Practice Test

1) The primary criticism of the author about his contemporaries is that -

2) The impression you get about the author is that he is -

3) The captain sent the boat to the shore to -

4) The savages brandished their spears in order to -

5) The inhabitants of the islands were -

6) Which word from the passage means a large container?

7) In the opinion of the writer, a successful businessman

8) The phrase ’lavish with his hospitality' signifies

9) The word 'paradox' means

10) How does the housewife, described by the writer, feel when she saves money?

11) As far as money is concerned, we get the impression that the writer

12) Which of the following would be the most suitable title for the passage?

13) According to the passage, Senior Managers use intuition in all of the following ways except to -

14) The passage suggests which of the following about the "writers on management"

15) According to the passage, the classical model of decision analysis includes all of the following except

16) It can be inferred from the passage that which of the following would most probably be one major difference in behavior between Manager X, who uses intuition to reach decisions, and Manager Y, who uses only formal decision analysis?

17) The passage provides support for which of the following statements?

18) What is the hard task the author is referring to in the paragraph?

19) According to the passage, customs and traditions originate from?

20) According to the author, a generation is a whole but it is always.

21) What does the author mean by describing 'apply his beliefs in the practical conduct of life' in line six of the passage?

22) According to the author, why overnight change in social setting is not desirable?

23) What is the risk discussed in the passage?

24) What new authority has been granted to the DHS ?

25) According to approximation how many India Americans account for illegal aliens?

26) What does the word "apprehend" mean in the second paragraph?

27) Select a suitable antonym for the word "exempt" as used in the passage.

28) Give the passage a suitable title

29) Arm and hand movement are started via ______

30) Which of the following statement is false?

31) What sends a corresponding signal to the spinal cord, which in turn translates the command into a motion?

32) Select a suitable synonym for the word 'asymmetrical' as used in the passage.