Practice Test

1) Akhilesh Das Gupta, the former Union Minister has passed away. He was associated with
which political party?

2) Which fast fashion retailer has filed for bankruptcy?

3) Who has taken over as the new IAF Chief?

4) Who was appointed as the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of
Federal Bank ?

5) Which Committee has been constituted by the Union Government to oversee the bifurcation
of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) into Union Territories?

6) Recenlty, Anshula Kant has appointed as MD and CFO of World Bank Group after resigning
from the post of Managing Director of which of the following Bank?

7) Who is present union cabinet Minister of Corporate Affairs?

8) What was the last position served by Arun Jaitley before taking retirement from his political
career citing his health issues ?

9) Name the new Export Credit Insurance Scheme (ECIS) launched by Export Credit Guarantee
Corporation (ECGC) to ease the lending of loan to exporter .

10) Name the monthly pension scheme launched by Prime Minister NarendraModi for small and
marginal farmers between the age of 18-40 years in Ranchi, Jharkhand on September 12,
2019 .

11) Who among the following is the Minister of Defence ?

12) Who among the following is Minister of Finance ?

13) Who among the following is Minister of Home Affairs ?

14) Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad is

15) Dr Hasrh Vardhan is

16) Who among the following is Minister of Railways ?

17) Who among the following is Minister of External Affairs ?

18) Who among the following is the governor of Maharashtra ?

19) Who is the 11th National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP]?

20) Who is the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister ?

21) Who is the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India ?

22) Who is the new CEO of IBM?

23) Prime Minister Narendra Modi launced the Kisan Maan Dhan Yojana on

24) Which fast fashion retailer has filed for bankruptcy ?

25) Which is the oldest political party in India?

26) Which Union Minister launched the mobile app of [MHA] Grievances Redressal Mobile Application and Border Security Force [BSF]?

27) Who is appointed as a chairman of Public Accounts Committee [PAC] of Parliament ?

28) Leena Nair is appointed as the secretary in the ministry of ...................

29) India's rank in Climate Risk Index 2020 is -

30) Prime Minister and also in-charge of;

31) Which States assembly has approved a bill on caste validity certificate ?

32) Which among the following senior Congress leader joined the BJP on March 11, 2020?

33) Who launched the Student Health Card Scheme in Jammu and Kashmir?

34) How many seats are going to polls in Rajya Sabha elections 2020 ?

35) Which Ministry recently announced to set up the central Consumer Protection Authority?

36) The first ever World Youth Conference for Kindness held in which city/UT?

37) What is meant by the Pharse CSR ?

38) Which of the following statement is/are correct about Pradhan Mantri Laghu Vyapari Maan Dhan Yojna 1. It is a National Pension Scheme for Traders and Self-Employed Persons
2. No one has registered for the scheme in Lakshadweep and Mizoram
3. It is a mandatory contribution based central sector scheme

39) Members of the committee constituted to look into assets, liabilities of J&K includes

40) Who among the following is minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution .