Practice Test

Q1) The Reserve Bank of India barred which of the following bank from doing business for six
months? Show Answer

Q2) Who has launched Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) Services recently? Show Answer

Q3) Name the new Export Credit Insurance Scheme (ECIS) launched by Export Credit Guarantee
Corporation (ECGC) to ease the lending of loan to exporters. Show Answer

Q4) Which Payment bank has launched “Bharosa” savings account services by which customer
can get personal accident insurance up to Rs 5 Lakh, even with the minimum balance of
Rs.500? Show Answer

Q5) Who will head the committee constituted by Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)
to suggest possible measures and regulations in creating the ‘social stock exchanges’ ? Show Answer

Q6) Who headed the expert committee that recommended Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to revise
the guidelines on concurrent audit system? Show Answer

Q7) What is the increased loan limit for small exporters sanctioned by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
in order to boost credit to the export sector?
Show Answer

Q8) Who was appointed as the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
Federal Bank? Show Answer

Q9) In Budget 2020-21,How much percentage is raised for customs duty on auto and auto parts ? Show Answer

Q10) How much amount is announced for national infrastructure pipeline projects, in budget 2020-21 ? Show Answer

Q11) How many higher education institute will have apprenticeship program by march 2021 ? Show Answer

Q12) As per latest Budget 2020-21 , Where does the tribal museum is going to set up ? Show Answer

Q13) As per budget 2020-21 , By which year Milk Processing Capacity to be doubled ? Show Answer

Q14) Which of the following bank's stake is sold to Private Investors ? Show Answer

Q15) How many tax payers have been added in GST ? Show Answer

Q16) Which is not among the 3 themes of budget 2020-21 ? Show Answer

Q17) which scheme has been launched for women self-help group in the budget ? Show Answer

Q18) How many empaneled hospital are there currently in Ayushman Bharat Scheme ? Show Answer

Q19) For faster claims settlement of Exporters, which scheme has been launched ? Show Answer

Q20) Five archaeological sites will be up with museum . Which is not one of the site ? Show Answer

Q21) Deposit insurance cover has been hiked from Rs. 1 lakh to what amount ? Show Answer

Q22) Government has decided to raise capital in LIC . It will done through which method ? Show Answer

Q23) Which scheme has been launched to clear 4.83 direct tax cases pending in various forums ? Show Answer

Q24) ICICI Bank announced expansion of its retail network in the country by adding how many new branches in FY'20 ? Show Answer

Q25) NEFT stands for ? Show Answer

Q26) Who presented the first union budget of Independent India ? Show Answer

Q27) Which of the following tax has been abolished in budget for FY 2020-21 ? Show Answer

Q28) In union budget 2020-21, The union government is set to launched 'Vivaad se vishwas' scheme . What is the main agenda of the scheme ? Show Answer

Q29) Which document will be issued instantly based on AADHAR details ? Show Answer

Q30) Which of the following is not a component of Aspirational India in Budget 2020-21 ? Show Answer

Q31) What is the new income tax percentage for income bracket 12.5-15 lakh ? Show Answer

Q32) Which of the following Archaelogical sites will be given iconic status ? Show Answer

Q33) In budget 2020-21 , the turnover threshold for audit of MSMEs has been increased from 1 crore to _ Show Answer

Q34) As per the budget 2020, india is set to become $ 5 trillion economy by the end of ? Show Answer

Q35) DICGC stands for Show Answer

Q36) Deposit Insurance Coverage for a depositor, is now increased from Rs Rs ..................per depositor . Show Answer

Q37) Which of the following banks will merge together to form the country's second-largest lender. Show Answer

Q38) Which of the following banks will merge together to create the fourth largest public sector bank Show Answer

Q39) Who was appointed as the managing Director [ MD ] and Chief Executive Officer [ CEO ] of federal Bank ? Show Answer

Q40) Chalasani Venkat Nageswar has been given the additional charge of deputy MD and CFO of which leading bank ? Show Answer

Q41) The Union Government has proposed to create how many self Help Groups by 2022 to support women to earn livlihood ? Show Answer

Q42) The RBI has issued a withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000 for the account holders of which bank? Show Answer

Q43) Rajeev Suri has announced his resignation as the CEO and President of which multinational telecommunications and information technology company ? Show Answer

Q44) Which court lifted RBI's ban on trading in virtual currencies ? Show Answer

Q45) According to the RBI notification, who will sign the new one Rupee currency note ? Show Answer

Q46) Fill in the blanks with the correct opiton: ____________ energy generated by ____________ windmill drives all the drainage pumps. Show Answer

Q47) Choose the correct meaning for the underlined idioms/phrase.
The old man was advised by his friends to rest on his laurels. Show Answer

Q48) A good presenter in front of an audience is likely to checy which of the following? Show Answer

Q49) Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank of India will merge into which of the following banks with effect from 1st April, 2020? Show Answer

Q50) In July, 2020 'Ease of doing Business for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat' a national digital conference was organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with Department for promotion of investment and internal Trade. This session was inaugurated by Show Answer

Q51) In April, 2020 the Cyber Co-ordination Centre (CyCord) under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, issued an advisory on secure use of which of the following applications by private individuals? Show Answer

Q52) Which of the following statement is correct as per the guideliness issued by SEBI in relation to new margin and pledge system?
(i) Margin Shortage Penalty will also be applicable in cash segment.
(ii) Margin Shortage Penalty will not be applicable in cash segment.
(iii) Margin Shortage Penalty will be applicable only in derivative segment. Show Answer

Q53) Which of the following industry sector has been declared as a Public Utility Service against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic for six month till October, 21 to avoid any strikes by the employees? Show Answer

Q54) In September 2020, new regulation with reference to diversification of Multi-Cap Mutual Funds investments in large caps, mid-caps and small caps was announced by which regulatory body? Show Answer

Q55) In March 2021, Government of India passed the NaBFID Bill that seeks to establish a bank to Fund Infrastructure Projects in India NaBFID stand for Show Answer

Q56) As per the Finance Ministry, India witnessed strong FPI inflows into the equity markets to the tune of 2,74,034 crore during 2020-21 despite outbreak of Covid - 19 what does FPI Stand for? Show Answer

Q57) With a view to further strengthen financial inclusion in April 2021; the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has enhanced the maximum balance limit per individual customers of payments banks. The new limit is Show Answer

Q58) Credit rating agency, Moody's Investor Service has changed the outlook for which of the following banks to stable from negative? Show Answer

Q59) In December 2020, the Reserve Bank of India directed which of the following private sector banks to temporarily half all its digital launches as well as new sourcing of credit card customers due to recent outages in the bank's internet banking and payment system? Show Answer

Q60) Which International Financial Institution has its headquarters in Manila, Philippines? Show Answer

Q61) With effect from 1st January 2021, Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has mandated GST tax payers to pay at least 1% of their tax liability in cash for business with monthly turnover of more than Show Answer

Q62) Who among the following has been re-appointed as the MD and CEO of Axis Bank? Show Answer

Q63) In May 2021, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), has given its in principle approval for strategic disinvestment along with transfer of management control in which of the following banks? Show Answer

Q64) Which of the following options is INCORRECT with reference to the core functions of Reserve Bank of India? Show Answer

Q65) Choose the correct article, to complete the sentence:
She was searching for ______ pen. Show Answer

Q66) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue:
Singer: I am so grateful to all the organizers for such wonderful arrangements
Organisers: ………..
Singer: I look forward to such events in future as well. Show Answer

Q67) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue Mother: Can you cook only today?
Daughter: Why do you want me to cook?
Mother:………… Show Answer

Q68) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue:
Gardner: Sir, I need some implements and extra seeds.
Gardner: But how will I maintain the garden, Sir? Show Answer

Q69) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue:
Customer: Are all the sweets freshly made?
Shopkeeper: Yes Sir Customer: Can you pack 1kg of Burfi please.
Shopkeeper: ………… Show Answer

Q70) Choose the correct meaning of the phrase/idiom underlined in the sentence:
His adversaries "moved heaven and earth" to get him dismissed. Show Answer

Q71) Identify the meaning of the Underlined phrase / idiom:
Ram is not hard working but success seems "to land on his lap". Show Answer

Q72) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition:
The stone hit the thief _________ his shoulder. Show Answer

Q73) While speaking during the presentation the presenter must Show Answer

Q74) In a presentation one must accept feedback that is Show Answer

Q75) Choose the correct article to complete the sentence.
The advertisement appeared in ___________ Times of India Show Answer

Q76) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue:
Greshma is your dog friendly?
Dog Owner:………..
Greshma: Mine is not friendly. Show Answer

Q77) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue.
Teacher: Tomorrow the class between 3 and 4 in the evening is cancelled students ……………..
Teacher: We are organising a fire safety drill. Show Answer

Q78) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue.
Brother: Have you seen my bike keys?
Sister: I have seen them under the table.
Brother: …………… Show Answer

Q79) Read the dialogue and choose the most appropriate option to complete the dialogue customer is your shop opened tomorrow?
Customer: OK Forgot tomorrow is Sunday. Show Answer

Q80) Identify the meaning of the underlined phrase/idiom:
The Government "did away" the free school meals. Show Answer

Q81) Identify the meaning of the underlined phrase/ idiom:
He cut the long story short as he had no patience for vivid "description". Show Answer

Q82) Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition:
The highlight _________ the show is its music. Show Answer

Q83) In 2021, which of the following bodies published Pandora Papers the 11.9 million leaked files from 14 global corporate services firms? Show Answer

Q84) In August 2021, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) launched the mobile application of its digital paperless solution for agents inter meditaries to facilitate the on boarding of prospective customers identify the name of this app. Show Answer

Q85) In October 2021, Government of India signed a share purchase agreement with Tata Sons for sale of which of the following airlines for Rs. 18,000 Crore? Show Answer

Q86) In October 2021, India handed over 349 Km. Long cross-border rail link to Nepal Government, which is likely to enhance trade and commerce activities and people to people linkage between both the countries. It connects Kurtha in Nepal to Jayanagar in which of the following states of India? Show Answer

Q87) Read the following statements and choose the CORRECT answer?
(i) In November 2021, the Reserve Bank - integrated ombudsman scheme was launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister which aims to improve the grievance redress mechanism for resolving customer complaints against entities regulated by the central bank.
(ii) The Reserve Bank - integrated ombudsman scheme adopts 'One Nation One Ombudsman' approach by making the RBI Ombudsman mechanism jurisdiction neutral. Show Answer

Q88) Identify the name of the asset monetisation plan unveiled in September 2021, by the Government of India wherein existing public assets worth Rs. 6 trillion would be monetized by leasing them out to private operators for fixed terms. Show Answer

Q89) Identify the one of the founding members of BharatPe who resigned in March 2022 over Corporate Governance issues. Show Answer

Q90) NIXI a not for profit company under the ages of the ministry of Electronics and information Technology launched Digital payment Gateway in November 2021 with a mission to make the internal accessible to everyone NIXI stands for: Show Answer

Q91) World Investor week (WIW) a global investor awareness campaign was celebrated in India from November 22-28-2021. Which of the following Organisation is the national coordinator for WIW 2021 in India? Show Answer

Q92) In February 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged of 100 made in India agricultural drones as a part of the “Drone Kisan Yatra” these drones have been manufactured by which of the following start up? Show Answer

Q93) In February 2022 who among the following has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)? Show Answer

Q94) Identify the Summit Organized during February 7-28-2022 by NITI Aayog in Collaboration with Phonepe. Amazon web services (AWS) and EY in order to showcase the importance of the Fintech industry. Show Answer

Q95) Identify the former CEO of National stock Exchange (NSE) arrested in March 2022 in connection with the co-location scam case and is accused of governance lapses by SEBI – Show Answer

Q96) The Institute of Company Secretaries of India organized the 21 edition of ICSI National Awards for Excellence in Corporate Governance 2021, in Show Answer

Q97) India has been re-elected to the UNHRC, for a sixth term in October 2021, with an overwhelming majority UNHRC stands for – Show Answer

Q98) In February 2022, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a warning against which carpooling app, stating that this firm was operating a semi – closed pre-paid instrument, without receiving authorization from the Central bank? Show Answer