Practice Test

Q1) Most fastest mode of travel among four mode of travel is Show Answer

Q2) What changed the overall senario about the travel? Show Answer

Q3) More number of cars, trucks and other vehicles contribute to Show Answer

Q4) Air pollution gives the disease like Show Answer

Q5) A poster denoting that, "Petrol and diesel will not last forever. Save it for your children." Can be seen on petrol pump. What does this statement indicate? Show Answer

Q6) I am smelly, thick, dark coloured liquid and I am used in vehicles, ....... Who am I? Show Answer

Q7) Kerosene, diesel and fuel for aircrafts is obtained from Show Answer

Q8) Cooking gas, wax and coal tar outcome of Show Answer

Q9) Pashmina shawl is a native of Show Answer

Q10) House boats are common in the following places Show Answer

Q11) Pashmina shawl is obtained from Show Answer

Q12) All big cities are facing the problem of environmental pollution as a result of a large number of vehicles on roads. The best way an individual in the city can contribute towards environmental protection is by Show Answer

Q13) Vehicles which run on CNG gives Show Answer

Q14) Can electricity be used for running the vehicles? Show Answer

Q15) As we go up higher and higher on the mountain Show Answer

Q16) The habitat of Pashmina goat is Show Answer

Q17) Cone shaped tents are called as Show Answer

Q18) On the higher altitude the ...... get depleted. Show Answer

Q19) Temperature has a unit as Show Answer

Q20) In space there is no Show Answer

Q21) Why do the space travellers fly in the space and experience no gravity? Show Answer

Q22) Who sets the record for longest space flight woman? Show Answer

Q23) Space travel requires special type of suit Show Answer

Q24) In space flight, the spaceship has to be launched through Show Answer

Q25) Air pollution can be minimized by Show Answer

Q26) A cleaner is assigned to work ... on the railway station. Show Answer

Q27) Railway driver has a duty to Show Answer

Q28) Which is the longest railway root in India? Show Answer

Q29) After air travel, the most used mode of travel and transport Show Answer

Q30) Stock market investment is generally for _________ term Show Answer

Q31) On a city map it was mentioned " Scale 1 cm = 110 cm". If the distance between two localities on the map is 15 cm, then the actual distance between the two localities is Show Answer

Q32) Mount Everest is a part of Show Answer

Q33) Study the following duties / responsibilities.
A. Help others in carrying their bags.
B. Let the group follow you and keep at the front.
C. Ask those to stay back who cannot climb properly.
D. Look after those who are not well and arrange food for the group.
E.Find a good place to stop and rest.
Which of the following are the responsibilities of a group leader in mountaineering? Show Answer

Q34) A person living in Gandhidham (Gujrath) wants to visit first Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) and then Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh ). The directions of his journey will be Show Answer

Q35) Who was Al-Biruni ? Show Answer

Q36) If you go to Ahmedabad (Gujrath) by train, then at Ahmedabad railway station you will find that most of the vendors are selling Show Answer

Q37) Read the statements and give correct answer from codes given below.
A. Indira Gandhi International Airport is situated in Delhi.
B. Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is situated in Kolkata.
C. Meenambakkam International Airport is situated in Chennai.
D. Sahara International Airport is situated at Mumbai. Show Answer

Q38) The Canadian Pacific Railway connects the Show Answer

Q39) The Wright Brothers of America, named Orvil Wright and Vilbun Wright, successfully develop the first ever flying machine in Show Answer

Q40) There is scarcity of space in big cities due to Show Answer

Q41) The longest railway platform in the world is Show Answer

Q42) When people shift their residence within or outside country, we call it Show Answer

Q43) Pochampally is a village which is famous for the special cloth which is also called Pochampally. This village is a part of Show Answer

Q44) While discussing liking and disliking a student says, ' I and my mother both love to eat snakes. Whenever, we feel like eating snakes, we go to a nearby hotel and eat Ling-hu-fen.' This student must belong to Show Answer

Q45) Which of the following information may be obtained from a reserved rail ticket?
I. Date and Time of booking, Date and time of start of journey.
II. Coach Number, berth number and fare.
III. Name, age and sex of passengers.
IV. Train number with name, boarding station and last station.
V. Date and time of arrival at the destination. Show Answer

Q46) Select the correct statement about Abu dhabi
I. It is located in Desert area.
II. Water is costlier than Petrol in Abu D
III. Arabic is the local language here.
IV. Money used in Abu Dhabi is called Dinar. Show Answer

Q47) A train started from Gandhidham on 16th July, 2014 at 05.15 h and reached Nagarcoil on 18th July, 2014 at 04.45 h. The distance covered by the train is 2649 km. The average speed of the train in km/h, is nearly Show Answer

Q48) Select the correct statement about Mount Everest. Show Answer

Q49) Read the following paragraph written by a student about his house in a village
" I have come from a village. It rains heavily at our place. Hence, our houses are made almost 10 to 12 feet (3 to 3.5 m ) above the ground. They are made on bamboo pillars. The inner side of our houses are also made of wood."
This village must be in Show Answer

Q50) With respect to the location of Delhi on the map of India the capital of Himachal Pradesh (Shimla) and the capital of Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal) are located respectively in its Show Answer

Q51) Four perspective teachers were asked to make a presentation to the theme "Travel" to Class V students. Each of them mainly focussed on one of the following strategies. Show Answer

Q52) A person boarded a train on 02.01.2015 at Madgaon for Nagercoil. The train departed from Madgaon at 07 : 45 h and reached Nagercoil at 04 : 45 h on the next day i.e. 03.01.2015. If the distance between these two stations is 1140 km, the average speed of the train was approximately Show Answer

Q53) A person living in New Delhi wants to visit first Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) and Ranchi (Jharkhand) The directions of his journey will be first towards Show Answer

Q54) The neighbouring states of Kerala are Show Answer

Q55) Radha uses travel tickets of different types. Which of the following concepts could be effectively discussed by using such tickets?
A.The cost of travel by different means is different.
B. The cost of travel depends upon the fuel used by the vehicle.
C. We need tickets to travel by public transport from one place to another
D. Understanding the reservation process.
Choose the appropriate option. Show Answer

Q56) On a state map., at its one corner it is mentioned "Scale 1 cm = 110 m" If on the map the measured distance between any two cities 9.7 cm, the actual distance between the two cities is approximately Show Answer