PREXAM is a testing tool for students to check their preparedness. It is a product by Prime Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Vasai, Thane, Maharashtra, India

The tests are generated by selecting questions randomly from the database based on the chapters and subject you selected. That means even if you select the same combination of subject and chapters you would get a different paper every time and the questions you get would be different than what other user might have received for the same combination.

The tests are time based and total marks for the test can be chosen by the user.

Each test is followed by a solution which you can print or store for future reference. All your tests would be saved and available for review. We would soon be including the your graph of preparedness for your exam so you can evaluate where you need to work more on.

Management Team

Our team consists of Education and Technology enthisiasts with knowledge and expertise in various fields.

Payal Doshi,Managing Director
A Computer Science Graduate from USC, California (US) with specialization in artificial intelligence made PREXAM a full fledged commercial website. She has also been working on marketing and business strategy for PREXAM recently.

Bharat Doshi,Director
The seed of PREXAM was sown by the idea of Mr. Bharat Doshi, practicing Charted Accountant, for developing a software which would conduct tests for students by randomly selecting questions from the database which came to his mind through 30 years in the field of education and knowing the requirements of education system and students closely.

Rashmi Doshi,Director
With experience with students and publishing books for them, brings in the content development expertise to the team.

A Note for Users

The product is based on freeium model and open to all users. So be sure you make maximum use out of this and invite your friends to check out this exciting product helping out student since 2011.

We greatly value comments and suggestions from students and we encourage you to post as much as feedback as you can in terms of what you like, what you do not like and what else you would want us to launch. Please feel free to add suggestions about the layout and styling features as well.

Collaborations and Advertising

We welcome all business proposals at

PREXAM For Teachers

We would be willing to cater special requirements for teachers and institutes with large number of students. We offer bulk logins at a concessional rate. We offer administrative logins to teachers to monitor students' performance. This helps them track the progress of students and find where your students are weak.

PREXAM Online Test Series

Institutes can now set their own papers online. Students can appear for these papers online only after they are fully prepared in the given time. This reduces time-effort required for institutes to conduct tests as well as give students a fair chance to prepare and hence know students performance and preparation level more accurately.

PREXAM For Franchise

If you believe in the concept that technology will enhance the way educational institutes work and way students learn. Further, if you have good contacts in education industry or are a marketing professional willing to market PREXAM and related products in your area. Please contact us to know if you can become a member of our franchise network.