Practice Test

Q1) Electronic Market is the virtual representation of physical market. Show Answer

Q2) E-Commerce means buying and selling of products by consumers and businesses at the local level. Show Answer

Q3) In E-Commerce scope is local. Show Answer

Q4) EDI stands for electronic data interchange. Show Answer

Q5) EDI does not require printed order and invoice. Show Answer

Q6) All products and services can be sold through E-Commerce. Show Answer

Q7) E-Commerce stands for Electrical commerce. Show Answer

Q8) The cost of the products sold through E-Commerce is very high. Show Answer

Q9) E-Commerce is the most secure and private system. Show Answer

Q10) Payment is done by credit card in E-Commerce. Show Answer

Q11) The full form of WAP is Wireless Associate Protocol. Show Answer

Q12) M-Commerce means buying and selling of goods and services using a laptop. Show Answer

Q13) M-Commerce means buying and selling of goods and services using a mobile phone or a PDA device. Show Answer

Q14) In SET the customer’s credit card number is never seen by the merchant. Show Answer

Q15) Online stored value systems allow the customers to make immediate online payments to merchants and others, based on the amount that they have kept in their online account. Show Answer

Q16) Digital Cash is the electronic parallel of notes and coins. Show Answer

Q17) Secure Socket Layer is a protocol developed by Netscape for security of data in transit. Show Answer

Q18) A Digital Signature is a digital code that is attached to a message sent electronically. Show Answer

Q19) In Public Key Encryption there are two keys, one private and other public. Show Answer

Q20) In Public Key Encryption there is only one key called the public key. Show Answer

Q21) Decryption means converting readable text into cipher text. Show Answer

Q22) In a Credit Card Transaction on the Net, the buyers credit card details are revealed to the seller. Show Answer

Q23) One limitation of E-Commerce is lack of PC penetration. Show Answer

Q24) In SSL the URL changes to HTTPS from HTTP. Show Answer

Q25) Non-repudiation refers to non denial of E-commerce Transactions. Show Answer

Q26) Authentication ensures that the message was not read by others. Show Answer

Q27) Symmetric key encryption requires that both parties share the same key. Show Answer

Q28) In encryption the file contents are so scrambled that they cannot be read. Show Answer

Q29) The emerging market economy where consumers, producers and merchants interact electronically is called. Show Answer

Q30) A computer to computer exchange of business transactions is called. Show Answer

Q31) Buying and selling goods and services over the internet is called. Show Answer

Q32) The process of converting intelligible data into unintelligible data is called Show Answer

Q33) Conversion of data into code is called Show Answer

Q34) Which product people more likely to be comfortable buying on the internet. Show Answer

Q35) There are many techniques that B2C companies use to attract customers except. Show Answer

Q36) Which term describes the percentage of people who visit a website and buy something. Show Answer

Q37) In E-commerce, to authenticate the sender of the message we use. Show Answer

Q38) An SSL does not provide Show Answer

Q39) It is a convention that all sites that use SSL connection while making a secure connection, use instead of HTTP. Show Answer

Q40) SET ensures Show Answer

Q41) is Show Answer

Q42) Decryption refers to Show Answer

Q43) SSL stands for Show Answer

Q44) Criminally acquiring passwords is called Show Answer

Q45) SET is an open standard in E-commerce offered by Show Answer

Q46) In E-commerce the assurance that the message is not altered is known as Show Answer

Q47) A Public Key differs from the Private key due to Show Answer

Q48) The model in E-commerce where companies earn revenue by referring users to other websites providing products/services is called Show Answer

Q49) Sender and Receiver have same keys in Show Answer

Q50) EDI stands for Show Answer

Q51) There are many techniques used by B2C companies to attract customers except Show Answer

Q52) The most commonly used form of payment in E-Commerce is Show Answer