Practice Test

Q1) The buttons in the toolbox are called as controls or objects. Show Answer

Q2) If required you can add more controls or objects in the toolbox. Show Answer

Q3) VB is known as an Event-driven programming language. Show Answer

Q4) A project in VB includes at least one form. Show Answer

Q5) To view the code, you have to select the object and press F4. Show Answer

Q6) Visual Basic is an event-driven programming language. Show Answer

Q7) All programming languages are event driven languages. Show Answer

Q8) Visual Basic can be used to develop GUI based applications. Show Answer

Q9) Multiple events can take place at a time. Show Answer

Q10) The project Explorer window shows the properties of an object. Show Answer

Q11) Various controls such as the TextBox, Label, CommandButton are found in the Project Explorer window. Show Answer

Q12) MouseDown is an example of an event in Visual Basic. Show Answer

Q13) Move is an example of a method in Visual Basic. Show Answer

Q14) The properties of different objects can be set from the ToolBox window. Show Answer

Q15) Visual Basic code is written in sub-procedures. Show Answer

Q16) _________ are the basic building blocks of Visual Basic Application. Show Answer

Q17) Advantages of VB are : Show Answer

Q18) The window that describes every individual element of a form is Show Answer

Q19) ________ contains the controls, which one can use in the creation of a form. Show Answer

Q20) Which of the following file types contains the names of other files used in a Visual Basic project? Show Answer

Q21) The only object-oriented language amongst the following is : Show Answer

Q22) The only event-driven language amongst the following is: Show Answer

Q23) If an object obj ahs a property prop than which of the following is the best way to state the property of the object? Show Answer

Q24) In a VB project, the form design is carried out in the ________ window: Show Answer

Q25) Which of these is not distinct mode of Visual Basic? Show Answer

Q26) Which of these errors can be detected at compilation stage by the Visual Basic complier? Show Answer

Q27) Visual Basic code is written in __________. Show Answer

Q28) The comment character in Visual Basic is : Show Answer

Q29) Which of these is not a component of Visual Basic IDE? Show Answer

Q30) What is the meaning of VBP? Show Answer