Practice Test

Q1) According to Bloomberg Billionaires index, Gautam Adani has become the 3rd Richest person in the world . What is the total net worth of Adani ? Show Answer

Q2) Who has authored the book ' The Hero of Tiger Hill Autobiography of a Param Vir '? Show Answer

Q3) Which country holds the G20 Presidency in 2022? Show Answer

Q4) Which institution has released the report incidence,moratality,morbidity and socioeconomics burden of snakebite in the country? Show Answer

Q5) Which regulatory body has notified a framework introducing a Social Stock Exchange (SSE) IN India? Show Answer

Q6) India recently signed MoU with which country on biodiversity conservation? Show Answer

Q7) National Nutritions Week in India is celebrated in which month ? Show Answer

Q8) Who have been named among a host of Star Indian Wrestlers named for World Senior Championships 2022? Show Answer

Q9) Which states has launched the ' Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme ' for the welfare of the farmers ? Show Answer

Q10) Name the author of the book " Indian Banking In Retrospect - 75 years of Independence "…
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