Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following is the same in meaning as the phrase 'holding out' as used in the passage? Show Answer

Q2) According to the passage, the question of abortion is Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following is true regarding the reasons for progress in genetic engineering? Show Answer

Q4) Which of the following is the same in meaning as thw word 'obliterate' as used in the passage? Show Answer

Q5) Which of the following is the opposite in meaning to the word 'charge' as used in the passage? Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following is not true of the genetic engineering movement? Show Answer

Q7) Which of the following is the same in meaning as the word 'feat' a.s used in the passage? Show Answer

Q8) Why, according to the author, is genetic misinformation severely damaging?
(A) The cost involved is very high.
(B) Some people are unjustly branded as inferior.' Show Answer

Q9) In the passage , 'abused' means Show Answer

Q10) At present genetic engineering can rectify all genetic disorders, Is it? Show Answer

Q11) Which of the following, according to the author, are the short- comings of genetics in becoming an exact science?
(A) Technicians' will not be able to determine the time when genetic disorder will set in.
(B) Technicians have not been able to manipulate germ cells. Show Answer

Q12) Which of the following is the same in meaning as the word 'squarely' as used in the passage? Show Answer

Q13) Which of the following is not true, according to the passage? Show Answer

Q14) What is the tone of the author in the last sentence of the passage? Show Answer

Q15) According to the author, the present state of knowledge about heredity has made geneticists Show Answer

Q16) Governments and Businesses must reduce (1) / its own energy use (2) / and promote conservation (3) / to their citizens and employees (4). / No error (5). Show Answer

Q17) If the allegations (1) / made against him (2) / are found to be true (3) / he could face rigorous imprisonment (4)./ No error (5). Show Answer

Q18) Having acquired some experience (1) / she is no longer (2) / one of those who believes (3) / every explanation she is given (4). / No error (5). Show Answer

Q19) On discovering that (1) / it was a forgery (2) / he torn up the agreement (3) / he had signed (4) / No error (5). Show Answer

Q20) With regard to implementation the (1) / details of the proposal (2) / the committee was divided (3) / in its opinion (4). / No error (5). Show Answer

Q21) Many employees are HESITATE TO VOLUNTEER for assignments in a foreign country because of language and cultural issues. Show Answer

Q22) Salaries in state owned enterprises today have TO BE IN LINE ON prevailing market rates in order to reduce turnover. Show Answer

Q23) As the member of cabinet, Aiyar had the opportunity to observe debates and see WHICH THEY WERE RESOLVED. Show Answer

Q24) The Board HAS INABILITY TO PROVIDE any proper strategy to outdo the competition. Show Answer

Q25) DID THE COURT NOT INTERVENED the matter many students would have been denied admission. Show Answer

Q26) Budget hotels ARE BEING SET UP ACROSS the country to provide travellers with accommodation at reasonable rates. Show Answer

Q27) DIRECTLY THE MEETING COMMENCED THEN the Board called for the chairman's resignation. Show Answer

Q28) The Director said that he did not want to see NEITHER OF THE STUDENT who had failed and ordered them to leave. Show Answer

Q29) He was determined IN COMPLETING the project despite opposition from the union. Show Answer

Q30) In his speech he failed to emphasize the ONLY GREAT REASON WHY Government programmes have not benefited poor. Show Answer

Q31) (1) Plunged
(2) Fallen
(3) Triggered
(4) Gained
(5) Slips Show Answer

Q32) (1) Substantial
(2) Significant
(3) Dismal
(4) Biggest
(5) Peak Show Answer

Q33) (1) However
(2) Being
(3) Despite
(4) Because
(5) Though Show Answer

Q34) (1) Heighten
(2) Fueled
(3) Predicted
(4) Ignored
(5) Instil Show Answer

Q35) (1) Stumble
(2) Corrected
(3) Tumbled
(4) Established
(5) Dive Show Answer

Q36) (1) Reflect
(2) Strengthened
(3) Caused
(4) Demonstrated
(5) Emphasis Show Answer

Q37) (1) Privileged
(2) Prominent
(3) Tangible
(4) Feasible
(5) Worthwhile Show Answer

Q38) (1) Variable
(2) Risen
(3) Fallen
(4) Volatile
(5) Soaring Show Answer

Q39) (1) Risk
(2) Detriment
(3) Benefit
(4) Impact
(5) Concern Show Answer

Q40) (1) Interpret
(2) Deal
(3) Cope
(4) Welcome
(5) Indicate Show Answer