SYJC Commerce Syllabus

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce Economics

Money and Bank
Commercial Bank
Central Bank
Public Economics
Micro Economics
Consumer Behaviour and Utility Analysis
Demand Analysis
Elasticity of Demand
Supply Analysis
Forms of Market
Factors of Production
Macro Economics
National Income
Aggregate Demand and Supply function

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce Organisation of Commerce

Forms of Commercial Organisation
Sole Trading Concern
Partnership Firm
Joint Hindu Family Business
Joint Stock Company
Co - operative Society
Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
Consumer's Movement and Protection
Principles of Management
Functions of Management
Business Services
Entrepreneurship Development
Emerging Modes of Finance

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce Book Keeping And Accountancy

Partnership Final Accounts
Accounts for Non-Profit Organisation
Single Entry System
Bills of Exchange
Admission of Partner
Retirement of Partner
Issue, Forfeiture and Reissue of Shares
Issue of Debentures
Analysis of Financial Statements
Death of Partner

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce MATHS I

Mathematical Logic
Limits & continuity
Application of Derivatives
Definite Integration

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce MATHS II

Regression analysis
Random Variable and Probability Distribution
Assignment problem & sequences
Ratio, Proportion and Partnership
Commission, Brokerage and Discount
Insurance and Annuity
Bivariate Frequency Distribution and Correlation
Linear Inequation and Linear programing

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce Secretarial Practice

Source of Capital
Role of Secretarial in Capital Formation
Issue of Debentures
Depositories And Dematerialization Of Securities
Declaration and Payment of Dividend
Secretarial Correspondence with Members
Secretarial Correspondence with Debenture Holders
Secretarial Correspondence with Depositors
Introduction of Stock Exchange
Business Finance
Financial Market

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Syllabus for SYJC Commerce Information Technology

Web Publishing
Cyber Laws and Ethics
Introduction To Networking
Data Management using Access

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