because Show Answer

Q346) Growth of plant is Show Answer

Q347) The cells in the root and shoot apex Show Answer

Q348) Identify two physiological processes induced by two different phytohormones having a common
precursor, which is formed due to the catalytic activity of pyruvic dehydrogenase complex.
I. more female folwers in cucumber. II. a-amylase production in
barley grain. III. Acceleration of fruit ripening in tomato.
IV. Delay in sprouting of potato tubers. the correct combination is Show Answer

Q349) Auxin originates at the tip of the stem and controls growth elsewhere. The movement of auxin is largely Show Answer

Q350) The cells proximal (just next away from the tip) to the meristematic zone represents the phase of Show Answer

Q351) Specific areas in the higher plants which takes part in the formation of new cells are called Show Answer

Q352) Temperature required for vernalisation is Show Answer

Q353) Which of the following pairs, is not correctly matched? Show Answer

Q354) ‘Bakane’ (foolish seedling) disease of rice seedlings, was caused by Show Answer

Q355) 6-furfuryl amino purine, 2-4 dichlorophenoxy acetic acid and indole-3 acetic acid are examples
respectively for Show Answer

Q356) Which of the following is not an influence of auxin? Show Answer

Q357) Importance of day length in flowering of plants was first shown in Show Answer

Q358) One of the synthetic auxin is Show Answer

Q359) Examples of plants which requires vernalisation is/are Show Answer

Q360) I. More female flowers in cucumber
II. α-amylase production is barley grain
III. Acceleration of fruit ripening in tomato
IV. Delayed in sprouting in potato tubers
From the given effects find, out the effects of ethylene and choose the correct option accordingly Show Answer

Q361) Study the following statements
I. Increase in girth of plants is primary growth
II. Increase in girth of plants occurs due to apical meristem
III. Secondary growth of plants occurs due to lateral meristem
IV. Vascular cambium and cork cambium are the lateral meristem of plants
V. Elongation of a plant along the axis is called primary growth
Choose the incorrect options Show Answer

Q362) Plant growth is unique because Show Answer

Q363) Search for natural cytokinin lead to the Show Answer

Q364) A sleep movement in plants is a nastic response, that occurs daily in response to Show Answer

Q365) Synthetic auxins are used for Show Answer

Q366) How does pruning help in making the hedge dense? Show Answer

Q367) Which one is not an ethylene effect? Show Answer

Q368) Which of the following in incorrectly matched? Show Answer

Q369) Which plant growth regulator is responsible for triple response? Show Answer

Q370) Choose the incorrect pair. Show Answer

Q371) The ripening of fruits can be fastened by treatment with Show Answer

Q372) Prunning of plants promotes branching because the axillary buds get sensitized to Show Answer

Q373) Which type of tropism is shown by tulip and sunflower respectively? Show Answer

Q374) Gibberellin was first discovered from Show Answer

Q375) Winter varieties of wheat and barley are planted in Show Answer

Q376) With respect to photoperiodism, these are long day plants. Show Answer

Q377) Ethylene is connected with Show Answer

Q378) Chooses the incorrect statement Show Answer

Q379) In the most situation, ABA acts as the Show Answer

Q380) If shoot cuttings are treated with auxin then Show Answer

Q381) Ethylene is used Show Answer

Q382) Growth curve is the Show Answer

Q383) Hormone replacing the requirement of vernalization is Show Answer

Q384) Photoperiod was first observed in Show Answer

Q385) Decapitation (shoot tip removal) is widely used in Show Answer

Q386) Which one of the following statement is incorrect? Show Answer

Q387) Which hormone causes stunted growth in pea? Show Answer

Q388) Leaf abscission is caused by Show Answer

Q389) I. Auxin II. Cytokinin III. GA IV. ABA
Which of the above mentioned PGA are acidic in nature? Choose the correct option accordingly Show Answer

Q390) In plants, phototropism is the movement Show Answer

Q391) Which was discovered first? Show Answer

Q392) Which one is the example of dedifferentiation? Show Answer

Q393) Auxin causes Show Answer

Q394) Apical dominance is caused by Show Answer

Q395) The maximum growth rate occurs in Show Answer

Q396) 'Apical dominance' in plants is the result of Show Answer

Q397) Heterophylly can be observed in
I. cotton
II. coriander
III. larkspur
Select the right option Show Answer

Q398) Heterophylly can be observed in cotton,
coriander, and larkspur Show Answer

Q399) In the exponential phase of geometric growth, the Show Answer

Q400) Surface area of roots by promoting roots growth and root hair formation is increased by Show Answer

Q401) Gibberellins promotes cell division and elongation in Show Answer

Q402) I. Indole-3-acetic acid
II. 2-4, dichlorophenoxy acetic acid
III. 6 Indole butyric acid
IV. Naphthalene acetic acid
Above are the examples of which PGR? Show Answer

Q403) Sprouting of potato under storage condition can be prevented by Show Answer

Q404) The hormone present in the liquid endosperm of coconut is Show Answer

Q405) After a series of experiments, it was concluded that the …A… of coleoptile was the site of transmittable
influence that caused the …B… of the entire coleoptile.
Complete the given statement with the correct combination of options given in the codes below Show Answer

Q406) Bolting may be induced by Show Answer

Q407) Plant hormones are Show Answer

Q408) Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? Show Answer

Q409) I. Initiate rooting in stem cuttings
II. Promote flowering in pineapples
III. Controls xylem differentiation
Identify the functions of auxin and choose the correct option Show Answer

Q410) Short day plant is Show Answer

Q411) Beta vulgaris is a Show Answer

Q412) The natural plant hormone isolated from corn kernels and coconut milk is Show Answer

Q413) Name the process when dedifferentiated cells again loss the ability to divide and get mature? Show Answer

Q414) The flowers of Oxalis open during the day and close at night , such type of movement is Show Answer

Q415) Measurement and comparison of total growth in geometrical growth of a plant per unit time is called Show Answer

Q416) Identify the pair of physiological effects of two phytohormones, which are synthesized from different
amino acids?
I. Formation of perennating buds in Lemna.
II. Simultaneous flowering in pineapple.
III. Bolting in cabbage.
IV. Apical dominance in Polyalthia. Show Answer

Q417) The movement of hairs in Drosera is Show Answer

Q418) Nicotiana sylvestris flowers only during long days while N. tobacum flowers only during short days. If
raised in the laboratory under different photoperiods, they can be induced to flower at the same time and
can be cross fertilized to produce self-fertile offspring.
What is the best reason for considering N.sylvestries and N.tobacum to be separate species? Show Answer

Q419) Pick out the correct statements.
I. Cytokinins especially help in delaying senescence.
II. Auxins are involved in regulating apical dominance.
III. Ethylene is especially useful in enhancing seed germination.
IV. Gibberellins are responsible for immature falling of leaves. Show Answer

Q420) Which one is an example of redifferentiation? Show Answer

Q421) Plants follow …A… pathways in response to environment or phases of life to form different kind of
structures. This ability is called …B…
Complete the given statement with the correct combination of options Show Answer

Q422) The bioassay of auxin is Show Answer

Q423) The cells derived from cambium, root apical and shoot apical meristem differentiate and mature to
perform specific functions. This act is called Show Answer

Q424) Induction of flowering by low temperature treatment is Show Answer

Q425) Response of plants due to reversible turgor change in pulvinus is Show Answer

Q426) Which of the following is a day neutral plant? Show Answer

Q427) Cell elongation in intermodal regions of the green plants takes place due to Show Answer

Q428) Vernalization is done at Show Answer

Q429) The role of PGR is of one kind of …A… control. Along with genomic control and …B… factors, they play an
important role in plant growth. Many of …C… factor, such as temperature, light, etc., control growth and development via PGR
Choose the correct option A, B and C to complete the given statement Show Answer

Q430) The phytohormone, which induces triple response growth is Show Answer

Q431) Which phytohormone has viral inhibitory property? Show Answer

Q432) Efficiency index in the exponential phase of geometrical growth is the ability of plants to produce Show Answer

Q433) The discovery of gibberellins is related with one of the following Show Answer

Q434) The ability of plants to follow different pathway to form different structures in response to environment is
called Show Answer

Q435) An example of short day plant is Show Answer

Q436) The plant hormone produced by Rhizobium for nodulation is Show Answer

Q437) Stimulus of vernalisation is perceived by Show Answer

Q438) which of the PGR6 induces parthenocarpy in tomatoes? Show Answer

Q439) Which of the following is/are example/s of long day plant?
I. Tomato
II. Maize
III. Rice
IV. Radish
Choose the correct option accordingly Show Answer

Q440) Which one is short day plant? Show Answer

Q441) In photoactive plants, during day time the following ionic flux of guard cell is directly involves the
expenditure of energy. Show Answer

Q442) I. Lag phase → Log phase → Stationary phase
II. Geometric and Arithmetic phase of growth
III. Growth shown by all living organism in vivo
IV. Lt = L0 + rt
Match the above characters with sigmoid curve, arithmetic growth, embryo development and choose the
correct option accordingly
Sigmoid curve Arithmetic Embryo
growth development Show Answer

Q443) I. Lag phase
II. Stationary phase
III. Exponential phase
Arrange the above steps of geometrical growth (from beginning to last) in a correct sequence of their
occurrence and choose the correct option accordingly Show Answer

Q444) What helps in flowering? Show Answer

Q445) The terms auxin is applied to
III. NAA IV. 2-4-D
Select the correct option Show Answer

Q446) I. Plasmatic growth
II. Differentiation
III. Maturation
IV. Senescence
Identify the correct sequence of the following events occurring in plants and choose the correct option
accordingly Show Answer

Q447) S-shaped or sigmoid growth curve have
I. lag phase
II. log phase
III. stationary phase
IV. diminishing growth phase
Select the correct option Show Answer

Q448) Identify the correct option for A and B
Compound Function
2,4-D A
B Fruit ripening
A B Show Answer

Q449) Quantitative comparison between the growth of living system can be made in Show Answer

Q450) In the expression,W1=W0 e rt (geometrical growth), W1, W0, r, t represents W0 W1 r t Show Answer

Q451) Mobilization of stored food in germinating seed is triggered by Show Answer

Q452) Removal of shoot tip increases apical dominance
Due to accumulation of auxin in lateral parts, growth is inhibited Show Answer

Q453) A farmer does not prefer to grow tobacco plant under long day conditions.
Tobacco is a short day plant. Show Answer

Q454) Photomodulation of flowering is a phytochrome
Active form of phytochrome (Pfr ) directly induces floral induction in shoot buds Show Answer

Q455) Ethylene stimulates growth in case of wounds and thus helps in wound healing.
Ethylene causes triple response growth in plants. Show Answer

Q456) Compare the statement A with B
Statement A Auxins promote apical dominance by suppressing the activity of lateral
Statement B In horticulture, periodic pruning of shoot tips is done to make mulberry
plants bushy Show Answer

Q457) Decapitation of shoot tip in plants inhibits the growth of their lateral buds.
Accumulation of auxins in lateral buds causes inhibition of their growth. Show Answer