Practice Test

Q1) Statements :
Some trees are boxes.
All boxes are bricks.
All bricks are dogs.
Conclusions :
I. Some dogs are trees.
II. Some bricks are trees. Show Answer

Q2) Statements :
All tables are windows.
All windows are rooms.
All rooms are buses.
Conclusions :
I. Some buses are tables.
II. Some rooms are tables. Show Answer

Q3) Statements :
All pots are rings.
All bangles are rings.
All rings are paints.
Conclusions :
I. Some paints are pots.
II. Some bangles are paints. Show Answer

Q4) Statements :
Some forests are huts.
Some huts are walls.
Some walls are nets.
Conclusions :
I. Some nets are forests.
II. Some nets are huts. Show Answer

Q5) Statements :
All goats are flowers.
No flower is branch.
Some branches are roots.
Conclusions :
I. Some roots are goats.
II. Some flowers are goats. Show Answer

Q6) Statements :
Some leaves are roots.
Some roots are stems.
All flowers are stems.
Conclusions :
I. No flower is a leaf.
II. Some leaves are stems. Show Answer

Q7) Statements :
All numbers are digits.
All alphabets are numbers.
All words are alphabets.
Conclusions :
I. All words are digits.
II. Some numbers are not words. Show Answer

Q8) Statements :
Some pins are forks.
All forks are keys.
No key is lock.
Conclusions :
I. Some locks are pins.
II. No lock is a fork. Show Answer

Q9) Statements :
Some buildings are sofas.
Some sofas are benches.
Some benches are tables.
Conclusions :
Some tables are sofas.
No table is building. Show Answer

Q10) Statements :
All benches are cots.
No cot is lamp.
Some lamps are candles.
Conclusions :
I. Some cots are benches.
II.Some candles are cots. Show Answer

Q11) Statements :
Some gardens are wardens.
All gardens are locks.
Conclusions :
I. Some locks are not wardens.
II. Some locks are wardens.
III. No lock is a warden.
IV. Some locks are gardens. Show Answer

Q12) Statements :
Some charts are darts.
All darts are carts.
Some charts are smarts.
Conclusions :
I. Some charts are carts.
II. Some carts are darts.
III. Some darts are smarts.
IV. Some smarts are charts. Show Answer

Q13) Statements :
All boxes are tables.
No desks are tables.
Some desks are curtains.
Conclusions :
I. No boxes are desks.
II. Some boxes are desks.
III. Some curtains are not boxes.
IV. Some curtains are boxes. Show Answer

Q14) Statements :
All grasses are brasses.
All brasses are wickets.
Conclusions :
I. Some brasses are grasses.
II. Some wickets are grasses.
III. Some grasses are not wickets.
IV. All wickets are brasses. Show Answer

Q15) Statements :
All teachers are students.
Some students are gypsies.
Conclusions :
I. All teachers are gypsies.
II. Some gypsies are teachers.
III. Some gypsies are students.
IV. All students are teachers. Show Answer

Q16) Statement :
Adversity makes a man wise.
Conclusions :
I. The poor are wise.
II. Man learns from bitter experience. Show Answer

Q17) Statement :
Jade plant has thick leaves and it requires little water.
Conclusions :
I. All plants with thick leaves require little water.
II. Jade plants may be grown in places where water is not in abundance. Show Answer

Q18) Statement :
The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.
Conclusions :
I. Your life will be dull if you don't face a problem.
II. To escape from problems, you should always have some solutions with you. Show Answer

Q19) Statement :
If all players play to their full potential, we will win the match. We have won the match.
Conclusions :
I. All players played to their full potential.
II. Some players did not play to their full potential. Show Answer

Q20) Statement :
'We follow some of the best and effective teaching learning practices used by leading institutes all over the world'. A statement of a Professor of A B institute.
Conclusions :
I. The A B institute is one of the leading institutes of the world.
II. Whatever is being followed by world's leading institutes will definitely be good and useful. Show Answer

Q21) Statement :
America's defense secretary reiterated that they would continue to supply arms to Pakistan.
Conclusions :
I. Pakistan is incapable of manufacturing arms.
II. It would ensure peace in the region. Show Answer

Q22) Statement :
Parents are prepared to pay any price for an elite education to their children.
Conclusions :
I. All parents these days are very well off.
II. Parents have an obsessive passion for a perfect development of their children through good schooling. Show Answer

Q23) Statement :
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
Conclusions :
I. Fashion designers do not understand the public mind very well.
II. The public by and large is highly susceptible to novelty. Show Answer

Q24) Statement :
The serious accidents i
n which a person was run down by a car yesterday had again focused attention on the most unsatisfactory state of roads.
Conclusions :
I. The accident that occurred was fatal.
II. Several accidents have so far taken place because of unsatisfactory state of roads. Show Answer

Q25) Statement :
A very large number of aspiring students applied for admission to the professional courses run by the renowned college in town.
Assumptions :
I. All the applicants may be able to get admission to the college.
II. The admission process adopted by the renowned college may be fair to all the applicants. Show Answer

Q26) Statement :
The teachers of all the degree colleges went on an indefinite strike in protest against the government's decision to postpone the pay revision to next year.
Assumptions :
I. The government may suspend all the striking teachers.
II. The government may revise the pay of the college teachers in the current year. Show Answer

Q27) Statement :
Many organizations have switched over to online mode of examinations.
Assumptions :
I. Candidates from all parts of the country may be well versed using computers.
II. Online mode of examinations helps in recruiting more capable personnel. Show Answer

Q28) Statement :
The state administration banned gathering of more than fifty people at any place during the visit of foreign dignitaries to the city.
Assumptions :
I. People may avoid gathering at any place in the city during the period of visit of foreign dignitaries.
II. Many people may ignore the prohibitory orders and gather to get a glimpse of the dignitaries. Show Answer

Q29) Statement :
'Invest in our regular scheme and earn an interest of at least 10%' advertisement by a financial institution.
Assumptions :
I. 10% interest may attract a good number of investors.
II. No other scheme offers interest as high as 10%. Show Answer

Q30) Statement :
The government announced a heavy compensation package for all the victims of the terrorist attacks.
Assumptions :
I. Such incidents of terror may not occur in near future.
II. Compensation may mitigate the anger among the citizens against the current government. Show Answer

Q31) Statement :
'Do not indulge in unfair practices or else you will be sacked from the college'. Warning to the students from the principal of a college.
Assumptions :
I. Some of the students were found using unfair practices.
II. The principal's warning may deter the students from using unfair practices. Show Answer

Q32) Statement :
Government has decided to relocate all the factories from the city with immediate effect to reduce pollution.
Assumptions :
I. Pollution in the city is being caused only because of the factories existing there.
II. People may be able to manage travelling daily to the relocated factories. Show Answer

Q33) Statement :
Even though the number of sugar factories is increasing at a fast rate in India, we still continue to import it from other countries.
Assumptions :
I. Even the increased number of factories may not be able to meet the demand of sugar in India.
II. The demand for sugar may increase substantially in future. Show Answer

Q34) Statement :
The government has made an appeal to all the citizens to honestly pay income tax and file returns reflecting the true income level to help the government to carry out development activities.
Assumptions :
I. People may now start paying more taxes in response to the appeal.
II. The total income tax collection may considerably increase in the near future. Show Answer

Q35) Two statements are given followed by four conclusions I, II, III and IV. You have to consider the statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. You are to decide which of the given conclusions, if any, follow from the given statements. Indicate you answer.
Statements :
Some teachers are students.
All students are girls.
Conclusions :
I. All teachers are girls.
II. Some girls are teachers.
III. Some girls are students.
IV. All students are teachers. Show Answer

Q36) Two statements are given followed by four alternative inferences. Select the one which is most appropriate.
Statements :
All files are numbered.
All numbers are coded. Show Answer

Q37) Statement: Many people and media alleged that Mr. X, the opposition leader, met the chief Minister yesterday to seek certain favours, an allegation which was strongly rejected by Mr X.
I. Mr X did meet the Chief Minister yesterday to seek certain favours.
II. Mr X did not meet the Chief Minister yesterday to seek certain favours. Show Answer

Q38) Statement: 'Our approach of fund management is based on science as much as common sense and discipline because our goal is consistent performance
in the long term. - Advertisement of a mutual fund company.
I. Only the approach of science of investment can lead to high gains in short-term investment.
II. It is not necessary to go for long-term investment when low-return short-
term investment is available. Show Answer

Q39) Statement: The minister questioned the utility of the space research programme and suggested its replacement by other areas of felt national
I. Exploring the space does not contribute to critical national needs.
II. Research should be oriented to national needs. Show Answer

Q40) Statement: The laws and statues framed by the Government for the purpose of providing equal treatment to every citizens, on implementation perpetuate corrupt working system.
I. The laws and statues should be framed but they should not be
implemented to avoid corrupt working system.
II. There should be obvious method to investigate corrupt working system. Show Answer

Q41) Statement: Mrs X is nominated for one of the two posts of which one post is reserved by the Managing Committee for the female of other religious minority community and the other for the female of Scheduled Castes or
Scheduled Tribes.
I. Mrs X is the member of religious minority community.
II. Mrs X id the member of Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes. Show Answer

Q42) Statements: We do not need today in India extraordinary specialists but
those trained ordinary doctors who are dedicated to their profession.
I. We should promote medical profession with dedicated ordinary doctors
rather than promoting high specialists medical education.
II. Extraordinary specialists are not dedicated to their profession. Show Answer

Q43) Statements: People in metropolitan city 'X' have welcomed the recent Supreme Court order banning the registration of private vehicles that do not
conform to Euro II emission norms with immediate effect for metropolitan city 'Y' only.
I. City 'X' has quite lower level of vehicular pollution than city 'Y'.
II. Public vehicle do not contribute to the vehicular pollution. Show Answer

Q44) Statement: The government of State 'A' has sought a waiver of outstanding
Central loans of Rs.4,000 crores and a moratorium on repayment pending
the waiver.
I. Unlike other states, State 'A' has no desire to make repayment of its loans.
II. State 'A''s financial condition does not appear to be satisfactory. Show Answer

Q45) Statements:
I. Man can find ultimate reality by dedication to God through medication.
II. Meditation is the process to enrich the peace of mind.
I. Meditation is the process to realize the God.
II. Meditation does not help to find out the Mukti of Soul.
III. Perfect dedication to God is essential to realize the existence of ultimate reality. Show Answer

Q46) Statement: The eligibility for admission to the course is minimum second class master's degree. However, the candidates who have appeared for the
final year examination of master's degree can also apply.
I. All candidates who have yet to get their master's degree will be there in the list of selected candidates.
II. All candidates having obtained second class master's degree will be there in the list of selected candidates. Show Answer

Q47) Statement: The government-run company had asked its employees to
declare their income and assets but it has been strongly resisted by employees union and no employee is going to declare his income.
I. The employees of this country do not seem to have any additional undisclosed income besides their salary.
II. The employees' union wants all senior officers to declare their income first. Show Answer

Q48) Statement: Good health is a luxury in country 'P' where rate of death is very
high compared to other nations of that region.
I. People in country 'P' cannot afford to have many luxuries of life.
II. Good health is a gift of nature. Show Answer

Q49) Statement: Company "Y" will improve the manufacturing facilities for the
production of shaving kits as a result of which capacity would increase and cost would be reduced.
A spokesperson of the Company "Y"
I. The products of Company "Y" will compete the market norms in the quality and cost factor.
II. There will be demand of shaving kits of Company "Y". Show Answer

Q50) Statement: Population increase coupled with depleting resources is going to be the scenario of many developing countries in days to come.
I. The population of developing countries with not continue to increase in future.
II. It will be very difficult for the governments of developing countries to provide its people decent quality of life. Show Answer

Q51) Statement: An advertisement / Interest rate will be fixed on the basis of our bank's rate prevailing on the date of deposit and refixed every quarter thereafter.
I. It is left to the depositors to guard their interest.
II. The bank's interest rates are subject to change on a day-to-day basis depending on market position. Show Answer

Q52) Statement: In order to enforce discipline on transport operators the state government has decided to impose a fine of Rs. 5,000 for the first excess tonne loaded in transport vehicle and Rs. 1,000 for each subsequent tonne.
I. People will follow some discipline when severe fine is imposed.
II. The state government has failed to understand the problem of transport operators. Show Answer

Q53) Statement: Book your flat before 15th June and avail interest free loan from the builders. An advertisement
I. No flat will be booked afterwards.
II. After 15the June, no loan will be provided. Show Answer

Q54) Statements:
(1) Due to contamination of water, large number of people were admitted to hospital.
(2) The symptoms were of Typhoid.
(a) Only conclusion I is true.
(b) Only conclusion II is true.
(c) Both conclusion I and II are true.
(d) Both conclusion I and II are false.
Conclusions: I. Contamination of water may lead to Typhoid
II. Typhoid is a contagious disease. Show Answer

Q55) Statements :
(1) 60% of the government employees went on strike.
(2) Mr. Gopal is a government employee.
(a) Only only conclusion I follows.
(b)Only conclusion II follows.
(c)Both Conclusion I and II follows.
(d)Either conclusion I and II follows
Conclusions : I. Mr. Gopal went on strike
II. Mr. Gopal did not participate in the strike. Show Answer

Q56) Statements: Video libraries are flourishing very much these days.
I. People in general have got a less video craze.
II. It is much cheaper to see as many movies as one likes on videos rather than going to the cinema hall. Show Answer

Q57) Statements: Leaders, who raise much hue and cry about the use of Hindi, generally send their children to English medium schools.
I. India lacks good Hindi medium schools.
II. There is a world of difference between preaching and practicing. Show Answer

Q58) Statements: The best evidence of India's glorious past is the growing popularity of Ayurvedic medicines in the West.
I. Ayurvedic medicines are not popular in India.
II. Allopathic medicines are more popular in India. Show Answer

Q59) Statements: Company X has marketed the product. Go ahead; purchase it if price and quality are your considerations.
Conclusions :
I. The product must be good in appearance.
II. The price of the product must be reasonable. Show Answer

Q60) Statements: Only good singers are invited in the conference. No one without sweet voice is a good singer.
I. All invited singers in the conference have sweet voice.
II. Those singers who do not have sweet voice are also invited in the conference. Show Answer

Q61) Statement: All those political prisoners were released on bail who had gone to jail for reasons other than political dharnas. Bail was not granted to persons involved in murders.
I. No political - prisoner had committed murder.
II. Some politicians were not arrested. Show Answer

Q62) Statements: Modern man influences his destiny by the choice he makes unlike in the past.
I. Earlier there were fewer options available to man.
II. There was no desire in the past to influence the destiny. Show Answer

Q63) Statements: Water supply in wards A and B of the city will be affected by about 50% on Friday because repairing work of the main lines is to be carried out.
I. The residents in these wards should economise on water on Friday.
II. The residents in these wards should not store some water on the previous day. Show Answer

Q64) Statements: Company X has a record of manufacturing cameras of quality and the latest design so that you do not spoil even a single shot irrespective of the weather conditions.
I. No other company expect X is reputed in the camera industry.
II. Anyone can take an acceptable shot with camera X. Show Answer

Q65) Given below are three statements which are to be assumed true. Further, two conclusions are given. Which may or may not be derived from the given statements. Based on this information, select the correct option.
Statement I : All P are Q
Statement II : No Q is R
Statement III : All R are T
Conclusion I : No P is T
Conclusion I : No P is R Show Answer

Q66) Choose the conclusion that logically follows the given statements by selecting the relevant option
(i) All chocolates are bitter
(ii) All cakes are chocolates
Show Answer

Q67) Given below a statement followed by conclusions numbered I and II.
Choose the conclusion that follows the statement by selecting the relevant option.
statement: Company X is planning to hire around 10,000 software engineers by the end of this year, which will increase the head count of software engineers to 50,000 conclusions:
(i) Company x is planning to increase the head count of software engineers by 25%.
(ii) Company x is making lot of revenue over the years.
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Q68) Read the information answer the question given below.
6 exams to be conducted from Monday till Saturday.
There can be only 1 exam on each day. The exams to be conducted are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi and English. Mathematics exams is neither conducted on Wednesday nor Friday. Chemistry exam is conducted on Thursday. In between Hindi and English, there are 3 exams to be conducted and Hindi exam is conducted before English exam. Hindi exam is not conducted on Monday. Physics exam is not conducted on Wednesday.
Which exam is conducted on Saturday? Show Answer

Q69) Which of the given conclusions logically follows the given statements?
(I) No books are, cables
(II) Some bottles are not books Show Answer

Q70) Which of the following given conclusions logically follows the given statements.
i. All house are roots
ii. All roofs are shelters
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