NEET Entrance Exam Online Test Series & Information

NEET Exam Online Test Features:

  • Prexam practice test for NEET are based on Question bank of over 18,000+ Questions with latest updates designed by subject experts.
  • All topics are covered with detailed explanation to solutions.
  • The tests are time based test and include negative marking for wrong answers to enhance your performance for actual exam..
  • You can design your own test based on chapters you have studied with required difficulty level.
  • You will get different test paper even if you appear for the same chapter again.
  • There are unlimited Error Correction Tests offered based on mistakes you make in your practice test to help you attain perfection in you preparations.
  • Prexam Discussion Forum helps you to clear your doubt all over India and even expert faculties.
  • Preparation Analysis helps you compare your score with students all over India and also find out areas where you need to work more on.

NEET Exams Online Practice Tests:

CostClick to
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NEET Free Test Series10 days3-FreeRegisterStart!
NEET Essential Test Series45 days203 200RegisterStart!
NEET Fast Track Test Series90 days4510 500RegisterStart!
NEET Fast Track + Unlimited Practice Series90 days4510 750RegisterStart!
NEET Standard Course365 days10025 1200RegisterStart!
NEET Standard Course + Unlimited Practice Series365 days10025 1800RegisterStart!
NEET Grand Course730 days15035 2100RegisterStart!
NEET Grand Course + Unlimited Practice Series730 days15035 3000RegisterStart!

Type of PREXAM Test:

  1. Chapter Wise Test
  2. Mock Test
  3. Error Correction Test

  Simple way to reduce 'examphobia'  

-Rahul Sharma, Pune, Maharashtra

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