Practice Test

1) To claim reimbursement of money paid on behalf of another persons the payment should be made bonafide i.e.for protection of own interest of the payer

2) collateral transactions to a lottery

3) X contracts to sell a stock of hay to Y ,to weigh & deliver it at Rs.100 per tonne ,A part of it was weighed & taken away the reminder .on whom will the loss as regards the remainder fall ?

4) X, an optical surgeon, employs Y as the assistant for a team of one year s and Y agree not do practice as a surgeon during this period. This contract is

5) X agrees to pay Rs. 10,000 to Y if he kills Z. The agreement is

6) In case of an illegal agreement ,collateral transaction also become trained with illegality & will be treated as illegal even though they would have been lawful by themselves

7) Contracts contingent upon the non-happening of an uncertain future event within a fixed time ,can be enforced by law

8) A Contingent contract to do or not to do anything on the happening of an uncertain future event

9) K owes a residential flat in chennai.He is entitled to quite possession & enjoyment of his property .this is called

10) An agreement made with an alien enemy is

11) A agreement for the creation of monopolies -----------

12) In a contingent contract neither party should have interest in the happening of the event other than

13) Every illegal agreement is unlawful, and every unlawful agreement -------

14) an agreement the object or consideration of which is unlawful is called------------

15) A contract dependent on the happening or non-happening of the future uncertain event is a/an

16) A contingent contract is

17) A contingent contract depends on the happening of the future uncertain event can be enforced when the event

18) Contract contingent upon happening of an Uncertain future Event cannot be enforce by law.

19) In which of the following agreement, Restraint of Trade is void ?

20) An agreement in restraint of marriage of any person other than a minor is

21) An agreement which prevents a person from carrying a lawful business is

22) An agreement is restraint of legal proceedings is void. it does not cover an agreement which

23) An agreement to pay money or money's worth on the happening or non-happening of a specified uncertain event is defind as

24) An agreement to do an illegal act e.g. to share the earnings of a smuggling business , is

25) Where an agreement consists of 2 parts once legal & the other illegal , & the legal part is seperatable from the illegal one , such legal part is

26) A contingent contract dependent on the non- happening of the future uncertain event becomes void when such an event

27) A contingent contract dependent on the non-happening of the specified uncertain event within the fixed time can be enforced if the event

28) When after the formation of a valid contract, an event happens which makes the performance of contract impossible ,then the contract becomes

29) A person enter into an agreement whereby he is bound to do something which is against his public or professional duty is ----------

30) Which of the following are covered under the heads Agreement Opposed to Public Policy ? 1.Trading with alien enemy , 2. Restraint of parental rights 3. Marriage brokerage contracts ,4. Contracts to do impossible acts

31) X is not a minor. X agrees to Y, for Rs. 1,00,000 that he will never marry. The promise of X is

32) A B & C enter into an agreement for division among them of gains acquired or to be acquired by them by fraud

33) X promises to drop a prosecution which he has instituted against Y for robbery. Y promises to restore the value of the things taken.The agreement is

34) an agreement between Kat & Rat ,whereby Kat agrees to pay Rs.1,00,000 to Rat if hew gives an employment to Kat is

35) An agreement in restraint of trade is

36) Every agreement by which anyone is restrained from exercising a lawful profession trade or business of any kind

37) X sell the goodwill of his business to Y and agree with him to refrain from carrying on a similar business within specific local limits.

38) Every agreement by which any party is restricted absolutely from enforcing his rights

39) Two or more person agree that any any dispute which may arise between them in respect of any subject shall be referred to arbitration

40) A who is a dealer in coconut-oil only, agrees to sell to B'100 tons of oil '

41) A agrees to sell B 'all the grain in my granary at 'Bhadrak'

42) Agreement by way of wager are

43) B agrees to sell to P '1000 kg of rice at a price to be fixed by M

44) An agreement made for a prize of Rs.500 to be rewarded to the winner of a house race

45) which of the following agreement are void

46) X contract to pay Rs.20,000 to Y if Y's house burnt. this is a

47) A contracts to B pay a sum of money when B marries C .C dies without being married to B the contract becomes

48) A stifling agreement is

49) If the contract is impossible in itself, physically or legally, the agreement is

50) The term object means

51) A agrees to pay B a sum of money if a certain ship does not return ,the ship is sunk the contract `

52) An act or an undertaking is forbidden by law, when it is

53) A agrees to B to pay a sum of money if B marries C .C marries D for the purpose of contract

54) Champerty implies as agreement, whereby one party is to assist another.

55) Maintenance implies financing of suit by third parties.

56) A promise to pay B a sum of money if a certain ship returns within the year

57) Contingent agreement to do or not to do anything ,if an impossible event known to the parties to the agreement at the time when it happens are

58) If the object of an agreement is to cause injury to the person, it is

59) A agrees to pay B Rs.1,000 if B will marry A's daughter C .C was dead at the time of the agreement

60) Sam agrees to pay Rs.10,000 to saraswati if he brings a tiger from Sunderbans.this is a

61) Which of the following is correct ?

62) contingent contract is defined in section

63) A contract which depends on the happening or non-happening of future uncertain event is called

64) Under English Law ----------- agreement are void

65) An agreement the meaning of which is uncertain is

66) Contracts of insurance are

67) A promises to deliver goods to B on a certain day on payment of Rs.1,000 .A dies before that day

68) A promises to paint picture for B by a certain day , at a certain price .A dies before the day

69) A & B agrees that A shall pay b Rs.1,000 ,for which b shall afterwards deliver to A either rice or smuggled opium

70) A owes B Rs.10,000 but debt is barred by limitation Act. A signs a written promise to by B rs. 8,000 on account of this debt. The contract is

71) An agreement between the manufactures and traders not to sell the goods below a certain price, to to pool profits and to divide business profits in certain proportion is

72) Illegal agreement are

73) Illegal agreement are those agreement which are-------

74) When there is a single consideration for one or more unlawful objects, the agreement is

75) If the legal promise can be separate from the illegal one, then the legal promise.

76) Unlawful agreement are

77) An agreement made with bonafide object assisting a person will be

78) The illegality of the object of a contract is dealt in the Indian Contract Act, 1872 in

79) An agreement is said to be opposed to public when

80) Wages are illegal an

81) These is an exception to wagers In Indian contract act an ;

82) The maxim "in pari delicto, portion est. condition defendentis" means

83) An agreement to buy a ticket for a lottery is not a wagering agreement

84) Which of the following is not a legal requirement of a valid contingent contract?

85) Conditional contract are called --------- contracts

86) The contingent contract dependent upon the happening of of an impossible event is ----------

87) A ----------- event means an events which is not an internal part of the contract

88) Section ----------- of the Indian Contract Act deals with "Completely unlawful object / Consideration".

89) E, an agent for a landlord G, agree for money, without G's knowledge, to obtain a lease of land belonging to G for his friend F. The agreement between E and F is

90) B is a licensed manufacture of permitted chemicals. A promise to B to supervise B's business and combine it with the production of some contraband item together with the permitted items. B promises to pay A, a salary Rs. 10,000 p.m. The agreement is -

91) In case of a void agreement, these is no legal remedy for the parties to the contract. Even the curt will not permit performance of the contract even if the parties desire.

92) In patna,, 29 out of 30 manufactures of combs agreed with R to supply combo only to him and not to any one else. Under the agreement R was free to reject the goods if his found no market for them. The agreement is -----------

93) S, a seller of imitation jewellery, sells his business to B and promises, not to carry on business of inimitation jewellery and real jewellery, the agreement is

94) Trade Combination and formed among traders to regulate the business or to fix prices are always void.

95) Trade combinations agreement like opening and closing of business ventures, licensing of traders, supervision and control of dealers, etc. are-

96) Execution of a bond requiring employees leaving the organisation to pay compensation to employer is -------

97) An employee, by the terms of his service agreement, is prevented from accepting a similar engagement after the termination of his service . The restraint is --

98) Any agreement which discharges any party thereto from liabilities under or in respect of any contract on the expiry of a specified period so as restrict any party from enforceable his rights is --

99) An agreement to refer the dispute to the arbitrator is valid in respect of disputers -

100) F agree to sell his produce to G. provided H shall come, inspect and fix the price. the agreement is ------

101) No action is allowed on an illegal agreement based on the maxim "Ex turpi causa oritur actio"

102) Where a person enters into a wagering transaction through an agent, and the agent fails to carry out Principle's instructions

103) In the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Collateral Transaction to a Wagering Agreement are ----

104) A, in Mumbai, bets with b loses. A applies to C for a lone in order to pay B. C gives the loan to A to enable him to pay B. In this case ---------

105) Prize Competitions which involves skill, e.g. picture puzzles, crossword competitions, athletic competition etc are ----

106) As per the prize Competition act, 1955, prize competitions in games are not wagers provided the prize money does not exceed-------

107) Contract made before war with an citizen of an alien country which are not against public policy are -

108) Which of these are not opposed to public policy ?

109) A compromise of compoundable offences valid.

110) L agrees to pay M Rs. 50,000 for suing N and in turn seeking 60% share in the proceeds received by M in the suit. This is an example of

111) X borrowed money from Y, a moneylender, On the promise that the (X), would not, without Y's written consent, leaves his job, borrow money, dispose of his property or change his residence, Agreement is

112) A local body granted a monopoly to k to sell vegetable in a particular locality, Agreement is

113) The promisor shall compensate the promisee for loss sustained by him due to non-performance of the promise, where the promisor promised to do something which ---

114) A contingent contract is a contract to do, or not to so something, if some event, ----------- to such contract, does or does not happen

115) A contingent Contract is a contract to do, or not to do something, if some event, collateral to such contract.

116) A makes a contract with B to sell a horse to B at a specified price if C, to whom the horse had been earlier offered, refuses to buy. Contract cannot be enforced by law---

117) In a Wagering Agreement, the future event is the ---------- In determining the agreement Primary

118) In a contingent Contract, the future event is a ------------ in determining the agreement.