Practice Test

Q1) If he was to decide to go to college, one would recommend that he plan to go to IIM, Ahmedabad. Show Answer

Q2) Except for you and I, everyone brought a present for the little birthday boy. Show Answer

Q3) When one reads the Hindi literature of the twentieth century, you find a striking contrast between the writings of Munshi Prechand and later day writers of popular Hindi fiction. Show Answer

Q4) Because of his tennis elbow injury, Limba Ram has not and possibly never will be able to pick up the bat again. Show Answer

Q5) Had he realised how close he was to failing, he would not have gone to the party. Show Answer

Q6) The Indian cricket team's winning it's first game of the 2007 World cup excited the fans of the team. Show Answer

Q7) Poor product quality angers Mr. Garbole, who wonders if it is part of a strategy by marketers. Show Answer

Q8) Ambikesh noticed the cat's soft hair, sharp paws, and keen sense of hearing Show Answer

Q9) Having bowed our heads, the priest in the temple led us in prayer. Show Answer

Q10) My grandmother seldom ever wants to try and face the facts. Show Answer

Q11) Anyone interested in flying planes can learn much if you have access to a flight simulation machine. Show Answer

Q12) No officer had ought to be put into a situation where he has to choose between his love for his family and the responsibilities accompanying his duty. Show Answer

Q13) Being realist, the detective could not accept the statement of the accused that UFOs had caused the disturbance. Show Answer

Q14) The reason I came late to office today is because my car broke down. Show Answer

Q15) The shopkeeper hadn't hardly any of those kind of goods. Show Answer

Q16) If we cooperate together by dividing up the booty, we shall be able to work together smoothly in the future. Show Answer

Q17) The entire cast and crew of the film, enjoyed splashing in the pool, bathing in the ocean, and, particularly, to sun bathe on the shore. Show Answer

Q18) Crossing the street, a bus almost crushed to death. Show Answer

Q19) The moral of the entire story is how many doesn't make you happy. Show Answer

Q20) Entertainment being recognized as an important factor in improving mental and physical health and thereby reducing human misery and poverty Show Answer

Q21) When one travels by Air Lahara, you often find that the prices are high and that journey experience is extremely poor. Show Answer

Q22) Ever since the sting operation, there has been much opposition from they who maintain that it was an unauthorized act. Show Answer

Q23) Having stole the money, the class teacher searched the student's pocket. Show Answer

Q24) The child is neither encouraged to be critical or to examine all the aspects of his opinion. Show Answer

Q25) Although I calculated that my girlfriend will be here any minute, I cannot wait much longer for her to arrive. Show Answer

Q26) To be sure, there would be scarcely no time left over for other things if school children would have been expected to have considered all sides matter on which they had opinions. Show Answer

Q27) Depending on skillful suggestion, argument is seldom used in advertising. Show Answer

Q28) When this war is over, no kingdom will either be isolated in war or peace. Show Answer

Q29) The twelve - hour work day not has been reduced to one of ten hours but also, in some lines of work, to below eight hours. Show Answer

Q30) If some Indians look at where they are going, it can be seen that our goal is money. Show Answer

Q31) Unless they reverse present policies immediately, the world may suffer irreversible damage from the unregulated use of Bio weapons. Show Answer

Q32) The panel interviewed several candidates who they thought has the experience and qualifications the position at IIM Bangalore required. Show Answer

Q33) The trend towards a decrease in the working hours is already evident in the longer weekend given to employees in many multinational organizations. Show Answer

Q34) Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, long life, efficiency, and happiness. Show Answer

Q35) We want the trainer to be him who has best rapport knowledge about the subject and the most superior communication skills. Show Answer

Q36) If she were to win the Olympic medal, I for one would be surprised. Show Answer

Q37) Her elder brother along with her grandparents insist that she remain in the same collage. Show Answer

Q38) Not only was he efficient but also welcoming in nature. Show Answer

Q39) In the normal course,John will graduate from college and enter a Post Graduate course in two years. Show Answer

Q40) With the exception of Dipanjan and I, everyone in the class finished the assignment before the teacher came. Show Answer

Q41) Familiar with the terrain from previous visits, the explorer's search for the Big Monkey's abode was a success. Show Answer

Q42) Liberalisation has gone hand in hand and has offered incentives for such things as personal initiatives, ambition, loyalty, hard work, and resourcefulness. Show Answer

Q43) I am not to eager to go to this movie because it did not get good reviews. Show Answer

Q44) May I venture to say that I think this batting performance is the most superior I have ever seen ? Show Answer

Q45) (A) When you look up a word, the main thing that you want to know was its basic meaning.
(B) It's time to winding up the discussion now.
(C) A great many various words in English have more than one meaning.
(D) That wasn't a very fair thing to say ! Show Answer

Q46) (A) She has a fair chance of winning the first prize.
(B) Fair weather is forecasted for tomorrow.
(C) There's a fair on at the park this very week.
(D) Don't forget to wind down your watch. Show Answer

Q47) (A) Every language has a lot of different words with similar but slightly differing meanings.
(B) Words are used with each other in fairly fixed ways in every language.
(C) Words do not only have meanings, they also have associations.
(D) At an advance level of any language, it is important to develop an impression of what connotations certain words have. Show Answer

Q48) (A) Make a special note of any special characteristics that a would has had.
(B) The judge Mr.Dhuan increased the sentence of life imprisonment.
(C) We has a lightish dinner.
(D) Raveesh is very good at putting on different accentuals. Show Answer

Q49) (A) I don't like recorded music, I prefer the real thing.
(B) These items are the genuine articles.
(C) You can give a wide summary of something.
(D) You can describe something in minute detail. Show Answer

Q50) (A) It's something I feel powerfully about.
(B) If I remember perfectly, it happened at about six-thirty.
(C) It is useful to learn which adverbs most typically modify particular types of objectives.
(D) The majority of these adjectives has a negative connotation. Show Answer

Q51) (A) You lift your hand to ask a question.
(B) You can rise a family
(C) You can go to a website one the world wide web.
(D) You can inspect a hotel inside which you want to stay. Show Answer

Q52) (A) The Seven Horses hotel in Singapore is much great.
(B) He just doesn't live in the genuine world.
(C) This briefcase is made of authentic leather.
(D) She is a very genuine person. Show Answer

Q53) (A) After his death, she went to the hospital to collect his personal affairs.
(B) He made a rather fragile attempt of an apology, but it didn't convince anyone.
(C) Abhijit was a dreadful opponent, and I respected him for that.
(D) I was feeling pretty anxious when she didn't arrive on time. Show Answer

Q54) (A) A brash walk before dinner helps to enforce the appetite.
(B) The death tally in the Pakistan earthquake has now risen to 300,000.
(C) Let's take a sluggish stroll along the beach, shall we ?
(D) If you want to stay at home tonight, that's perfectly OK with me. Show Answer

Q55) (A) My aunt bereaved Rs.500,000 in her will to cancer research.
(B) If I remember rightly she had two brothers, both older than her.
(C) If you want information about the publisher of this book, you can accede their website.
(D) Eating all those peanuts has attached my appetite. Show Answer

Q56) (A) It's only fair that we should share the work equally.
(B) The Patna Book Fair is a very important event for most publishers.
(C) Our house gives us shelter through fair weather or foul.
(D) I've got fair eyelashes, hence my eyes look awful without mascara. Show Answer

Q57) (A) The firefighters managed to save the people trapped in the burning third-floor flat.
(B) The countryside round here us terribly flattened and boring
(C) To join the Lucknow Golf Club you pay a flattened fee Rs. 5 lacs.
(D) He was able to erect the child's toy in five minutes flat. Show Answer

Q58) (A) He struck a match box and we slowly began to look around the pitch dark room.
(B) The batsmen of the visiting team were not a matching for any of the home team batsmen.
(C) Their marriage has been called a matching made in heaven.
(D)The tense match between India and Pakistan ended in a draw. Show Answer

Q59) (A) Rameez's going to be in the saddle while the boss is on the foreign trip.
(B) It's hard to know what to do when the management keeps moving the goalposts.
(C) Starting his own decorating business was just another of his half-baked ideas.
(D) We've had to tighten our belts since our father lost his job. Show Answer

Q60) (A) More unusual and original metaphors are used a great dealing in literature.
(B) All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players
(C) The candles of the night are burnt out; and the jocular day stands tiptoe atop the misty mountain tops.
(D) There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the peak of the flood, leads on to fortunate. Show Answer

Q61) (A) This book threw a great deal of fresh light on the history of the period.
(B) We could save half an hour at lest if we went through the wood forest.
(C) Try to keep your cool even if he argues with you.
(D) She spent all her life fighting to get her company recognized and magnificent. Show Answer

Q62) (A) She works in a shop that sells lady's clothes.
(B) Do you like the new shades that I've got ?
(C) Did you see that documentary about Wales on TV last Night ?
(D) Have you met Amita's newish boy friend ? Show Answer

Q63) (A) It was a very bad hotel, with an overpriced menu.
(B) In this program, you can choose to overwrite the existing file or to save it as new file.
(C) Our garden is overshadowed by the apartment block built next door.
(D) Amit always felt overshadowed by his older, more talented and successful, brother. Show Answer

Q64) (A) Don't underestimate the time that the work will take.
(B) The company is variously understaffed.
(C) The underlying issue is a very simple one.
(D) Kapil wishes his would not undermine everything that he does. Show Answer

Q65) (A) The airline upgraded me to business class.
(B) There has been an upward upturn in the economy.
(C) Cross-border cooperation has led to series of arrests of drug smugglers.
(D) Cross-cultural misunderstandings happen very often in today's world. Show Answer

Q66) (A) I really think he overstayed his case, and lost a lot of sympathy.
(B) The plane's undercarriage failed to open and it crashed.
(C) A detailed list of the participants in the seminar is given overleaf
(D) Rajendra has a very overbearing personality. Show Answer

Q67) (A) He was ejected from the restaurants for bad behaviour.
(B) The engine emitted a loud noise and then stopped running.
(C) The building is adjacent of the hotel.
(D) She gave me an annotated edition to Salman Rushdie's works. Show Answer

Q68) (A) The project was underfunded from the outset
(B) During the cruise, a small cat fell board and drowned.
(C) Cooperation across the fronts has been very good.
(D) Cross-border cooperation has been exemplary good.
Show Answer

Q69) (A) The hotel staff members gave me a luxury room instead of the ordinary one I'd booked.
(B) Would you like to spend the night at the camp site or come back the same day ?
(C) The problem that lies under surface is a very serious one.
(D) Misunderstandings between cultures, is sadly, extremely frequent. Show Answer

Q70) (A) I think this restaurant charges too much
(B) The company experienced a rise in popularity since he changed its name.
(C) I felt that what she said was critical of my position and weakened it some well.
(D) It would be a mistake to think Monica was less intelligent than she really would be. Show Answer

Q71) (A) The weather can't be predictable.
(B) Poisonous snakes can be easily identified
(C) He thinks so much about his career that he has no time for their family.
(D) The new windscreen designs are supposed to be in the process of being destructible by vandals. Show Answer

Q72) (A) I had to postpone my trip to Kanpur
(B) She asked the star for his signature on the behind of her table napkin
(C) She took a degree in the sciences of crime at the Harvard University.
(D) The novel is largely based on the writer's own life story. Show Answer

Q73) (A) It's an art exhibition looking back of the artists life and work
(B) Deepak Chopra believes you can cure yourself into telling yourself that you are cured.
(C) Working at the home site and keeping in contact with the office by phone, fax and electronics is becoming increasingly common.
(D) Some constituencies are now deliberately trying to becoming less backward. Show Answer

Q74) (A) Most of the time modern airplanes fly on autopilot.
(B) The firm makes job applicants do a graphology tests.
(C) Rajat's a technique-wizard !
(D) Is it OK if I post-date this cheque ! Show Answer

Q75) (A) The company will be committing economics harakiri if it agrees to such a proposal.
(B) Most children theses days are inoculated against vaccines when they are babies.
(C) I have some lovely pink earrings, they match my pink pendant perfectly.
(D) A weekend at the seaside was just the roster we needed after the long arduous journey. Show Answer

Q76) (A) Seventeen prisoners have broken out into the high security Ambarka jail.
(B) The disease has broken out of several villages in the north of the country.
(C) Economists are looking out for signs in an end to the recession.
(D) He stood at the corner looking out at passing cars. Show Answer

Q77) (A)There has been a breakout of a high security jail.
(B) There has been an outbreak of the deadly disease in several villages in the south of the state.
(C) The outlook is not gracious as the country's economy seems be stagnant.
(D) He was the overlooker while the other robbed the bank. Show Answer

Q78) (A) I have always maintained a policy of not intervening affairs that are not my business.
(B) The traffic was stationery for a few minutes after accident, then its begun to move again.
(C) She paid me a nice complement by saying that I was the most intelligent person she has ever worked with.
(D) I m sorry but I wasn't trying to avoid you. Show Answer

Q79) (A) At the entrance there was a big signal saying 'No dogs allowed".
(B) The coach intervened in order to stop the argument between the two players.
(C) The other benefits I received in the job were complimented by an excellent pension plan.
(D) If you need stationery for your desk at the office, just ask the secretary. Show Answer

Q80) (A) Amitesh was continually complaining about something or other.
(B) Amit was fined Rs.25,900 for avoiding taxes and failing to declare one's income.
(C) The signal changed to green and the train moved away from the station.
(D) You have to press the button continuously until the light comes out. Show Answer

Q81) (A) I don't think these sweaters will outlast till the end of the season.
(B) We ended up the table and used it to block the doorway.
(C) The cheetah is such a fast animal that it can even out run the fastest cars.
(D) Binny is always trying to do out everyone. Show Answer

Q82) A. Soaring oil prices have raised the stakes China's game of brinkmanship over the holty disputed Spratly islands, with the Philippines this week becoming the first rival claimant to break ranks.
B. In a separate development, Beijing reacted with unusual restraint to Vietnam's announced plans to begin regular air services to another Spratlys atoll within months, indicating that the feuding neighbors may have reached an accommodation on the issue.
C. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo and her Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao agreed at talks in Beijing jointly to study potential oil deposits in the South China Sea atolls as part of a three year research project involving two state energy firms.
D. A communique by the Philippine government went to great pains to emphasis that the pact did not imply that the two countries, whose naval forces have clashed over the contested reefs, would proceed past the drilling stage. Show Answer

Q83) A. Salvation was to come from the direction of Central Asia with Russia shipping 400,000 barrels per day of crude through an overland pipelines to Daqing, in northern China.
B. However, it is more than a year behind scheduled and dogged by uncertainty.
C. Suddenly the hundreds of coral atolls have shifted over into focus, even though the documented evidence of oil and gas supplies is at best circumspect.
D. Diplomatic reports suggest that China may be poised for a decisive push into the region. Show Answer

Q84) (A) The committee held up her complaint, and she was awarded compensation.
(B) The Rolling Stones have out lasted most other music groups of the 1960s in popularity.
(C) We ended up eating in a dingy cafe on the edge of the town.
(D) I'll leave on Monday as I don't want to say out my welcome. Show Answer

Q85) A. Tokyo concerned that gas fields on his side of the boundary might be exhausted, sent a survey team to the area in July.
B. Japan''s gas reserves are projected at 200 billion meters, a commercially viable level.
C. Beijing proposed in June that the gas field be jointly developed, but Tokyo has jot responded, reportedly because the extent of the Chinese reserves is unknown and out of concern that the issue might inflame tensions between China and Taiwan.
D. Further to the east, Petro China has been given the green light to begin drillling for gas near the Nanxia Archipelago, a strategic area contested by Vietnam Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Show Answer

Q86) (A) There has been a violence out break in the old part of the city
(B) I couldn't go to work since my stomach was bad inside.
(C) He is extremely cheerful and positive about his life.
(D) They fooled him into thinking his car had been set up and stolen, but it hadn't. Show Answer

Q87) (A) I imagine that I would get bored if I had a nine -and five job.
(B) When I arrive in the morning and leave in the evening I use this card to clock out and check in.
(C) I'm very tired as recently I've had a very heavy task.
(D) I don't want an office job because I don't want to spend all day stuck in house. Show Answer

Q88) (A) Amitabh can clock in any time between eight and ten and clock out between four and six; he is on flexi-time.
(B) I'd hate to feel trapped in my job and to be stuck inside lift.
(C) Amitabh's not here this evening, he's working nights as he does shifty work.
(D) Amitabh said "I work for different companies at different times as it suits me. I'm flexi-worker." Show Answer

Q89) (A) I used to work for a company, but now I'm my own senior boss, I'm free lance.
(B) Ravindra stopped working in the restaurant as it was just a dead shift.
(C) When I was working for Reliance, all I could think of all day was about evening.
(D) Being a corporate executive is a nice job, but you can't go out much with friends. Show Answer

Q90) (A) A unique painting will come inside the hammer in at Sotheby's tomorrow.
(B) It's sensible idea to shop around a bit before buying a computer.
(C) Jimmy has promised me that, If he ever decides to sell his motorbike, I can have refusal on it.
(D) Amisha doesn't mind trying a hard sell on a person who has expressed an interest in her company's products. Show Answer

Q91) (A) I wasn't sure whether the shoe would fit my son's foot size so I bought it on approval.
(B) If you to hope make a bids for something in an open auction you first have to catch the auctioneer's eyes.
(C) If you work as a receptionist in this industry you spend most of your day on the cold-calling.
(D) They produce special implements for elderly people who like to do yoga and have really captured this very wide market. Show Answer

Q92) (A) As they had common business interests, it did not take them very long to come to an agreement in the issues under discussion.
(B) If you want to go into the manufacturing business, you had better be prepared for a lot of bureaucracy and governance.
(C) Sportswear is a very profitable business to be in at the peak of the inflation.
(D) Only a small percentage of IIM Graduates have a real talent for the risk-taking of opening new business avenues. Show Answer

Q93) (A) Does the customer know that he has many accounts outstanding which have yet to be paid ?
(B) Until what date is the employment contract valid to expire ?
(C) Please let us know when you receive our payment.
(D) It is very important that you complete your work by the agree time table. Show Answer

Q94) (A) Perizaad is working on a very interesting resource project at the moment.
(B) Unfortunately, there's a morale flaw in your reasoning.
(C) What used to be called Personal in the 1980s is now named Human Resource.
(D) Mr.Mazumdar, the new COO is doing his best to raise the morale in the office. Show Answer

Q95) (A) The top brass of an organization is often in the habit of rewarding itself, regardless of the performance of the organization.
(B) It is impossible to be both brainy and beautiful at the same time.
(C) Managers don't pay enough attention to the people who work for them.
(D) Large business succeed by destroying small businesses. Show Answer

Q96) (A) It's very easy to fall behind your annual targets even if you under perform for a few days every month.
(B) She seemed to just breeze through the exams.
(C) I just can't seem to get hang of my biology subjects.
(D) When I sat down and looked at the exam paper my mind just went black. Show Answer

Q97) (A) He is the nicest person you can hope to come across.
(B) Six Indians were awarded the Order of Merit by the foreign dignitary.
(C) You should treat everyone with equal respect.
(D) Man is a severely competent person. Show Answer

Q98) A. Think of the merger and acquisition (M and A) game and immediately a lot number of America or European companies come to mind.
B. Indian firms takes over more than 75 international companies last year.
C. Among the most publicized deals, Tata Motors, part of Tata Group, India's oldest industrial conglomerate. bought South Korean company Daewoo's truck plant in that country.
D. Reliance Info comm, belonging ti India's largest privately held business house, Reliance Group, took over Flag International, a major telecom network, for US $211 million.
Show Answer

Q99) A. In fact, the global ambitions of Indian industrial houses are best illustrated by Aditya Birla Group, which has a presence in 18 countries and overseas revenue of $1.8 billion.
B. The group employs 12,000 people in 20 countries.
C. Their manufacturing activities span carbon black, tire cord, viscose staple fiber, metals and chemicals.
D. Earlier, global operations for an Indian company means plain exports. Show Answer

Q100) A. It began with acquisitions in the information technology and related services sector.
B. In pharmaceuticals, Wockhardt has bought C P Pharma of the United Kingdom for $10.85 million.
C. Tata Tea has taken over Tetley of the UK, the world's biggest tea bag maker, for $430 million.
D. With the process, it has become the world's second largest tea company. Show Answer

Q101) A. There are two main reason for that predatory mood.
B. Having established a domestic presence, the component makers are now looking for an international presence.
C. Second, having improved their productivity, quality and reliability, Indian companies feel more confident about spreading their wings abroad.
D. Various other factors are being attributed to this Indian penchant for the takeover game in all sectors. Show Answer

Q102) A. Since 1996, it has been regularly been winning GM's "Supplier of the year" award.
B. It is on the urging of GM that SFL set up its China operations in May 2004 in Hainan province.
C. A presence abroad means easier reaches to new markets.
D. This explains why TVS Group has also set up a motorcycle plant in China. Show Answer

Q103) A. A changing perception as to India has helped.
B. India is no longer a backward, third world country.
C. Helping boost the image are favorable opinion leading international financial institutions (FI).
D. India will be the third biggest economy by 2050 just behind China and the US, in that order. Show Answer

Q104) A. Alfa Laval India, which has plants in the locations, is taking this step to better utilize reserves.
B. In the UK alonely, Indian firms have about investment/ joint ventures.
C. There are 1,441 Indian companies operating Singapore.
D. Of these more than 450 are technology enterprise. Show Answer

Q105) A. A Print design project communicates a message.
B. Contrast is a good way to create a noticeable design and layout.
C. Contrast can be size, color, direction, format or that expected versus the unexpected.
D. Size contrast can involve graphics or type.
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Q106) A, I remember seeing a full page - advertisement with a bright background colour.
B. The only other item on the page was a very small line of type in a lighter shade of the same colour.
C. Since I can still recall the ad, it must made an impression.
D. Using colour to impact your design works best when it involves the unexpected or extreme. Show Answer

Q107) A. Moving one by one step away from the expected with graphics and photography can also create reader interest.
B.Try using a conceptual image or photo to highlight your main message versus very first thing to come to mind when thinking about your product or service.
C. Another form of contrast is in the actual design.
D. An unusual fold in a brochure or direct mail piece can add excitement. Show Answer

Q108) A. The typeface that you choose for your print project is an important piece of the foremost overall design process.
B. First, narrow down your choice by selecting the tone you want to present.
C. Typefaces can convey personality.
D. For instances, if you are in the banking industry you might choose a classic serif font as Garamond to convey dependability. Show Answer

Q109) A. Readability is crucial.
B. Be sure the font we choose is legible and logical.
C. With all of the newest and interesting typefaces available today, it is tempting to pick one that you think looks "cool".
D. This can work if you are going for an edgy look that will appeal to a young audience, but your copy still needs to be easily understood. Show Answer

Q110) A. Words setting and word spacing are another consideration to achieve for your design.
B.The optimal setting for your body text is flush left, rag right.
C.This setting allows comfortable readability.
D. The flush left makes it easier for the reader to find the next line. Show Answer

Q111) A. Justified text works best for lengthy materials such as books or magazine articles.
B. Centered text will create right and left ragged edges.
C. This can create a dignified look if treated carefully.
D. Vary the lines to give the ragged edges an interesting look and try increasing the space between the lines to add readability. Show Answer

Q112) A. The brain is a strange organ.
B. It works in ways we don't understand and mange to create everything we see.
C. Working at odds with the rest of the body it performs best when we are consciously trying.
D. Creativity will be at the life - blood of every facet of life. Show Answer

Q113) A. One easy answer is water colour painting.
B. The gentle movement of a brush has a relaxing, de - stressing effect which has also been noted in activities such as calligraphy.
C. Whilst the mix of colors and there application energizes parts of the brain which would normally get scanned stimulation.
D. Couple this to mix this a visual/ tactile experience as your painting emerges and presto! Show Answer

Q114) A. Painting a water colour is a life affirming thing.
B. You have an image of the world in your head.
C. You start getting it down on your art paper and before you know it you have captured a piece of the world around you and it's been through your own efforts.
D. What could be more satisfying than that? Show Answer

Q115) A. The rightfully believing that his geniuses in poetry laid in personal utterances, Irish poet William Butler Yeats recognized that these personal utterances alone could not organize a body of a lyric poetry and drama into the organic structure he hoped to build.
B. For one thing personal utterances is beset by danger of sentimentally, which leads poetry away from that reality that poetry would deal with various kinds of self - pity an self - deceptions.
C. He thus has to technique by which the person could some how be objectified, be given the appearance of impersonal "truth' and yet retained motive force of privately felt belief.
D. The partial solution was the theory the mask. Show Answer

Q116) A.Those not under the confluence with the mask are much more concerned with the things at hand.
B. They see reason of building castles in the air and certainly no reason to go live in them.
C. They will not dare to dream and will like things to be as they appear or seem to appear.
D. They do not question and certainly do not venture to know more than what is let know to them by their predecessors. Show Answer

Q117) A. We observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom.
B. Symbolizing an end as well as a beginning.
C. I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forbears will prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago.
D. The world was very different now.
Show Answer

Q118) A. Let the world go forth from this time and place would be to friend and foe alike.
B. The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.
C. Born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by hard and bitter peace, proud of which our ancient heritage.
D. Unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed. Show Answer

Q119) A. In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger.
B. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation.
C. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it.
D.The glow from that fire truly light the world. Show Answer

Q120) A. Finally television stars had came into their own.
B.They are big enough to be 'celebrity contestants' on KBC.
C.Of course, there are also endorsements, charity causes and ribbon - cuttings that were hitherto reserved for the big screen idols.
D. These gods of Bollywood clutter as the preferred professionals for festivals in Navratri and Diwali melas. Show Answer

Q121) A." I just read in a news magazine that TV comprises 67 per cent of the Indian entrainment industry."
B. Films and other things comprise the other 23 per cent.
C. Finally, television is at par with the film industry.
D. A TV actor is a bonafide star now and TV is not a poor cousin of Bollywood anymore. Show Answer

Q122) A. I am probably the world's worst cook.
B. I am fine it comes to appreciating this cuisines of great chefs but, left to myself, I could'nt even fry an egg.
C. It is not that I don't know how to do all this.
D. I can tell you how a Kakori Kabab is made, how the flavor of a coq au vin is directly related to wine you should use. Show Answer

Q123) A.The problem is that I am all theory; no practice.
B. Put me in a kitchen and a look of panic will settle on my face while I clumsily bash around with the pots and pans.
C. Within the trade, they have a term for this; a bad hand.
D. A good chef is not somebody who know how the great dishes are made while these days everybody has access to most recipes. Show Answer

Q124) A. The reason I like risotto has nothing to do with taste.
B. Most rice dishes, pulao for instance - require you to cover the rice with water and then go away and do something else while it cooks.
C. It requires very constant attention.
D. Take your eye away from the pan and you will soon have an ex - risotto or a risotto that has failed its exam. Show Answer

Q125) A. The whole point of a risotto is that the creaminess comes from the rice's own starch.
B. You should never wash the rice use for risotto (to preserve the starch) but should add it straight to the pan.
C. Then you need to add stock, one ladleful at a time, and stir, stir, stir.
D. it is the stirring that persuades the grains of rice to surrender to their starch. Show Answer

Q126) A. A new year is a goodwill time for a reality check on your love life.
B. I we have attached any much importance to specific days, using those days to take specific decisions is a strategic approach.
C. Let go of memorabilia from old, failed relationships.
D. Bring all problems to the table in a spirit of give and take and thrash things out. Show Answer

Q127) A. The phone rang horribly late at night fall but, for reasons I cannot fathom.
B. Normally the hour and tone of the conversation would undoubtedly have put me off.
C. I am a regular reader of your column and I notice that you are always criticizing everything.
D.The bold and blunt query took me a back. Show Answer

Q128) A. A reflective calm seemed to have released the earlier impatience.
B. Why don't you write about what you like about India?
C. Give me three good reason on a Sunday morning to feel happy and satisfied.
D. Instead, you often leave me feeling the opposite other way.
Show Answer

Q129) A. When they want to, Indians an amazing way of telling the truth.
B. At the most surprising of moments they exactly blurt it out.
C.It's said without artifice and without care for political correctness.
D.Unvarnished it no doubt is but it's also refreshing unalloyed. Show Answer

Q130) A. In fact, no other country seems to have this incerdible quality.
B. The Brits are too phlegmatic, the French too loquacious, the Germans far too upright and the Italians simply muddleheaded.
C. The Americans wouldn't know enough and the Chinese races would be horrified at anything approximates to the blunt truth.
D. That's not their way of doing things. Show Answer

Q131) A. They don't ever care if they end up making a spectacle of themselves.
B. They do it because they feel they have to.
C. The passion that moves them cannot be diffused by etiquette or politesse or even lack of opportunity.
D. So, this morning, I want to compliment my late night interlocutor for helping me appreciate a quality I had not properly think before. Show Answer

Q132) A. Do you knew how many illegal Bangladeshi immigrants there are in India?
B. I ask because this truth is that nobody knows how many illegal Bangladeshi migrants have made India their home.
C. Every figure you read will be an approximation.
D. The 30 million figure, for instance, is usually quoted by people who want to claim that the problem of migration has now veered dangerously out of control. Show Answer

Q133) A. At an incentive level, however, we do recognize that there are many illegal migrants in India.
B. The border between India and Bangladesh is porous and there is little that anyone can do to check migration.
C. Moreover, many people in the border villages do not recognize that an international boundary exists.
D. It is not uncommon for a man to cycle from a Bangladeshi village to a town in India to buy something - and for him to then cycle back home on the same day. Show Answer

Q134) A. First of all, there are supposed to be too many of them.
B. Secondary, there is a danger that some of them will have terrorist links.
C. There are simply not enough jobs too go around.
D. If you think about it, no of this makes much sense. Show Answer

Q135) A. In my view, the police should have better things to do.
B. I don't to think it is possible for anybody to support the manner in which alleged Bangladeshis are being deported.
C. I have been reading a pamphlet produced by the Citizen's Campaign for Preserving Democracy.
D. Members of this group studied the way in which the police rounded up Bangladeshi. Show Answer

Q136) A. In effect, this means that the authorities can decide that anybody is an legal immigrant and can throw him out of the country.
B. There is nothing a victim can do by way of protest.
C. There is no appeal at all.
D. Anybody who does not keep them happy will be deported unless he then pays off the local police. Show Answer

Q137) A. For anyone who believes in the law of averages or the notion that whatever goes up must come down, it may well appear that the prospects for 2006 will not be as bright as they were in the last year.
B. After all, world economy grew at 4 per cent plus for the second consecutive year in 2005.
C. Significantly, the biggest contribution to global growth came from Asia.
D. The Indian economy has grown at nearly 8 per cent in 2005, which is a rare feat considering that agricultural growth were quite ordinary. Show Answer

Q138) A. One of the most telling trends of last year were that news of 8 per cent GDP growth stopped surprising us in India.
B. The competitiveness - led buoyancy would continue and consolidated further in 2006.
C. Even if one grants the possibility of some cyclical correction in the global growth momentum or the consumer demand, there is likely to be a compensatory force in the formed of investment demand.
D. No doubt, with such robust investment activity, it is now going to be increasingly difficult to keep interest rates low. Show Answer

Q139) A. As the growing economy makes increasing demands on infrastructure inputs, these problems could worsen in the coming year.
B. Therefore, addressing infrastructure gaps needs to doing our topmost priority next year.
C. The second risk lies in the global macroeconomic imbalances, reflected in the twin deficits of the US and rising surpluses of Asia.
D. The longer these imbalances have persisted, the greater has become the risk of a disruptive correction. Show Answer

Q140) A. Where there are wills there's always a way.
B.This is an old saying, but so true.
C. All these years we have been hearing from BCCI officials that if players don't play domestic cricket, they will not be considered for selection to the national team.
D. That was only talk and nothing else, for most of the top players stayed away from Ranji, Duleep or Challenger Trophy games. Show Answer

Q141) A. The only problem is that the wickets that are on offer for domestic cricket are hardly conductive for batsman.
B. It is here that BCCI needs to show the same will, as they have shown in making players play domestic cricket.
C. For years now, pitches have been prepared to suit the home team's strengths and that is fine so long as the pitch is not a lottery.
D. If one goes by the scores in some of the matches, especially Delhi's games, then it is quite obvious that the pitches prepared are sub standard and not conductive to a fair contest between bat and ball. Show Answer

Q142) A. A day after a controversy broke out over medicines manufactured by the guru, the Health Ministry said that they would put the medicines to the test.
B. The government will not scrap not the Delhi - Mumbai airport modernization plan.
C. In the district town, the children told the committee members that they were not consuming the meals served by the schools.
D. The committee would keep watch on the quality of grain. Show Answer

Q143) A. In a economy heady with its success in Information Technology, it is easy to forget that industrially advanced regions like California or countries like France are also leading agriculture producers.
B. But politicians have not been particularly helpful in the process.
C. The situation there is almost alarming.
D. The spread of these activities to the south is a clear matter of worry. Show Answer

Q144) A. "You are from England? After Israel and America you are our best friends".
B. The national team floundered thanks to an insistence that players be pious rather than professional.
C. In Iran, the conservative clergy has no greater foe than soccer.
D. Now, any Iranian football defeat is laid at their feet. Show Answer