Practice Test

Q1) "WHO" along with which institution released a report titled ' Progress on WAS in health care facilities 2000 -2021 ? Show Answer

Q2) As per the latest figures from the IMF(September 2022) ,which country is the fifth largest economy in the world ? Show Answer

Q3) The New Naval Ensign features the national emblem inside which shape ? Show Answer

Q4) Which Union Ministry presents Smart Solutions Challenge and Inclusive Cities Awards ? Show Answer

Q5) Which Organisation manufacturers Tejas Mark -2 Fighter Jets ? Show Answer

Q6) Who is the head of the Expert Committee constituted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on EV battery safety standards ? Show Answer

Q7) Indias first ever " Night Sky Sanctuary" is set to come up in which state / UT ? Show Answer

Q8) National Green Tribunal (NGT) slashed a Rs.3500 crore fine on which state government for violating waste management rules ? Show Answer

Q9) Which is the venue of the 30th Southern Zonal Council meeting held recently ? Show Answer

Q10) Who has been nominated as executive chairman of the National Legal Services Authority ? Show Answer