Practice Test

Q1) Which Institution conducted the Cyber Security Exercise 'Synergy' ? Show Answer

Q2) As per the latest NCRB report ,the highest number of sedition cases were registered in which state ? Show Answer

Q3) Mikhali Gorbachev ,who passed away recently ,was a former President of which country ? Show Answer

Q4) Which state/UT Police is the first in the country to make collection of forensic evidence mandatory ? Show Answer

Q5) Which company has partnered with technology giants such as Meta, Google, Microsoft and Intel to roll out 5G services ? Show Answer

Q6) Which Country has broken its own record for the worlds lowest fertility rate ? Show Answer

Q7) Which Country signed a security pact with China and has suspended the entry of all foreign navy ships into its ports ? Show Answer

Q8) Who is the most successful pace bowler in the history of international cricket ,as of 2022? Show Answer

Q9) Which social media platform company has announced a new facility named " Circles"? Show Answer

Q10) What is the name of the national single -window source for all assessment related information of education boards ? Show Answer