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PREXAM Highlights:

  1. AI based personal Preparation Trainer
  2. 20,000+ Questions for Practice
  3. Time based test with negative marking to enhance your performance
  4. DESIGN YOUR OWN TEST according to your preparation.
  5. Unlimited Error Correction Test
  6. Get different set of questions for same chapters when appearing for the test
  7. Mock Test
  8. Preparation Analysis
  9. Score Predictor with 95% Accuracy

NATA Exam Online Test Features:

PREXAM NATA is designed in such a way that it will be your personal trainer to boost your exam results based on your current performance
  • Prexam practice test for NATA(National Aptitude Test in Architecture) Exam are based on Question bank of over 13,000+ Questions with latest updates designed by subject experts.
  • Prexam provides NATA mock test, sample papers, past papers and free test practice on latest syllabus.
  • All topics are covered with detailed explanation to solutions.
  • The tests are time based test and include negative marking for wrong answers to enhance your performance for actual exam.
  • You can design your own test based on chapters you have studied with required difficulty level.
  • You will get different test paper even if you appear for the same chapter again.
  • There are unlimited Error Correction Tests offered based on mistakes you make in your practice test to help you attain perfection in you preparations.
  • Prexam Discussion Forum helps you to clear your doubt all over India and even expert faculties.
  • Preparation Analysis helps you compare your score with students all over India and also find out areas where you need to work more on.
  • Unlimited Practice is available with our "NATA Unlimited Practice Series" test packages where you can solve all questions in our database any number of times. Further it also allows bookmark facility through which you can bookmark important questions which you want to refer back at the time of your revision
As per our past records, you will score +5% or -5% of your PREXAM NATA Mock test scores in your final exam

NATA Exams Online Practice Tests:

CostClick to
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NATA Free Test Series10 days3-FreeFree Trial
NATA Essential Test Series45 days203 250Free Trial
NATA Fast Track Test Series90 days4510 590Free Trial
NATA Fast Track + Unlimited Practice Series90 days4510 900Free Trial
NATA Standard Course365 days10025 1470Free Trial
NATA Standard Course + Unlimited Practice Series365 days10025 2200Free Trial
NATA Grand Course730 days15035 2550Free Trial
NATA Grand Course + Unlimited Practice Series730 days15035 3650Free Trial

  A wonderful job done by the website for students aspiring to shine in competitive exams.Quite useful to the exam prospects who cannot afford for special & costly coaching.Thanks a lot to the creators & site managers.  

-Racharla Santosh Kumar, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

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