Practice Test

Q1) Which of the following functions has its derivative and integral both equal ? Show Answer

Q2) The number of units required to be produced to maximize profit is Show Answer

Q3) The maximum profit attainable is Show Answer

Q4) What would be the profit if 6000 units are produced and sold? Show Answer

Q5) The total cost(y) is…. Show Answer

Q6) The economic lot size or minimum total cost would be _____ Show Answer

Q7) The total cost (y) is ….. Show Answer

Q8) The economic lot size would be_____ Show Answer

Q9) Find what number of units soid maximizes total revenue. Show Answer

Q10) The amount of maximum revenue. Show Answer

Q11) Find the total revenue for selling 2500 units Show Answer

Q12) The equation of the curve which passes through the point (1, 2) and has the slope 3 x - 4 at any point (x, y) is: Show Answer

Q13) In a G.P. if the fourth term is '3' then the product of 1st seven term is Show Answer