Practice Test

1) If an isotope of hydrogen has two neutrons in its atom, its atomic number and mass number will respectively be

2) Calgon used as water softener is

3) What is heavy water ?

4) The alum used for purifying water is

5) What is formed when calcium carbide reacts with heavy water?

6) The reagent commonly used to determine hardness of water titrimetrically is

7) Which one of the following statements about the zeolites is false ?

8) Which of the properties of interstitial hydrides is correct ?

9) Which one of the following reaction does not form gaseous product ?

10) Hydrogen directly combines with

11) Which is the lightest gas?

12) Hydrogen behaves as an oxidising agent in its reaction with

13) The composition of tritium is

14) Hydrogen accepts an electron to form inert gas configuration. in this it resembles

15) The process used for the removal of hardness of water is

16) Action of water or dilute mineral acids on metals can give

17) When same amount of zinc is treated separately with excess of sulphuric acid and excess of sodium hydroxide solution the ratio of volume of hydrogen evolved is

18) One would expect proton to have very large

19) The absorption of hydrogen by palladium is called

20) When two ice cubes are pressed over each other,they form one cube. Which of the following forces is responsible to hold them together?

21) Pure water can be obtained from sea water by

22) By which of the following process permanent hardness of water can be removed ?

23) Which of the following is correct for hydrogen ?

24) Which of the following is formed by the action of water on sodium peroxide ?

25) The H-0-H angle in water molecule is about

26) Which of the following acts as both reducing and oxidising agents ?

27) Which of the following will not displace hydrogen ?

28) The higher density of water than that of ice is due to

29) Hydrogen gas is generally prepared by the

30) Zeolite is

31) In para hydrogen, the electron spins are in the

32) Which of the following statement is correct?

33) Heavy water is usually prepared by the

34) The hydrogen molecule is not very reactive under normal condition because

35) The degree of hardness of water is usually expressed in terms of

36) Which of the following mixture is known as the fenton's reagent?

37) Ortho and para hydrogen differ in

38) Which of the following statement is incorrect ?

39) Which of the following statement is incorrect?

40) Which of the following metals form saline hydrides?

41) Water softening by clark's process uses

42) Which among the following is a hydride ?

43) Which is correct statement

44) The set of element which could form stable, covalent hydrogen bonded hydrides are

45) Temporary hardness and permanent hardness can be removed respectively by addition of

46) Which of the following evolves hydrogen on reacting with cold nitric acid ?

47) Which one of the following is not isotope of hydrogen ?

48) The property of hydrogen which distinguishes it from alkali metals is

49) The boiling point of water is exceptionally high because

50) A commercial sample of hydrogen peroxide is labelled as 10 volume. Its percentage strength is nearly

51) One mole of magnesium nitride on the reaction with excess of water gives

52) Hydrogen will not reduce

53) The oxide that give hydrogen peroxide on treatment with dilute acid is

54) The sum of the number of neutrons and proton in the heaviest isotope of hydrogen is

55) When zeolite, which is hydrated sodium aluminium silicate, is treated with hard water, the sodium ions are exchanged with

56) Which of the following pair will not produce dihydrogen gas?

57) One mole of calcium phosphide on reaction with excess water give

58) Polyphosphate are used as water softening agent because they

59) Which of the following is correct about heavy water?

60) Which of the following hydrides in electron deficient ?

61) The maximum number of hydrogen bonds in which water molecules can participate is

62) Which is used hydrogen generators

63) Metal hydride on treatment with water gives

64) Hydrogen burns in air with a

65) Which pair does not show hydrogen isotopes

66) Which is distilled first

67) On reaction with Mg, very dilute nitric acid produces

68) Among the following, identify the compound which cannot act as both oxidising and reducing agents

69) Which of the following reaction produces hydrogen

70) Hydrogen resembles in many of its properties

71) Ortho and para hydrogen differ in

72) Hydrogen from HCl can be prepared by

73) Which of the following can adsorb largest volume of hydrogen gas

74) The colour of hydrogen is

75) Ordinary hydrogen at room temperature is a mixture of

76) Hydrogen cannot reduce

77) Hydrogen does not combine with

78) The adsorption of hydrogen by metals is called

79) Which of the following produces hydrolith with dihydrogen

80) The metal which displaces hydrogen from a boiling caustic soda solution is

81) Metals like platinum and palladium can absorb large volumes of hydrogen under special conditions. Such adsorbed hydrogen by the metal is known as

82) Which is poorest reducing agent

83) The sum of protons, electrons and neutrons in the heaviest isotope of hydrogen is

84) Ortho-hydrogen and para-hydrogen resembles in which of the following property

85) The difference between heat of adsorption of ortho and para hydrogen is

86) Hydrogen can be fused to form helium at

87) Which of the following metal do not liberate hydrogen from dilute hydrochloric acid

88) An element reacts with hydrogen to form a compound A which on treatment with water liberates hydrogen gas. The element can be

89) Hydrogen combines with other elements by

90) Which of the following explanation is best for not placing hydrogen with alkali metals or halogen

91) Which of the following terms is not correct for hydrogen

92) When electric current is passed through an ionic hydride in the molten state

93) Which of the halogen has maximum affinity for hydrogen

94) Which of the following statements is most applicable to hydrogen

95) Hydrogen is

96) Ionization energy of hydrogen is

97) Hydrogen acts as a reducing agent and thus resembles

98) Which position for hydrogen explain all its properties

99) Hydrogen readily combines with non-metals and thus it shows its

100) The oxidation states shown by hydrogen are

101) Hydrogen readily combines with metals and thus shows its

102) Electrolysis of fused sodium hydride liberate hydrogen at the

103) Protonic acid is

104) In all its properties, hydrogen resembles

105) Hydrogen molecule differs from chlorine molecule in the following respect

106) Which of the following statements concerning protium, deuterium and tritium is not true

107) Hydrogen has three isotopes, the number of possible diatomic molecules will be

108) In which of the compounds does hydrogen have an oxidation state of -1

109) Pure hydrogen is obtained by carrying electrolysis of

110) In Bosch's process which gas is utilised for the production of hydrogen gas

111) Deuterium differs from hydrogen in

112) Tritium undergoes radioactive decay giving

113) The gas used in the hydrogenation of vegetable oils in the presence of nickel as catalyst is

114) The conversion of atomic hydrogen into ordinary hydrogen is

115) The name hydrogen was given by

116) Triatomic hydrogen is called

117) Alkali metal hydrides react with water to give

118) Ionic hydrides are usually

119) Group 2 hydrides with significant covalent character is/are

120) Limiting compositions of f-block hydrides are

121) Which one of the following substances is used in the laboratory for a fast drying of neutral gases

122) Which is the lightest gas

123) The composition of tritium is

124) Which of the following gas is insoluble in water

125) Which element forms maximum compound in chemistry

126) Hydrogen is not obtained when zinc reacts with

127) An ionic compound is dissolved simultaneously in heavy water and simple water. Its solubility is

128) Synthetic detergents are more effective in hard water than soaps because

129) Temporary hardness may be removed from water by adding

130) Heavy water is

131) Heavy water is compound of

132) Which of the following pair of ions makes the water hard

133) Temporary hardness of water can be removed by

134) When zeolite (Hydrated sodium aluminium silicate) is treated with hard water the sodium ions are exchanged with

135) Which of the following statements do not define the characteristic property of water "Water is a universal solvent"

136) The velocity of neutrons in nuclear reactor is slowed down by

137) Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of

138) Which of the following is not true

139) Which of the following is not a hard water

140) Heavy water is used in atomic reactor as

141) Heavy water freezes at

142) Which of the following is not true

143) Which of the following will determine whether the given colourless liquid is water or not

144) Lead pipes are not used for carrying drinking water because

145) Which one of the following removes temporary hardness of water

146) Which of the following will cause softening of hard water

147) Which of the following process permanent hardness of water can be removed, by adding

148) Permutit is technical name given to

149) The approximate mass of tritium oxide molecule is

150) Molecular weight of heavy water is

151) Water is said to be permanently hard when it contains

152) Sodium sulphate is soluble in water but barium sulphate is insoluble because

153) The alum used for purifying water is

154) Which of the following is correct about heavy water

155) The H - O - H angle in water molecule is about

156) pH of neutral water at room temperature nearly

157) The low density of ice compared to water is due to

158) Triple point of water is

159) Hardness of water is due to presence of salts of

160) In which of the following reaction hydrogen peroxide is a reducing agent

161) There is a sample of 10 volume of hydrogen peroxide solution. Calculate its strength

162) Hydrogen peroxide is reduced by

163) Fenton's reagent is

164) Hydrogen peroxide is used as

165) Which one of the following is a true peroxide

166) Which of the following statements is incorrect

167) Nitrates of all metals are

168) Polyphosphates are used as water softening agents because they

169) One mole of calcium phosphide on reaction with excess water gives

170) Hydrogen peroxide is

171) Hydrogen can be obtained from water by

172) Which of the following is/are hard water(s)

173) Pick the odd one out

174) Hydrogen can be obtained from water, by the action of water on

175) What is true about ice

176) Hydrogen will not reduce

177) Which of the following pair will not produce dihydrogen gas

178) Hydrogen can behave as a metal

179) Out of the two allotropic forms of dihydrogen, the form with lesser molecular energy is

180) Saline hydrides react explosively with water, such fires can be extinguished by

181) Metals of groups 7, 8 and 9 do not form metallic hydrides. This is termed as

182) The most abundant element in the universe is

183) Pick out the correct statement

184) Hydrogen can be produced by heating

185) Plumbosolvency is a health hazard in the transportation of

186) A sample of water contains sodium chloride. It is

187) Hardness producing salt, whose solubility in water decreases with rise of temperature is

188) A sample of water containing some dissolved table sugar and common salt is passed through organic ion exchange resins. The resulting water will be

189) Water obtained by purification with organic ion exchange resins is

190) Which of the following can effectively remove all types of hardness of water

191) Assertion: Hydrogen combines with other elements by losing, gaining or sharing of electrons.
Reason: Hydrogen forms electrovalent and covalent bonds with other elements.

192) Assertion: Acidulated water is an example of hard water.
Reason: In the presence of an acid, soap is converted into insoluble free fatty acids.

193) Assertion: Hydrogen peroxide forms only one series of salts called peroxides.
Reason: Hydrogen peroxide molecule has only one replaceable hydrogen atom.

194) The percentage of para hydrogen in ordinary hydrogen increases when:

195) Radioactive isotope of hydrogen is

196) The hardness of water is estimated by

197) The ortho and para hydrogen possess:

198) Which is not present in clear hard water?

199) Which of the following reactions produces hydrogen?

200) When different metals like Zn, Sn, Fe are added to dilute sulphuric acid, same gas, which burns explosively in air, is evolved. The gas is:

201) Heavy water is represented as

202) Which is not a water softener?

203) The boiling point of heavy water is:

204) Which will produce hard water?

205) Which of the following pairs will not produce dihydrogen gas?

206) Calgon used as water softner is

207) Permutit is:

208) The rubber foam is produced by passing oxygen through rubber foaming material. This oxygen is released from:

209) Which is the poorest reducing agent?

210) The number of radioactive isotopes of hydrogen is:

211) The oxidation number of oxygen in hydrogen peroxide is

212) The hair dyes available in the market generally contain two bottles, one containing the dye and the other hydrogen peroxide. Before applying the dye, the two solutions are mixed. The hydrogen peroxide.

213) The ortho and para hydrogen differ in respect of which of the following?

214) The bond energy of covalent O—H bond in water is:

215) An aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide is

216) Tritium emits:

217) The ratio of electron, proton and neutron in tritium is:

218) Permutit is the technical name given to

219) The best method to test whether a clear liquid is water, is to:

220) Heavy water is qualified as heavy because it is:

221) Permanent hardness can be removed by adding

222) The ionization energy of hydrogen is:

223) Hydrogen peroxide is prepared in the laboratory by

224) Hydrogen peroxide is manufactured by the auto-oxidation of:

225) Hydrogen may be prepared by heating a solution of caustic soda with:

226) The most reactive state of hydrogen is:

227) The number of protons, electrons and neutrons respectively in a molecule of heavy water is:

228) Ordinary hydrogen is a mixture at:

229) The electronic configuration of deuterium is:

230) Tailing of mercury is a laboratory test for:

231) Which method cannot be used to remove hardness of water?

232) Which of the following could act as a propellant for rockets?

233) Deuterium was discovered by:

234) Heavy water possesses:

235) Which one of the following is called amphoteric solvent?

236) Which hydride is neutral?

237) Hydrogen burns with:

238) Deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen is:

239) Temporary harness is caused due to the presence of:

240) The life period of atomic hydrogen is:

241) There is a sample of 20 volume of hydrogen peroxide solution. Calculate its strength

242) When the same amount of zinc is treated separately with excess of sulphuric acid and excess of sodium hydroxide, the ratio of volumes of hydrogen evolved is:

243) Atomic hydrogen is obtained by:

244) Which loses weight on exposure to the atmosphere?

245) Which can adsorb large volumes of hydrogen gas?

246) In the hydrogen peroxide molecule:

247) Fluorine reacts with water to form:

248) The hardness of water sample containing 0.002 mole of magnesium sulphate dissolved in a litre of water is expressed as

249) When hydrogen peroxide is added to acidified potassium dichromate, a blue colour is produced due to formation of

250) Ordinary hydrogen has preponderance of:

251) Which of the following is an example of interstitial hydride?

252) If water is boiled for sometime it becomes free from:

253) Polyphosphates are used as water softening agents because they

254) Hydrogen molecules are:

255) Hydrogen reacts with …… even in the dark.

256) The pair that yields the same gaseous product on reaction with water:

257) The heaviest among the following is:

258) The molarity of a 100 mL solution containing 5.1 g of hydrogen peroxide is:

259) The metal that does not displace hydrogen from an acid is:

260) Deionised water is obtained by passing hard water through

261) Hydrogen was discovered by:

262) Hard water becomes free from …… ions when passed through ion exchange resin containing RCOOH groups.

263) The sum of number of neutrons and protons in one of the isotopes of hydrogen is:

264) Water contracts on heating:

265) Hydrogen combines directly with:

266) Which statement about zeolite is false?

267) High boiling point of water is due to:

268) Sodium zeolite is:

269) Hydrogen is not used for:

270) Heavy water is manufactured in India at:

271) The ionization of hydrogen atom gives:

272) The melting points of most of the solid substances increase with an increase of pressure. However, ice melts at a temperature lower than its usual melting point when the pressure is increased. This is because:

273) Heavy water was discovered by:

274) The maximum possible number of hydrogen bonds a water molecule can form is:

275) Hydrogen gas will not reduce:

The hardness of water is due to …. Metal ions.

277) Under what conditions of temperature and pressure, the formation of atomic hydrogen from molecular hydrogen will be favoured more?

278) Heavy water is not used for dinking because:

279) Maximum density of heavy water is at:

280) A molten ionic hydride on electrolysis gives:

281) Both temporary and permanent hardness are removed on boiling water with:

282) The weight percentage of deuterium in heavy water is:

283) Very pure hydrogen(99.9%) can be made by which of the following processes?

284) Density of water is maximum at:

285) The most reactive isotope of H is:

286) The exhausted Permutit is generally regenerated by percolating through it a solution of:

287) The best explanations for not placing hydrogen with the group of alkali metals or halogens is:

288) The geometry of water molecule is same as that of:

289) Hydrogen peroxide does not:

290) The most dangerous method of preparing hydrogen would be by the action of dil. HCl and:

291) Hydrolysis of one mole of peroxodisulphuric acid produces:

292) During hydrogenation of oil the catalyst commonly used is:

293) Oxygen and hydrogen react to form water. This discovery was made by:

294) Which one of the following processes will produce hard water?

295) Ionic hydrides react with water to give

296) Hydrogen peroxide for the first time was prepared by:

297) Para hydrogen is:

298) Some statements about heavy water are given below:
(i) Heavy water is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors
(ii) Heavy water is more associated than ordinary water
(iii) Heavy water is more effective solvent than ordinary water
Which of the above statements are correct?

299) When hydrolith is treated with water it yields:

300) Atomic hydrogen produces formaldehyde when it reacts with:

301) Hydrogen peroxide is now generally prepared on industrial scale by the:

302) Tritium is obtained by:

303) The formula of heavy water is:

304) Hydrogen adsorbed on palladium is known as:

305) Which one of the following is used for reviving the exhausted ‘permutit’?

306) Nascent hydrogen consists of:

307) At absolute zero:

308) Hydrogen peroxide works as:

309) Point out the incorrect statement.

310) Hydrogen is prepared on large scale for industrial use

311) Hydrogen is obtained by the action of an alloy of silicon and iron with NaOH. The process is called:

312) Hydrogen peroxide when added to a solution of potassium permanganate acidified with sulphuric acid

313) Water is oxidised to oxygen by

314) In the preparation of hydrogenated oil the chemical reaction involving hydrogen is called:

315) The most abundant isotope of hydrogen is:

316) Which statement is not correct for hydrogen peroxide?

317) Which one is correct for perhydrol?

318) Hydrogen has a tendency to gain one electron in order to acquire helium configuration. It thus, resembles:

319) Calgon is an industrial name given to:

320) For the bleaching of hair, the substance used is:

321) In solid hydrogen, the intermolecular bonding is:

322) The species that does not contains peroxide ions is:

323) When silicon is boiled with caustic soda solution, the gas evolved is:

324) In which of the following reactions hydrogen peroxide is a reducing agent?

325) Which does not react with cold water?

326) Deuterium resembles hydrogen in chemical properties but reacts:

327) Statement 1: NaCl is less soluble in heavy water than in ordinary water.
Statement 2: Dielectric constant of ordinary water is more than that of heavy water.

328) Statement 1: Hard water is more suitable than soft water.
Statement 2: Hard water can be used in steam boilers.

329) Statement 1: Water has high boiling point.
Statement 2: Water shows hydrogen bonding.

330) Statement 1: Temporary hardness can be removed by boiling.
Statement 2: One boiling the soluble bicarbonates change to carbonates which being insoluble get precipitated.

331) Statement 1: Hydrogen shows resemblance with alkali metals as well as halogens.
Statement 2: Hydrogen exists in atomic form only at high temperature.

332) Statement 1: Hydrogen ahs only two isotopes namely protium and deuterium .
Statement 2: Protium is radio active in nature.

333) Statement 1: Saline hydrides are nonvolatiles noe conducting and crystalline solids.
Statement 2: Saline hydrides are compounds of hydrogen with most of the p block elements