Practice Test

Q1) 94.5% of 650 = ? Show Answer

Q2) A bus covers a distance of 2924 kms in 43 hours. what is the speed of the bus? Show Answer

Q3) What should be the simple interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 5,760 at the rate of 6 p.c.p.a. after 3 years? Show Answer

Q4) What is 333 times 135? Show Answer

Q5) The product of two successive numbers in 8556. What is the smaller number? Show Answer

Q6) Find the average of the following set of scores:
221,231,441,359,665,525 Show Answer

Q7) 45% of a number is 255.6 What is 25% of the member? Show Answer

Q8) What is the last number to be added to 4321 to make it a perfect square? Show Answer

Q9) What would be the compound interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 3,000 at the rate of 8 p.c.p.a. after 2 years? Show Answer

Q10) The owner of an electronics shop charges his customer 22% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs. 10,980 for DVD player, then what was the cost price of the DVD player? Show Answer

Q11) In an examination it is required to get 40% of the aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 261 marks and is declared failed by 4% marks. What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get? Show Answer

Q12) A canteen requires 112 Kgs. of Wheat for week. How many Kgs of wheat will it require for 69 days? Show Answer

Q13) If an amount of Rs. 41,910 is disrtributed equally amongst 22 persons, how much amount would each person get? Show Answer

Q14) The cost of 4 cell phones and 7 digital cameras is Rs. 1,25,627. What is the cost of 8 cell-phones and 14 digital cameras? Show Answer

Q15) what is the area of the circle?
I. perimeter of the circle is 88 cms.
II. diameter of the circle is 28 cms. Show Answer

Q16) What is the rate of interest?
I. Simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 25,000 in two years is less then the compound interest for the same period by Rs. 250.
II. Simple interest accrued in 10 years is equal to the principal. Show Answer

Q17) What is the number of trees planted in the field in rows and columns?
I. Number of columns is more than the number of rows by 4.
II. Number of trees in each column is an even number. Show Answer

Q18) What is the area of the right angled triangle?
I. Height of the triangle is three-fourth of the base.
II. Hypotenuse of the triangle is 5 meters. Show Answer

Q19) What is the father's present age?
I. Father's peresent age is five times the son's persent age.
II. Five years ago the father's age was fifteen times the son's age that time. Show Answer

Q20) What is the ratio between the profit earned by company A in 2004 and the profit earnd by company B in 2003 respectivly? Show Answer

Q21) What is the difference ( in crore Rs. ) between the total profit earned by companies E, F and G together in 2003 and the total profit earned by these companies in 2004? Show Answer

Q22) What is the ratio between the total profit earned by company C in 2003 and 2004 together and the total profit earend by company E in these two years respectivly? Show Answer

Q23) What was the average profit earend by all the companies in 2003? ( in crore Rs. rounded ) off to two digits after decimal ). Show Answer

Q24) Profit earned by company B in 2004 is what per cent of the profit earned by the same company in 2003? Show Answer

Q25) What was the total number of unemployed youths in state A in 2006? Show Answer

Q26) How many female youths were unemployed in state D in 2005? Show Answer

Q27) Number of unemployed male youths in state A in 2005 was what per cent of the number of unemployed female youths in state E in 2006? Show Answer

Q28) What was the difference between the number of unemployed male youths in state F in 2005 and the number of unemployed male youths in state A in 2006? Show Answer

Q29) What was the respective ratio between unemployed male youths in state D in 2005 and the unemployed male youths in state D in 2006? Show Answer

Q30) A, B and C divide an amount of Rs. 4,200 amongst themselves in the ratio of 7 : 8 : 6 respectively. If an amount of Rs. 200 is added to each of their shares, what will be the new respective ratio of their shares of amount ? Show Answer

Q31) Ms. Suchi deposits an amount of Rs. 24,000 to obtain a simple interest at the rate of 14 p.c.p.a. for 8 years. What total amount will Ms. Suchi get at the end of 8 years Show Answer

Q32) The average of 5 consecutive even numbers A,B, C, D and E is 52. What is the product of B & E ? Show Answer

Q33) The difference between 42%of a number and 28% of the same number is 210. What is 59% of that number ? Show Answer