Practice Test

Q1) Which teams did Red backs beat ? Show Answer

Q2) Which team / s drew the match with Warriors ? Show Answer

Q3) Which team has the highest number of draws ? Show Answer

Q4) What is new speed of Taj Express after the reduction in speed ? Show Answer

Q5) If the signal problem had occured at 3:00 pm instead of 2:00 pm, at what time would the two trains have crossed each other ? Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following gives as many hours as those spent on studying Quantitative Aptitude ? Show Answer

Q7) What percentage of hours spent on learning in class ? Show Answer

Q8) The total number of hours spent on learning the subjects self-study is nearest to which of the following Show Answer

Q9) If p be a prime number, p > 3 and let x be the product of positive number 1,2,3,..., (p-1), then consider the following statements
(I). x is a composite number divisible by p.
(II). x is a composite number not divisible by p but some prime number greater than p may divide x.
(III). x is not divisible by any prime number (p-2).
(IV). All prime numbers less than (p-1) divide x which of the following statement is / are correct. Show Answer

Q10) A three digit number which on being subtracted from another three-digit number consisting of the same digits in reverse order gives 594. The minimum possible sum of all the three digits of this number is Show Answer

Q11) Half of the volume of milk and water mixture of ratio 7 : 5 is converted into a mixture of ratio 3 : 1 by the substitution ( or replacement ) method. The mixture of ratio 7 : 5 was formed from the mixture 7 : 3 by adding the water in it. If 240 L milk is required in the replacement method. What is the total amount of water was added to prepare the mixture of 7 : 5 ? Show Answer

Q12) In Rajdhani Express, there are 10 boggies which carries on an average of 20 passengers per boggie. If atleast 12 passengers were sitting in each boggie and no any boggie has equal number of passenger then maximum, how many passengers can be accommodated in a boggie ? Show Answer

Q13) A question is followed by two Statements I and II. Answer the question by marking the answer using the instruction given below.
(a) If the question can be answered by statement I alone but cannot be answered by Statement II alone
(b) If the question can be answered by Statement II alone but cannot be answered by Statement I alone
(c) If question can be answered with either Statement I or Statement II
(d) If question cannot be answered with both the statements

y = f(x) is said to be an even function if f(x)= f( -x). Is y = f(x) an even function ?

(I) Graph of y = f(x) lies in only two quadrants and both these quadrant are adjacent to each other.
(II) Graph of y = f(x) lies in only two quadrants and both these quadrants are opposite to each other. Show Answer

Q14) In a chess tournament held this year in kolkatta, there were only two women participant among all the members participant played two games with each other participant. The number of games that men played between them selves proved to exceed by 66, as compared to the number of games the men played with women. How many participant were there in the tournament ? Show Answer

Q15) The amount of work in a steel plant increased by 50 %. By what per cent is it necessary to increase the number of workers to complete the new amount of work in previously planned time, if the productivity of the new labour is 25 % more. Show Answer

Q16) A tank is connected with 15 pipes. Some of them are inlet pipes and rest work as outlets pipes. Each of the inlet pipe can fill the tank in 8 h individually, while each of those that empty the tank, i.e. output pipe, can empty it in 6 h individually. If all the pipes are kept open when the tank is full, it will take exactly 6 h for the tank to empty. How many of these are inlet pipes ? Show Answer

Q17) A shopkeeper received a pack of 15 pens, out of which 4 were defective. The shopkeeper decided to examine every pen one by one selecting a pen at random. The pens examined are not put back. What is the probability that ninth one examined is the last defective pen ? Show Answer

Q18) The sum of first ten terms of an AP is 155 and the sum of first two terms of a GP is 9. The first term of the AP is equal to common ratio of the GP and the first term of the GP is equal to the common difference of the AP. Which can be the AP as per the given conditions ? Show Answer

Q19) If p,q,r and s are positive real numbers such that p + q + r + s = 2, then m = ( p+q)( r+s) satisfies the relation Show Answer