Practice Test

Q1) Balmiki Prasad Singh has taken over the Governor of Show Answer

Q2) The Paralympic Games in September, 2008 were held at Show Answer

Q3) Which of the following is/are true about the National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) which was in news recently?
(A) The NRAA was set-up in 1955 at the initiative of the Prime Minister J. L. Nehru.
(B) NRAA was established to co-ordinate the work of five ministries associated with the development of rainfed areas.
(C) NRAA is now converted into a corporation of the same name. Show Answer

Q4) Diichi Sankyo has recently taken over which of the following companies/corporations of Indian base? Show Answer

Q5) The recent report on Global Development Finance released by the World Bank has projected India's GDP growth rate at which of the following levels? Show Answer

Q6) Which of the following cities is placed at the top of the list of cities found suitable for "Global Commerce" complied by the Master Cards? (Results of the survey were published recently in various financial newspapers). Show Answer

Q7) The final results of the last economic census conducted in India in the year 2005 were published recently. Which of the following statement(s) is/are True about the economic census?
(A) Economic Census is basically the data pertaining to growth in employment opportunities.
(B) Economic Census is conducted every fifth year by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
(C) Only non-agricultural establishments are covered in Economic Census. Show Answer

Q8) The Govt. of India is in the process of bringing some changes and amendments in the existing Money Laundering Act. What are the changes suggested in the law?
(A) Some payment gateways like Master and Visa Cards are required to be discontinued with immediate effect.
(B) Money Transfer Services like Western Union should be brought under the purview of the Act.
(C) A New Financial Intelligence Unit will be set-up to keep a check on huge cash transactions. Show Answer

Q9) The New Capital Adequacy Framework prescribed for the bank is commonly known as Show Answer

Q10) As we all know Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is the percentage of the deposit banks keep in reserve with them. This ratio is also known as Show Answer

Q11) The sudden turn of events in the economic environment globally in the last four to five months have resulted in slowing down of India's economic growth. Which of the following is/are the event(s) which has/have put their impact on Indian economy?
(A) Turmoil in US Credit Market.
(B) Large scale increase in the prices of crude oil and food-grains.
(C) Adoption of Basel II norms by the banks. Show Answer

Q12) When the growth of GDP in a country slows down suddenly, people start losing their jobs and the situation continues for several weeks, what name is given to this state of economy (A big country was in this state recently)? Show Answer

Q13) Pranab Mukherjee visited which of the following countries recently where Reliance is planning to set-up a 1.5 billion dollar petro-chemical plant and IFFCO is also setting up a $ 350 million phosphoric Acid plant? Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE about the 34th Summit of the World's eight most industrialized nations (G-8 Summit) held in July, 2008?
(A) The Summit took place in Moscow.
(B) Leaders of G-8 countries endorsed proposal to halve the quantity of the carbon emissions in the air by the year 2050.
(C ) Leaders of G-8 nations also expressed their strong concern about the sharp and frequent rise in the prices of oil products globally. Show Answer

Q15) Which of the following countries has offered an aid of Rs. 1200 crores for the second phase of India's Universal Elementary Education Scheme popularly known as "sarva Shiksha Abhiyan"? Show Answer

Q16) Which of the following is India's Tax to GDP ratio? Show Answer

Q17) The Govt. of India recently announced a subsidized pricing policy based on nutrients in it of which of the following to protect the interest of the farmers? Show Answer

Q18) The next Non-Aligned Movement Summit 2009 is scheduled to be held in Show Answer

Q19) Ghulam Nabi Azad was in the news recently as he has resigned from the post of the Show Answer

Q20) "Lisbon Treaty" is the treaty accepted/adopted by the members of which of the following organizations recently? Show Answer

Q21) When a corporate entity wishes to raise money from the market it can do that by issuing Show Answer

Q22) When an agent asks a customer to invest in a Mutual Fund product without telling him/her about the risks involved in the investment, the process is termed as Show Answer

Q23) Russai has recently made a ceasefire Agreement with which of the following nations? Show Answer

Q24) The Govt. of India has decided to build a Nuclear Power Plant in which of the following North Eastern States? Show Answer

Q25) The primary goal of a computer system is to turn data into Show Answer

Q26) Which of the following States has become first State in India to offer a Govt. Job to a HIV positive candidate? Show Answer

Q27) Who amongst the following was the Chairperson of the "Growth Commission" a body supported by the World Bank? Show Answer

Q28) Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The Shape of the Beast"? Show Answer

Q29) The Govt. of India is planning to create a SEBI like Regulatory Body for which of the following business activities, which is whopping in India these days? Show Answer

Q30) Ma Ying-jeou has taken over as the President of Show Answer

Q31) What is backup? Show Answer

Q32) India won it's first individual Gold Medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 in which of the following events? Show Answer

Q33) The Goldman Sachs has prepared a report "Ten Things India to Achieve by 2050 potential". Which of the following NOT one of these ten things? Show Answer

Q34) Some Economist are naming the present inflation in India as "Imported Inflation". Why is it they have named it like that?
(A) It is because foreign products have become costly.
(B) It is because some monetary units have depreciated.
(C) The shortage of commodities in India is being made good by imported commodities. Show Answer

Q35) Who amongst the following was honoured by the Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth recently? Show Answer

Q36) Who amongst the following is the author of the book "Animal People" which was adjudged as the best book of the year by Commonwealth Foundation? Show Answer

Q37) Sending an E-mail is similar to Show Answer

Q38) What is the main folder on a storage device called? Show Answer

Q39) The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called the Show Answer

Q40) What is correcting errors in a program called? Show Answer

Q41) A ........... is an organized collection of data about a single entity. Show Answer

Q42) The type of software that controls the internal operations in the computer, and controls how the computer words with all its parts is which of the following? Show Answer

Q43) A word processor would most likely be used to do which of the following? Show Answer

Q44) In addition to keying data directly into a database, data entry can be done from a(n) Show Answer

Q45) Something which has easily understood instructions in said to be Show Answer

Q46) What is an E-mail attachment? Show Answer

Q47) What happens when you boot up a PC? Show Answer

Q48) Manipulating data to create information is known as Show Answer

Q49) A hard copy of a file created on a computer refers to data Show Answer

Q50) Which of the following is known as 'Himadri'? Show Answer